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teaser #2


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username change and also update on thing i guess

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linhat -> nanosity -> Pilot Ixen

pilot ixen is the full name of my moth character. ix for short.

idk if im making this change permanent or not but for now it is how it is

as for any new posts uhh thats debatable

life is busy and so is life etc etc

i have game maker standard (legitimate and not pirated!!!!!) with all the tutorials with it so i need to go through that at some time and do some things with that becaause its cool

the thing i was working on may be continued at some point maybe, but its doubtful as i just dont have inspiration for klikwrecks at the moment. more interest in making serious games more than anything else right now and its just a case of me getting off my ass and learning things (esp. lua)

other than that nothing else to say apart from i should probably mention that i do not use he/him type pronouns anymore i use they/them and if u could use those when referring to me that would be ~PERFECT~ *w*

see u~

McDonald's, Gillette, And Study Skills

Twenty-5 many years prior to Ray Kroc opened his initial McDonald's shop, he was a struggling "paper cup" salesman in Chicago. It was 1930 the nation was in the midst of the prohibition era and kohlensaures natrium fountains had been rapidly expanding as an option to bars. Walgreen's was top the way, opening new merchants and natriumcarbonat fountains at a feverish pace.

Kroc lived just a few miles from Walgreen's headquarters and noticed an opportunity for his paper cups. So, he organized a meeting with the VP of Meals Support the place he proposed that Walgreen's provide "take-out drinks" from their natriumcarbonat counters Frank Gore Jersey.

"Are you crazy?" the VP blasted back! "Why must I pay out you 1?cents for a cup? That will lower my profits. No way!"

Kroc explained, "You may promote far more! Proper now, you can't sell any more sodas unless you include much more stools for folks to sit and stay for a drink, but you do not have the space to expand seating. In addition to, folks would carry their sodas all around town, generating men and women thirsty for your drinks. It would draw a good deal a lot more visitors in to your stores and be a large increase for enterprise!"

The VP was not nevertheless convinced. In truth, he was enraged at the suggestion. Ultimately, Kroc went to the Walgreen's fountain down the street and gave them 200 free of charge cups. "These are on me," he presented. "Check them out. Try these for a month and see what you think."

By the finish of the initial day, the take-out drinks had been a smashing good results! The VP was last but not least convinced卆nd that was the beginning of "consider-out sodas."

CAN YOU Envision Daily life With no Consider-OUT DRINKS?

The planet would not end if we did not have take-out sodas or coffees but they are so ordinary now that it is impossible to picture being so opposed to the thought. Making use of disposable cups for our preferred beverages is widespread sense卋ut it was not constantly.

Examples of these stories are endlessn the late 1800's, King Gillette (which is his very first title, not a title) had a quite hard time convincing folks of the idea and practicality of a disposable razor Patrick Willis Jersey. He spent eight years making an attempt to find an engineer willing to tackle the undertaking and backers to finance it. Can you imagine? Disposable razors are the absolute norm now. But, not then.

KROC, GILLETTE, & Study Abilities

In many ways, I really feel like Kroc and Gillette when I speak about "review capabilities vernon-davis-jersey." I am so passionate about the value of review expertise and definitely convinced that they are required for us to compete in the global economic climate of the 21st century. Review abilities modified my lifestyle and statistics assistance that my knowledge was far from a "fluke!"
Most individuals I meet seem to be to comprehend their worth. In fact, when I am asked what I do for a living and tell individuals that "I teach review capabilities," I Always get one particular of two responses:

"Oh! My child requirements that. Will you work with my son?"


"Oh, exactly where had been you when I was in school!? I could have utilised your support!"

Men and women obviously comprehend the worth of study abilities on an person lager, but only on a semi-conscious degree. Otherwise, "review capabilities" are not an inherent component of conversations about education卆s "widespread sense" as consider-out drinks or disposable razors.

This oversight is starting to be challenged eric-reid-jersey. Just yesterday, whilst doing an interview for a nationally syndicated radio present, I was asked the clear question "Study capabilities just look like frequent sense! Why are not they taught in school?"

