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I don't feel like changing my nick and causing broken links to anyone. I coulda also posted it as a bio and it shows up in a secret page here but alas, it ends up here in the dev diaries.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.

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Poor Thing Update


Dear Trainwreckers

As you may have seen I have been screaming for help lately. The situation is under control - my game works in Multimedia Fusion, which means I will be able to export it in a version suitable for 64 bit platforms. So, after a short panic, time to get back to work! Since the beginning of 2015 I have been working on "Poor Thing" about 4 days a week. So you can imagine things are gaining steam again! Many new places, including a secret location I am not authorized to provide screenshots of. Some spooky figures, unnatural goings-on and looots of new ideas!

I attach some places and also a comparison shot of an interior - before and after some redecorating, the second being the level of detail that I mean to implement everywhere else.

I think I am going to continue making the game in KNP because I am so used to it, and animating stuff in MMF makes me rip my hair out! And from time to time I will port it to MMF to see if everything is compatible (for some reason certain things go crazy when ported from KNP to MMF, mainly things anchored to other things). I am also writing a "script" of sorts, as in movie, not as in coding, to keep track of all action in right order and logic. And I made a handy map to see what goes where and what corners are missing. So in other words, full speed ahead!


All the best to you and I will let you know what's up in another 3 months or so!

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I am making "Poor Thing" on a Windows XP system and have never tried to run it anywhere else. Apparently no new windows will be able to run a 16-bit program. Will there be no way for anyone to play my upcoming game made with KnP, unless they are running a virtual windows machine?

I am an idiot when it comes to matters like this and honestly have not thought of it earlier. When I make my game I would like everyone to be able to play it, but now it seems it will not be operable on 99% of current computers...

So this will probably result in a collective facepalm from all of you in the know there any way to make my game compatible with 64 bit systems? Even if it would mean porting and transferring parts of the game to another program. Would that be possible at all or is the only possibility making it from scratch in, say, Clickteam Fusion or something like that?

Help me, I know you are smarter than I am...Right now I do not see much point in making something so gigantic if hardly anyone will be able to play it in their os.

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How it is like to work on Dobuki's Epic Journey

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.59.51 PM.png

I'm currently trying to finish this damn game I started 2 years ago. This is a project that turned out to be way to ambitious for its own good. My goal was to make an RPG with an adventure point-and-click type of gameplay. The problem is that it needs lots of content, so I've been pretty much puking out pure random content out of nothing.
While the game actually has some story, my development process is pretty much: Ok, I need to fill this area with content. Let's just add a random monster or NPC, give it some silly lines of dialog and make it return some random object, which I'll figure out what to do with later.
This is a pretty unique project in the sense that there's no plan on how it's being produced. It's like when you go explore the city with no guide, no idea where you're going to end up.

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New Knytt Stories level: A Visit to Grandmother's


So here's a new Knytt Stories level for the people who play that game. It's called A Visit to Grandmother's, and you can guess the plot from the title. It's built around a tune from Two Headed Dino by Ben Bartlett (the tune is, I mean), but I added a short track by Incompetech to the beginning to keep it from being too repetitive. I hope you guys like it!

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Why I'm in a small game developing hiatus.

I've been absent from GT a lot lately mostly due to normal life. School and stuff which doesn't lead for much time to develop new games in Klik & Play. Also, It's getting hard to think of new ideas to create games for. If you check my other games most are pong clones or bad action games which due to the K&P engine and my inexperience with side scrolling only display one setting at a time. I think another reason is because of my limited programming knowledge. I know, I can create a basic HTML page that looks like it came fresh from the '90s and would be best viewed on Netscape (evident on my website: ) , create simple text based Batch RPGs and make some semi advanced games in K&P. But I've tried other game dev tools and they are simply too advanced or too complex for me to make a good game. Trying Game Maker Studio put me off because of the absence of stock graphics and drawing my own made it look like I tried to make a Kimberly Kubus-esque game and failed miserably.

Anyways I do have a few games on hold I'd beenworking on last year that I hope i have the time to post soon.

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Alpha Duck 5100: A Portrait of Perfection


Again, I thought the Global Game Jam project I worked on this year might appeal to a few folks here, seeing as it's a tough-as-nails ARG supplemented with shockingly badly acted FMV-inspired movie sequences that make me cringe. Check it out, and don't hesitate to ask for hints as you will likely need them.

OK, back to work on my Sekret Santa game.

Run for your Life (KnP game)


evade the arrows as long as you can

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the library is remodeling and that's the only source of my interwebs.
still have klik projects that aren't finished.
so annoying.
i thought i would have the xmas project done on time, but not yet. monday i'll be finished.

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hi, do people still read these?


i've been working on this löve-based game making tool for a little while now. i wanted something i could use to slap games together with, inspired by knp, megazeux, and more recently ragzouken's kooltool


  • painting! with a couple of nice little features for making tilesets, and onion skinning for animation. severe lack of flood fill, though.
  • the beginnings of a rudimentary robotic-esque scripting language, with super-modern features like goto statements
  • it's fun to drag things around and then jump into testing things, i guess??

i was hoping for it to be a little more finished before the secret santa stuff started so i could use it in that, but there's still some vital things i want to add!

  • actually implementing controls
  • a basic fm synth thing for sound effects
  • copy and pasting for tile editing
  • filling out the scripting thing: displaying messages, jumping between maps, etc.
  • generative things. palettes. sprites. names.

if people are interested, i'll release a version of this thing eventually, maybe even with a game. and my embarrassing made-up-as-i-went-along interface and code! are there things you like in game making tools you think i might have missed?

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