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Level 150: The End Is Nigh (My FIRST Chip is Challenging Level!!)

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Level 150: The End is Nigh

Mno's first level out of (???) for the hit MacroServe SoftWare Game: Chip Is Challenging! This level features many obstacles, and puzzles, and even a teleporter that exits the game (that means you won!).

I am a big fan of Chip Is Challenging, ever since my beloved grade 3 year when I would see other older students (at LEAST grade 5) play games on the school computers, including something with Beavis and Butthead and I don't know anyhting about that stuff other than they chuckled a lot and smoked cigarettes behind the school building (as was seen during the menu loop for this game). Sometimes I also saw some kind of skiiing game where you avoid trees and stuff, I think I played a ripoff of it in the future in like grade 8, something on newgrounds, or at least just a flash game. I don't think I ever played it in grade 3 though. The teachers wouldn't let me use the computers for games. I guess I just had to wait until I was older.

The 3rd game I saw played was, as you might ave guessed... CHIP' IS CHALLENGE! All I could tell about it was that you trip on ice and bump into walls and get mad when you didn't predict the oh so obvious outcomes of your actions.

Chip's Chalice is a highlight of grade 3 for me, it was kind of a bad year. But then again so were a lot of years, so it's easy to call 'Chip...' a highlight for many years. And now, with my new level, I have paid back the fees due to my disgusting nostaligia for something I didn't even play, and without giving a corporation money in the process.

Play my new Chuck: Challenged To Duels By Dogs Everywhere and Lovin' It , right here, right there, right NOW! Click the zip to get started, get playing. TildeWumpus, the leading EMU and emulator for Chappy Change is the only platform I have tested my new level: Nigh Ending in , so you will be pleased to use it for this! It is purely designed to run on MacroServe's Chomp Champion ruleset, which is an unrelated game but for some reason the LinuxLion version REFUSES to play my level, which is just plain rude. So don't try to use that rule set.

My Level was made in Crystal Candy Eater dit (known as CCEdit) for anybody curious. I Have only tested it with the TileWorlds' Engine for emulating all versions of Chuck E. Cheese In The Galaxy Race 5000, incidentally as well as Chop The Charlemange On The Donkey, so go ahead and try that out. If you try something else and it doesn't work or your email starts getting spam ads, it is NOT my fault, and by reading this you agree to my wavier to remove me from any charges.


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Now that I made JUSTICE MUSTACHE,I feel like I'm gonna turn it into the Mozart of my games.

I really do.

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Delicious Breakfast


A remake of the first game I ever completed with Inform 7. Can you have a Delicious Breakfast?

(Blah blah blah you'll need an interpreter blah blah blah Windows Frotz blah blah blah Zoom for the Mac.)

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Pirate Kart 2
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death comes to us all

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for each path presented to you, you must accept the consequences of the ones you choose to take.

remember that closing the game is also a path.

playable online. be wise.

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Game-Maker Source Release Jam / KotM #85

Sat, Jul 19 2014 04:00 PM
07/19/2014 - 16:00
07/19/2014 - 18:00

The source code to Recreational Software Designs' Game-Maker has been released! To celebrate, let's make games using Game-Maker!

Since Game-Maker is DOS-based, fire up a DOS machine - use DOSBox and set the cycles to 16000 (or use a real machine if you have one!).

You can get Game-Maker here! The "runtime" folder has a working installation of Game-Maker that is ready to use. The "cd" folder includes some extra resources if you need those.


The Demo game provides a tour of some of Game-Maker's features.
This video walks through the different editors.
The Tutor example game demonstrates different block (tile) effects.

Game-Maker is not a tool but rather a suite of tools, each one editing the individual files that make up a Game-Maker game. Instead of loading/saving an entire game from the Game-Maker menu, you open the necessary files (such as palettes and blocks) every time you open a tool, and then save the file when you're done with the tool. You should generally use the tools in order from left to right:

- The Palette editor lets you edit individual colors from a 256 color palette.
- The Block editor lets you define the game's graphics and change the behavior of background tiles (such as whether they are solid, and what to do when the player collides with them).
- The Monster editor lets you create animated "monsters" from the Monster Blocks (images) you've made, and define their movement and other properties, such as the power level - a higher powered monster will defeat a lower powered one.
- The Map editor lets you design levels, which are each made up of a 100x100 grid of tiles that wraps horizontally and vertically. You zoom in by clicking on the Z button and then the section of the level you want to view.
- The Character editor lets you define the player character's animations, controls, and movement. Controls work by playing animations for each assigned key/joystick movement. To create movement, place animation frames away from the center.
- The Image editor lets you import images for use as a title screen, intermission graphic, etc.
- The Sound editor lets you define sounds that are played by the Character for certain animations.
- The Integrator lets you connect the different levels together and define entrance/exit points between levels, creating the game's structure.

Let's see what you make with Game-Maker (or anything else for that matter)!

Feel free to join us on IRC! When you're done, click here to upload your game!

Games made for Game-Maker Source Release Jam / KotM #85

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
Blipp in: Power Panic!07/25/2014 - 15:41DattorzBlippy.png1
TERROR TOWER07/20/2014 - 07:48Rylie James Thomasterrort.png9
PersiaTron07/19/2014 - 20:25aderackpersiatron-s.png0
Teatime game07/19/2014 - 18:25ShiaLaBoufOfficialtea_000.png3


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Based on my girlfriend getting her credit card stolen.

P.S. This is a LOVE2D file! Rename from kotm64.zip to kotm64.love and run with LOVE2D please! I couldn't find KnP for OSX in time...

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A Forest, A.D.


I noticed Klik of the Month had snuck up on me yet again, so I opened Twine and quickly improvised and free-associated this game out of nothing.

17 passages. Enjoy!

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Game Develop - A great 2D gamemaking tool (something between Construct and KNP/TGF/MMF)

I know that you're interested in playing games, but did you even wanted to make one? Here it goes...
I've recently stumbled upon this gem. It is great game making tool. It is also free (as in free beer) to use and very easy. Let's say that if you worked with Clickteam's TGF/MMF series or Construct, you'll quickly learn it (matter of few hours).

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR LINUX USERS: Temporarily Linux version is broken (I've found bug preventing it from working), so you'll need to use this download link: http://www.compilgames.net/dl/gd2010543linux.tar.lzma.

Above message was posted by me on other board (except of first line and "-------" things) and because of that this post have some degree of inconsistency.

Anyway, this program is very good as it require no programming knowledge AT ALL - you can make game without coding a line! But, if you want, you can use C++ code in your project. Because of that this tool is very flexible. And you can make your game for all most used platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). Very liberal license also allows you to sell games made with this tool without paying any royalties to CompilGames (of course it would be fair to donate them - I'll do it whenever I get paid this month and I rarely buy software/donate software projects)

ZX-82 - The Maze of the Dead

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Find the keys to escape from the Maze of the Dead.

A tribute to Sinclair ZX Spectrum games

JF Roco
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Frigid Seamstress


A word game without user input. A creatively(?) crippled version of http://nottheinternet.com/games/heftyseamstress/

Jonathan Whiting
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