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A Teaser Release!

Apparently I was up until about 2:00am whipping my code into shape just so I could share the introductory portions of Alien Zit 2000. I've been having a blast drawing and singing and playing the jaw harp.

Download the Alien Zit 2000 teaser! You may also want to peek inside the data directory for a special MP3 surprise.

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For SpindleyQ: New logos

This is DrBlowhole20, i have made new logos for the site Glorious Trainwrecks and the new site Glorious Planewrecks.

They're on the attachments.

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Happy Fourth Birthday, Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com!

Hey, so guess what happened four years ago today? THIS SITE CAME INTO EXISTENCE IS WHAT. This is a thread to celebrate!


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random name generator

i got some good names. Ran it aboue 200 times and kept about half of the names listed. They're going to be used as actual games/titles/levels. This is going to be interesting.

It's such a rainy and cold day.... perfect for programming! ^_^


I'm good for anything that stops me from working on my master's degree.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Sonic and the Green Jogger

Game File: 

The disappointing sequel to Sonic and the Yellow Jogger! Features less content and one brand new level!

Sonic and the Green Jogger takes place aix million years in the future after the events in Sonic and the Yellow Jogger. Find Vector and help him locate the computer room! Jig around at high speeds! Avoid getting blown up! All this and less can be found in this horrible sequel that should have never existed in the first place!

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An event
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Attack of Bogon

Game File: 

A mysterious entity attacks. Can you reason with it and help save your people? (no)

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An event
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Color a Crocodile

Game File: 

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An event
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The deadliest cops alive.

I feel a bit left out since all my work for KotM #14 got lost so here's a little something to compensate. It's a work in progress of a Lethal Enforcers demake for the current TIGSource competition, done in the style of an LCD game which I had been planning to do for some time. It's a bit shoddy in places but that is what happens when you hire cheap Singaporean labor instead of doing it yourself.


Show Me The Money: The Remake From Memory: Abridged


Based on what I remember from my first completed game on Klik & Play back in the mid to late 90's. Multiple controls and rules for levels.
Collect money from your housemates to steal a spaceship to get back home to [not included] stop evil aliens from taking over. Eventually led to two completed sequels and one that was in the works. All of which have since been lost.

Level 1:
8-way movement = Move
Collect all coins to advance to next level.
Collision with enemies restarts entire level.

Level 2:
Platform movement = Move
Button 1 = Jump
Get to LEM to finish level.
Getting hit with asteroids restarts entire level.

Level 3:
Controls in-game
Button 1 = shoot
Shoot all asteroids to complete level.
Collision with asteroids restarts entire level.

Level 4:
Same as last level.
Get to Mars to finish level.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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