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stanley melberg: enchanted accountant

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a game.

arrow keys, particularly up.

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Pennyfarthing Creates the Bicycle


I guess the correct title would be "Pennyfarthing Man Creates the Bicycle" or "Pennyfarthing Man Creates the Pennyfarthing" but i don't care.

The controls are VERY simple. There's a strenght meter going up and down, and all you have to do is press SPACEBAR when you think the meter is high enough. The higher the meter when you press SPACEBAR, the farther (and faster!) you go.

Also, this is the SECOND game to feature my OWN MIDI SONGS

flavius v. maximus
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Tim Allen's Gruntmaster 6000

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Uhh, I was trying to come up with a concept for a game. I generated about a hundred names from the VGNG before folks on IRC suggested that I use "Gruntmaster 6000" as the name of my game.

So I thought about grunts, and I was like, hmm... how do I base a game around grunts? Oh, I know! Tim Allen! He has some grunts I could use!

This is barely even a game. What the hell did I just produce?

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My non-KotMK wrecking time lately has been going into a SECRET PROJECT.

The vision? A game-making tool, built to allow realtime collaboration between designers (think Sauerbraten but 2D and with K&P-like rule-editing), and useful collaboration between designers and programmers (the idea being that programmers can tweak the editor and scripting language to accommodate the kind of game you're making).

As you can imagine, this, uh, isn't a small project. But I won't be happy until it exists, so I'm working on it. There's nothing up on the screen yet, unfortunately, so I don't even have a cool screenshot to show off. I've been concentrating on the data and scripting models, instead. You can comment if you're interested in helping out, though.

Anyway, remember: SECRET.
Don't tell anyone.

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Schlendermän Rising


The slender män has arrived.
He will get you.

-Play with headphones in a dark room
-Contains schlendermän the scäriest of all män
-Like if yu got scäred
-schlender has your father and brother stolen

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Underneath the sidewalk

Thu, Sep 03 2015 03:44 PM
09/03/2015 - 15:44
10/31/2015 - 15:44

Create an experience about what creatures, people, and evil buildings lurk underneath the sidewalk. An experience that will change both the player and and the creator in permanent ways and make them wonder why the soul does not lie outside the body. Do it whenever you want, halloween seems like a nice place to end it.

Games made for Underneath the sidewalk

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
eat the poison episode 2 (the fourth installment of the series)10/30/2015 - 18:09Son of a dolphinstart room.png4
The Grey Nether10/30/2015 - 02:50jan_strachdescent.png6
UTSW10/28/2015 - 22:10yezolotkoss-utsw.png6
Acorpom10/02/2015 - 16:31ghettowreathacorpom.gif2
Walkscape09/15/2015 - 17:49poulscrudely designed level.png1
Apartment Quest09/12/2015 - 00:392smansplash.png3
useless games09/06/2015 - 14:07poulstiggi.png8
Undead Death 9509/05/2015 - 01:282smanUD95icon.png2
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Letter Killah

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Like my last one, this game can be solved by random button mashing... maybe.

Please leave a comment if this confuses the hell out of you. Or if it doesn't!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Assemblee Voiceovers

Back in 2009, TIGSource held a quite interesting two-part competition called Assemblee. In the first part, participants created a whole host of graphics, music, and other sundry game creation assets. In the second part, game developers would create games using only those assets.

I bring this up because I recorded a bunch of cheesy voice-overs for Assemblee that were never actually used.

They're of wildly varying quality, and I still really need to get a hold of a pop-shield to mask my plosives, but I figure they could find a good home here.

Numbers - Containing the building blocks to construct 0 to googolplex, plus various samples allowing you to construct phrases like "you have murdered 23 orphans" and "45 kilometers and two feet remaining."

Mascot: Basically a bad Sonic the Hedgehog impersonation. Meant for educational games or mascot platformers. Or not. Over 30 lines of dialogue, questions, and grunts.

Samurai: Poorly-dubbed American voice in the vein of Dynasty Warriors. About 75 lines of dialogue, questions, taunts, and grunts.

Gentleman: Henry Hatsworth meets an American with a sore throat. Mostly the latter. About 40 lines of archaic profanity, shouts, and snide accusations.

Terrible: Poor renditions of poor videogame dialogue on a poor quality microphone.

Noyb-Numbers.zip823.78 KB
Noyb-Assemblee-Samurai.zip2.19 MB
Noyb-Assemblee-Gentleman.zip867.96 KB
Noyb-Assemblee-Mascot.zip1.36 MB
noyb-assemblee-terrible.zip423.18 KB
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You Must Glitch To Beat This Game


To be honest, I'm not really sure if an idea like this has been done before, but anyways...

This is a trainwreck I did a couple months ago, but for some reason neglected to post on here. In each level, you must figure out how to reach the exit, but there's a catch - to do so, you must abuse some glitch or oddity in Klik & Play's built-in platform movement. Each screen requires you to make use of another bug, and there are ten screens in total. Think you can do it?

If anyone else knows about some glitch that I failed to cover in this game, let me know. I think it would be great to add an extra screen or two to the game!

Furthermore, if you're stuck on a specific screen, I might be able to poke you in the right direction.

YouMustGlitch.zip844.46 KB
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