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rotatin' rocket race

Game File: 

how fast can you get your spinny rocket around the track?
(endless time trial mode only)

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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ILLUSORY MOMO my first (LATE) contribution.

Having missed out on the NAME GENERATOR EVENT and the TIMEZONE LOTTERY #13, I felt I needed to submit this, even if it is WELL after the fact.

at Free Indie Games:

download HERE:

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ATTN: People who can make webpages look pretty

I'm using a web control to display a game and author info -- name, description, screenshot, etc. However, I am in desperate need of help to make these pages look vaguely passable. I've attached a few example pages to this post -- if you have any skill with HTML/CSS at all, please download them and suggest how to improve the design. The HTML is easy to change, but I'd like to keep it simple; the more you can do in CSS, the better, because then it becomes easier to use everyone's contributions. (I've already got a button that changes the menu from sane colours to Hot Dog Stand, so there's no reason we couldn't do something similar for game descriptions.)

I know we've got some absurdly talented people here. I wholeheartedly appreciate any help with this at all.

PS. The web control is IE. Sorry.

csshelp.zip31.06 KB
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Being K.K. Slider

Being KK Slider.jpg

There are buttons. Secret buttons.

Rylie James Thomas
Made For: 
An event


Game File: 

Try to stay alive for as long as possible. Use the arrow keys. Avoid the spikes and the mines.

Marco Jonkers
Made For: 
An event
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Sec I Jut Ache Must Rfou




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Quest for Phallic Flora


A collaboration with rhetoricstu that got weird.

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Made For: 
An event
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...is a game in which you click things. Click here to play

Get it while it's hot.

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Birthday Trainwreck

I was making a game for GT's bday and had two weeks to get on it... but real life got in the way (yay freelancing life)... gonna submit it soon... at least my main screen looks tight :D i'll upload my game soon

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