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How abouta nice game ofFishing®?

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Working on my skillz


I've entered into the themed trainwreck #4 and the KOTM #63. I'm actually going to complete something this time! I'm so excited! I already have my handy programmer's notebook and I scribbled some ideas. I'm using KNP/GF again and it's tough re-learning how to use this dang thing. My sis has the original KNP manual at her house that she borrowed from me. I got to wait until she brings it back. I do have a PDF version of the manual.

I was thinking of firing up the old Mac and use KNP on there, but I can't get the internet and the version of KNP I downloaded didn't work (as it read the zip file wrong as Windows zip, not Mac Zip). I wonder if anyone uses KNP for mac?


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You play as an brain like creature who must escape a dark cave.

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Goals, I Do Adore


Score goals score goals score more goals. If the ball goes through the floor it is a goal. Naturally.

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A Klik Khistmas: Sekret Santa Klub 2012

Tue, Dec 18 2012 12:00 AM
12/18/2012 - 00:00
12/26/2012 - 00:00

Feel like spreading the holiday cheer this year? Why not be a Secret Santa? Make the game your friend always wanted! Here's how it works:

- Sign up before December 18th to get entered into the hat drawing!
- On the 18th, you will get a private message telling you who your assigned Santee is! You will have roughly one week to make a game for your Santee! Santees: post gift ideas in this thread so your Secret Santa knows what kind of game to make.
- Post your game here at some point during the 25th! Don't worry if you're a few days late - I'm sure you'll probably be busy with relatives out of town or what-not. Just try to get it in at some point before the new year.

A few extra rules: Basically, only make a game for your Santee, and only make one game.

Edit: Yes, intentional misspelling

Games made for A Klik Khistmas: Sekret Santa Klub 2012

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Another dumb score thing. Shoot cow-men, but try not to fuck up the walls too bad~

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Princess Queen


Do battle against other princesses for the coveted title of PRINCESS QUEEN

merritt kopas
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The Pursuit of Happiness

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The latest art game from the Dynamic Duo - MegaIlinx on the production & Young Tizzy on the beats. Experience 1000 years of ART- rolled into one comprehensive experience.

Marvel at the stunning graphics. Nod your head to the beat.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Card Games: 3 Simple Games to Workshop

Not only do I tinker with videogames, but I spend most of my spare time designing tabletop board games.

Later this year I'm leading a workshop where I will be introducing people to Nomic card games: games where you can make it up as you go along, and/or add cards to them while you play. I developed three simple card games to illustrate how to combine different mechanics and game dynamics, as well as to argue that one can make a game about ANYTHING, using nothing more than a blank deck of cards.

If you've a spare moment, please review these rules (about a page and a half each), and share any notes you may have about them. I'm open to any constructive criticism. These games are targeted for the casual market, appropriate for all ages, and designed to be picked up and played in a matter of minutes.

MUSH-RING! http://www.let-off.com/bgames/mushring/mush-ring.pdf Emphasizes draw-and-play, take-that, and set-building mechanics.

NUTS AND GRAINS http://www.let-off.com/bgames/nutsgrains/nutsgrains.pdf Card drafting, open trade and negotiation, graduated scores, and secret agenda.

CROSSING GUARD XL! (XGXL!) http://www.let-off.com/bgames/xgxl/xgxl.pdf Simultaneous bidding and secret agendas.

Thanks for your time, folks!

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Tummy Jigglers

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here is an art game about tummies i love you

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