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heeeeerrrrreeeee's Johnny (Charisma)!

I'm back. This may be difficult to swallow in this age of superconnectivity, but I only got the internet piped into my not-enough-room-to-swing-a-dead-cat-let-alone-have-the-facilities-to-cook-it abode a couple of days ago. Sure, I had my whopping 6mb per day on the university computers, but I felt could not do this site justice by showing up and not being able to download and upload the gruesome trainwrecks. Various other things invaded my life to prevent me from getting the internet - for one, I embarked on yet another "maiden" voyage (boom-tish) which is still so involving that to game-o-bliggity-blog every nuance would require a development team the size of the chariot crowd in Ben-Hur.
A triumphant rhinoceros trainwreck to herald my return will be stampeding its way to your eyeballs and fingers, shortly!


P.S I was on the train platform the other day, and someone actually had a shopping bag which read "Hat World." Don't worry, Six, I served him the cease-and-desist while politely breaking his legs.

EDIT: And here it is, quicker than even I expected! I had the idea for this while outside, pressing 'c'. My gosh, it's lovely to be klikking again.
Oh My Guacemole I Forgot How Big The Internet Was

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Game File: 

from Spindley Crew...
 ____  __.              _________
|    |/ _|____    ____ /   _____/
|      < \__  \  /  _ \\_____  \ 
|    |  \ / __ \(  <_> )        \
|____|__ (____  /\____/_______  /
        \/    \/              \/ 
A Mother-Fucking Klik & Play Fractal Zoomer
Released at Action Point 2012

 * Space bar to start
 * Click on a pixel to zoom at that spot
 * R fully zooms out
 * C cycles through colour schemes

GREETZ TO: Secret European Software Cracking Unit,
   XaoS team, `snapman, mojofltr, bc_, Smedis2, EffBee,
   and anyone else who enters AP2012
   and every member of the Klik of the Month Klub

Spindley Crew
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balls balls balls

Game File: 

balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls

Press arrows keys and shift to balls balls balls.

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stanley melberg: enchanted accountant

Game File: 

a game.

arrow keys, particularly up.

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Updates during my vacation

Hello, DrBlowhole20 there. I am also named as John Leagsdurg.

I have updates during summer:

I got Multimedia Fusion 2 back and my LIBS i got (even the europress ones.), i'm making a game named "The Super Mozart Adventure" which it's a fanmade spinoff of the Mozart series by Zecks, which are my favourite (Mozart goes into internet, Mozart II: Internet Harder OR Mozart no internet 2: Doukutsu Monogatari, Mozart go Intranet 3: Hell no Nazo, Mozart's World 4: 4heroesoflight and I Love Mozart 5: Mozart Thru Time), it's going to be a long game which includes badly made levels, minigames which follows the adventure and such random bosses, there will be no demo but here's a screenshot of the preview, look at the attachments. But seriously, Klik n Play in the 90's were made several games with some custom graphics, but today Clickteam is being 200% better than Yoyo Games and Klik n Play today is a cool tool. And i also made a website about my Trainwrecks: https://sites.google.com/site/johnskliksite/

Well that's it for now.

See ya.

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Yoshi Cave

Game File: 

So I need to know some JavaScript for Project Jamberry. Klik of the Month was coming up, and I decided to get some JavaScript practice in. I also recently became intrigued with falling sand games and wanted to make something similarly grid-based with simple rules. This is kind of like those eco sims with the wolves, sheep, and grass, except here it's dragons, Yoshies, and melons.

The really nice thing about JavaScript is that distribution is literally "upload an HTML document."

Requires ES5 and HTML5 canvas.

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Blood Sword of the Man-God

Game File: 

A barbarian under sentence of death is given one final chance to redeem himself. Over 200 levels of pulse-pounding action, arranged string soundtrack, and multiple dialogue paths in the vein of Deus Ex, Planescape: Torment, and Mass Effect.



By Jack Perkins and Alabaster the Lorem.

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Toe Jam and Earl Mission: Earhlrharhgllhbrahahrhglalhrhblarg

Game File: 

Don't trink too much coffee or this happens

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An event
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A little over three years ago, the administration of the Game Dev Club at SJSU wanted to host a game jam, but was worried that nobody would show up. mkapolk suggested that the Club organize a shindig coinciding with THE 371-IN-1 KLIK & PLAY PIRATE KART II: KLIK HARDER, so that if nobody showed up to the physical thing, at least we could hang out with y'all on the Internet.

It was a success, our club contributed 35 games to the Kart!

So we decided to do it again on Klik of the Month. On a whim, to encourage people to come, I threw in that we would teach people how to make games if they didn't already know. I didn't think anyone would take us up on that.

FIVE PEOPLE took us up on that.

Since I was the one who offered it to begin with, I ended up giving them a basic rundown of Game Maker, and all five of them made their first game in two hours. (Actually I think we were there for four hours.)

Since then, I've given a few more tutorials at a few more events, and one of them got video-recorded.

Fast-forward to May 2013, when a woman from a Bay Area summer camp contacted the Club to see if anyone was interested in teaching 5th-8th graders how to make videogames.

I showed her the video and got an interview; I showed her eighteen games I made, eight of them trainwrecks, and got the job. (Also I said some stuff about education and math and computer science.)

Last week, according to the curriculum, I was supposed to lead eight kids (paired into four teams) to make four games.

Last week, I led eight kids (paired into four teams) to make eleven games.

This summer is gonna be a good summer.

td;dr: Thanks in part to Klik of the Month, I have a summer job teaching 5th-8th graders how to make videogames! The results so far are beautiful.

PS: We're using Scratch and Alice, which were good decisions on the part of the curriculum designers.

Scratch is incredibly intuitive, and it supports some surprising things, like Cloud Variables (which are stored on MIT's servers), webcam/microphone asset creation, and an entirely web-based interface for making and playing games. I think it'd be great for prototyping and trainwrecks, and I encourage KnP refugees to check it out!

Alice is a little complicated at first, but it's probably a better basic introduction to 3D gamemaking than Unity, especially for non-coders. If you found Unity too hard, check it out too!

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The Ridiculous Game Ideas Thread

This is a thread for discussing game ideas, asking for help when you run into design problems, or throwing out brilliant ideas that you can't work into your game.

Here's some stuff I'm thinking of incorporating:

  1. Randomized enemies based on Google Image Search results
  2. Sprites that are photographs of my posed stuffed animals (A stuffed octopus vs. T-Rex puppet game seems like such a grand idea)
  3. Tentacle physics

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