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Duck Hunt remake

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This is a duck hunt remake that is really bad.

First game

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)

Micro Duel

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WASD - Player 1
Arrows - Player 2

You can only touch blocks of your own colour. If you collide with the other colour blocks, you lose.

Damian Sommer
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An event
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Wildcard, an RPGMaker game made by Ace Mercury

Wildcard is a pretty fun game that I first learned about by reading this review. I checked it out and had a lot of fun with it, although I found a fatal error near the end of the game (I think it had something to do with the ultimate sword? I'm not sure) and never picked it back up, because I'm a huge wuss. ANYWAY errors aside it's a pretty fun game, if a little generic. It's an RPGMaker game, but I'm pretty sure you don't need an RTP file to play it (at least, I didn't have one when I played it) but you might need to install a font patch, else all the text looks wonky. It's not really very trainwreck-y at all, but given that it used to be hosted on Geocities I think it could fall under GT's game preservation philosophy.

wildcard_v1_3.zip13.13 MB
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Mozart'sWorld 4: 4heroesoflight

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With this I've pushed all the "plot" out of the way and I swear to god I'll just go balls to the walls on 5. Stay tuned.

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An event
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mario confronts all his fears

mario confronts all his fears_001.png

mario's tired of marioing

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An event
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WarioWare DIY Friend Codes 2012

WARIOWARE DIY FRIEND CODES These are for the DS version of WarioWare DIY. (Wii) is for the Wii Showcase thingy if you have it.

Rynen10K - 0132 6879 1277
SpindleyQ - 1763 5139 9796
Snapman - 0088 4880 2877
Zaratustra - 1291 9799 9861 7569 (Wii)
SergioCornaga - 2537 1140 5873
SergioCornaga - 0306 3044 6470 3285 (Wii)
Toad64 - 3654 5659 7802
ExciteMike (1) - 4427 6603 4009
ExciteMike (2) - 2194 2773 4947
King Genius - 2837 5260 7557
MadamLuna - 0990 4141 3285


Crash: 4855 8876 3896
dessgeega: 3782 1525 6755
ExciteMike: 0775 6682 4015
jonbro: 4426 4212 8417
Kitoari: 1291 0624 8938
mojofltr: 4039 8320 6092
RaveofRavendale: 3309 7485 3598
snapman: 0088 4880 2877
SpindleyQ: 1763 5139 9796
TheCube: 0646 8187 2615

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Get THE MAN from ONE END to THE OTHER in this simple tale of THE MAN vs THE BLOCKS!

This horribly janky platformer requires expert exploitation of the astrocious platforming mechanics to complete.

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Made For: 
An event

GeorgeBall Episode 1: The AntiGeorge

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You! You must press space to reflect ball at anti-George and move up and down sometimes!

Wishing you best of luck!

TACTICAL ELEMENT: pressing enter ends the game and saves your score. YOU (you!) must decide wherever you should FINISH THE GAME or PRESS BOLDLY ON AHEAD

(took me a little over 2 hours all up with no planning or collection beforehand from 1-3:20 with a quick break to put the washing in the dryer)

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Knytt Stories and You: A Tutorial by SoftSoft


So if we're submitting Knytt Stories to the Kart, we should probably have our own tutorial, right? I mean, sure, there's a perfectly fine one bundled with the game itself, but that one doesn't really gibe with Glorious Trainwrecks ethos, right? This is what SoftSoft was thinking when it made this level.

Note that SoftSoft is not allowed to touch Knytt Stories anymore.

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An event
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Yie Ar Klik Fu

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You are a master of kung fu. Compete against your enemies and gain the title of the ultimate kung fu master! Includes 5 fierce enemies to fight against.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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