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Mudbucket challenge


I usually have trouble expressing my feelings in text form (e.g. on current events).
And that is where the photoshopping skills come in..

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The Glorious O.H.R.RPGC.E. Trainwreck Collab: The Story

Tommorrow the collab will start, but i'm gonna show you what the story will be for the collab...

The main character is revealed to be Rick...

And here's the story:
Rick is one boy who lives behind a small house, but when he gets on his pc, he is warped on the world of internet full of strange and wacky realms by a unknown demon who claims to control the internet and dares him to find him by escaping all of the internet's worlds and reach to him to claim the prize. Will Rick get through the world of internet and find him?

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uuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUAHAHHHHHHHHH: Good v Bad and questions I have

Great Opinion and Speculation also Introspection, no Questions are Answered, only Asked:

So, I have been making, like, 3-4 games for the past few months and haven't really released anything because I'm not using the "gusto" that is required to be a glorioustrainwrecker. But, is gusto related to speed? I think it is. Speed shows confidence. It seems ironic or coincidental (lol) that I am nervous about making a trainwreck. Is this going to be a so good it's bad trainwreck or a so bad it's good one or is it going to be a it's a bad BAD trainwreck. What is good and bad?

"It's all in the eye of the beholder", lol, what a cliche, but (let's get back to the point) we all know what is culturally "good" and culturally "bad". Because I am making games on this site, you the reader is probably making games on this site, we are aware, yes, this is where bad/good things should be, this is the house in which trainwrecks sleep, this is the context of the things we are making and the house gives us that context. This context is what separates "genuine failure" from what happens here. Does this box limit us? It is freeing and limiting at the same time. One side says everything bad that you do will be in the context of "it's supposed to be bad", so nothing is bad. On another side if you do something good will it be good? Depends on the context, what is good? Will genuine good weaken intended bad? Will unintended bad weaken intended bad? What is good on and what is good outside of Are they the same good? Is good outside of good on

It seems "good" on is usually "bad". "Bad" comes in several different forms. One form is a self aware "stupid" (when the game is disguised as if the person making the game is not aware of the cultural mainstream of what "good" games are) I.E. games in the Mr. Cat series. Another form is a clear parody of a mainstream trope I.E. games by sylvie and jams like the Flappy Bird Jam. The third kind is an "I don't care attitude" I.E. Klik of the Month Klub games. These different perspectives for the makers of "good" on can and usually are mixed at different levels to create interest.

Do "bad" games have to be jokes to be good. Are "bad" games with "intended badness" automatically jokes. Should everything that is "bad" be laughed at? Are there "serious" and "bad" games on this site or elsewhere? Why don't my hotlinks to work?

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Mr. Cat has its own website!

Behold mates, Mr. Cat's games has its own site now!

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Poor Thing update


Hello everybody.

It has been half a year since my last information on my game in progress, "Poor Thing". Since then I have maintained a fairly steady pace in development and added a lot to the game, however there is a looot of work still in front of me. I have calculated that I still have more or less 100 levels to add. I have 178 levels in my game so far, but some of them are placeholders and some more can be cut out. If no other obstacles emerge, I should be able to fit my game within the planned maximum of 255 levels.

While still adding new levels, I alternate it with either fleshing out already existing locations or finally adding some action sequences. I worked out a way to make objects standing in the middle that can be either walked in front of or behind, which adds a lot of 3d feeling to the game.

At the same time I am working on the story and characters, because I really mean it to be a complete tale, with beginning, middle and an end. Things are constantly falling into place, or switched around if they do not work.

I think I am rambling, but I am really excited that I have kept at it so long and do not feel bored or intend to stop. I calculate it will take about a year to complete and add details to all the levels, then probably another year to interconnect everything, hunt bugs, beta test and add sound effects and probably some music. A long, long way... but almost every other day I keep developing it further.

I hope 6 months is an enough long pause not to be pushy with my project. Truly said, I often have to fight the urge to share every new detail that I am proud of, with you lot!

I go back to working on the game now. As always, lots of love to you lovely people, and keep creating!

Jan Strach

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Have beaten Teh Forum Game & about Mr. Cat and its future


What's up people?!

Today i just beaten Teh Forum Game without closing the game and beating in one single setting, and that was fast, due to mashing keys, concentration with my brother going out to play his ball and glorious skills. Before i beaten this game, i was stuck at the 1st Half of the 7th Level, due that i accidentaly avoided the notes all the time, but now, i had to never avoid, and so i beaten level 7...oh the joy. In the end, i have beaten all levels and shockingly saw the ending, i felt so happy that he was free from the scientists. TOTY. Trainwreck of the Year.
In the Extras there was nothing more but just a image gallery and a boring bonus level that i didn't interested right now to play a megaman-esque game. Anyways, you can see above the screenshot showing the stage select screen after beating the game (sorry if i spoiled)

And now onto Mr. Cat's future.
Yes, the setting for Mr. Cat III will be THE SAME THAN THE REST OF THE MR. CAT SERIES, because the game is going to have suckish grammar like always but with intense action, even more glorious levels, etc. And there may have more bad antagonists and not just only ONE (Like Arthur from Mr. Cat 1 or Sanic from Mr. Cat 2), but more, more and more, along with a evil organization that will appear in this upcoming 3rd chapter of the Mr. Cat trilogy. Btw, Mr. Cat's Scary Halloween Holiday isn't part of the trilogy, it's just a short spin-off with only 5 levels and few bosses. And yes, if you believe that he was JUSTICE MUSTACHE, probably, it's because i was addicted of Smedis2's games and that's why i wanted more fun based on that. Anyways, i don't have ideas for more games i should do but i can just listen to music i might put for the 3rd chapter of Mr. Cat.

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Remember Mr. Cat?

Since i found back my klik projects i made, i decided to start working back to the Mr. Cat Halloween Special named Mr. Cat's Scary Halloween Holiday.

There will be more lacky cutscenes, levels and more stupid stuff pretending to be poorly made, and maybe failing to make a halloween special.
(Yes, i'm still in the habit of poorly made games)

But i might not release in halloween because i might be afraid of going through the new year of school.

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Hi everybody, i decided to come back again here because i feel like having nostalgia of these awesome klik games, but the bad news is i entirely lost the source codes of my games since i accidentaly deleted my klik n play folder.

Also, i've been thinking to make a 3rd Mr. Cat, which is gonna be the most longer than the other 2.

And by the way, remember that i love you guys even if i was gone, i'll try to never be gone at this time.

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5 Year Anniversary - 2 New WarioWare Games

Five years have passed since I joined this site and posted my first game, a spontaneous collaboration with Mark Gobbin. Doing so drew responses from SpindleyQ (who I also have to thank for founding this glorious site) and anna anthropy (whose inspirational KotM entries posted on her blog led me here in the first place).

It surprises me how much these comments meant to me at the time (and evidently still do), especially considering one was just "BAM". As a belated display of gratitude, I made two WarioWare D.I.Y. microgames inspired by games SpindleyQ and anna have posted here: in the dark and Xmastime!

I definitely wouldn't be the game maker I am today (i.e. an adequate one) without GT. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who's come here, past and present. I have another five year anniversary relating to this site coming up in a few months, which I aim to celebrate in a similar fashion. Hopefully by stating this now I'll be less likely to weasel out of it.

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dreamscape 2 sprites


i got bored and drew these.
not entirely sure if I'd actually make a game because I'm working on a bigger project, but whatever.
it would be amusing if somebody would actually make a game using these sprites.

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