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Apollo 11 - The Remake


Join the Apollo 11 in their journey to the moon.

Made for the “Dark Side of the Jam – A NASA Hosted Game Jam”.

Made by Gal Pasternak(@galman33) and Raz freedman(@Yinara100).

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(via offworld)

looks right up our alley! It's launching this month, apparently, which is weird because it seems to be flying largely under the radar for most folks.

Check out some screenshots and "kode" samples on their blog.

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The Self Esteem of Viovis

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An old file I found a while back, barely remember compiling the thing together but here it is for posterity. Some of it's from earlier times, aka 5 years back. Some of it was recently put together, aka 2 months ago. Might have some almost cursing so if you're offended by about to curses, then you'll probably play it anyway and be offended by it, as I did by my own product. In any case, enjoy the screenshot if you don't want to go through the "adventure" and such. Take care

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Avoid the other spaceships using the arrow keys

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Pirate Kart 2
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15 sketches

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15 games in ACK and Megazeux

1. Dungeon
2. Forest
3. Time Travel
4. Reading Rainbow
5. Mad Max
6. Robots
7. Alien Planet
8. The Cool Guy
9. Painting
10. Programming
11. Savage
12. Cut the Line
13. Mirror Self
14. Pancakes vs Waffles
15. Trainwreck

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Treachery most fowl

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You are a -COW-
To survive you must commit -MURDER-
Focus your -HATRED- on others to commit -MURDER-
-MURDER- all -COW- so you may live -TRAITOR-
Remnants of -COW- poisoned by -HATRED-
-COW- feeds upon -HATRED- becomes twisted and will -MURDER- the -TRAITOR-
Commit the greatest -CRIME-
Commit the greatest -ATROCITY-
All so you may live -TRAITOR-
Press space to begin the -ATROCITY-
Use WASD and mouse to commit -CRIME-


WASD moves your cow. Mouse aims the beam of hatred in the direction of the mouse pointer. Keep the beam focused on enemy cows to cook them alive and turn them into hamburgers. Do not eat the hamburgers or you will die. Enemies who eat hamburgers become stronger.

This is the first game I created for this site and the first Klik game I've made in 5 or 6 years.

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Bennett should not be making games to go on Pirate Kart II. Bennett should be doing his day job, which has a lot of deadlines coming up. Bennett should know better by now, but it seems as though he will never learn.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Destroy Your Home

Destroy Your Home.jpg

Enough is enough.

Fabien Porée
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Do you drive a fast car? Is it fast enough that you can fly away?
No, instead it's got infinite bombs to blow up everyone on the highway with. Don't get hit, or they'll go off in your car and blow you up!

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Pirate Kart 2
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