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I'm Back


I'm back from the dead.

I just haven't the time to upload games any more, and now that I'm focusing on quality, not quantity, for my Klik and Play Games, it's taking more than half an hour to create one.

SPR9Monkey Games is working on a game called Cops and Robbers, and we've got roughly 3 frames completed. It will be up when we are finished.

Current projects:
Submarine Wars (kind of like a war between you and another enemy)
Music Player (scraping this project, it was very buggy)

I will update soon.

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my pain

i feel excited to think about new games and making games
but when i start to actually make them i feel bored and tired

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ok, so I took the plunge and submitted by first 100% homebrewed wreck. Now, more, more, make games, games, try to see the light, at the end of the tunnel, even if nobody cares. Onward !

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Hello world !

I'm so happy to be here ! Now, on to work !

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KNP/TGF extensions

I got late into the extension game. I'm still using TGF for retrofungoodnes. Here's some pages that I found useful:

88 extensions for TGF.

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The Games Factory Manual

Here's a manual for the Games Factory. Enjoy.

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Klik and Play Manual PDF

So, here's a manual for KNP. Good times.

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Spam sucks


I log onto glorious trainwrecks and bam, I'm hit with some goofy ass looking article. I thought it was an article, but I kept reading and find out that it's spam. GRR we don't need this. I love GT, I don't want it overtaken by spammers.

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legit now whoo hoo

Sup trainwreckers!!!

I finally went legit. I don't work for the man anymore, I'm freelancing full time now yaaaaaay. I design wordpress templates for my friends that are complete noobs to web publishing, publish books and comix, transcribe audio files, and crank out video games. Not bad for a Jill of All Trades :D

My laptop died so I bought the same model from a friend and had to upgrade the hard drive and OS, so whooo hooo, I'm in business. 500GB and Win7 wheeee!

I wish Win7 wouldn't be so finicky and let me noodle around with Klik and Play.

Clickteam sent an email yesterday about Multimedia Fusion 2.5 dev version and if I were to buy that and all the modules and go legit, it'll be nearly $1000. WHAT

I use App Game Kit to make android apps, but it's not fun, it's a freaking headache.

When I want to quell the urge to break my laptop, I go to my room, fire up the ol' Win 3.1 machine and play with KNP/TGF.

I miss those old days.

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Not Able At This Time: Klik N Play

Oh woah, woe, I wish I could play all the nice Klik N Play Games here. I very wish I could make them Klikers. My PC is unable to do it at this time. Instead, I am learning to use Construct2 Free Edition. Browser based games, I will play and make them. Talk about them too!

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