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Giraffe Game

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Here is a game in which you play as a giraffe and must catch strawberries as they fall from the sky. There's no negative events in the game, it's just a fun idea that sort of snowballed.

Certain sprites based on doodles my friend minkee drew many years ago.


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Twine RPG dot HTML


One day I'm like "could I make an RPG using twine and some Unicode square charachters to make an overworld? and what if it were like "The Walking Dead? but terrible?" And that's what this is

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Minestein 3D

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A mashup of Wolfenstein 3D and Minecraft. You can hit Enter/PageUp/KeypadEnter at any time to switch between editor mode and action mode. It's sort of a Wolf3D construction kit.

(If the default level takes a while to load, that's normal.)

Update: v1.02

Glen Forrester
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Parallel Holes: Championship Edition


An endless version of the game Parallel Holes.
Dodge those randomly deployed spikes for as long as possible!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Porting MMF2 Games to Flash with External Files?

So... I want to use the MMF2 Flash exporter to port Zambonis to Flash.

I originally structured the conversation engine to play external .ogg files in a convoluted way that basically generates at runtime the filename of the sound file to play for the current line of dialogue.

Is there an quick way to refactor this subsystem for the Flash exporter without, say, adding every line of dialogue into the game manually and creating a separate event for each sound?

(And for another game, it looks like there's little chance of Cellosoft's Text Blitter extension being Flash-compatible in the future, so without upgrading to Pro I'd need to fake it with active objects?)

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Game Maker Studio Standard Edition is currently free (as of 11/25/13)

So here's the deal. If you download the free version of Game Maker RIGHT NOW, and choose to have Beta access when prompted, you'll be able to get the standard edition for free. It'll ask you what version you want to use, and you click Standard and put in your email address. They'll email you a license....yay! I'd been holding out on upgrading because I am the cheapest person alive, but I got it for free so that's nice. $50 saved.

Here's the original link with a little more detail in the directions: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/124196

And here's where you can download game maker studio: http://www.yoyogames.com/studio/download

Merry, uh, Thankmasween eve

Twine: HTML5 sound macros

Here's version 1.1.1 of some Twine macros to play sound files with HTML5 audio.


These macros accept either strings or string variables as their first argument. I recommend you set the filenames to specific variables and then use those as arguments to the macros.
<<playsound "carolofthebells.mp3" >> plays the file "carolofthebells.mp3" from the start.
<<loopsound $heartbeat >> starts playing $heartbeat, over and over. Note: currently browsers are not that good at looping audio seamlessly - brief silences between loops may occur.
<<fadeinsound $heartbeat >> is identical to loopsound, but fades in the sound over 2 seconds.
<<unloopsound $heartbeat >> makes $heartbeat no longer repeat when it finishes.
<<stopsound "birds.ogg" >> stops playing "birds.ogg". When <<playsound "birds.ogg" >> is used again, it will start from the beginning.
<<fadeoutsound "birds.ogg" >> is identical to stopsound, but fades out the sound over 2 seconds.
<<pausesound "trees.ogg" >> pauses "trees.ogg" at its current location. Use <<playsound "trees.ogg" >> to resume it.
<<stopallsound>> stops all the sounds.

Important instructions:

  1. This macro does not work if you have ROT13 obfuscation enabled in StorySettings - sorry.
  2. Included with the macros is a script that will preload all of the music files as soon as you begin the game. It does this by searching through all of your passages for anything that resembles a music filename - a string in either single or double quotes that ends with ".ogg", ".mp3", ".wav" or ".webm". Then, it will attempt to load that as a file. I consider this to be simpler and more desired behaviour than explicitly requiring you to put preloader macros at the start of the story, but bear this in mind when you write passages.
  3. For legal and free software advocacy reasons, the Apple and Microsoft browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer) do not support OGG format, whereas the cross-platform browsers (Opera, Firefox) do not support MP3. (Google Chrome supports both.) So, you may have to include your music file in both formats. Give each of these files the same name ("ghost.mp3", "ghost.ogg") and store them in the same directory. You only need to <<playsound>> one of these files - if it can't be played, the other one will be used instead. If you only have the music in one format, consider opening the file in Audacity and saving it using "Export as..." in the File menu.


  4. For short sound effects, it would be safe to use "wav" format for them, but be warned - Wavs don't work in Internet Explorer. So, you may need them in MP3 format too. Again, provided both are available, you only need to use one of them in your <<playsound>> macros.
  5. Implementation-wise, this creates an object, "macros.playsound.soundtracks", which stores Audio objects for every found sound file. I'm not sure if this is the most usable method just yet. This may change in future versions.

There's a lot that can be done to expand on this. Something I might add is a way to bind looping sounds to a specific passage tag. So, you could perhaps write <<tagsound "trees" "Howling_Monkeys.mp3">> and then give a passage a tag of "trees", and it will keep looping "Howling_Monkeys.mp3" if you're at such a passage, and stop it when you leave. Also on the list of possibilities: support for base64-encoded sounds (which no one except me will ever use).


Regard this script as public domain using CC0. I don't really care for attribution - if you're using Twine, you're already running code I wrote. It's welcome if you want, but entirely optional.

Version history:

  1. 29-9-14 - Added CC0 "license".
  2. 29-9-13 - Fixed bug where <<stopallsound>> would crash if one of your sounds wasn't loaded correctly (+ maybe other situations).
  3. 4-3-13 - Added <<fadeinsound>> and <<fadeoutsound>>. 1.1.1 edit: No longer force-restarts or force-starts music that's already looping/stopped.
  4. 15-2-13 - Now play and loop no longer explicitly reset the position to the beginning, so playing something that's already playing won't cause it to reset. (Use stopsound to do this on purpose). This also fixes a bug with the back and forward browser buttons.
  5. 15-2-13 - Initial.
Feel free to report any bugs to @webbedspace.

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I made a game about fighting other people in the desert with guns with only one bullet in each of your guns.

First Player to shoot the other wins. Fireworks give you your one bullet back.

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26 Pong

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Pong for 26 players.

Had problems getting it working under Windows as a projector (it's Flash), so I just uploaded a zip with the SWF and HTML, which, I think, work better. Eh.

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