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Reverse Passage 2: Mother's Edition


An action-packed sequel to http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/2623
Hold Z to feel emotions.
Possibly the worst idea for a game I've ever had.

Michael Brough
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A cheap rip-off of Passage about a young man trying to make his way in the game industry

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Twine macro: <<once>>

This little macro shows a span of text only the first time you encounter it - for all subsequent times you visit a passage containing it, it will be absent. This can be done with variables, but this form lets you use a single pair of macro tags. This can be good for, let's say, IF-style verbose opening descriptions of scenes or rooms.

Install my <<Replace>> Macro Set to use this macro.

You can use <<becomes>> or <<gains>> to specify text that should appear only on the second visit, or the third, and so forth.

Usage examples:
* <<once>>I'm going now. Goodbye.<<endonce>>
* <<once>>You arrive at the bathhouse.<<becomes>>You return to the bathhouse a second time.<<endonce>>
* <<once>>You arrive at the garage.<<becomes>>Back at the garage.<<becomes>>Third visit to the garage.<<endonce>>

* If many <<once>> macros containing exactly identical text are used in different passages, seeing one of them will hide the others.

Version history

  1. 16-6-13 - Updated regarding Combined Replace Macro Set.
  2. 12-5-13 - Initial.

Feel free to report any bugs to @webbedspace.

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Squidmancer Goes To The Drugstore


All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my squids.
~Leo IV, Neophyte Squidmancer

joe valeen
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Inuknuk Saves the Day

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Play as an Inuit, Inuknuk, and save your people from the invading Ice Pirates. Collect treasure to pay them off, or just kill enough to convince them that maybe this was a bad idea.

Josh DeWolfe
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Hold it still v2

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Avoid stuff, test your patience and have fun!

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Pickle Wars MIDIs

Hey, do you like Pickle Wars? Do you occasionally get the repetitive, dreary cutscene music stuck in your head? Well, here, I ripped all of the music from the shareware version into handy-dandy MIDIs for easy use in your Klik & Play monstrosities.

picklemidi.zip61.07 KB
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Sex Kitten Crime Spree

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forkheads brings you another fucking insane game from the infamous although not caut up to social media.. sex kitten games

yes there's alot of sexually explicit material in here and no, this is not by any means stolen

this is made entirely for humor and,, honestly i dont really care if its offensive, infact, thats half its point, but, heres your warning

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Sassy Sasquatch: Photobomber!


A game about a photobombing sasquatch.

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