Rogue Shaving Pimps

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A game made just in the nick of time for Porpentine's BIG CHAOS TWINE JAM.

Name says it all really. It's only short, and will only take about 10 minutes of your time to play through both endings.

Kind of ironic that isn't it? Something that only takes 10 minutes to play through took me more than an hour to create...

Anyway, the theme is indeed shamelessly nicked from Porpentine's own game CYBERQUEEN. I just adjusted the link colour and thats it lmao.

Enjoy it :3

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An event


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man replaying this theres

man replaying this theres some good bits and some bits which i werent there anymore and bits i wanna expand upon

im really sorry for some of the parts in here like ok i know its kind of the character for the person you play as in the beginning but yeeeah no im sorry

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Hey, feel free to edit out

Hey, feel free to edit out problematic content and reupload. I've done this with a number of games of mine.