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Before you find an affiliate

Before you find an affiliate product to promote, you need to figure out if the niche is going to be profitable. If you want to be profitable with your own product and backend affiliate offer, you need to reverse engineer your niche. Don’t waste your time promoting a product that isn’t going to be profitable for you. You have to do some researching レッドウィング ポストマン before you commit to promoting a product.You could spend all of your time searching for products to promote, or you could just go to the source and figure out what is working for others. By looking at what is working for others you can greatly decrease your learning curve and figure out where the money is being made.One of the best ways to figure out which niches can support affiliate products is to look at the Flippa marketplace. is a large network where people can buy and sell websites that are earning income. By doing a little digging, you can pinpoint exactly where money is being made.Follow these simple steps to start searching for a niche on Flippa.1.Go to and register for a free account.You’ll need to register for an account in order to see details about listings. It’s a little bit of a hassle but the results are well worth it.2.Click on “buy websites” to see the sites that are currently for sale. You can browse through the sites that are currently for sale. Pay close attention to the sites that have high buy it now prices or that have high bids. These are the money makers. 3.Look at the “just sold” websites to see what has been successful.In addition to websites that are currently for sale, look at the auctions which have recently closed in order to get a better idea of what will sell well. Take note of high earners and sales レッドウィング エンジニア that had a lot of bids involved.4.Evaluate the sold and open bids websites to see what monetization models that the レッドウィング 財布・バッグ sites are using.Many successful websites that sell for high price tags will use affiliate products as monetization models. When you take a look at these big sellers look to see what products they are promoting. Compare their product offerings with their stated income and see if you can spot some trends from their affiliate is just one of several bidding sites where sites are bought and sold. Although this is a unique way of getting information about affiliate income, it will help you see real world examples of what niches and products seem to be working well for others. Affiliate data from marketplaces should be taken with a grain of salt and should be carefully evaluated. Don’t accept earnings statistics at their face value. Make sure that the bidders include confirmation of their earnings.Browse through Flippa to see what you can find and then compare it to your other niche findings to find the right affiliate offer for your internet marketing business.By: Gabor OlahArticle Directory: Olah P.S. Click Here To "Steal" The Exact Super Affiliate Blueprint I Personally Use to Rake in Five Figures Every Single Month!

Many stay at home mothers

Many stay at home mothers are facing the harsh reality: supporting a family on just one salary isn't possible anymore. In the middle of a tumbling economy, new mothers are forced to choose working over staying home with their children, and not because they want to. Without the extra income, their family wouldn't be able to survive.Some women are turning to the internet to help make up the difference in salaries. While there are thousands of work at home scams that are targeted at stay at home moms, there are actually quite a few legitimate ways to make money from home - and still have the freedom to spend your time with your children. Starting an eBay home business can bring in just as much money, if not more, than if you worked a traditional job, and you get to raise your children at the same time.To get started with an eBay business from home, sign up for a free seller's account. If you already have an eBay account, click on the "selling" tab on eBay's home page. Fill in your personal information, your home address, and your bank account or credit card information. If you have a PayPal address, and want to accept PayPal payments, you will want to enter that as well. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and once you are done, you can start selling immediately.When you are just starting out, you can start selling items from around your home that you don't use. Your children's used ゴルフバッグ and outgrown clothing, your own maternity clothes, and old toys and baby gear are all things that you can sell on eBay. You likely have some other items laying around the house that you don't use or need, so you can list them on eBay, as well. This way, you don't need to invest any money to start selling items, and you can get rid of the clutter around your house at the same time.When you have built up some revenue from selling these items, you can start searching for other items to sell using the money you have already made. Some ideas for items include clearance-priced clothing you can find at department stores, and then sell for a higher profit; gently used toys or games you can pick up at yard sales; or purchase items wholesale or in bulk, and then break them up to sell for a profit on eBay. You can find one particular category of items to sell, or expand your horizons and sell whatever you find at a good price.Using the half rule, you can make money and still have money to invest in purchasing new items. The half rule works by taking your total profits, and splitting the money in half. Half of the money goes into your bank account for your own personal use, and the other half goes towards purchasing new items for your eBay business. As your popularity increases and your profits grow, you can reserve less and less money to purchase new items, and keep more of the money for yourself. Eventually, you may get to a point where most of the money is yours to keep, and very little is going back into your business. When you have hit that point, you know that your eBay home business is successful - ウェア 服装 enjoy your hard work and your financial success!By: Vickie SayceArticle Directory: you want to make money on eBay while still raising the kids, visit to find ゴルフ激安 out how. Vickie Sayce teaches others how to get started on eBay, and has been buying and selling on eBay since 2001. She has written a very informative book on starting an eBay business to make money from home while raising the kids. Get Your Free eBay 7-Day Mini Course at the link above.

