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Run for your Life (KnP game)


evade the arrows as long as you can

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You are PARTY ROBOT! Your goal is to uhhhhhhh

Does not work in Firefox :( Definitely does work in Chrome.

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Try to hover the dot over the correct color to maximize score.

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Pirate Kart 2

Ornament Smash


I reskinned an Astrosmash example I made a while back. You're now blowing up XMas ornaments instead of asteroids, and shooting Santa/Elf/Mrs. Claus Heads instead of UFOs.

Use the ARROW KEYS to move your Orna-woman LEFT or RIGHT.

Throw candy with the SHIFT KEY.

Press UP to toggle autofire mode.

Press and hold DOWN to activate your Snowglobe Shield. This blocks everything, but has a limited battery. It will slowly recharge over time.

There are also powerups that let you throw more candy or move back and forth faster.

Enjoy and THANK YOU FOR PLAY! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season. :)

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Twitter's Branding Strategy

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Twitter did a thing that annoyed me (https://twitter.com/about/logos) so I made a game about it.
Use the mouse to control Twitter’s Branding Standards Weapon and destroy all symbols that fail to accurately uphold Twitter’s all-important branding values.

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We're almost two years old

Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com is turning two years old on the 24th of April (less than three short weeks!), and while I don't have the stamina to put together a Year Two collection, I am planning a little birthday surprise for all of you wonderful people. But it's a secret! Shhhh.

Frustration Hockey

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Attack hockey drones with puck.
Get a high score.
Don't get eaten.

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SSSnake (Meta)

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This snake version is weird. Took the longest and didn't really work design wise. pretty much the room your in and the sides you can go through are determined on the lit up segment of your body.

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An event
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ZZT Essentials: choas in the bummy 6004


In ZZT nothing is quite as it seems and rarely does it get a game that is just what is advertised. Smooth graphics, nice flow.. Good Storyline albeit bare basics.. Everything about this game oozes finesse. I mean, we're talking a hot little adventure.. It may be a little short.. This is no game of length. It is quick to play and easy in impressing. I don't know if the audience appreciated it as much as I did when I first saw it, but when I looked at it I saw Opportunity. It was almost as if someone looked in my head and said "what would he want to play if he was playing this?" and it was created simply to amuse me.

It's similar in to my style, but the lettering and graphics look a little more like what the company Dirrco (another day another description) would produce. This is really an adventure to impress all ages. It was also created in the course of a weekend and the time was well spent. When I was "competing" for the glory of the best entry I was doing the 24 hour ones.Who knows if Bummy is a pseudonym as this was his only release, but here we see a little bit of his chaos projected onto screen for the sake of entertainment. It's few times like these a background story would've been nice so I could have met up for his post-game meet n greet. Bummy, whoever and wherever you are, this Bummy's for you.

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