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Traffic Chaos

Game File: 

Traffic is bad! destroy all traffic!!!!

Hold "up" to accelerate, bash into the truck to make it bash other cars! cause chaos! destroy mankind! NONSTOP ACTION!!!! ITSHOP.MID!!!!!!

Including 32-bit version!

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Blue Boxer

Blue Boxer.PNG
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An exercise in frustration starring the titular Blue Boxer, your objective is to beat the crap out of all the joggers, proud warrior guys, kangaroos, bees, and evil clouds that get in your way.

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Escape from the Pachinko on the Oregon Trail

Game File: 

You are on the Oregon Trail!
Only problem, instead of Dysentery, you have to WORRY ABOUT A PACHINKO BALL.

Use the arrow keys to move.

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Red VS. Blue - Da Race

Screen Shot 2012-02-25 at 3.27.44 PM.png

A 2 player, simple racing game.


Red stickfigure uses SPACE bar.
Blue stickfigure uses right arrow key.

RedAnt (Eddy Liaboh)
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Astro Runner II: Galactic Olympics

Game File: 

EDIT: the version here was actually impossible. only after getting a new comp and replaying all my games i found that out. thankfully it seems no one played that one ever because even after testing this new version i can say only one thing: jesus christ my arms

I hope you've been training on your space mashing skills all these years, because you have just come across to the ultimate test.

This is it.

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Kafka's Metamorphosis The Videogame

Game File: 

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect-like creature.

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Owl Forest

Game File: 

You have entered the owl forest. The calls of the owls enliven the trees on this still night. Listen to them for as long as you can bear.



X: Jump
Arrows: Move
Space: Start game

John D. Moore
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Potential Controversy

Two days ago I had an incredible idea for a hilarious, but easy to make game. I've spent some time collecting the basic sources for it, ranging from sounds to art, to ideas, to "implementation/translation". There's just one problem with this idea. It is likely to be highly controversial. It's a parody of a well known game series, but with a strong message, that is likely to upset a fairly large group of people. The presentation is pure Stephen Colbert, where I present ideas in an accurate, but self-contradictory manner.

The game would not be fun, for the most part. Much of the humor would come from this fact. But it would be interesting, and informative.

I sometimes wish Glorious Trainwrecks had private messaging. I'd like to ask SpindleyQ if he feels it's appropriate or not. If I find him on IRC, I'll ask him there. If he thinks it would be too much hassle for Glorious Trainwrecks, or not in the spirit of the site, I'll take the idea in another direction: either as a Shockwave Flash game submitted somewhere else, or as an animation on YouTube.

My first instinct was to make the game in Klik & Play, simply because I've been getting to grips with the system again, and I thought it would be a fun experiment. But the topic may be too serious for the light-hearted nature of our community.

Man Cannon

Game File: 

OS X download: http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/MacManCannon.zip

Run over enemy soldiers to collect them. Shoot them at other soldiers to incapacitate them temporarily. Shoot them at tanks to destroy them.
Resist the invading army!
Your tank can only withstand four hits.

You will face several kinds of foes!

Standard soliders fire a bullet.
Big Guys are armed with a spread gun.
Pyromaniacs shoot limited-distance flames.
Tanks fire very fast shells.
The Generalissima must be defeated to claim victory.


W, A, S, D - move tank
Mouse - move crosshair
Mouse click - fire cannon in that direction
Space, arrows - navigate the menu

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I've started using Facebook this year, and it's mostly replaced my calendar. It would be good if GT events were on there.

Is it okay if I start and maintain a Glorious Traiwnrecks page on there? A page is better than a group, right; in regards to having attached events?

Events should probably also be in the Twitter feed, I reckon.

Or we could just take over https://www.facebook.com/GloriousTreats

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