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Run for your Life (KnP game)


evade the arrows as long as you can

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the library is remodeling and that's the only source of my interwebs.
still have klik projects that aren't finished.
so annoying.
i thought i would have the xmas project done on time, but not yet. monday i'll be finished.

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What is this ?


Well, I am making a psychodelic platformer at the moment. Turns out that it is a metroidvania after the second level, which is a big thing, considering that this game has escalated to a family friendly platformer to a psychodelical journey rather too quickly. Stay tuned for more updates on this game.

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hi, do people still read these?


i've been working on this löve-based game making tool for a little while now. i wanted something i could use to slap games together with, inspired by knp, megazeux, and more recently ragzouken's kooltool


  • painting! with a couple of nice little features for making tilesets, and onion skinning for animation. severe lack of flood fill, though.
  • the beginnings of a rudimentary robotic-esque scripting language, with super-modern features like goto statements
  • it's fun to drag things around and then jump into testing things, i guess??

i was hoping for it to be a little more finished before the secret santa stuff started so i could use it in that, but there's still some vital things i want to add!

  • actually implementing controls
  • a basic fm synth thing for sound effects
  • copy and pasting for tile editing
  • filling out the scripting thing: displaying messages, jumping between maps, etc.
  • generative things. palettes. sprites. names.

if people are interested, i'll release a version of this thing eventually, maybe even with a game. and my embarrassing made-up-as-i-went-along interface and code! are there things you like in game making tools you think i might have missed?

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yay more klikkin funtimes

I updated my computer again cos i'm terrible with laptops and tend to break them after a year. I upgraded to Windows 7 and was sad that none of my programs worked cos it was 64 bit, so I downgraded to 32 bit windows and yay back to making fun games.

But windows being the ultimate hater, i had to get windows xp mode to get anything to work. Still using TGF yo.

Then I found out about Clickteam Fusion Free. YAY

Guess who's back to making trainwrecks? ME

I bought AGK a few years ago but coding by hand is annoying, Construct2 is faster to mess with and similar to Clickteam in certain aspects.

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Games in development

Here are some games in development that I'm too lazy to post to the site.

Cement Truck Wars [only got the title screen so far]
The Thanksgiving Game [was gonna finish this on thanksgiving 2014 but it got too late]
Texas alien massacre [I just gotta finish perfecting the winning screen]
Midi player 30000 [sequel to midi player 9000 with non-stock knp midis]

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Twine 1: Bugfix update of my Combined Replace Macros

I've recently updated my <<Replace>> Macro Set to version 1.1.5. Normally I don't make auxiliary posts explaining changes to my macros, but I think this deserves one due to the number of nuanced fixes that this attends to.

<<endinsertion>> fixed
This particular end tag had a nasty and embarrassing bug - the text "n>>" was left behind after it, unless you instead substituted <<endinsert>> for it (which was also a bug, as it shouldn't work like that). That's fixed, and <<insertion>> spans may be used with their proper end tags again.

<<revise>>: "end" option fixed
Consider this code:

<<revision "B">>The balcony is vacant.<<becomes>>The balcony is occupied by a party of ghosts.<<endrevision>>
Maybe you should <<revise B "look closely" end>>.

The "end" in the <<revise>> macro is supposed to make it so that the text "look around" remains after you click to the end of the revision... but until now, it's been broken. Now that's fixed. While making some Twine games of my own, I discovered (or rediscovered) that this particular idiom is actually a valuable usage case, so I deeply regret that it's been unavailable for so long.

<<hoverreplace>> <<gains>> behaviour fixed

<<gains>> hasn't quite worked with <<hoverreplace>> since its inception. Consider this code:

<<hoverreplace>>First bit<<gains>> and next bit<<endhoverreplace>>
If you moused over the first bit (causing the next bit to appear), but did not ever touch the next bit, it wouldn't disappear when you moused off it. This is now fixed.

<<hoverreplace>> rapid mouse behaviour fixed
For awhile, <<hoverreplace>> has been more than a little flaky when rapidly moving the mouse on and off the element. I've tried a few fixes in the past to alleviate this, but this one looks to be much better, and testing shows it to be robust.

A note about <<hoverreplace>>
One thing that is still not yet fixed is the problem caused when the initial state is larger than the end state. Consider this code:

<<hoverreplace>>[img[large image]]<<gains>>Small text<<endhoverreplace>>

This code is still buggy because as soon as you mouseover the large image, it disappears, leaving the small text behind, and thus your pointer is no longer "over" the hoverreplace structure. I may still be able to fix this in the future, but generally, in this particular situation you should resort to <<mousereplace>>.

Q: Why did it take you 9 months to write the fixes for these bugs?
A: At the time, my attention had been single-mindedly focused on both my day job, preparing Twine 1.4.2, and developing Twine 2. I apologise sincerely for this unsightly delay in basic maintenance, and will try to be less badly negligent in the future.

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Poor Thing update and crisis


Dear All,
Ever since my last update I have been working on the game almost every day, encouraged by your comments. I have added a ton of new levels (and also deleted some unnecessary to make room for more among the 255 available), details and so on... I have also been working on the backstory, which I am afraid to say is getting darker and darker. Graphically I have started lately making more interiors,as you can see attached. But it really wore me out, especially that I have to incorporate more and more "action" elements which mean programming, failing, reprogramming without an end... So I will be taking a short break now and probably restart next year. I need a pause with these endless obstacles and also the everso more depressing narrative. But worry not, I love the project like a 3rd baby and will complete it for sure! It is just more exhausting than I initially thought it to be. As always, lots of pixellated love for you dear crazy computer peoples and keep creating!

Something I' m making

game of the millenium 2014.png

looks very cool ( at least to me )

( made in java. this simple fucking thing took one day to fully develop, omfg !!!!! )

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