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Never Say Stalemate

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The most famous Chess endgame.

Requires the numpad to move.

High-technological AI included!

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Pirate Kart 2
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GIF Wars - a game for SpindleyQ

GIF Wars.png
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This is a game for SpindleyQ, and I am sorry it is late! I was trying to make something else and failing repeatedly :-/

Anyway! This game has animated gifs in it and original weird music. Move with WASD or the arrow keys, shoot cube-bullets with a left click, and try not to fall off the left side of the screen.

Uh that's it. Merry Christmas-was-three-days-ago!

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An event
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Babbys first Klik game.

It's a simple coin collector, it only have 5 levels only 4 of which you actually play on.

It should only take under a minute to finish.

If it doesnt then contact your doctor because something is wrong with you.



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An event
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Stephen Lavelle

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Pirate Kart 2
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Witch Sisters in Lava Dungeon Rescue

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ANETTA (player 1) is coming to break MURIEL (player 2) free from the lava dungeon. Anetta has the ability to shoot things, which allows her to defeat enemies and destroy certain blocks. Muriel can create blocks and can jump higher.

Find a friend and play together! This game is really confusing (to me) when played by one person.

Player 1:
Walk: A, D
Jump: W
Magic: Space/S

Player 2:
Walk: Left, Right
Jump: Up
Magic: Control/Numpad0

(I want to make a good version of a game like this someday)

John D. Moore
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An event

Learn a Language Pro Pro


Ever wanted to learn a language? Now's your chance! In this deluxe kit, you will receive a language learning software. The program aims to build a working vocabulary necessary to communicate in your target language.

Languages supported:

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An event
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Noyb's Plot Inventory

Inspired by mcc, Sergio, and Leon's similar compliations. An awful lot of games involving inevitable failure/death, and a few that appear to be straight domination/power fantasies get subverted a bit.

Fatty Rain: Reach the exit
The Trail: Become traumatized, reach the exit
Pixel Hunt: Find the magenta pixel
Ce n'est pas un jeu vidéo: Watch a video game being played
Don't Flub Your Line: Perform on cue
Zomble: Stave off inevitable death
Klik Asia: Kill things
My First IGN Interview: Decide how badly you want a job
Jester Prototype: Stave off inevitable failure/death, perform on cue
Jesus H. Christ's Eleventeenth Coming: Decide the effect of the rapture.
Candy from a Baby: Steal candy from a baby
The Trail 2: Vector Trail: Stave off inevitable madness
The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis: Create characters, help them reach the exit
Metapong: Beat player 2 at pong
Bovine Budget Analysis: Try to function with impostor syndrome
The Next Game Artist: Try to create art in a hostile environment
The Pseudologue of Persia: Narrate the story of your own death(s)
Galcon: The Quest for the Perfect Triangle: Conquer planets
This Might Be Passage: Get older
There Is A Monster at the End of this Game: Kill a monster
A More Perfect Universe: Fiddle with obtuse parameters, watch the result
Gratuitous Profanity: Make noise by shooting/killing/surviving

****Not Technically Trainwrecks****
Downhill Hubble: Dodge trees, collect telescopes
Jetpack Fusion: Stay alive until inevitable death
Independence: Set off fireworks
Evil Baby Pong: Beat a baby at pong
Mario's Adventure: Collect stars, kill things
Rocket Skater: Reach the exit
Marionette UFO: Dodge things
TEH FORUM GAME*: Kill Harry Potter and Celine Dion, find bulls, drink oil, make a pizza
The Duke**: Kill things
Shameful Pachinko Romance: Play with balls, confess love
Mr. Destiny's Adventure: Reach the exit
Hackworth's Last Kick: Play hacky sack to distract oneself from inevitable death
Dot Dot Dot: Stave off inevitable death/failure
Cave without Story: Shoot things
Apophenia: Generate abstract art games
Macarena of the Missing: Converse, solve puzzles, save free will
Edge Tycoon: Trademark words, make money
Face Time: Try to get laid

* Minigame compilation by Jonny Smeby for which I provided a level.
** Duke Nukem fangame by 2bam for which I provided voices.

Let's Explore Ghostie's Cave Together


Multi player game: First to collect 5 cherries wins!

Controls: Arrow Key, WASD

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An event
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Olympic Running

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Olympic Running faithfully recreates the sweat, tears and hard work that an Olympic level athlete has to endure when they want to get the gold medal podium.

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Pirate Kart 2
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It's late. You're sitting on the couch staring at your laptop. You should probably go to bed. You have school tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.14.25 AM.png

Highly self-referential hypertext game and diary entry.
I made this instead of going to bed. (I should add that as a choice)
Made in Increpare's TinyChoice engine.
Underlying code is here: http://www.tinychoice.net/index.html?p=a5289a11a6d50e41abb1

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An event
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