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nordic "jeepform" role-playing games are designed to encourage players to violate one another's boundaries, and the boundaries of the game itself, by forcing the players into uncomfortably personal territory. JEEPFORMER is an attempt to bring that dynamic into a klik & play game. as such, you'll need a partner - preferably someone who knows you well. a best friend or sexual partner is ideal!

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An event


Once, very long ago, in a copse of pretty little trees by a pleasant little stream, there lived a young fox by the name of ARGLEBARGLE. ARGLEBARGLE was not sly or clever like his fox brothers. ARGLEBARGLE mostly just wanted to bite things. ARGLEBARGLE's brothers would often chat up tasty-looking passers-by, luring them with their cunning into highly compromising and edible states. ARGLEBARGLE was not so keen on that. He mostly did okay anyway, though.

Then one beautiful fall afternoon, ARGLEBARGLE was killed by a hound. THE END

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The Dungeon Of Mild Annoyance


Note: Try installing RPG maker 2003 if game doesn't work.

This is the result of me trying to make an RPG maker game while simultaneously trying to learn how to operate RPG maker. The plot tries to mimic ihavefivehat's style (read: thanksgiving game, miss the point, etc) a bit. there are three "endings" so i recomend saving as soon as you open the interdimetional rift. Hopefully this RAR file actually contains a functional game.

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an event

Tue, Jan 22 2013 07:44 PM
01/22/2013 - 19:44
01/23/2013 - 19:44

this is an event.


go to that link to submit a game.

Games made for an event

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Scratch: the MMO

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I tried to do it quickly, but it's already got a few dungeons and quests. Two servers, try to use the 'Block' server if you're getting kicked out of the other. A rare item goes to the first player to get a 300-hit combo.

I'm planning to update it weekly.

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Pirate Kart 2

After Dark


Just playing with the editor & getting a feel for it :)

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An event
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Escape is a game I made especially for this event in 4 hours where you have to make a character escape the room full of traps. Hope you enjoy it!

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An event

Hunter in the Moons VII: The Missing Sword VII: The Eyes's Lights VI: Someone of Thorns VIII: The Sky of the Wings IV


The continuation of "Hunter in the Moons VI: The Missing Sword VI: The Eyes's Lights V: Someone of Thorns VII: The Sky of the Wings III", we present to you "Hunter in the Moons VII: The Missing Sword VII: The Eyes's Lights VI: Someone of Thorns VIII: The Sky of the Wings IV: The Next Generation II: Championship Edition IX: Turbo"

Click the sword button to attack. You can use potions any time as long as you have them. More than two opponents this time (much more).

In shop, you can buy potions and increase your power by spending XP.

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Pirate Kart 2

SSStop Me

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This is inspired by netgrind's SSSnake series (which was made into the compilation game Snakes on a Cartesian Plane). It was also primarily inspired by the "dreams" in Run, as well as DefeatMe.

Eat the yellow squares. Eating two yellow squares will create a new snake for you to control, turning the old snake into a looping obstacle.


Arrows - direct the snake. You can wrap around the screen.
Other keys - press when you die to restart.

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An event
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