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Arthur's Dream of the Dragon and the Bear


This was put together in time for the Naked Twine Jam started by Merrit Kopas! The text I used is a modern translation, by one Brian Stone, of a poem dating from about 1400. There's plenty more information available under 'about the authors' for those curious! Fun bonus for GT: my official node map!

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Quest LEGACIES ... (aka my love letter to La-Mulana)

While it isn't much now... I've started work on a multi-screen adventure game the likes of Maze of Galious, and more famously, La-Mulana. Anyone who's ever played those games knows just how epic that they were... I'm hoping to capture some of that essence of what made those games so great.

While there's quite a few rooms (even a somewhat hidden 'secret' room), I think I have a ways to go before it's even remotely finished.

As a quick question, is there a limit on levels in TGF games? I don't wanna be partway through making an area only to run out of room...

Note that the hit detection when picking up the key in that one room is kinda finicky, I'll have to work on that.

EDIT: and a bit of trivia about the name, it comes from a series of crappy little 'choose your own adventure' style BASIC games I wrote in highschool... I'll admit it they weren't very good. :P

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Travel on a grand adventure into the great unknown. One young boy versus the fearsome POCKET MASTERS!

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The cat
who asylumed
the mouse
company has
the power of
the mouses,
but only
one mouse
survivor is
the only one
mouse named
Destroy him
and bring the
mouse company

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Cactus Block 2013

Hey everyone... I made a silly remake of my old KotM game Cactus Block over the course of today and yesterday. A few people here liked the original game, so I figured I should post it...

You can download it here. Move and jump with WASD and left click to create a block or cactus.

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You know what would be awesome?

A page that contains a list of every game that a user has submitted, like the one for the Pirate Kart, except every game. That would be awesome.

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Secret Road Gaiden: Secret Train

3DRad 2012-02-28 03-01-49-44.png

The new frontier.

Fabien Porée
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Klik & Compose

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Yeah. It's a sequencer made with games factory!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Tiny House: A Knytt Story

Victorian House.jpg

Tiny House is yet another entry in Sergio's "One screen" competition. Actually I think the due date for that has passed, but since I haven't seen him pick a winner yet I decided to make another entry, mostly just to pass the time. Again, seeing the one screen would probably spoil the fun, so I'm holding off on a screenshot. Instead, have this picture of a house I found in my pictures folder!

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