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Black as Midnight


Goddamn this game turned out to be difficult.

A radioactive MP3 file causes you to get sucked into your music player where a bunch of crazy kajiggers are trying to bum you out! Show them what's up by jumping and sliding your way past them. If you survive until the end of the song, that should shut them up don't you think?

The game was created with XNA Game Studio and requires the following redistributables:

Programmer++: Christian Grahn
Choreographer++: Magnus Andersson

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@chrigrah baby.

Check out Magora Games at www.magoragames.com

Magora Games
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Dock Fight

Game File: 

Disclaimer: Play the original Duck Fight first in order to fully appreciate this fan-made remix!

Submitted on behalf of caevstroy.

caevstroy (based on a game by A. KI)
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Lunar Legume

Game File: 

Lunar Lander, but you plant your ship on the green pads to give future selves speed boosts! Created for Indie Game: The Movie: The Queue: The Game Jam at GDC in ~2 hours

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Sooooooo... When's the next KotM?

It doesn't seem to have been announced yet... or am I just too early? :/

You have to dodge the answer

Game File: 

Avoid answering the math problems posed to you correctly.

Answer them incorrectly for points instead

Try to avoid letting wrong answers escape, it will cost you points.

If you answer a question correctly, it counts as a miss. Three misses and the game is over, or if you let your score drop below zero.

Arrow keys move.

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1994 #K&P Klik & Jam

Fri, Mar 07 2014 02:00 PM
03/07/2014 - 21:00
03/15/2014 - 00:00

It looks like there's a new week-long, Klik-themed game jam being hosted by folks from the original #K&P community! Use of Klik tools, especially Klik & Play, is highly encouraged.

The leaked(?) theme(?) is surprise endings.

Jam website: http://kliktrivia.meteor.com/jam

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Games made for 1994 #K&P Klik & Jam

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Vector's Unchaotix


Sonic exacts revenge on Vector after what happened back in Vector's Chaotix.

WASD to move. Mouse to aim. Click to fire. Hold the mouse button to increase elasticity.

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Regarding 3D Game Maker

Can somebody help me get 3D Game Maker working? I really want to make a trainwreck using it but when I get to the installation screen it just hangs.

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Silly family - an original

Game File: 

Your family eggs are escape! you must collect them. then other stuff happens. and the argue. and the throwing of churros.

and then it crashes, the end.


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Ikiki's games

There was a loads of small games from a weird japanese indie game developer which makes both original games and mario fangames. You guys should check these out and they can be entertaining and funny at all the time.

The creator has its own official site but i think it's down, but i found a ZIP archive full of all of his games, from g4g.it. http://www.g4g.it/?dl_id=1013

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