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The old games sound resource

We don't have a sub-forum for resources so it's going in Engineers because that's the place where we make the games that we wish to play, to steal a phrase. This is all about chums helping chums so if you have a game that someone is requesting stuff from and you know how to rip stuff from various data files and/or you find a website that has stuff on it then make it known to the rest of us. Only together will we be able to infringe on intellectual property laws for the greater good.

Ultimate DooM and DooM 2. All sound and music.
Heretic. All sound and music.
Hexen. All sound and music.
Strife. All sound and music.
Quake. All sounds.
Hexen II. All sounds and music.

Garlic Man Gets High on Mars

Game File: 

Duuuude... wouldn't it be like... awesome... to get high on mars? If only I could be.. garlic and... press the arrow keys to eat drugs on mars...

Adrian Gordon
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An event
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Recording Video

Hi all,

I'm Ben and I'm a freelance designer. I've mostly worked for Dan Marshall's Size Five Games, specifically on Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!

As Dan and I have mentioned in a few interviews, we started designing games as teenagers on KnP and GF. People have shown interest in seeing these old, terrible games of ours, so I dug out the floppies. One of them was a one-disk game and easy to sort out (free download here: http://www.sizefivegames.com/forum/index.php?topic=4182.0).

I'm trying to record some videos of a couple of Games Factory games. They work fine in Windows 7, but Fraps just won't record them. Before I start trying out CamStudio and other (free) alternatives, is this a known issue that has a workaround? I've tried a couple of different frame rates in Fraps' settings to no avail.


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Lizard Split 2: Lizard with a Friend

Game File: 

Sequel to my first KNP game since the 90's.

Move to shoot.
Score for both players goes up when a lizard dies, but goes down for just you when you die.
Bigger lizards take more hits to destroy.

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Pirate Kart 2
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The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis (Devblog)


This might be happening. I dunno. Trying not to think too hard about it and let whatever work emerges come naturally.

High level concept is that it's a reimagining of the 90s kid game The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, except reinterpreted as taking place in a world where bad things happen that aren't always in your control. And using KNP clip art.

First pass of a script attached. best viewed in a program that has word wrap. Everything except the directions in square brackets is intended to be spoken narration/dialogue. Probably too bleak. Or not bleak enough. I can't actually tell right now what would work best.

Edit: removed script for now.

Edit 2: DONE!

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Beautiful Experience III: Desert Experience

Game File: 

you know what they say,

when in doubt, sequel. unless it's the fifth mozart

for imaginary bonus points pretend that the sand formations make a 'path' you have to walk on

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An event
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SimPopeShop: Pope Shopping Simulator

pope shop_dino.png

Ever wondered why the people can't get to vote on the new pope?

Ever wished to do that yourself? To have the freedom of choosing? To have a voice?


Or at least almost can! With the Simulator of a Pope Shop, or simply SimPopeShop!

What you have to do is simple:
1) First you select the pope you want to buy
2) Then you pay by shredding tears so that the Room of Tears can have some effect.
3) Presto!

Louisload & Jrg
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An event



You are a gibbed head in Quake. You need to roll around and find your body before it respawns! But it may be too late...

A game by Thanny Mack (thannymack.com)

Thanny Mack
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An event

Le Wild Adventure

Game File: 

just play and enjoy best graphic rendering system...imagination =)

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An event
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A Pirate Kart post-mortem


I'm doing a post-mortem on my blog about the 25 games I made for Pirate Kart V, reflecting on them and such, in three installments. Published the first one just barely, covering 9 games from Wizard Forest to Koi Puncher: Championship Edition. If you're interested!

Click here to read. If you're interested!

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