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Putt-Putt Saves The Stew

Eric Penner

So this is an adventure game designed entirely by my 4.5 year old son Eric.

He was playing a lot of Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo at the time. He started joking about Putt-Putt having to save other rhyming things (we do a lot of dumb punning), and we started talking about what Putt-Putt Saves The Stew would be like, and pretty soon we had agreed to set aside a big chunk of a Saturday actually making it.

I tried as much as possible to let him design everything without my input; my job was just to find out what his vision was and turn it into reality. We started by writing a little design document (spoilers!), where we hashed out what the central conflict was, and who the characters are, and what the puzzles would be.

Next we worked out the details of the geography of the game by drawing a map (spoilers!); I started drawing a few squares and linking them together, but pretty soon he got the idea and insisted on taking over.

Then we split up while he drew a bunch of art, and I started getting familiar with Adventure Game Studio.

Once I had a skeleton of the game in place, including scanning and putting in all of his artwork, we started to write and record dialogue. Basically, for all of the situations I could think of, I just asked him what he thought should happen, and I coded it up as we went.

Hints / Tidbits / Easter Eggs:
You can steal baby vegetables back from their parents by using the key on them. I thought this was a bug, Eric thought it was hilarious and made me keep it in.

There is only one ending, at his insistence. It is morbid.

Nobody has kidnapped the baby vegetables. There is no antagonist. They were just out walking and accidentally wandered into the cages and the doors locked behind them. Eric wanted to make it so that if you saved them, they would wander away, find their way back to the cages and get trapped again, but that was never implemented.

The thing that you start with in the inventory is your trusty dog Pep, who shows up in every Putt-Putt game and is mostly useless. Here he continues the tradition. There's only one thing you can do with him, on the first screen.

We recorded music, but it's not integrated into the game. Maybe I'll upload some, or we'll release a 1.1 with a title screen or something. Dunno. I get the feeling Eric's kind of tired of working on the game, and I don't want to push him if he's not enjoying the process.

EDIT: Mac port added.

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Towns FM

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the first in a popular franchise

sandy steve
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I was on vacation, but I'm mostly back now

So I just spent the last week on a houseboat on Shuswap Lake without internet! This is why I was gone.

To apologize for my absence, I give you the name of my next KotMK game:


Two Bees...Or Not Two Bees (Psychosomnium Hack)

two bees.jpg

Two hacks of my favorite section of cactus’ game Psychomnium. For the first, I simply isolated the “bee” section, made it scroll, added a second checkpoint, and added a second bee. It’s extremely difficult, not impossible, super satisfying upon completion, and a perfect illustration of “masocore” design. Piano players might get a kick out of its requirement for two-handed dexterity. For the second, I used the same isolated, scrolling level and the extra checkpoint, but with a single bee and I modified the controls so that the bee accelerates upwards the entire time that the Up Arrow button is held down as opposed to the previous requirement for several distinct button presses. The idea is to illustrate just how much a seemingly minor control tweak can impact the “feel” of a game’s play. The game is currently Windows-only.

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Race to the Pumpkin Patch


Well, I decided to finish up a Knytt Stories level that I abandoned a few weeks back for Klik of the Month. It's got a (pretty inappropriate now!) Halloween theme, and it's inspired pretty heavily by Monocromatica Grotto. Anyway I hope you enjoy it! It's the first level I ever made that's even a little bit hard.

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Control a Martian Exploration Rover to discover traces of water, maybe even life on Mars!

Arrows/WASD move the Rover. Shadows deplete solar power faster, recharge in sunlight.

Watch out for the sandstorm as dust slowly covers the Rover's image sensors!

Hans Nelson
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Portal Two-Dimensional


In the spirit of the advent of Portal 2, which was released a few minutes ago in the future, here is a two-dimensional version of the game. The story is different, and so are the puzzles.

I tried to make as many levels as I could in the time limit. There are 10 of them.

Z - Push against ground, thus forcing self upward as per Newton's third law.
Arrows - Impart motion upon self, or, conversely, aim the object held in hand (if any).
X - ???
C - ???

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Twine macro: <<hoverreplace>> and <<mousereplace>>

This set of macros is a mouse-driven counterpart to <<replace>> and are essentially a simpler form of <<hoverrevise>>. They cause a span of passage text to change into a different span when the mouse moves over it. It comes in two main varieties: <<mousereplace>> replaces the span outright when the mouse touches it, whereas <<hoverreplace>> simply displays the alternative span while the mouse is hovering over it, and will change back when it leaves.

For convenience, there are also the following variations:

  1. <<mousecontinue>> functions like the <<continue>> macro, causing a single enclosing span to disappear when the mouse touches it, and revealing all subsequent passage text.
  2. <<mouseremove>> creates text that simply disappears when the mouse touches it.

Install my <<Replace>> Macro Set to use this macro.

Usage examples:
Separate both versions of the span using <<becomes>>.

  1. <<hoverreplace>>You see here a clock.<<becomes>>It's 8:09PM.<<endhoverreplace>> causes the text "You see here a clock" to become "It's 8:09PM." when the mouse hovers over it, and go back when the mouse leaves.
  2. <<mousereplace>>A [[bird]]!<<becomes>>It flew away.<<endmousereplace>> causes the text to become "It flew away." when the mouse touches it.

The <<mousecontinue>> and <<mouseremove>> variations don't use <<becomes>>:
  1. <<mousecontinue>>Move here to begin.<<endmousecontinue>> hides all further passage text until the mouse touches "Move here to begin.", whereupon those words vanish and the text is revealed.
  2. <<mouseremove>>Don't touch me!<<endmouseremove>> causes "Don't touch me!" to vanish when the mouse touches it.

<<becomes>> vs. <<gains>>
If you use <<gains>> instead, then the second version is appended to the first version.
  1. <<hoverreplace>>[[End game|Quit]]<<gains>> Are you sure??<<endhoverreplace>> adds the words "Are you sure??" after the link while you hover over it.
  2. <<mousereplace>>You see a barrel. <<gains>>It is empty.<<endmousereplace>> adds the words "It is empty." when your mouse touches the words.

Version history:
  1. 16-6-2013: Updated regarding Combined Replace Macro Set.
  2. 12-5-13 - Initial.

Feel free to report any bugs to @webbedspace.

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2P S.A.H



I've made a new link for the game, a more permanent and safer host on my domain (instead of dropbox)

New features have been added including tighter controls, decreased fire-rate and game changing power-ups including rapid fire and shield.

Font has been fixed and new sound and music has been added, enjoy!

2P S.A.H

A 2 player competitive cross between Asteroids and Air Hockey.
This is my first game I hope you like it! You need a friend to play this, but even if you have no friends arround you should still have a look :)

A WELL PRETENTIOUS PRESENTATION - Good luck figuring out what the heck you have to do!
RELATIONSHIP BONDING - Get intimate with a friend or loved one as you play around a single keyboard!

It runs best in Google Chrome as the game runs in hardware mode. But it still performs fine in software mode in other browsers - just not as well.

Made in Construct 2.

Michael Manning / CrudePixel
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Eat Until You Explode!

Game File: 

Eat stuff until you explode, sometimes your digestive system works and you poop and wont explode. Beat your digestive system.

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