Most burgeoning online marketers

Most burgeoning online marketers are expecting to learn shortcuts and secrets to a profitable online business.There's no doubt that there are overnight successes in this business but they are not the norm. Most of us have worked long and hard to build our businesses. That common denominator is apparent in the vast majority of successful internet marketers.Targeted traffic makes an online business and today I'm going to tell you the three most effective strategies that I am using today to keep the targeted visitors flowing.1. Blogging - By blogging I simply mean maintaining an online blog with targeted content centred on my business. This includes frequent updates containing keyword rich phrases. When compiling a blog in your chosen business theme or niche market, topical and targeted phrases usually flow into the content anyhow. So, no need to try too hard to make sure to include loads of search engine bait in your blog posts.2. Social Bookmarking - There are now numerous social bookmarking sites online today. pcゲーム 通販 The most used and visited sites being, Delicious, Digg, and Technorati. From my perspective the main aim of using these social sites it to get high quality back links to my site. If you've been in this business for long you will know that getting keyword phrase laden backlinks to your web pages is one of the most important factors in gaining top search engine positions. Using social networks is a free, easy and effective way to do this.So when you post a blog make sure to submit the blog post link to as many social bookmark sites as possible. This will require you to set-up free accounts at all the major social networking sites.3.Article submissions - This strategy is used for much the same reasons as Social Bookmarking. That is, to grow the number of quality links back to your business. Backlinks are gained by adding a link or two from your article resource box to your site. As with social bookmarking you can also benefit from direct links from your articles. Normally, the number of visitors that click through to your site depends on the quality of your writing and the excitement instilled in your prospect.The previous three strategies discussed are proven methods to grow virtually any internet business. The costs are low and the results are guaranteed. As soon as the web traffic starts ゲーム 通販 arriving you are able to plug in numerous of your own products or affiliate services. Plugging in income streams is the 液晶モニター topic of another article however.What's most amazing is that the methods above, when applied to any niche market, prove to result in powerful long and short term success.Article Directory: Mal Keenan's Top Rated Affiliate Marketing Site for More Tips and Ideas: Affiliate Marketing IdeasSetup Your Proven Successful Affiliate Marketing Business - Starting Today. Download Mal's Free 30 Page E-Course At: Top Work at Home Programs

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"Creative Content System", also Glorious Trainwrecks rewrite

During a Twitter conversation about the current state of Glorious Trainwrecks, an idea suddenly dawned on me: if the site, as it is, is badly designed, and this is hurting site participation, why not just go ahead and do a rewrite?

While we could just upgrade to the latest Drupal, there are several reasons why that is a terrible idea:

- Drupal is written in PHP. PHP is a terrible language.
- Drupal has too much complexity, and this bleeds into both the user experience and site maintenance. A lot of Drupal's abstractions are aimed at trying to be useful for many different configurations, but makes managing all of them more confusing.
- Despite these abstractions, Drupal doesn't provide what we need out of the box. There's already a significant amount of hackery in this place to incorporate a list of registered games, and it took multiple attempts to get it working with events. This would have to be done all over again if we were to upgrade to a newer Drupal, and this is made harder by the fact that, again, PHP is a terrible language.

Instead, I would like to focus on creating what I'd like to call a "creative content system". This will be a CMS-like system where everyone can participate by default. While typical CMSs like Drupal allow for this, it seems like they are primarily aimed at things like organizational websites rather than open participation communities. This will be software that anyone can install on their web server, especially since SpindleyQ has always wanted something in the form of a "Glorious Trainwrecks kit" for other gamedev groups to set up and host their own Klik of the Month Klubs or whatever. However, I would also like to design this around Glorious Trainwrecks and its needs.

Additionally, when I refer to "creating content", I mean all kinds of media, including art, music, games, or whatever. Hence when I talk of functionality you'll see me refer to "creations" rather than, say, "games". I want to make something that artists working in other mediums can use, too.

