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KNP game preservation - 11 KNP games salvaged from a shareware CD


Way back in the mid nineties I bought a shareware CD (simply titled Win Games) at a computer expo because I saw not one but two of the screenshots on the cover were from KNP games as I recognized the clip art. Included in the attached zip file are all 11 KNP games that were on the CD.

This probably isn't quite the right place to put this since I don't claim any of the work involved, but hopefully you'd let it slide since it's about game preservation and I wanted to blog a bit about my thoughts on each one

Here is a list of all the games included. Note that some of them have text in German (Mach's Rache, Beewatch, Bumble Boom, Tucker's Adventure, and Spaceballs) if you care about the story, since it doesn't affect gameplay much in most instances.

Poor attempt at a shoot em up, although it was probably one of someone's early attempts at one.

*Bat and Ball
Breakout clone. The help file is rather silly and even tries to give an explanation for the goofy KNP physics engine.

Catch the small bees in the bottle, shoot the large bees with the gun, and grab more ammo with the hand if you run out. Has some scrolling effects, and I learned quite a bit about manipulating alterable values on active objects from this game. Controls are somewhat awkward, since you use the space bar instead of clicking the mouse and have to change cursors with 1/2/3 in the number keys. (text is in German)

*Bumble Boom
Move the mouse to collect hearts. (text is in german)

*Egyptian Chopper Force
Simple game with mouse movement. One of the games featured on the cover of the CD. Also isn't Egyptian.

*Mach's Rache 5 - Episode 2: The Corsar System
A shoot em up with different gameplay/objectives every level, plenty of clip art/stock sound effect abuse and title music ripped from a CD. Between levels are messy story dumps littered with text and clip art (see screenshot) and crudely drawn ms paint comics and photos with unfitting music plays. In short, a glorious trainwreck. (text is in German)

Another breakout clone (and not the last).

Yet another breakout clone, except with mouse movement and more trainwrecky. Has nothing to do with the movie. (text is in german)

Tank game where you can move the turret separately with the <, >, and M keys and strafe targets. Most interesting thing is that it was created with a commercially licensed copy of KNP and therefore is truly "shareware" (being a shareware episode demo for the registered version) instead of freeware.

*Tucker's Adventure 1
Puzzle game where you must collect all the diamonds in the maze. You only have a limited amount of shots to destroy enemies and walls by picking up powerups. I have no idea why you're shooting diamonds at an old lady. (text is in german)

*Winnoid Demo
Last (and least) of the breakout clones. The other game that made the cd cover

Out of these games, Beewatch, Mach's Rache 5, Tucker's Adventure 1, and Tanx are the most worthwhile to look at. I hope that you get some enjoyment out of these, and that you agree there's some merit in preserving them.

knpsharewarecd.zip7.89 MB
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C and text mode

So, Cymon's games has inspired me to try my hand at textmode games. I will write throwaway test programs and hopefully work towards something interesting.

Throwaway Test program 1: It's a start, I guess. You can move around a boring room and talk to a single NPC (and harass him, if you try hard enough). You can also edit the board by pressing forward slash, and load/save the board to a text file.

The next one will have an actual game objective! And win/lose states! what the hell am i doing

textmode_throwaway_test_program_1.zip64.64 KB
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Assemblee Voiceovers

Back in 2009, TIGSource held a quite interesting two-part competition called Assemblee. In the first part, participants created a whole host of graphics, music, and other sundry game creation assets. In the second part, game developers would create games using only those assets.

I bring this up because I recorded a bunch of cheesy voice-overs for Assemblee that were never actually used.

They're of wildly varying quality, and I still really need to get a hold of a pop-shield to mask my plosives, but I figure they could find a good home here.

Numbers - Containing the building blocks to construct 0 to googolplex, plus various samples allowing you to construct phrases like "you have murdered 23 orphans" and "45 kilometers and two feet remaining."

Mascot: Basically a bad Sonic the Hedgehog impersonation. Meant for educational games or mascot platformers. Or not. Over 30 lines of dialogue, questions, and grunts.

Samurai: Poorly-dubbed American voice in the vein of Dynasty Warriors. About 75 lines of dialogue, questions, taunts, and grunts.

Gentleman: Henry Hatsworth meets an American with a sore throat. Mostly the latter. About 40 lines of archaic profanity, shouts, and snide accusations.

Terrible: Poor renditions of poor videogame dialogue on a poor quality microphone.

Noyb-Numbers.zip823.78 KB
Noyb-Assemblee-Samurai.zip2.19 MB
Noyb-Assemblee-Gentleman.zip867.96 KB
Noyb-Assemblee-Mascot.zip1.36 MB
noyb-assemblee-terrible.zip423.18 KB
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Omelette Avec Whatever


I didn't make it for this event but it fits really well. I probably wouldn't finish it the way I originally planned by 17th so I did what I did there.

This is a game about cooking as you can tell. In rpg maker 2003. Not bad.

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Game File: 

this drunk needs help getting home! unfortunately, he lives on the other side of a minefield! can you help??

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Pirate Kart 2
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Never Be Here: The TEASER


This is a little piece of a game that I'm not going to release anytime soon.
While I removed a large amount of content, there's also content that I simply blocked off.
In the Teaser, you will walk through some of the maps and be snatched off them just as it gets interesting.
You will be able to see some inaccessible parts behind walls which I think is really cool.
There is also commentary.
You will also get a Debug Device (you will need to find out which key activates it) that makes it possible to access all the teaser's content without having to modify the game.
You can see the items you collected by selecting Itembook from the escape menu. You can acquire the Item Guidebook by noclipping and talking to a glitched guy in the southeast corner of the map with the Mario trivia graphic, or by manually turning off the boolean ("Switch") #33. Both actions require Debug Device.

The game itself is mostly a walking simulator in the form you will see it, but you will also have a challenge section and you can even die.

I hope I'll get you hyped with my eloquence and architecture.

(This game requires no RTP, but it doesn't have the whole thing merged with the game either. Isn't that great.)

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Secret Snake

Game File: 

Snake is secretive. Change direction for glipses of its position.

Jonathan Whiting
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Inverse Eurydice


In this game, you play a mourning mother wandering the spirit realm in search of her child. She has to bring him back, but he moves in vertical directions opposite to her own. I guess that makes it a bit like the old NES game Binary Land, except that the two characters have differing powers - the mother alone can hit switches, and the child alone can pass through walls.

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The Player Aventur - a collaboration game (NOW CANCELLED)

Tue, Jul 23 2013 01:18 AM
07/23/2013 - 01:18
08/23/2013 - 13:18


Now without making this i'm purely bored,
btw there's yet another game i'm uploading into the Dropbox folder and it is also done: THE ROYAL ADVENTURES OF MR CAT VS TAILS ADVANCE THE GAME.

If you really don't know what's Tails Adventure, it's a poorly made sonic fangame series which you just have to get all things like sonics, knuckles, etc. And also they keep overusing the Whisker and Johnny Battle theme from Sonic Rush Adventure, is this idea turdy? This game will be against that dumb series and yeah...HARD STUFF.

P.S. There's still the Player 1 Sprite Sheet, if you has chance.

Player 1 Sprite Sheet.png17.44 KB

Games made for The Player Aventur - a collaboration game (NOW CANCELLED)

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