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Who's Angrier?

Based on an article by Patricia Hernandez.

"What struck me while reading the One Direction crazed messages is how easily one could mistake the messages for those sent to Call of Duty's design director. So here's a small game that puts together a number of threats from both fandoms alike. Your job is to guess which message is from which fandom."

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The Minimalist Game

I don't have time to make anything substantial for Ludum Dare this weekend, so I decided to port NOM3RCY's classic text adventure, THE MINIMALIST GAME, to Twine.

I added a few bells and whistles. First, the scoring works unlike in the original game, and second, the order of the possible responses are randomised each time you play! REPLAY VALUE.

I couldn't submit it to the actual site because it's a port of someone else's game. :(


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Been writing about my games on my site, starting with my K&P games

Just in case any of my many fans want a quick look at all my K&P games at once. Each game is accompanied by a little director's commentary.

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