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clonejamorange game

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arrows keys
space to skip cootscene

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An event
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Where the Water Goes


While out on a walk, Juni discovers a huge waterfall! She wonders what could possibly be at the bottom of it.

This is what happens next...

NOTE: Knytt Stories Plus is recommended but not required. If you are using KS+, please enable the single pass renderer as this will get rid of waterfall flicker when moving between screens!

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An event


Once, very long ago, in a copse of pretty little trees by a pleasant little stream, there lived a young fox by the name of ARGLEBARGLE. ARGLEBARGLE was not sly or clever like his fox brothers. ARGLEBARGLE mostly just wanted to bite things. ARGLEBARGLE's brothers would often chat up tasty-looking passers-by, luring them with their cunning into highly compromising and edible states. ARGLEBARGLE was not so keen on that. He mostly did okay anyway, though.

Then one beautiful fall afternoon, ARGLEBARGLE was killed by a hound. THE END

!!!!!! - The Game That Appears First In Alphabetical Listings

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This is just like VVVVVV, except when you press the "flip gravity" button, everything else flips gravity instead of you. I know there's probably ten or twenty games out there that use similar mechanics, but the only one that comes to mind at the moment is LIMBO. And even then it more commonly used electromagnets instead of gravity.

The player-character is inspired by this webcomic.

Arrows - move.
X - Jump.
C - Flip gravity.

Leon Arnott
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An event
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Baby, I'm a lost cause

Chapter 6! Out of breath and red-faced and hot off the dating treadmill! You played it here first!

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Pat A Cat

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Pat dat cat!!!

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Pirate Kart 2
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The Name of God

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the name of god

the name of god
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An event
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