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Too Many Pigs

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Too Many Pigs is the game that asks the question: what the hell

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Cyber Santa vs. Secret Satan

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Secret Satan must mess up the chistmas gifts that are placed in all buildings. However Santa left his Cyber Santa minion to prevent any mischief.

Arrows to move, space bar to start game and advance game over and victory screens.

Press up in front of a door to enter a building.

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An event
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EXPLOSIONS! the game

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there are many missiles, and you must click to destroy and cause explosions to happen to get points

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An event

Confidence Man

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Yesterday I got an email in my inbox asking for my participation (as a "employee" aka "useful idiot") in a penny stock scam. I've been caught up in one before, so I felt inspired to convey the general tone and feeling of such operations in ZZT form.

Although this game is fictional, the techniques described are pretty close to reality. One only needs to visit InvestorsHub and browse around a little to find shining examples of this particular formula in action. It really is all about emotional state and maintaining that balance of "fear vs. greed" to keep the victim involved. But eventually your money disappears, and....well, nothing happens after that! (I came out of it okay, in the end.)

Some of the techniques not depicted in this game:

-Encourage a "community" of victims and make them start reassuring each other and reaching out to their friends to help in rationalizing a logically unsound investment(a friend got me drawn in, in my own case)
-Include accomplices to make in-person visits to victims that support your image. They could be "partners," "common men made millionares," "skeptics," or any number of character archetypes that weave a story that barely holds itself together. The sky's the limit.
-Turn business into war - e.g. "get back at the evil bankers manipulating the market" or "help revolutionize (industry x)". If the foes are big and vague, they're easy to blame, and your cause looks all the better, regardless of how poor its fundamentals are.
-Make bold claims that might hook people not familiar with the particular industry, such as these gems from my email:

...A start-up funded through two rounds of engineering and now with a manufacturing agreement in place with a NASDAQ traded global top ten contract manufacturer.

...A former computer science professor at USC, Sacramento commented on *redacted* as follows:

“Based on my experience, I can testify that this is a fresh idea, highly innovative, and, in my opinion, something that the general public would love to use. Most users do belong to several social networks. This tool makes the social network environment easy to navigate … and user friendly. This is a required application on the same level as something like Instagram. Instagram fell into an innovative and rapid to market category, which captured a large market really fast. *redacted* has similar characteristics and falls into this category of being innovative and reaching a large market.”

(I followed up to that email telling the guy "I don't work for equity, but I will work for $250,000 up front" and he politely declined. He doesn't know what he's missing out on...)

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Winning Square

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An old, old game I made roughly ten years ago in The Games Factory. I don't know why I made it, because it sucks! It's about clicking things. You know, like games on Facebook!

Your objective is to mindlessly click the green panels looking for the Winning Square. if you click it, you gain points and a new board. If you take more than 45 clicks, you lose the round and get a new board. After losing a round, your current points tally is emptied into your total points tally. Except there's not much point, because these tallies will be forgotten when you close the game. Which is what you should be doing, because this game sucks!

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An event
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ZZF: Zoo of Zero Festival

Sat, Aug 10 2013 04:30 PM
08/10/2013 - 16:30
08/23/2013 - 09:30

ZZT (Zoo of Zero Tolerance, the game from the creator of Jazz Jackrabbit) is back more than ever with a festival from Glorious Trainwrecks:

ZZF (Zoo of Zero Festival)! It's a event where you make some cool games in ZZT, nuff said, i can't describe this more.

Games made for ZZF: Zoo of Zero Festival

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Infinite Yoshi


Guide Yoshi through the infinite, defeating monster just because.

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An event
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Pirate kart V:The chase

Scren short.PNG

The story is in the game.

One more day until the Pirate Kart begins.
Sadly I'm going to be on the plane tomorrow so I might not be online until later.

The controls are also in the game.

It's kinda short though.

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An event
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SSSnake (Tainted)

SSSnake (Tainted)ss.png

When you eat a pill you taint the pill making it deadly

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An event
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