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Red vs Green

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Game where two players play locally on one computer. One player uses the keyboard to chase the second player, who is using a microphone to control their character.

Benn Powell
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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010

The Most Racist Game Ever

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After making this:

I had the following conversation:
[23:05] http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/962
[23:05] First game
[23:06] Should I now make The Most Racist Game Ever?
[23:06] Will it be a painting app where you can draw blackface on photo portraits?
[23:06] No.
[23:07] But that's a good idea.
[23:07] Fuck it
[23:07] I'm making that.

And I decided to use random images of Robert Downey Jr. just because I thought it might lessen the inappropriateness of it all.

Move the mouse around and use the left mouse button to paint. The only color you can paint is black and the only place you can paint is on Robert Downey Jr's face.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Grizzly Golf

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Arrow keys move. Cursor aims. Left mouse hits ball. Time the power bar for the right power!

Based on a title suggested by Eli Z. McCormick.

John D. Moore
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An event


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You can't find the bluebird of happiness.

Was trying to mess around in MMF2 trying to revamp some of my older games, saw Flappy Jam, and decided recycle the concept while throwing together a quick title for the jam from scratch to get used to the software (even though I've never played Flappy Bird before >_>).

This is my first time compiling and uploading a finished product with MMF2, so bear with me and help me out if I did something wrong.

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Made For: 
An event
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Tiltlu scren.PNG

Sheesh,I farted out another game for the cart.

I'm not gonna give a description this time,as it'd ruin the suprise.


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An event
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Flavius' Music Vault

Here lies my midi collection i wrote from 2008-2012. i hope you don't be so evil with me when you listen to them.


i think my personal favorites are: jamba8, masin, tesour, sch6ei

FlaviusMusicVault.rar20.75 KB
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Mothers Day Game

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A holiday game card using crayon style graphics and sound effects recorded by my three daughters.

Cheaper than an actual card or flowers. (A lot more work)

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An event
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The Tomb of Tutenkhitty III: Tomb of PHYSICS BADGER

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You are a PSYCHOTIC PHYSICS BADGER who DOES NOT give a FUCK. Use amazing and groundbreaking BADGER BOOSTER technology to WRECK UP THE PLACE. Don't jump or run or dodge SNAKES or ORANGE SHIT, you quite simply DO NOT CARE.

"I laughed, I cried, a perfect end to an amazing trilogy!" - New York Times

"Haette's masterful storycrafting and perfect grasp of dialog make this an event you do not want to miss. Take the whole family!" - IGN.com

"I was told this was a movie. Why are you doing this?" - Roger Ebert

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An event
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Anatidaephobia: The Game

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Finally! An excuse to upload this travesty! Well this is the full game of that duck part of Disaster. Don't let the ducks get away and don't let the ducks touch you. A trainwreck just wouldn't be a trainwreck without PW30.MID.

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An event
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