Research Capabilities ARE NOT TAUGHT IN College Because?br />
Our educational system has burdened colleges, administrators, and teachers with many "requirements and benchmarks" that are so deep in content material, they have no time or education|schulung|fortbildung|weiterbildung} to build the skills essential to entry that articles and do something constructive with it. Content material is effortless to test, but although we are cultivating very good check-takers, we are siphoning the spirit and individuality of our thinkers.

Meanwhile, other countries are foremost the way in "research expertise" and "soft abilities" instruction|schulung|fortbildung|weiterbildung} due to the fact it is effectively acknowledged that these are the abilities employers require! They need workers that can hold up with an ever-altering globe and navigate by means of the current Info Age. Exactly where are they going to go if they can not get that variety of workforce right here?

Years FROM NOW?br />
think that men and women will search at "study expertise" in the identical way we NOW view get-out drinks and disposable razors. It will be unattainable to envision NOT teaching them in school. They do, right after all, allow students to discover how to find out, how to organize their lives, how to prioritize time and coordinate communication efficiently. In other words, they are the abilities that enable college students to develop into independent and self-sufficient grownups Alex Boone Jersey. And, most men and women would agree that this is the ultimate goal of education!

Discover far more sources for homework help, including a free Homework Rx Toolkit, at Susan Kruger, M.Ed. is a licensed instructor and understanding specialist. She combined her personalized|privat|perslich} struggles as a student with her expert skills to produce a powerful, pupil-friendly sys

Uncover more assets for homework assist, which includes a totally free Homework Rx Toolkit, at Susan Kruger, M.Ed. is a certified instructor and studying expert. She combined her private|privat|perslich} struggles as a student with her professional knowledge to create a effective, student-friendly sys

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Tips and Kliks #01: A Note on the Step-thru Editor

I will start off by saying that Tips and Kliks is mostly intended to be aimed at novice to intermediate Klikkers. Tutorials for absolute beginners are important, but this is not one of them. We do have a good beginner's tutorial on this site already - see the Learning KNP FAQ.

I'd like to take the time to mention the Step-thru Editor because it's a novel concept, and also an important one - I was using it before I even touched the Event Editor.

When you use the Step-thru Editor, your game will run until certain things happen, and then pause to bring up a dialog asking you what to do next, like this:

You'll see a row of icons. By clicking on one of these, you can select an action you want the game to take in response.

The capabilities of the Step-thru Editor are rather limited, especially when it comes to the number of conditions you can write actions for:

- An object leaves or enters the playfield on the left, right, top, or bottom edge.
- An object collides with another object.
- An object collides with the background.
- All objects of one type are destroyed.
- A player presses one of the fire buttons.
- A player loses all of their lives.
- A certain amount of time has passed (accessed by pressing the Esc key).

Additionally, if you are using Klik & Play, you may only perform actions on the object(s) that triggered the event in question, and you are limited to these four actions:

- Bounce
- Wrap around playfield
- Shoot another object
- Destroy

I don't think these limitations are necessarily a bad thing. Because only a small number of the available conditions and actions are exposed, it is much easier for new users to grasp the basics of how the program works. Of course, you can't do anything advanced with this, but that's not really the point - the Event Editor covers those bases.

Because these Tips and Kliks will mostly focus on working within the Event Editor, I would strongly suggest you tinker around with the Step-thru Editor first if you're still unfamiliar with Klik. Otherwise you won't find these articles very useful.

And have fun with Step-thru! I know I did!

(Note: The Step-thru Editor was removed since MMF2.)

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It seems that I stand out in this world of trainwrecks. Humor, creativity, originality, and craziness is the mode in this madhouse. While I'm stuck in the vanilla indie gaming world which I've always wanted to fit in but never had the chance. The personality and attitude so far removed from the standard. The outsider art foreign but familiar; sweet!

