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I'm writing a telnet server for realtime online multiplayer ANSI gaming and game-creation. Realtime collaboration is so much easier when everything happens on the server, and it's so much easier for everything to happen on the server when it only has to worry about spitting out 80x25 character images. I'm almost done with the plumbing (parsing ANSI escape codes from a telnet stream, an internal representation of an ANSI screen, diffing two ANSI screens to minimize the amount of shit sent over the wire), and it should be pretty straightforward to port my Stackless Python game engine to use this new framework. Might this mean a textmode port of Hax0r?

Anyone want to contribute some sweet ANSI?

Ideas for scripting are welcome. I don't really think ZZT-OOP is the way to go (Goto-based programming! Brillant!); a more Klik & Play-style if-this-happens-then-do-this approach is probably better. I can expand on this if anyone is interested.

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Bad Box Art Jam

Just saw this notice for the Bad Box Art Jam over at gamejolt. March 25th - 27th.


48 hours seems like WAAAAY too much time to put a game together. But the game boxes they chose for the jam are pretty outrageous. I'd say it's well worth a look.

I'm off work that weekend so I will see if I can make a game for each of the box arts they have in their Gallery...

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dont use Z and X for your games- PLEASE

for the love of god it's really annoying. what's wrong with good ol' knp shift and ctrl or use x and c


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Some jerks are walking all over your clean floor with dirty shoes. Clean up after them before you go insane.

Jesse Burstyn
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A Klik Khistmas: Sekret Santa Klub 2012

Tue, Dec 18 2012 12:00 AM
12/18/2012 - 00:00
12/26/2012 - 00:00

Feel like spreading the holiday cheer this year? Why not be a Secret Santa? Make the game your friend always wanted! Here's how it works:

- Sign up before December 18th to get entered into the hat drawing!
- On the 18th, you will get a private message telling you who your assigned Santee is! You will have roughly one week to make a game for your Santee! Santees: post gift ideas in this thread so your Secret Santa knows what kind of game to make.
- Post your game here at some point during the 25th! Don't worry if you're a few days late - I'm sure you'll probably be busy with relatives out of town or what-not. Just try to get it in at some point before the new year.

A few extra rules: Basically, only make a game for your Santee, and only make one game.

Edit: Yes, intentional misspelling

Games made for A Klik Khistmas: Sekret Santa Klub 2012


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omg it's ShitPong!

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Death-Defying Princess Groove

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Defy death by pressing X to groove, Princess!

(Mind your stamina bar! It fills faster when you've got more stamina!)

John D. Moore
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Lin said it doesn't matter if i make a plot but I should make one if I want, so we'll do the classic MNO-STYLE plot.

The year's 12890815. Your name is Olivia. You are 54 years old and wear an orange headband and you have a tv dinner you wanna cook in the microwave.. It would make you soooo happy to get to that microwave and stuff. But what will happen on the way? I don't know what will happen on the way and you know less about what will happen in the wya. so collect, fire your .38 special when you're sad and it will make you less sad.

You notice like the phases of time and stuff and they make you sooo confused.


x@*()@$H@)(HF()#H - You are doing pretty good
EIO#h3odoIBNoie - Computer Science Major
h#)(H#()H#() or more - TAY ZONDAY


It looks like around 2003 I made the first 10 boards and found out it should be made into a full game. I added 11 boards and here is the result. MNO made a few suggestions about my games and I created this as a result of his suggestions and it is based a little bit off of linhat's style of gameplay.. There is one gameplay board involved.. If you are stuck on it you can press ?+I ENTER or just I if you are using lyon for hints but the results will get rid of the ambiance. (sorry for the bold sir and/or ma'am) Try to solve the puzzle first. You will be heavily rewarded.

A little laid back, a little music... A little tight-knit, and a little constructioney. Here you will even see the process of how I make my stuff with a fresh never before done animationey sequence thing.

The screenshot above is not what you'll see in the game. It's totally false advertising and I used a lot of filters, but I did that so you could get another experience.... Your animations will be similar though. I shoulda put a note under it that said "based on the commodore 64 graphics" Like the advertisement for Congo Bongo that was one of the first examples of advertisements that used fake previously rendered graphics.

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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010

The Death Of Zork

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The Death of Zork is a commemorative collective contagious contemporary controversial consecutive conservative cosmic constant text adventure made in the awe of the original Zork. You play as Jack The Space Sheep and have to get out of the Forest of Zork. Be warned, the game is rather difficult!

** Controls **

The controls can be changed at anytime by holding down buttons A, T, Alt and F4. Here are the defaults:

A: Ascend
B: borrow
C: cancel
D: open Door
E: examine
F: fight
G: gurgle
H: hide
I: inventory
J: be Jealous
K: Klik'n'Play
L: laugh
M: magic
N: narration
O: open
P: peer
Q: quasimodo
R: run
S: stop
T: topple over
U: use
V: vomit
W: wail
Y: jump
Z: zot at enemies

You can also try pressing control, alt and delete simultaneously to get an easier start!

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