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One day I hope to be able to make super happy and queer music.

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Tips & Kliks

I really want to start a tutorial series on Klik tips and tricks that applies to a broad range of Klik products (though primarily targeting the older products). I'd like to cover concepts in bite-sized pieces to serve as an introduction to the building blocks used to create more complicated behaviors in Klik, as well as provide documentation on a number of useful tricks to give aspiring Klikkers greater control over their creations. I'd also like to provide a section on Klik backward compatibility to document behavior changes going from KNP to TGF1 (and perhaps later tools as well?) so that KNP users can make their games more forward compatible while users of newer products can fix existing KNP games to run on newer systems.

I just see a lot of people getting into Klik and creating new and interesting things but sometimes aren't sure how to do advanced things. I would like to help those people arm themselves with Klik knowledge.

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DrBlowhole20's Plot Inventory

Inspired from Noyb, Sergio, etc. people who made Plot Inventories, this is all Plot Inventories of all my games. More coming soon each time i'll upload a game.

The Cat's Misadventurous Adventure: Collect the gem and escape the demons.
The Super Mozart Adventure: Rescue friends and recruit to destroy evil.
Player Adventure - The DrBlowhole EditioN!: Get some missions completed and destroy Mario.
Commander Keen: The War of The Tongies: Destroy an alien race from infecting people.
Aposunaclypse: Get Earth burnt from the Sun.
THE UNSTRAORDINARY ACT DRINK EXPERIMENT EVER: Spill the ACT drink over the sea and let Batman try to kill Godzillas.
Atrium: Escape the 100-floored prison.
Trainwreckers to the Rescue: Recover all Trainwreckers (and MFGGers) to destroy a horde of fictional monsters.
Shupa Junee Advenetur: Complete a frustrating hard level.
THE ROYAL ADVENTURES OF MR CAT VS TAILS ADVANCE THE GAME: Get through the Tails Advance games and kill Arthur.
MR. CAT THE SECOND: CAT HARDER!!: Kill all enemies and destroy Sanic.
Super Mario Bros.'ed.: Get glitched while playing World 1.
Aridoniasu: Get on a planet, sneak to the base and kill the King.
MachukoMouse: Keep hitting the Cat until the game crashes.
A Shooter Which Doesn't Commonly Became Easy: Destroy all ships, but the last one can't be destroyed.
Yellow Jogger Man!: Destroy all 4 robots and kill Black Runner from ruling the world.

---The 2009-2010 Shame Collection! Games---
Bear: Get through mazes filled of ghosts and kill 3 strange enemies.
Bob-Omb Adventures: Run to Mario's dungeon and get over the Goombas.
Bowser's Adventure: Defeat Mario.
Ceiling VS Basement: Kill the flying clown using the fire.
Cool Guy - The Movie: Destroy a stick man's minions.
Duky Attack: Attack the swarm of monsters.
Ghost's Adventure - Stick's Visit: Destroy the Elebits.
Kamek's World: Kill Kamek's traitors.
Kill dark goombas and ninja bunnies: Be a cacodemon and smash the Dark Goombas and Ninja Bunnies.
Larry 2: Stomp on enemies.
Luigi's Exhibition: Use the power of the mouse to kill the enemies.
Mario Platform Silver IV: Kill Bowser and the bat.
Megaman VS X: Enter in a fortress where you have to challenge a soul posseded Mega Man X.
New Super Mario Fusion: Challenge new Mario levels.
Old Tanooki Bros: You are a powerup who in the end is picked up by Mario.
Pacman Evoider: Avoid the enemies and escape the tunnel.
Purple - Nozy Minigame: Comunicate with a bully known as Bowser.
Small Boy Adventures: Restore the diamond.
Stick Battle - Elebits!!!: Kill the elebits with the gun.
Stickmen duum Gandò: Kill Bowser from ruling the world with the Elebits.
Super Bowser: Kill a cute monster.
Super Guy Bros 3: Kill Bowser.
Super Mario Armadegoon X: Kill a bloody teddy bear.
Super Mario Land - 3 Bowser Coins: Get the 3 Bowser Coins and kill Bowser.
The Stick End The Adventure: Go on an adventure and kill the shadow face.
This is the Only Level Parody: Typical This is the Only Level fangame.
Zelda's Adventure - Bowser's Revenge: Get the stuff and kill Bowser.

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Target Tennis


I have always liked 2-Player 1 Keyboard style games, so I thought I'd make something kind of cooperative that I could play with a friend or something.

I haven't really ever designed any levels for a game that I've made before, so it's fun doing trial and error sort of situations of what is fun and what is too difficult. I am also wondering how important is difficulty in games in terms of accessibility. I always love a challenge, but for the case of a lot of my friends, they wouldn't be able to stand to play something like this for very long. I guess it's an audience thing.

The concept of this game is that the two players have to keep this ball in volley while hitting targets with the ball without having the ball leave the screen. I thought it would be a fun game to try to coordinate with another player in order to strategically bounce the ball.

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im workin on a lil somethin somethin


breaking news i am not dead

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So it appears to be boring sometimes...

I was doing something outside of Glorious Trainwrecks, i was even playing around my stuff.

I'm looking out if i can do Mr. Cat III: Electric Cataloo, but i have also some of mr. cat future games:

A. Mr. Cat's Baseball Hunting Adventure (It is supposed to be the first spin-off of the Mr. Cat series, instead of shooting crystals you use a baseball bat to strike back the minions)
B. Super Mr. Cat (The 2nd spin-off of Mr. Cat, which you have gained flying powers in order to destroy the enemies flying from the upside.)
C. Mr. Cat III: Revenge of Evil (Another title for the 3rd main game of the series.)
D. Mr. Cat III: The Adventure of Cat (Yet another title for the 3rd main game of the series.)
E. Mr. Cat III: Electric Cataloo (Nuff said.)

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TSMA2 Update #5: Votes are down + News

Ok guys, i haven't made a 5th update on TSMA2, so here it is:

Votes are down because the date will hit soon to close down the votes, no need to ask an idea anymore, please.

I also don't know if i will make this game, because i'm with others to make my own real games, not trainwrecks, and yes i'm a little inactive.

Twine: either(), a random picker function

Update: This script is now built into Twine 1.4! It is no longer necessary to install it.

This is a very short script that allows you to use a function called "either" in Twine's <<set>>, <<print>> and <<if>> macros. Give it several string or number values, separated by commas, and it will pick one of them randomly to use in the macro.

Obsolete script removed: use Twine 1.4

This functions largely identically to the Game Maker choose() function. You can use it like this:

<<print either("a dusty glade", "a sinister vale", "a murky gully", "a desolate gulch") >> - Prints one of the strings, chosen randomly.

<<set $value = either(0,1,2,3,4)>> - Sets $value to one of the numbers.

<<if either(true, false)>> - This is true 50% of the time. Equivalent to <<if Math.random() lt 0.5>>

In the first case, you can see it's functionally similar to the <<rnd>> macro - but, as demonstrated, it can also be used inside <<set>> as well as <<print>>.

If you patch the <<display>> macro, you can also use it to display a random passage, serving as a more primitive kind of <<randomp>>:

<<display either("Cellar", "Garden", "Observatory")>>

Feel free to report any bugs to @webbedspace.

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bandicam 2013-10-14 19-10-08-285.png

Hello guys, i've decided to finish up Mr. Cat II: Cat Harder and soon the game will be here.
I've just left here due to my inactivity.

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