Hey all! And hey myself. After spending my entire adolescent youth plinkning around in the Zzt community back in the day I've always wanted to take stab at making games people might actually want to play. My good friend WiL posted his progress on an indie game which he scored called "Snapshot" and another intriguing post about this website and it made me intrigued. After perusing this community for a bit I decided to join and downloaded Klick and Play. It obviously has infinitely more features than Zzt (though I did enjoy overreaching the limitations of the masterpiece) and I found myself enamoured with it. After writing "Tanks" and downloading the demo of MMF2 and looking at some other indie gaming groups I decided to stick around. I admit I've never quite fit the mold of "Trainwreckers" or of the earlier Zzt'ers, but have found it inviting and nostalgic.
It must be obvious now that I like to create functional and playable games while I enjoy the zany moments in your games as well as the sometimes powerful execution and strong programming. Let me know if you are intereseted in a collaboration as one of my goals is to make a successful android/flash game.

Thanks guys!

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Tips and Kliks: Introduction

Hi, all! Now that I've finished my Secret Santa game and the new year is fast approaching, I would like to announce a new series of tutorials and articles called "Tips and Kliks". I've seen quite a few people here picking up on Klik tools lately, and I think that's great! These tools actually have a lot to offer - even Klik & Play is more powerful than it seems at first glance!

Why am I doing this series? After all I've kind of sworn off of Klik and I can write code in Lua, Java, C++! Well, before I was using any traditional programming language I used Klik for all my games (and a few "apps"). Using Klik to try out new gameplay ideas helped me gain familiarity with programming, and working around limitations by writing my own behaviors trained me to think critically. It is my hope that with this series I can help others do the same.

I plan to do a new article twice a week. I most likely won't provide game files for these articles (unless it's requested), because everyone is on different tools and sometimes things change between programs. I will provide plenty of images, however, and if you need help feel free to ask.


Focus will mainly be on the earlier Klik products (KnP/TGF1), but applicable to the later programs.

- (Re)familiarization with Klik basics (objects, built-in movements, editors, etc.)
- Basics of creating your own behaviors
- Some applications of custom behaviors, such as custom movements
- Other tips and tricks

wonderful value

Re. the marker games::

I am currently at 44 games since mid-September and hope to get up to 50, after which I will take a break... I finished work last week so it's good timing insofar that the format of the games was basically constructed to tie in with my job schedule.

When I reach 50 games I am going to bundle up the whole bunch as a single package, with a loader program and some notes, and try selling that for ca$h monies. the individual games here will stay up + free... i don't know if this is opportunistic but i'm kind of basing it on how james kochalka's diary comics (which were part of what got me making these) were posted individually for free on his webpage and then bundled up for sale in books after a while. also, the way that the glorious trainwrecks pirate karts (which were the OTHER part of what got me making these) built a shared context for these games which helped change the way they were experienced. so, look out for that - - hopefully later this december or in january at some point.

I am also looking into how to use Anaconda to create Mac and Linux versions of the MMF2 games, in which case there will be mac / linux versions of the package too, and maybe of the individual game pages here.

Happy Xmas,

- Stephen

Simple game design

The simplest designs create the most elegant games. This, I guess, is what makes the mobile game industry tick like it does right now. Could simple mechanics be applied to "real" (as in, games with a big plot and lots of content and some bigger meaning and whatnot) games to make them successful?

-Dice Of Mana has been made. It is a gambling game where 2 opposing wizards try to summon the great Bull Beast by gathering up enough magic. However, too much mana at a time will cause a wiz to black out and lose all gathered magic.

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One day I hope to be able to make super happy and queer music.

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Tips & Kliks

I really want to start a tutorial series on Klik tips and tricks that applies to a broad range of Klik products (though primarily targeting the older products). I'd like to cover concepts in bite-sized pieces to serve as an introduction to the building blocks used to create more complicated behaviors in Klik, as well as provide documentation on a number of useful tricks to give aspiring Klikkers greater control over their creations. I'd also like to provide a section on Klik backward compatibility to document behavior changes going from KNP to TGF1 (and perhaps later tools as well?) so that KNP users can make their games more forward compatible while users of newer products can fix existing KNP games to run on newer systems.

I just see a lot of people getting into Klik and creating new and interesting things but sometimes aren't sure how to do advanced things. I would like to help those people arm themselves with Klik knowledge.

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