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Le Sunset Salto

Le Sunset Salto - screen.png

Dear everybody, I proudly present my new game. Three months in the making (waay too long for a game this short). Featuring lots of jumping / saltoing / swimming action, underwater creatures, "transparent" sprites and lush MIDI orchestration. I have been playing it over and over to get rid of bugs but probably dozens of them are just waiting to be discovered. Well, I do not care anymore, just wanted to share it at last.

You start by jumping off a cliff, and if you know what to do, soon you embark on an underwater adventure! Watch your oxygen! If you don't know what to do, there are hints and even a step-by-step walkthrough which honestly takes away all the fun, so use it only if you really have no idea what to do. There are two achievements to earn, and for completing each you gain access to a special prize! (of course you can gain it immediately by checking in the .gam file but you are too noble and honest to do that, aren't you).

Let me know what you think, I didn't have any beta-testers available except my wife who said it is pretty but nonsense. If you find any bugs I will be more than happy to fix them and repost a better version.

EDIT: Bugs removed! If you really want to know which bugs, highlight the following:Jumping from the rock to catch the mermaid is now only possible after the mermaid jumps. When caught by the octopus and unable to move, it switches to Game Over after 3 seconds. As for the duplicating chracter - sorry, for now I have no idea how to get rid of that. Chances are if it happens one time it won't the second.Big thanks to sergiocornaga for fishing out (badum tschhh) the bugs.

EDIT 2: For some strange reason there is one bug that does not appear on my computer, but it hapens when I play the same file downloaded from here. IF certain mermaids are causing you problems, that's what the "choose level" option is for. I honestly don't know what I can do about it, I mean it is THE SAME file...

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Twine macro: <<timedgoto>>, a simple timer

This is inspired by the Timer script used in Panic! by Astrid Bin and Stefano Russo. That script implements a sophisticated timer entity which can count down throughout the entire game, can draw itself in graph form in a canvas element, and can be paused and resumed. However, it requires multiple macros to set it up for each use, and it can be a bit cumbersome if you simply want the game to advance to a new passage after a delay.

I felt like writing a similar macro that would be shorter and more specific. This one, <<timedgoto>>, just automatically (and invisibly) goes to the given passage after the given amount of time has passed. Each use of the macro only functions within the passage that uses it - if you're using Sugarcane or single-passage Jonah and leave the passage by a normal link, it will be disengaged. Feel free to consider this a counterpart to <<timedreplace>>.

macros["goto"]=macros.timedgoto={timer:null,handler:function(a,b,c,d){function cssTimeUnit(s){if(typeof s=="string"){if(s.slice(-2).toLowerCase()=="ms"){return +(s.slice(0,-2))||0
}else{if(s.slice(-1).toLowerCase()=="s"){return +(s.slice(0,-1))*1000||0
}}}throwError(a,s+" isn't a CSS time unit");return 0}var t,d,m,s;

New: This now takes CSS time values, which are decimal numbers ending in "s" (for seconds) or "ms" (for milliseconds). You can use fractions of seconds as well as whole seconds.

Usage examples:
* <<timedgoto "underwater" 2.5s >> goes to the "underwater" passage if you stay at the current passage for 2 and 1/2 seconds.
* <<timedgoto $deathpassage 5s >> goes to the passage whose name is in the $deathpassage variable if you stay at the current passage for 5 seconds.
* <<timedgoto $playerType + "pit" 1s >> goes to the $playerType + "pit" passage if you stay at the current passage for 1 second.
* <<goto "Throne">> - This shorter version functions the same as <<timedgoto "Throne" 0s>>.
* This uses code parameters (that is, it accepts "strings", $variables, and "various"+$combinations of both, and its parameters are interpreted as Javascript), except that the final parameter (the time value) is separated from the rest and interpreted as a literal parameter.

Version history:

  1. 1-9-2013 - Fixed a bug where it caused problems with the (un-patched) browser Back button code.
  2. 18-4-2013 - Changed time units to CSS units, added "goto" variation.
  3. 5-3-2013 - Initial.

Feel free to report any bugs to @webbedspace.

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Jesus: The Second Coming: Hamburger Flipper

Game File: 

Idea created using that trainwreck idea generator I made earlier:

"You are tasked with making a platform game starring Jesus as the protagonist, whose goal is to collect every Hamburger. Your trainwreck must utilize Win32 API abuse as a gimmick."

This game involves you, as Jesus, coming back down to earth in order to set up a hamburger stand. However, you need hamburgers to begin with, so you set out on a search across the mountains for burgers to sell at your burger stand. And then stuff happens.

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Dislexyc hidden object game


Find hidden objects! What is the catch?1. the objects are spelt tragically 2.the end is really disappointing

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Pirate Kart 2
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Realistic Civilisation


What I always think should happen when I'm playing Civilisation.

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Space Desert Adventure???

Game File: 

Yeah putzed around with unity a bit. call it an art game!

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You have to dodge the answer

Game File: 

Avoid answering the math problems posed to you correctly.

Answer them incorrectly for points instead

Try to avoid letting wrong answers escape, it will cost you points.

If you answer a question correctly, it counts as a miss. Three misses and the game is over, or if you let your score drop below zero.

Arrow keys move.

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alienbill advent 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 1.27.38 PM.png

Sorry I haven't been active much on the site, I think over the year I poured most of my Trainwreck mojo into making the 25 toys and games of my annual html5 advent calendar... each is made w/o external graphics, just drawing shapes, and you can see the whole Processing.js source code as one file .

Also each thing is relatively touchscreen friendly... at least for iOS.

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Game File: 

This game is not wheelchair friendly.

Kristopher Windsor
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A Man, a tree.

Game File: 

you are out for a walk in the park...
but whats your goal?

jump with shift, bananas are not allowed

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