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Pro Bass Fishing 3000


Use the arrow keys to move your Khu' left and right and press Space to throw a fishing net. try to combo fishing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and even 7 to multiply your score. Try to catch that nasty multi-colored fish. he's very valuable

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Planning a Commander Keen Twine Game

Do you know Commander Keen? Today i'm making a new Keen fangame using Twine, but i use the version 1.3.6 alpha due that 1.3.5 is an egoist which doesn't use macros too much.

The fangame will be named: Commander Keen - The War of the Tongies.

The plot of the game will be not revealed at the moment.

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Barrels 'o Doom (Doom WAD)

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I feel weird for having to revive this event, but I think it's the most appropriate place to post a Doom WAD. Inspired by Doom II's map23: Barrels 'o Fun, this is my map01's replacement: Barrels 'o Doom. The architeture itself isn't that beautiful, but it has lots and lots and lots and lots and lots 'o barrels. Try playing this with Brutal Doom for maximum fun if your machine is capable of handling all the fuzz.

Also, I made a tiny little MIDI track to fit the map's mood: CHAOS and destruction.

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Troll Surf

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Jumps and eats sandwhiches!
Surf the bhoard! Shreds the wave!

Shift to jump, left and right arrows to move troll and crab.

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drumming up support?

so how do want to promote this?
We should at least do a thread on Gamers Quarter...
I emailed a bunch of people a few weeks ago, I'll probably send something out a few days before.
We now have the KotM and KNP FAQ pages, so I think that might help ease the transition, esp. for latecomers who missed the glory of the 100 in 1 (or maybe I overestimate it, because that's when I first started noticing the site..)

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Reverse-engineering Klik & Play .GAM files

I'm close! I've been plugging away at it for a couple of hours every other evening or so. Every time I poke at it, I get a little bit closer to cracking what I need to know, which is really pretty cool.

(To be clear: What I have is still far, far away from a full understanding of the file format that would be required to, say, write them, or put together some sort of KlikVM. But I am one structure away from pulling out proper animation data, which feels really awesome.)

Aesop Fable

Game File: 

Multiplayer game based on that fable about the wind and the sun and a guy with a coat.

Picture of coat from user janestarz on Flickr, CC-BY-NC license

Darius Kazemi
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Twine Jam


I made this originally during the Weekend Chaos Twine Slam-Ba-Dunk Jam Sauce hosted by Porpentine like a month ago. It's been changed in a few ways for some more ideas I had, but had no time to fully implement.

It's based on an alternate universe version of said weekend, in that it could have gone like this. It was also meant (in retrospect) as a personal motivator for me to not be so lazy all the time. I would say it's done a good job of this, but I didn't bother to finish this game up until yesterday sooo

You can play the original version here, and check out the source code (for the newer version) right here!.

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The Prequel to BUTTON MASH BOSS BATTLE....Sorta....Not really. No.

And yes,I made another game. Yay.

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Assemble Wrecks

Game File: 

Click and drag the pieces around to complete the puzzle.

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