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You Have to Put the Spider in the Jack--O-Lantern


Can you beat SoftSoft's spookiest Puzzle-Adventure? It's tricky!

(Note that you'll need an interpreter to play this game, like Zoom for the Mac, or Windows Frotz for, well, Windows.)

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Pirate Kart 2
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Alienbill Minigame Advent Calendar


Over the past ten years I've been making lots of tiny games!

This year for the run up to Christmas I took 25 of the best ones, made sure they worked on modern browsers, and put them here: http://games.alienbill.com/advent/
One is unlocked everyday. (or if you know ANYTHING about javascript, you can hack your way and see them all now.)

I usually use Processing, but GloriousTrainwrecks was a huge inspiration, and a lot of these are from various KotMs and events here

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JDM games plot inventory

This is every game I've ever released to the Internet in any capacity in mostly chronological order. Asterisks mark collaborations.

UFO Invasion: Escape an alien spaceship*
Bob: The Adventure: (I don't remember)
Bob 2: A New Adventure: (I don't remember)
Ancient Castle of the Dogs: Escape the castle
Redcoats: Revolt*
Jack O'Lantern: Destroy an ancient evil

Night Conjure: Destroy an ancient evil
The Punctuation People: Kill an oppressive overlord
Parallel Universe: Escape a parallel universe
Zem!: Guide a lemming to an exit
Zem! 2: Guide a lemming to an exit

Zem! 2 Level Pack: Guide a lemming to an exit*
The Grand Mage: Destroy the evil Brotherhood

Darkwing Duck RPG: Defeat your nemesis

Uncle Frank's Barn of Happiness: Talk to Uncle Frank*

Zem! X: Catch a lemming

AdversiTurtle: Cause the most adversity*
Tetrovny!: Escape and make love*

About a Ball: Get to the portal

Watch Ducks: Watch ducks
Cat vs. Mice: Eat the mice
World Shmup: Defeat the soccer players and then defeat yourself with soccer balls
Portcullis: Don't kill the knights or the king
I Enjoy Being a Whale: Discover the world's secret after you've eaten what you want

Fall Free: Fall skillfully
Vector the Crocodile Walks Through Great Art: Walk through great art
Vector the Crocodile Is Chased by the Sun: Run away from the Sun
Vector the Crocodile Wants a Lot of Rings: Get a lot of rings
Vector Bros. the Crocodiles Escape the Warehouse: Escape the warehouse
Hammer Bro.!: Get to the castle
Devil Disco Dancer!: Get to the demon portal
Fank Sinatra in "River, Stay Away from My Door": Ascend the level to keep the river away from your door
Holiday Penguin Mania X: Get all the coins

The Adventures of Bulb Boy: Kill all the vermin
Demon Forest: Find the portal and escape
Wizard Forest: Betray and kill the wizards
Grizzly Golf: Put the ball in the hole
Watch Ducks II: Watch Ducks
ChickenFall: Land in a nest
Blondie: Dagwood's Spin-Off: Spin until your boss can't take it anymore
Koi Puncher: Punch koi
Demon Forest II: Escape
Catch the Bus: Catch the bus
Koi Puncher: Championship Edition: Punch more koi than the other guy
Owl Forest: Listen to owls
Fuck the Sun: Kill the Sun
Fuck the Sun II: Sun Lover: Die in the Sun
Watch Ducks HD Remix: Watch ducks
ChickenFall: ChickenCatch: Put chickens in the nests
Watch Ducks CGA: Watch ducks
Ghost Witch: Get to the exit
My Pet Thing: Take care of your pet thing
Andrew W.K.'s Passage: Live forever
101-in-1 Amaze-o-Kart: Get to the exit or get all the coins
ChickenFall: ChickenCatch: Friend's Edition: Put chickens in the nests with a friend
Witch Sisters in Lava Dungeon Rescue: Escape together
Tales of Whales: Get stars
Boulder Defender: Defend your tower
Duel in Concert: Piano Man X Tambourine Man: Appease a fickle audience
Bulb Boy Infinity: Survive and kill
Utter Nonsense Factor: Combat Pipe Game: Put the gels in the buckets
Super Sister-Finding Adventure World: Find your sister
Death-Defying Princess Groove: Dance
ZZInfiltré: Steal the documents
Super Dig Site Madness: Get to the peace flag
Shellmar's Shellulous Journey: Get a diamond
Jill of the City in Wrangler Denim and Shoes Enslavement Escape Adventure: Escape
Village Vampire Feast: Kill and surive
Pick a Political Winner: Decide which object grew the most
Caverns of Khron: Go through the caverns

Gardens of Time: Design Problem Solving


"Make a game based on the title of any talk scheduled for GDC (http://schedule.gdconf.com/)."
Several other people have already done this by now..
It's a gardening game.

Michael Brough
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Explaining my very LONG absence and how I will try to make up for it.

Well, it seems like I don't visit this website that often as it turns out. I have been doing a lot of stuff, but one thing that I don't do at all is developing the games. But, seeing that my first creation in MMF2, which is Bubsy in Yoshi's Island hasn't got a lot of attention from dear members in this website, which then raises the question do I even bother to create games if I don't receive any feedback? Couple of comments doesn't sound a lot for couple of games that I submitted here for everyone's pleasure, but I have other (un)finished games for store if anyone is interested.

But, as if I haven't told just yet, I have series called "James the Ball's Great Adventures", which follows red ball named James through wacky adventures in his quest to save the day. I have first game ready to be published, but I still need to make few adjustments here and there before I'll release it to the wild. I also had second game under production, but sadly it stalled to the final boss, but seeing that I hadn't too much stuff remaining to be made for second game, I would probably finish it in near future for everyone around here if they are interested.

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Spin Spinner 12: Donald Trump Edition 2.1

2015-11-28 19_49_21-Spin Spinner 12_ Donald Trump Edition 2.1.png

various peformance enhancements and bug fixes and feature additions and stuff

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Game File: 

Purple armor man is tasked with killing a dragon!!! Kill shit and go in portals until you are tough enough and there is also a dragon there at the time and then you win

I know grinding is a game design crutch but you can beat this in like two minutes, also I cared about getting the randomization right and forcing the player to reinitialize the map as a routine part of gameplay more than i cared about the game being good

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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Shoot em' up

Game File: 

warning: may be offensive to human

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Evil Path


RPG game with 4 ending story depend in your selection in game.

Ammar Alsharekh
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An event
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Prof. EagleEye 5


It's just another normal day with the Prof.,
until suddenly someone accuses him of not being our one and only Prof.
The following events quickly turn into the Prof's biggest quest yet...

-Jimminy crackers the Prof. is back
-More differences than in the first and third games
-Less differences than in the second and fourth games
-Credits designed by Jennifer Lopez
-Row row row your boat gently down the stream
-If you don't do it gently it might break
-You don't want that to happen do you

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An event
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