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Doodle Crap


The makers of Doodle Jump are threatening lawsuits against App Store developers who dare use the word "Doodle" to name their games. And a few critics have compared the main character of Doodle Jump to Q-Bert. Ergo... this.

I originally made this for a topic TheDustin made trying to encourage TIGSource forumgoers to pick up KNP, but it was locked by the time I got this far. =(

Quick one hour prototype. No scoring and the randomly generated levels are horribly unfair and impossible, but I don't think I care anymore.

DoodleKNP.zip617.5 KB
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Moving Maze.

So, er, whoops. I spent the weekend celebrating a birthday, but half bothered that I was missing the Pirate Kart Festivities. I was able to spend a few hours Sunday night trying to get SOMETHING done to contribute, and one of the ideas got finished: MOVING MAZE.

Then I come here to upload it and find out the fucking thing's this weekend anyway. I have plans for B, and C versions of the game for the Kart.


Moving Maze A.rar61.84 KB

Frustration Hockey

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Attack hockey drones with puck.
Get a high score.
Don't get eaten.

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SUSEA (underwater adventure)

I put together a new game today... was just fooling around with the klik'n'software, so don't expect groundbreaking gameplay.

You control a little crab who is trying to piss off a big angry octopus.
Try not to die for a long time to get a good score.

Featuring a soundtrack and sinusoidal text galore!

SuSeA_01.rar980.78 KB
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two games at once

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An event

Balloon pop

Real Estate Reaper


A small puzzle game, since I followed the two hour limit I really only got the tutorial in there but it should be an interesting minute or so. I may eventually come back and add more levels to this if I get around to it.

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Merry Coristmas, Sergio

merrycoristmassergio 1a.png

Christmas game for Sergio!

Of your requests I mostly just went with 'or draw all the graphics on paper' and 'dream world', and anything else that fits is a nice coincidence. Many mysterious errors in life and Unity appeared, but everything was overcome with no compromises :D

Hope you like my/your pretty game.

I've added Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Hopefully the lack of mouse control avoids the usual Mac and Linux errors.

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PlingPling Valley Lake

plingPling Valley.gif

I don't think it is beatable.
I learned a valuable lesson: Even if I want the table to be more visually representative than fun to play, I should still test the tables while I'm painting them. I ended up re-doing a lot of the visual work just because I wanted the ball to be able to move around.

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