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Apventure of the Valkyries

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A faithful re-implementation of the classic Apple ][ game for the web!

I had this game years ago as a kid, on a disk with a bunch of other random pirated games. I could never quite figure out what I was supposed to do. Now, with the modern internet and FAQs and all that, I know it's actually possible to defeat the Valkyrie! Kind of ruined the magic, though.

As usual with Construct 2, I have problems running this with Firefox. If you do too, try Chrome. Sorry :(

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It's a Zombie Cat Outbreak! Click the zombie cats to gain points, but don't click the uninfected! Art by Luke Elzinga.

Tim Elzinga
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This is the place where you bitch about the site.

So, hey, after the Klik of the Month Klub #9 event page got sidetracked with "hey the site is broken" postings, I figured it might be a good idea to have a place where you can talk about the site itself. This is that place!

If you look at the forum description, it also mentions things like suggesting community projects and starting up collaborations. You can do those things here, too! The Steel-Drivin' forum is all about figuring out how to make our little nook of the internet a more rhinoceros place to be.

Elegant Extension: A Word Game


This is just a simple word game I devised. Write a word that's at least 5 characters long. Then, the second-last and third-last letters in that word become the third and fourth letters of your next word. See how long you can keep devising words that fit within these constraints. The lower-left corner shows a thumbnail of the entire game board as you have filled it so far.

This time I've left the more specific game constraints outside the game, leaving it up to the player to decide how to play. For instance, it doesn't check words against a dictionary file, so the arbiter for whether a word is 'good' is only you. It is also up to you to choose whether to avoid words already entered. You can also use this to play a two-player game where you take turns entering words. This is intended to be as vacant of refereeing as a mere pencil and paper are.

For inclusion in the Pirate Kart, consult the Zip file.

Leon Arnott
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Ikiki's games

There was a loads of small games from a weird japanese indie game developer which makes both original games and mario fangames. You guys should check these out and they can be entertaining and funny at all the time.

The creator has its own official site but i think it's down, but i found a ZIP archive full of all of his games, from g4g.it. http://www.g4g.it/?dl_id=1013

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Chick Sexing

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Realistic chick sexing game program. Determine a chick's gender through subtle visual cues. Almost as exciting as the real thing! Yes.

If you are having trouble, try watching the short documentary video about real life chick sexing. you can learn the technique from there.
hint: technique is at 3:14

Ben Esposito
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Barbara Kwest 2012


For the weekend of Pirate Kart V I set out to make a sequel to Barbara Kwest with Barbara herself. I wound up doing most of the work, but she contributed a number of the hiding places.

In recent years, Barbara has moved onto playing hidden object games more than adventure games, so that's the genre this time. I'm a little dismayed by the change, but she found herself needing to resort to walkthroughs more and more to play the increasingly obscure adventure games I was digging up... since she's happy with the change I guess I should just be happy too.

Compiled in TGF, so it's playable on 64-bit Windows!

Sergio Cornaga & Barbara Hill
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Twine Jam


I made this originally during the Weekend Chaos Twine Slam-Ba-Dunk Jam Sauce hosted by Porpentine like a month ago. It's been changed in a few ways for some more ideas I had, but had no time to fully implement.

It's based on an alternate universe version of said weekend, in that it could have gone like this. It was also meant (in retrospect) as a personal motivator for me to not be so lazy all the time. I would say it's done a good job of this, but I didn't bother to finish this game up until yesterday sooo

You can play the original version here, and check out the source code (for the newer version) right here!.

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(via offworld)

looks right up our alley! It's launching this month, apparently, which is weird because it seems to be flying largely under the radar for most folks.

Check out some screenshots and "kode" samples on their blog.

Peter for Dinner


In 2012 there is only dating. You enter the warm, squishy mind of someone on a date with a fictitious game designer who does not exist and is not real and please do not sue me or call the police. Will it be a Fable (for) Two, or are things not as Black and White as they seem? Play Peter for Dinner, and enter the mind of someone who's already blown an hour of a two-hour time limit, and is kinda drunk and tired and panicking. Made for the Sekrit Forum Game Jam.

Concept art image by Inflammable Jim who sees all with his many 'i's.

Gap Gen
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