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Bloody Knuckles

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Bloody knuckles! The game you loved in middle school is now on klik n play!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Hank Hill Shoots Things In The Back: THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT

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Oh Joyous Joy Of Boby! It's the sequel to "shoot things goddang it bobby", my terrible kotm #60 game! And it's actually playable!

It has three difficultly options, each with subtle differences, as well as an online scoreboard courtesy of GameBuilder.info (thanks to mojofltr for telling me about it!).

Speaking of the Scoreboard - you can only submit your high scores to it on Hard mode.


Enjoy, chaps.

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InfraBaby Update

So, the working name for my homebrew videogame system for infants is now InfraBaby. If anyone has any better suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Though I can't test it until my IR receiver arrives in the mail, I've built the core of the system. I've got a small Python program that reads data from LIRC, and, based on a configuration object, presses keys in Windows. Obviously I've still got some work to do to discover what codes the V.Smile emits, but I'm hoping that'll end up being relatively straightforward.

Now, if everyone was happy writing python code to configure their games, and starting up three programs whenever they wanted their baby to play a game, I'd be done. But no -- I'm coming to the realization that I've got a frontend to write, which lets you set up configurations for your games, and has one-click (or one-press-the-orange-circle) launching of games. I'm really, really itching to give the program a try, but at least a proper user interface will give me something to do while I wait for the damn sensor to come.

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Prof. EagleEye 4


The Prof. is not done finding differences, oh no.
Not even close.
His newest adventure brings him to the edge of the universe.

-So many differences
-Less of a black sheep in the series than MUHAMMAD 4
-More differences than in the first and third one
-Less differences than in the second one
-All shiny and new
-A lot harder than the other ones because everything is mirrored thanks to Noyb being mean
-The prof would beat Noyb in finding differences

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Oh my god this blog why did no one tell me about this guy until now! Illustrated wonderful terrible game ideas, every day. I think it was this Hansel and Gretel-theme game entitled "And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Bread" that did it for me.

Oh, okay, nope, it was this The Shining-themed kart racer.

I want to make all of these games.

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Some things

Sup gang! Just thought I should post about a couple of things.

FIRSTWISE: I did an interview about this wonderful community! Perhaps you would like to read it?

SECONDWAYS: I have done away with the star rating system for games. I hope most of you don't think it's a big deal. I really only ever meant it to be used as a sorting mechanism, back for the Pirate Kart II, rather than having it be a way of giving feedback in and of itself. If you like a game, or have some criticism to offer, you should leave a comment! Communication with your peers in a supportive community is waaaaay better than watching anonymous numbers going up and down; let's do more of the first thing, and less of the second. High fives? HIGH FIVES.

THIRDWHISTLE: Soooo how are things going for you guys? Anything about the site / community that's bugging you? Any way in which things might be cooler? Just kind of want to check in.

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omynommy (PuzzleScript game)


just a tiny little thing
nom all the cheese
10 levels

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An event
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Quaker Meeting Simulator


A quiet impressionistic simulator of the experience of a first Quaker meeting. Probably best played at a slow, meditative pace, not desperately trying to click through to the end.

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An event
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Sort of an implementation of an old Quake mod named Horror Show. It's kind of not designed for a player count lower than four but that shouldn't really be a problem. You might want to use a keyboard that doesn't limit the amount of keys you can press at the same time if you don't have a joypad or two lying around.

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Thomas Ingham

While playing through Ludum Dare 29 entries I stumbled upon the games of Thomas Ingham, and the three I've found are all wondering trainwrecks.

Actinium the Wrought is a hack n' slash type deal, where you are a caveman looking for his brother, and clobbering things along the way.

In Mega Friendship Battle Elevator you ride an elevator. On each floor a bunch of enemies enter and the camera stares at your front. An enemy spawned on top of me and I died before I was able to press a button.

Chupacabra looks like a 3-D mascot platformer, but kind of reminds me of Castlevania 64. There is a disobediant camera, and a lot of tunnels. It kind of nauseated me.

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