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This is the place where I bitch about the site.

So I've never really brought this up because I don't want to gripe about something that I'm not actively offering to help change, but maybe if I put this on the table we can talk about it and go from there. I have issues with the way Glorious Trainwrecks is laid out; my two major problems -- though they're not mutually exclusive -- are with the hierarchization and accessibility of information, and the visibility of new or dynamic content.

Visitors to the front page don't see a whole lot of activity going on -- they're presented with a big ol' jpeg of a trainwreck that was pulled from wikipedia and an (awesome) mission statement/call-to-arms, neither of which have basically changed since the site's creation. They're also shown a mess of links along the sidebar by which they can access the bulk of the site. (Some of these links are mostly rendundant: "Forums" shows -- and it's the only place that shows -- the one- or two-line descriptions of each of the four forums, but they're each directly accessible in the sidebar; "Wiki" also provides short descriptions of its sidebar sub-links, though the page has a link missing from the sidebar and the sidebar has a link missing from the page; etc.) Finally, tucked in the lower-left corner, they see the only variable content: a table of upcoming events (there's generally just one, of course) and a list of users currently online.

I wouldn't exactly say that it's uninviting. But it doesn't do visitors (and especially returning visitors) any favours in terms of letting them get at games we've made or presenting them with interesting recent happenings on the site. I think it might be more interesting and engaging to devote frontpage space to new developments, and perhaps a rotating or randomized spotlight on less-recent games that we think are still worthy of attention. Breathtaking Triumphs has already been established for essentially the same purpose -- except that, by virtue of being just another link in the sidebar, it hasn't given these games much greater visibility. The frontpage manifesto is important, since it conveys where we're coming from and what we're about. I'm just not sure it needs to be the first thing people see, especially now that we're established and have been around for a little while. Maybe there could be a prominent, attention-getting "HEY YOU! MAKE GAMES!" button that leads to a page containing it, plus ways to get involved with the site.

Let's go back to the sidebar for a second. There's a lot of stuff there, even for users who aren't logged in. It's not atrociously confusing or unintuitive, but I think it makes the site a bit more difficult to navigate and explore than it needs to be. It might sound a bit trifling, but it is the primary way to get at the meat of the site. It's less of an issue for regulars who mainly use the RSS feed or Recent changes page. Again, though, it's not doing visitors any favours. Aside from the little redundant bits I mentioned, there's also a few items that don't need to be there at all ("Search," for example, when there's a search bar right below it. Provides access to an advanced search, yes, but that should just be accessible under the search bar itself.) and the remaining items could be grouped and arranged a little better to emphasize frequently-used functions.

There are a few other things I could go on about, but I'll stop there. I'm not even sure how easy Drupal layouts are to tweak, and I don't want to sound like an absolute wankhat bitching about difficult-to-change peculiarities of the system or something. (Too late?) In any event, I just think that we have excellent things going on here, and I don't want them to be harder to get at than they need to be thanks to difficult site design.

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An event
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Procedural Butt Generator


Made in 15 minutes after I realised I wouldn't be able to complete my marginally more serious game idea in time.

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An event
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Crush Fetish 3

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Collab with Increpare

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Pirate Kart 2
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caevstroy sucks part 8 of 15 - STUIPID GIANTS LAND

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I signed up late and made a short entry

All that she wants is for the giants to f off and another baby.

warning: your computer may freeze if win? o well

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Thomas Ingham

While playing through Ludum Dare 29 entries I stumbled upon the games of Thomas Ingham, and the three I've found are all wondering trainwrecks.

Actinium the Wrought is a hack n' slash type deal, where you are a caveman looking for his brother, and clobbering things along the way.

In Mega Friendship Battle Elevator you ride an elevator. On each floor a bunch of enemies enter and the camera stares at your front. An enemy spawned on top of me and I died before I was able to press a button.

Chupacabra looks like a 3-D mascot platformer, but kind of reminds me of Castlevania 64. There is a disobediant camera, and a lot of tunnels. It kind of nauseated me.


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Press X to not die. Simple, no?

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Pirate Kart 2
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Monster Vaccine

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Halloween is coming up! Give the monsters their vaccinations so they can be healthy for the big day!

Space to navigate menus, and the fire. Shift to jump.

Your vaccines are limited!! If you run out, wait a second and they will refill (you gain one per second, and can hold a maximum of 3).

Grab the vitamin D capsule for maximum dumb-bomb action!!


Zombie - 100 pts
Frankenstein's Monster - 250 pts
The Creature from the Black Lagoon - 500 pts
Dracula - 1,000 pts!!!

Based on this true article: http://www.naturalnews.com/027231_Vitamin_D_immune_system_vaccines.html

Thanks to Nowhere Girl for inspiration, and GreyGriffin for music recommendations

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An event
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Timezone Lottery Klik Jam #7

Sun, Oct 02 2011 12:30 AM
10/02/2011 - 07:30
10/02/2011 - 09:30

The time is right... for making videogames! The Timezone Lottery Klik Jam happens on the first Saturday of every month, at a time chosen randomly by our top-of-the-line numerical hour-choosing machines. This month, it takes place at 7:30 am UTC. Whenever that time rolls around for you, you have two hours to make a game!

How can I possibly make a game in that short a timespan, you gasp? There are many game-making tools available, but the most ludicrous and welcoming of all is Klik & Play. If you want to give K&P a shot, we have a Learning KNP FAQ available, as well as some advice on making it work on modern machines.

Making games is its own reward, but it can be much, much more rewarding when you're doing it with friends. To get the most out of this worldwide internet game jam, come talk with everyone on IRC. It's a great way to share this awesome experience, and get quick help when things aren't going right. Our server is irc.freenode.net, and our channel is #glorioustrainwrecks.

After you've made your game, upload it here!

For more information, check out the N00B FAQ.

Sign up below to get a reminder email the day before the jam!

Games made for Timezone Lottery Klik Jam #7

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
Unlikely Arsenal10/02/2011 - 02:48Lunlikely.png2
megacool10/02/2011 - 02:32anne laplantinemegacool.JPG0
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