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Glue (Halloween Game)

Game File: 

I managed to finish it before we go on vacation.

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An event

Monster Axe

Game File: 

Fight off all the ugly monsters with the Monster Axe! Featuring MSPaint monsters crowdsourced from forums.selectbutton.net.

Z or space to jump.
X to toss axe when you have the axe.
Arrows to locomote.

Features 10 boss battles.

Probably a bunch of bugs exist. Reported bugs may be fixed in 18 hours.

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An event
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Painted Tomb


I tried to post this as a game but it kept crashing the page. But the game can be downloaded at http://arthousegames.itch.io/painted-tomb

This game idea came to me when I was in the bathtub.

Shouts out to Nuup, Clyde, Capt Haistings, Terry the Platypus etc. list goes on *blows kisses*

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Wed, Feb 11 2015 01:00 PM
02/11/2015 - 14:00
03/05/2015 - 13:00

The most recent merged project file is here!

And here is a Google Doc where we can keep changes that we've made to the game.

To-do list:

-> make it so the player has some control over where Clyde and Chrissy appear in the museum (FirecatFG did this in his gallery. The other galleries should use the same method)

-Finish the museum:
-> Add Clyde and Chrissy's dialogue to the ihavefivehat and everythingstaken galleries.
-> Add echoey footstep noises?

-Keep working on the Main questline:
-> Zita then sends the player on the UFO quest or another quest
-> Finish UFO quest, make it so ending ties in with main quest. Ghosty has a choice to side with curators or Zita. DONE
-> Finish the World Breaker quest
-> Finish the Unstable Teleporter quest

-> Continue working on Ghosty's computer stuff
-> Start working on the RPG for the true ending (may be phased out?)

Ok, it's time to rock! Here's how it's going to work..........................

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to post an 'inspirational curiosity' every day and you will have the opportunity to extrapolate it into an RPG maker game! Suggested work time is 15 - 30 minutes. But if you want, you can take longer... or you can take shorter. It's all up to you!!!!! THE CHOICE IS YOURS TO COMMAND.

Don't feel like you have to be able to make a game everyday to participate. Maybe you can only do it on the weekends. Maybe you can only do it when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars. That's okay, just do what you can and submit it! The more games, the better!

Please post your games as attachments in the comment section so that we don't flood the new games feed.

In case you need it, here is the link to RPG Maker 2003.

Here is a cool website which you can use to create character sprites really quickly.

Here's an old website with a bunch of miscellaneous resources

And another.

This website has a bunch of MIDI versions of video game tracks.

Have fun!!!!!!!!


march 1st?!:


February has always been known as a time of temporal instability, but a quadruple leap year!? That's practically unheard of. For a while there I wasn't sure if we'd ever make it to march, but here we are. We're in like a lion, and everything's cool.

I'm going to take a few days to make up for some of the days I missed, and then I'll finish up compiling our games into one project file. From there we can figure out how we want the final mega game be.

woo! woo! WOO!

Feb 32nd:
Today, you should make a game inspired in some way by this midi version of Moby's 'Lift Me Up'. You can use the song itself, or the feeling the song give you, or the title, or whatever.

(selected using the random midi function on cool-midi.com)

Feb 31st:

Feb 30th: (I'm trapped in a time pocket where february extends indefinitely! help!)

random word generation + search in the Art Institute of Chicago's online database.
Word is 'trails'
Work is 'Tent Rock Trail' by Gustave Baumann

Feb 29th:

The sacred heart of st. camillus de lellis

Feb 28th:

random image on photo.net.
title 'try to win the race of life'

Feb 27th:

method: latest image posted on livejournal

Feb 26th:

random image generator at photo.net

Feb 25th:

method: random word generator + google image search + random number generator to choose from results

Feb 24th:

method: took picture of my living room, wrote program the chose a random point on the image the then took a close-up of the object beneath that point.

Feb 23rd:

method: random numbers + book of paintings

Feb 22nd:


We did it! We're halfway there! Take the day off to rest, reflect, and recuperate. Tomorrow, we will come back full force for the last 11 days of this grueling RPG death gauntlet!

Feb 21st:

method: random number generator and national geographic; I had collaged using this magazine in the past so there is stuff cut out.

Feb 20th:

method: ads on weather.com

Feb 19th:

method: Random number generator and a pile of old national geographics

Feb 18th:

method: classic random word generator today

Feb 17th:

Today's image is courtesy of Sergio Cornaga (thanks sergio!)
it's from The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects by Mike Mignola

February 16th:

method: the book shelf method, using covers only

February 15th:

method: Used Random Word Generator to search in the database of the Museum of Modern Art (the word was 'handling'). Chose specific work out of those results using a random number generator.

Feel free to also use the hyper-descriptive excerpt on the museum's page:

February 14th::

method: random number generator to pick book/page from my shelf
(from Hairless Who no. 1 by Joe Tallarico)

February 13th:::

method: random number generation + google search

February 12th::::

method: used the random poem function on allpoetry.com. chose first one that fit on my screen without scrolling.

February 11th:::

MarathonGameMar20thV3.zip33.47 MB


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Star Coffin

Game File: 

A game where you shoot endless swarms of monsters in dark passageways. Probably best played in monochrome since there isn't much colour anyway.

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An event
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KotM; KNP or Java Processing? YOU DECIDE!

So i know I spent way too much time whinging about being the only guy not writing stuff in KNP for the Pirate Kart, but still I'd like to ask the (ir)regulars here: assuming I can get to a computer in time for this weekend's KotM, should I do something in Java Processing or Klik N Play?

Both have their pros and cons. I can do more and more interesting stuff in Java, though I haven't yet worked up getting the sound libraries going. KNP is more in the spirit of what everyone's doing, and I'm more like to get the abuse of clip art and sounds going.

(at some point, I'd like to get into trying to build engines more than games. I guess I'm more of a Carmack than a Romero, if you know what I mean, or at least aspire to that.)

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Choose your weapon!

Game File: 

This is an exciting new war combat simulator! It realistically simulates a battle between two aliens.

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An event
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SSSnake (Molt)

SSSnake (Molt)ss.png
Game File: 

As you grow bigger you have to molt your skin. But your skin is poison or something so don't touch it.

Made For: 
An event
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Atrium (DEMO)

Game File: 

My first ZZT game i'm working on.

Story (this is 80% not mentioned in the game):
You are the smiley face who is the protagonist of ZZT (Zoo of Zero Tolerance), you are heard in the news that criminal people who are part of the gigantic prison dungeon place named Atrium, are kidnapping people and taking them to the dungeon, thus he prepares to survive, but the criminals were genius so they figured out who the smiley is hiding, then he got kidnapped and taken to the Atrium, you are then forced to be a slave, but accidentaly the criminals gave you ammo, they runned away. Then you're up to escape the dungeon, however, you're approached with 100 floors, which appears to be a endless dungeon, are you gonna escape it, or be punished?

The demo contains one set of 10 stages of full challenges while the full versions contains 10 sets of 10 stages with more challenges, more fun and more madness.

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Made For: 
An event

Defend The Kingdom


Defend the Kingdom from the Zubat Horde!

Controls: Arrow Keys.

Made For: 
An event
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