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Uggin it

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Uggin it, just 6 feet of uggin.. for you not them. Description in game, or as a file attachment. Will try to compatible it for nuuu grounds in the future. Enjoy the screenshot of stage 3.. I paranimated it for your "amusment" so enjoy and take care good sir.

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RESPECT! is our first submission to Klik of The Month.
RESPECT! all the children.
RESPECT! is all we want.
RESPECT! is all we deserve.
RESPECT! and sock puppets.

Special thanks for our friends that sugested the themes Sock Puppets and Respect:

Alexandra Pernau
José Telmo

Helena Soares, Neilrônico, Yves Albuquerque
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Marek Kapolka

marek is developing a new spirituality that will canonize all game developers as micro-gods creating a world where ontological speculation is not fruitless.

he has a blog at http://www.ludogenesis.org/ which may be empty if you're reading this too soon but he TOTALLY SWEARS there will be content there someday

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Pirate Kart 2

Toronto Trek Ultra

Screenshot - 06_03_2012 , 12_43_43 PM.jpg

You had a long day at work. You just want to get home and play some video games. Sadly everyone in the city seems eager to detain you. You seem to not have enough money for the bus and the one you were on broke down. Take your laserdiscs and defend yourself as you earn enough to take the next bus. Who knew getting home would be so hard?

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Build-a-shark Workshop

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In the modern age, Man finds himself in a position of almost limitless power, with previously unthought of motivations about moulding the very fabric of the creatures that he inhabits the world with. In laboratories and Universities around the world, scientists are mapping the genome of species that, in previous epochs of man, he wouldn't have even looked at funny.

What would happen if we could create sharks with human-like chins, or sabre-teeth?

This simulation software attempts to answer this question, and through the interaction of the player, you might just find out a little bit too much about yourself.

Build-a-shark workshop: THE GAME

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Terrible Sprite, catalyst, muse, stealer of free time


I drew this terrible sprite

and I haven't been able to stop laughing at it. A game needs to be made for this man with arched eyebrows, severely deformed leg and crabwalk.

I was thinking something along the lines of Castlevania 3, with visual nods to games from LJN, Software Creations, and Ultimate/Rare, but more specifically Ocean and their goddamn super white people sprites.

Okay, maybe that's not exactly what I'm going for. I will post later when I have a clearer idea.

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Give it a try right from the comfort of your browser (Flash). Refresh if it takes too long to load.

It's interactive: try doing some swipes with the mouse.

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Porting MMF2 Games to Flash with External Files?

So... I want to use the MMF2 Flash exporter to port Zambonis to Flash.

I originally structured the conversation engine to play external .ogg files in a convoluted way that basically generates at runtime the filename of the sound file to play for the current line of dialogue.

Is there an quick way to refactor this subsystem for the Flash exporter without, say, adding every line of dialogue into the game manually and creating a separate event for each sound?

(And for another game, it looks like there's little chance of Cellosoft's Text Blitter extension being Flash-compatible in the future, so without upgrading to Pro I'd need to fake it with active objects?)

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Windows Puzzle

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Are you clever enough to solve this devilish puzzle?

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