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caevstroy sucks part 8 of 15 - STUIPID GIANTS LAND

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I signed up late and made a short entry

All that she wants is for the giants to f off and another baby.

warning: your computer may freeze if win? o well

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Did you know that Locomotive Engineers make like $50,000 a year? I had no idea it was that high!


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Klikmas Pimpin'!

I pimped tomorrow's event on AtariAge and TGQ by adding posts to the existing threads...

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Prof. EagleEye 4


The Prof. is not done finding differences, oh no.
Not even close.
His newest adventure brings him to the edge of the universe.

-So many differences
-Less of a black sheep in the series than MUHAMMAD 4
-More differences than in the first and third one
-Less differences than in the second one
-All shiny and new
-A lot harder than the other ones because everything is mirrored thanks to Noyb being mean
-The prof would beat Noyb in finding differences

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spreading the disease


Yes, I wrote about Pirate Kart 2 on my very own blog on one of the biggest gaming forums in my country. As you can see, somewhere between foreign Mid-Europeran babbling I stacked screenshots of some more eye-jabbing productions. I wonder if anyone will join this event now...

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I'm jamatthews. I mostly like all the things you hate and/or are indifferent to. I might also like one or 2 things that you like but probably not.

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Pirate Kart 2

Brick Broke

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A Simple Game of Breakout.
This is pretty badly made

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An event
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Space Sphinx


Made by Snapman.

Enjoy your last cosmic meal. BYE!!

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Missin the point


Made for klik of the month 91

I had to work yesterday, so I did it today instead.

This is a game about missing the point.

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An event
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Stack The Cups: Cupstackers in China

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it's not apparent from this game

but i'm in a really bad trainwreckmood right now

i hope i can do something else

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