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how do you get pikachu on a bus?

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Frogs Drink Faces

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A five-letter word, each of its letters a frog that you can activate with the corresponding key in your keyboard. Drink the enemy faces, spare the friendly ones. Don't forget the order of the frogs/letters when they lose their label and start switching around!

agj & friends
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ok not actually a shooter but I'm submitting this anyway because I'm late on the ideas I was working on. It has a laser at any rate.

I made this in five minutes exclusively because I wanted to take that screenshot.

Then I went back to add an ending and it took me about half an hour because it kept crashing the game so I was forced to put it in a different frame.


Draw on the moon with a laser.

Left click turns the laser on, right click turns it off (couldn't get it to work when mapped to the same button). Space clears your drawing.

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Screen shot 2012-02-26 at 8.05.52 PM.png

IN 2012?

A 2 hour goof-off by newobject.

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You are an elephant trying to escape from an explosion right behind you.
Your mission is to run for it at all costs.
You cannot move left or right, but you can jump.
Get the grapes to go forward, and avoid the barrels to not regress.
Get the computers for +10 multiplier and the "multiplier multiplicator'' to multiplicate your multiplier (what)
Jump on the Yellow Joggers for points.

Try to get 1,000,000 points for the real ending!

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bounce the damn ball

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Many geoengineering schemes have been proposed, but all can be reduced to two main strategies: reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (increase the amount of infrared radiation escaping to space) or reduce the amount of solar energy the Earth system absorbs. Two of the most common examples of these geoengineering china travelstrategies involve removing carbon from the atmosphere by adding fertilizer to selected regions of the ocean to increase phytoplankton growth and reflecting more sunlight by injecting tiny, non-absorbing particles (aerosols) into the upper atmosphere (stratosphere).

While both of these geoengineering examples might counter global warming for a time, they could also have significant drawbacks. Increased fertilizers and/or phytoplankton growth could havechina tours unintended consequences on ocean ecosystems, including increased ocean dead zones and toxic blooms. Adding aerosols to the upper atmosphere could modify the chemistry of the upper atmosphere, affecting ozone and thereby having possible unintended impacts on the lower atmosphere.

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Duel in Concert: Piano Man X Tambourine Man


This fickle concert audience keeps changing its mind: Does it want The Piano Man to play them a song? Or do they want Mr. Tambourine Man to play? Spotlight the right one at the right moment to get points! Beat my high score of 30,920!

(The game has an ending when both songs finish ~2:15)

John D. Moore
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I can't keep track of the carnage

So I went away up north to bask in the sweat and rain and deadly jellyfish - for a week - and when I came back today I found this hive of activity slightly overwhelming. That is, overwhelming in a good way, like having to choose between Gael García Bernal and Benicio Del Toro (in Dr. Gonzo mode) to be your orange-hotpants-wearing cabana boy. And then I thought, what about Marky Mark and Donny and other new kids on the block? They might find it a little hard to find all the trains that have piled up over the months.

What I am trying to say is I think maybe the "Hosted Trainwrecks" part of the site could be kept updated. Not by one person, but by everyone. It could even be tabulated or something, with columns for name, creator, status, last modified, and links (to final zips and dev. nodes, etc, so people can see how it all came together). Of course I realise to start and maintain this would be a pretty big effort, but if everyone tends to their own wrecks, and gentle prodding is given to those who don't update the Hosted Trainwrecks page, eventually it wouldn't be too much of a hassle.


KNP:More than Two Fire Buttons

Klik & Play provides a control system to complement its built-in movement systems, which includes a control setup menu for reconfiguring keyboard controls or switching to a joystick. However, these controls are somewhat limited: you get four directions, and just two fire buttons.

For most purposes, this limitation is fine, but for some games you may need more than that.

If you are on a keyboard, the easiest way to get more fire buttons is to simply dodge the built-in control system and use Keyboard events ("Upon pressing a key" instead of "Read joystick state"). The problem with this is that you lose configurability, and anyone moving to a joystick will still have to use the keyboard for those fire buttons. If you are not using all four directions, you may consider stealing one or two for more fire buttons by changing the default keyboard controls. Obviously, this will result in wonky controls for joystick users.

If you are on a joystick, enter the Step-Thru Editor. Now press button 3 or 4. Amazingly, Klik & Play will detect these as valid events and allow you to assign actions for these buttons. The events will have no text, but rest assured that they do work. As it would seem, the developers actually provided software support for four-button joysticks, but never made this an "official" feature. The drawback to this is that you won't be able to test for whether buttons 3 and 4 are being held down, due to the nature of the Step-Thru Editor.

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