For the sake of ease of use and cleanliness, I am going for a simpler design. I can always add more bells and whistles later, but this way we can start off on a clean slate. Here is what I currently have in mind:

- The main page will be the Activity Stream, even when browsing as a guest. This will be similar in function to the "Recent changes" page already on this site (for those who prefer "Recent posts", I might add a "new content only" toggle or something to that effect). Only here, it would be much richer, since it would provide image previews and a synopsis of each post inline. In fact, think of it as a combination of "Recent changes" and the Newest Games list currently in GT's sidebar, or a combination of a community hub and a social network (except not really). You will be able to filter by different types of content, or switch to an index list view for archive viewing purposes.
- All content is created in the form of a "Post". A Post may either be a "Communication" (which I need a better name for) which serves as a blog/journal post, a "Creation", or an "Event".
- A "Creation" can be media of any type that the site provides. For example, a site might choose to support both "Music" and "Game" type Creations, and the user would select which one to use. While I am not aiming for a very pluggable/customizable system for version 1.0, I would at least like to make the Creation types customizable.
- Events are displayed at the top of the main page, above the Activity Stream, to draw attention to upcoming and current Events. In the case of lots of Events, the system will select a few at random, and provide an "All Events" link to view the rest.
- Site staff can "pin" posts to the top of the Activity Stream for site announcements and the likes.
- All Posts can be assigned to one or more tags/categories. The site configuration can define one or more "categories" for each post type, which are like "official" tags that are always presented to the user during post creation.
- Users get basic profiles including username, avatar, homepage link, and a list of all of their posts.
- Users can also send private messages to one another.

Because I am aiming for a relatively simple system, there are some features that won't appear. Namely:

- There is no wiki, or at least there probably won't be a wiki in the initial version. If at all. I just think a lot of CMSs try to do everything and end up only doing a few of these things well. This project is not like that. I'm not even sure how a wiki would fit in with the user experience I have in mind.
- There are no forums. If you think about it, Communication (blog) posts are basically the same thing: a user can post something to start a topic, and assign it to a tag/category and it will show up if filtering activity by tag/category. Users can comment on it like one would reply to a forum topic. So really, I think it makes all the sense in the world to not have forums. It would just be pointless duplication.

The project itself will be a webapp written in Python. I think I should be able to handle it - I'll be using a "microframework" with extensions for things like SQLAlchemy for DB access (I kind of doubt this project will see any deployment on sites large enough to need something as scalable as a NoSQL-type DB), and OAuth (so that users can log in with Twitter).

Also, I really enjoy designing things and I think this is a pretty good design so far, but I'm worried the UX might be too radically different from what GT currently has. Also, I might have missed a thing or two. Please provide some feedback, if you can. Again, I want to base a lot of the design off of GT's needs, so it's important that I get to hear some opinions from other GTers. I do not currently have any UI mockups, but I'd like to make some soon so that I can better illustrate the design I'm going for.

One last thing: Since this is software that I don't intend to be limited exclusively to Glorious Trainwrecks, we'll have to think about other sites as well. GT has a super great community full of nice people, but not all communities are like this. Much of the design revolves around assuming good faith instead of expecting people to misbehave. I have been thinking of adding in admin-configurable limitations (such as each user only being able to host three events at a time, etc.) as well as the ability to remove EG. posting permissions from problematic users. Right now I feel like I'm trying to straddle the line between creating something aimed at super nice communities like GT vs increased adoption elsewhere in not-so-happy climates. Thoughts?

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Tiny Cave: a Twine game by me

tiny cave story map.png

Tiny Cave was originally started for a short Twine jam, in both senses of that phrase. You couldn't use more than 1,000 words, which is why everything's so laconic. Anyway, I didn't even get started on this before the jam-thing ended, so this is mostly for my own benefit than anything else. I hope folks enjoy this!

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I'm Back


I'm back from the dead.

I just haven't the time to upload games any more, and now that I'm focusing on quality, not quantity, for my Klik and Play Games, it's taking more than half an hour to create one.

SPR9Monkey Games is working on a game called Cops and Robbers, and we've got roughly 3 frames completed. It will be up when we are finished.

Current projects:
Submarine Wars (kind of like a war between you and another enemy)
Music Player (scraping this project, it was very buggy)

I will update soon.

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my pain

i feel excited to think about new games and making games
but when i start to actually make them i feel bored and tired

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ok, so I took the plunge and submitted by first 100% homebrewed wreck. Now, more, more, make games, games, try to see the light, at the end of the tunnel, even if nobody cares. Onward !

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Hello world !

I'm so happy to be here ! Now, on to work !

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KNP/TGF extensions

I got late into the extension game. I'm still using TGF for retrofungoodnes. Here's some pages that I found useful:

88 extensions for TGF.

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