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corn flakes vs george bush

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hit ramming speed and hit george bush to win

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An event
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Escape from the Pachinko on the Oregon Trail

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You are on the Oregon Trail!
Only problem, instead of Dysentery, you have to WORRY ABOUT A PACHINKO BALL.

Use the arrow keys to move.

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Made For: 
An event
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Some things

Sup gang! Just thought I should post about a couple of things.

FIRSTWISE: I did an interview about this wonderful community! Perhaps you would like to read it?

SECONDWAYS: I have done away with the star rating system for games. I hope most of you don't think it's a big deal. I really only ever meant it to be used as a sorting mechanism, back for the Pirate Kart II, rather than having it be a way of giving feedback in and of itself. If you like a game, or have some criticism to offer, you should leave a comment! Communication with your peers in a supportive community is waaaaay better than watching anonymous numbers going up and down; let's do more of the first thing, and less of the second. High fives? HIGH FIVES.

THIRDWHISTLE: Soooo how are things going for you guys? Anything about the site / community that's bugging you? Any way in which things might be cooler? Just kind of want to check in.

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WHY??!!!?! I hate it when old tech bites the dust


I wanted to finish my game for the themed trainwreck, but my laptop died and so has my backup laptop. How am I gonna do my projects now? I pulled up the old desktop from the basement and got zip disks to save my projects. Aargh. So annoying. Now I got to carry a zip drive wherever I go (it's USB so woot)

The zip250 drive died on me yesterday and I'm upset. At least the zip100 is still kicking. I went online to find any other zip250s on Amazon, but most of them are listed for $50. WTF. I'm not paying that much for a zip drive when I can find them at the thrift store for less than $10. Ugh. I just want to complete something, anything! How can I when my stuff keeps failing?? I was actually too depressed to do anything but my sister gave me a pep talk and I got out of bed to go finish a project. I would like to have a finished product.

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So it appears to be boring sometimes...

I was doing something outside of Glorious Trainwrecks, i was even playing around my stuff.

I'm looking out if i can do Mr. Cat III: Electric Cataloo, but i have also some of mr. cat future games:

A. Mr. Cat's Baseball Hunting Adventure (It is supposed to be the first spin-off of the Mr. Cat series, instead of shooting crystals you use a baseball bat to strike back the minions)
B. Super Mr. Cat (The 2nd spin-off of Mr. Cat, which you have gained flying powers in order to destroy the enemies flying from the upside.)
C. Mr. Cat III: Revenge of Evil (Another title for the 3rd main game of the series.)
D. Mr. Cat III: The Adventure of Cat (Yet another title for the 3rd main game of the series.)
E. Mr. Cat III: Electric Cataloo (Nuff said.)

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SSSnake (Blind)

SSSnake (Blind)ss.png

Where did the pills go?

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An event

Awesome Space Fighter


A candidate for the second pirate cart.
Fly your Awesome Space Fighter craft through space and avoid colliding with alien monsters.
Ship downgrades when hit. Do not die.

Arrows/Joystick = move
Shift/Button 1 = shoot

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Pirate Kart 2
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The Mad Doctor's Lab


Probably my worst level yet? Wouldn't be so bad, if I weren't the only one making a game for this event. :[

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An event
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Prof. EagleEye 3


The third game in the Prof. EagleEye saga.
The Prof. hasn't seen differences in quite a while. Now he invites you to his
secret laboratory to go to new dimensions and find
some more differences!

-as good as the 2 games before it
-good game
-endless replayability
-more differences than in the first game
-less differences than in the second game
-hours and hours of playtime
-for the whole family

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An event
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ATTN: SpindleyQ




I made you a birthday game! It is called

I Wish I Were Able To Hold A Cake (In My Tiny Arms)

(use the mouse)

Happy birthday, Jeremy. Hope you have a good one!

wishcake.zip10.01 MB
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