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Chime Crime

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It is 3102 malovian stornich calendar

The ringing of bells or Chime Crime has been forbidden at the penalty of death. The reason for this has been lost to the ages.

The notorious immortal ancestral alien protohuman criminal who brought forbidden cosmic knowledge of sauerkraut to all Innocentgoodlyman Gentleman the Third has been fooled into committing the heinous act of Chime Crime in front of the Tribunal of Flowers by his rival and kindergarten teacher Heartbeast Saintslayer.

The only way out is for Innocentgoodlyman Gentleman the Third to beat the system. The protostructure will go bankrupt prosecuting you if you commit one million infractions. Ring the bells. Fearlessly strike them again and again to blasphemy the law itself before you bear the weight of your crime instead of letting evidence accrue. But beware. Invoke the mark of the sickle, draw its attention and it shall cut your life short. Let death fall as it may. You have no other hope to survive.

Catch bells for points.

You will be penalized for bells that fall off the screen, and ultimately lose a life.

Shoot the bells to increase the point multiplier before you catch them.

Don't get greedy in aquiring points, because shooting the bells too many times will cause them to kill you instead when you catch them.

Get one million points to win the game.

Cursor keys - move
Space - shoot

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This is my Bio,you'd you've guessed?

This is my first Blog entry.
I'm new here,I originally signed up here just for the Pirate kart V,but I decided that I wouldn't put this account to waste.

My Real name is Matthew O'Connor,from New York. (State,not the city,If you were gonna ask.).
I love Intentionally bad things. You probably already guessed that.

I have a weird liking for dreams,idk why,but,I do.
My favorite Genre of games has to be either FPSes,Platformers,or Shmups.
I like making games,also,kinda obvious.
My favorite game creation tool would either be The Games Factory or Game Maker.

Fun Facts:
Did you know that my Favorite Joke Game series is Waligie?
Did you know that I spend 90% of my time on the internet?
Did you know that I like pie?
Did you know that I'm overusing "Did you know?"
I want to visit japan someday.
I want someone to make a Console that plays only homebrew games. (No,not any of GP2X's portable consoles,I mean a TV-console.)
I want there to be an app for Android and/or Iphone that allows you to run EXE files. Someone has to do it!

Thanks for reading!

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Let's Play 8 Bit Man 2 (aka I've made a video , k?)

okay in case you are NOT aware of 8 bit man 2 you should check it out
its the best and most hilarious game i have ever played. seriously it's genius

So I recorded myself BEATING this epic master piece and if you are brave enough you click this youtube link and WATCH IT


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I finally tried out Ray Game Designer 2 from the "tools" page, here on Glorious Trainwrecks.

Oh my gosh it was something I've been looking for for a long long time. Cheap tile-based 3D with triggers, switches, scriptable events, and it plays AVIs and any sound or music files. The map editor even has a "randomly fill" and "randomly deform" macro built in. How could I have missed this before?

My problems are, firstly, that any 3D tiles I try to place from my tile bank don't show up in the editor. It says I put that tile there, and if I leave and return to the space, it says that tile is there, and the textured cube shows up correctly in the little preview window in the very same editor, but it simply is invisible to the main window.

Secondly, all the documentation online about the software is in French, and not particularly google-translatable.

I really, really, really want to make something in this, but I'm at a loss as to how to get started here. If anybody here has any experience with the program, I'd really appreciate any pointers you have on getting this amazingly over-looked little program to behave.

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t's christma.png

It's christmas! Decorate the trees! Have lots of fun! Because this is a fun game.

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Edrobot the Magnificent

Michael J. Maris (alias "Edrobot") is one of the most awesome guys ever. He's a huge Homestuck fan and works on several forum-adventures and absolutely loves playing video games. His favorite games is "The World Ends With You" for the DS and "Persona 4" PS2, and his least favorite game is "Kim Possible" for the GBA.

Currently, Edrobot is a Game Simulation Arts and Sciences/Computer Science dual major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Made for #OneGameAMonth - April 2013.

An attempt to see what Robotron would be like if the gameplay feature that made it famous went missing - namely, being able to control where you shoot.

(Not to be confused with Voxatron.)


Movement - Arrow Keys
Shooting - Malevolent A.I.

(You can also press Delete to skip a level if the game is driving you up a wall, either figuratively or literally. Actually, if you are literally driving up a wall then you should stop "gaming and driving".)

(Note that pressing Delete will disqualify you from unironic endgame celebration.)

To go fullscreen, pretend that there's a quicktime event for the F key all of a sudden. You know, like the bad new days of AAA gaming!


Dattorz (@gt_effbee)
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Picture 6.png
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Pirate Kart 2


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Battlemons, the exciting 2 player fighting game for two people. I don't have anyone to play it against so tell me how it works out. Also I only had time to add one character.

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Kackling Korpse of the Monster Klaw #64

Sat, Oct 20 2012 04:00 PM
10/20/2012 - 16:00
10/20/2012 - 18:00

The Klik of the Month Klub meets right here on this very website on the third Saturday of every month at 4pm Pacific Time (taking daylight savings into consideration) for a two hour Klik & Play Showdown. Everyone who participates gets two hours to create something from scratch in Klik & Play. Abusing the stock objects is encouraged. If you really loathe Klik & Play you can use whatever game development platform you want. Two hours is a pretty tight time limit, though, so choose wisely!

Klik & Play is absolutely free to download, and learning it takes minutes, so everyone can get in on the action.

Want to talk to your fellow Klikwreckers? Join us on IRC -- server irc.freenode.net, channel #glorioustrainwrecks. Join the mayhem!

After you've made your game, you should upload it here!

For more information, check out the KotM N00B FAQ.

Sign up below if you want to get reminded by email the day before the klikkening begins!

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Games made for Kackling Korpse of the Monster Klaw #64

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