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Knytt Stories Collabowreck oh yeahhhh

Remember the last time we collaborated on a single Knytt Stories level? How about now? It was pretty awesome, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

Well, Knytt Underground is supposed to come out before the end of the year, which signals the end of an era - an era where Knytt Stories was the only game, ever. I figure that we need to send it out in style with ANOTHER BADASS COLLABORATION from the Trainwrecks club. It'll be like an Irish funeral, where instead of getting all sad about death, we all get drunk and write insane poetry that doesn't make any sense.

Yes I am stereotyping no I don't care.

So, who's down for this? I'm thinking we can do it the first week of December so it doesn't interfere with Thanksgiving, but I'm up for suggestions.


Dance Move

Game File: 

Use the arrows to move in the direction specified!

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An event
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Scott Morrison's Disgusting Fucking Smug Blob Sack Head.

Game File: 

Redone a version entirely hosted on GT :)

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An event
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ehy we're getting our friends together to play space invaders do you want to play??

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.22.26 PM.png
Game File (Linux): 
Game File (Mac): 

arrow keys, space to shoot, k to die
please play nicely no one llikes a spoil sport

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God, I love Scratch games by kids. Also, WEIRD SCRATCH

There are so many ridiculous games made by kids in Scratch.


Also, there is so much WEIRD SCRATCH.

Like this:


I especially love everything in this "studio" page

"Please enjoy this Corporation.
This writing might be wrong
Please put anything so want to put 100 child projects as much as possible! and (remix the thing is also OK, even those made by other people OK!
Please comment if you want to become the employees!
Column We wish your favourite employees from the "curator", in the comments of ILYW, crushed Write hope of employees, and cooperative latest work URL of.
This studio is a company dealing with various fun games.
Movies series that employees have participated, such as
The I'm glad and me put in this studio.
from masa2004's got the idea of ​​this Co., Ltd.!
Thank you very much!
Please be full put Your projects! Anything OK!
If you want to become employees, please comment.
You are not allowed to delete other people's Projects.
Please to follow this studio if you are satisfied.
You can Invite anyone that you know
Please do its best it might severe the weak person is English because this studio is a Corporation that all of the country is put."




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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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Cyst Master


I have this recurring dream where I squeeze this thick pussy cyst in my leg. Take the role of me, the cyst master.

The download is the Construct 2 project.

The web link is the game.

Use the '1' ket with your left hand, and slide one of your right digits across the '5', '4', '3', and '2' keys to squeeze!

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Pennyfarthing Creates the Bicycle


I guess the correct title would be "Pennyfarthing Man Creates the Bicycle" or "Pennyfarthing Man Creates the Pennyfarthing" but i don't care.

The controls are VERY simple. There's a strenght meter going up and down, and all you have to do is press SPACEBAR when you think the meter is high enough. The higher the meter when you press SPACEBAR, the farther (and faster!) you go.

Also, this is the SECOND game to feature my OWN MIDI SONGS

flavius v. maximus
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Another future project

I'm afraid i'm still getting bored even when i still was working on Mr. Cat 4, but due to me playing again the Waligie series, i'm desperately thinking of doing a Waligie fangame. I'm sorry, i have a number of projects i couldn't finish because i keep switching stuff, that also goes even for Mr. Cat IV.
I was making a Waligie fangame before but i was lacking ideas and it was going to be more serious, but i'll try to promise to be comedic like the original series.

Best Game Ever 2012

Game File: 

Man I wish I had time to do sound. I should start with sound. It's the Best Game Ever! Play it now! It's got a pirate, and a kart.

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