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I always wondered....

Is he snapping a pencil then saying "YER (GONNA) DIE"?

true.love (for mno)


Happy Christmas mno!
I tried to put in this game everything you asked for.

If you want the constant quiet noisy dirty sound to be LOUD, push up your speakers' volume.
You get 360° rotations instead of 180° rotations, I thought it would be fine.
The game seems to run fine even on older computers it's still resource-consuming let me know if you have trouble running it!

And most of it, happy christmas !

Controls : arrows & space

PS : you can't use the golden bubble gum in the game, so just keep it like the most awesome permanent GOTY golden bubble gum award you deserve for your work.

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Flatwoods Invader

Game File: 

I spent way too long on this way way too long :(

press arrow keys to move, shift to jump, space to KILL

Alt+F4 to quit

the Flatwoods creatures won't notice you until they can see your eyes reflecting their own glow. So you must be careful when you get close to them.

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Pirate Kart 2

The Hunt for The Hunt for Red October

Game File: 

After a busy day at the pencil inspection factory you come home to find all your light bulbs are out. But you REALLY want to watch The Hunt For Red October! So the search for your dvd begins!

Arrow keys to move, esc to quit.

Adrian Gordon
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i'm cool

Game File: 

this is a cool game for cool people

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Game File: 

Reinforce social mores and take a leaf out of the book of chivalry in
A game about polite dinosaurs.

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Vector the Crocodile Is Chased by the Sun

Game File: 

Vector the Crocodile is menacingly pursued by the star at the center of our solar system.

(Press X to jump!)

The Vector sprite is courtesy of Yuski. Thank you, Yuski!

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TIGSource B-Game Competition: A competition to celebrate awfully good games.

You guys, we need to team up and enter this thing. Our community was born to do this.

I volunteer for lead engine coding and music duties.

Does anyone know any (free-ish) rapid game development systems that, like, have script files in text that could go into a version-control system? Does GameMaker do that? XNA Studio? I'd rather not force people to learn my Stackless Python engine, mostly because the tool support just isn't there, but it is pretty freakin' sweet if you know Python.

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Midnight Snack


You are the Pogo Fox! You're also really hungry!

- Move left and right with the arrow keys.
- Hit diamonds to establish checkpoints.
- Bounce off of platforms to gain points - but watch out, for the platform vanishes as soon as you land on it! And some platforms bounce you differently...
- You can only go through the padlock blocks by paying ten points each.
- Press Shift over the chrome pads to reset your points to zero and restore all platforms and padlock blocks.

- When hitting a checkpoint diamond, any opened padlock blocks that are on-screen will become permasolid, which should solve accidental backtracking issues.
- Hopefully solved an issue where the player might accidentally bypass a post-level checkpoint diamond without actually activating it.

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An event
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5 Year Anniversary - 2 New WarioWare Games

Five years have passed since I joined this site and posted my first game, a spontaneous collaboration with Mark Gobbin. Doing so drew responses from SpindleyQ (who I also have to thank for founding this glorious site) and anna anthropy (whose inspirational KotM entries posted on her blog led me here in the first place).

It surprises me how much these comments meant to me at the time (and evidently still do), especially considering one was just "BAM". As a belated display of gratitude, I made two WarioWare D.I.Y. microgames inspired by games SpindleyQ and anna have posted here: in the dark and Xmastime!

I definitely wouldn't be the game maker I am today (i.e. an adequate one) without GT. My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who's come here, past and present. I have another five year anniversary relating to this site coming up in a few months, which I aim to celebrate in a similar fashion. Hopefully by stating this now I'll be less likely to weasel out of it.

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