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ECIN - Robot Delivery



ECIN is a game played with the 'E', 'C', 'I', and 'N' keys.

Help the robots pass boxes down the line.


The in-game music is "ROBOTBIRTHDAY", a dumb song about robots' birthdays i made in WarioWare DIY.

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Pixel Perfect Gaiden

Game File: 

Ostensibly based on Pixel Perfect, but inspired more by Pixel Perfect 3.5: Fan Mix.

Features TWO whole endings! And HTML5 version, OMG!

Sergio Cornaga
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This probably is gonna take hours to upload


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Twine: loading jQuery without editing the HTML

Update: Twine 1.4 now lets you load jQuery via a StorySettings option, so this page is no longer necessary.

You can load jQuery into your Twine game via Google Hosted Libraries using this simple script code:

Obsolete script removed: use Twine 1.4

Change whatever you want the function passed to ready() to do.
* Since Twine's engine uses '$' for something, jQuery must sadly relinquish that convenient abbreviation.
* Due to a minor bug, Twine's runtime currently doesn't work at all in IE 8 or below, so there's not much reason to use jQuery 1.9 over 2.0
* Using Google Hosted Libraries of course means that people can't play your game without a live internet connection - which, in the extremely rare chance you intend your Twine game to be available offline, should be borne in mind. Nevertheless, it can be more convenient for you, the author, due to not having to provide the jQuery file yourself.
Feel free to report any bugs to @webbedspace.

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javadvent calendar 2009!

So inspired by the Advent Calendars I had as a kid, the Lego ones they have now, and the Perl Advent site, I've made an advent Calendar -


Every day there will be a little holiday-themed toy or game to play with (22 of the 25 are done so I'm not too worried)

Anyway, some of the little things came out really neat -- most were done in a trainwreck-like fashion, and there's a lot of similarities to what I put out for KotMK.

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Sergio's Games

I've started a tumblr devoted to posting all my released games, in as close to chronological order as I can manage. They've never all been in one place at once, and a large number of them currently can't be downloaded anywhere so this is probably long overdue. I will be posting all the games I locate regardless of how terrible/embarrassing/shameful I find them.

Since my only alternative at the moment is MediaFire, I was planning on uploading them here. The total size of all my old games is about 50 MB. Given SpindleyQ's policies on linkrot and preserving terrible games, I'm pretty sure there won't be any problem with this but I figure I might as well wait for an OK before proceeding. I wonder if there's a limit on the amount of files that can be attached to a blog post?

chisel.zip1002.56 KB
nitroblazer.zip597.1 KB
crudquest.zip448.81 KB
pacula.zip6.42 MB
emballos-envados.zip2.69 MB
weem.zip2.77 MB
liamgames.zip6.02 MB
labyrinthlad.zip939.19 KB
caverntale.zip2.9 MB
kocmoca-sivpm.zip3.58 MB
yhtgdth.zip1.86 MB
futurewars-timeweasels.zip3.01 MB
bonksy.zip5.99 MB
theboxthatatetime.zip4.17 MB
knpgames2.zip1.41 MB
weem2.zip214.68 KB
knpgames1.zip1.4 MB
malcomonogatari.zip2.47 MB
eyeball3.zip1.7 MB
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Hot Swappers

Game File: 

Swap dudes on the teams!

not quite a game

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Happy Frisbee In The Desert

Game File: 

You are Happy Frisbee, and you find yourself in the desert. Make your way through the desert by pressing the SPACE BAR to move in the direction of the arrow. Collect happyfaces to earn points.

Created in about 3 hours for the Pirate Kart 5. Inspired by a name generated with the Video Game Name Generator.

Thanks for playing!

let-off studios
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Fucking Spambots

Man, fuck spambots. I just installed an anti-spam module and painstakingly hand-deleted like 50 identical posts, so hopefully we won't have this kind of trouble again.

Plus, this is what the new user signup email looks like now:

Word up, !username,
Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com is delighted to have you aboard! Assuming you're not a spambot. You're totally a human being, right? Right. That's why I don't need to put a direct login link in this email.

Anyway, here's your username and password:

username: !username
password: !password

This is a one-time login, so it can be used only once.

After logging in, you will be prompted to change your password, because who wants computer-generated passwords? Godless spambots, that's who.

A spambot killed my parents, you know.

-- The Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com User-Authenticating Robot


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