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Space Surfers

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Space Surfers is a side-scroller where you control a Space soldier, equipped with a flying surfboard and should survive as long as possible in the middle of the enemy territory, accumulating the most possible of points. something like a mix of River Raid (Atari) and Contra (NES).

In addition to the standard weapon (with infinite ammo), there's more two temporary items that can be found in the scenario. The player loses when he lost the five initial lives (without the possibility of getting more lives during the game). The highest score achieved in the game is stored in the main menu.


*Left mouse button - Use the selected item
*Right mouse button - Controls the character
*Middle mouse button - Pause game
*Scroll mouse - Change item

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Alladin really hates penguins! He hates them so much that he's going to kill them with the fast food industry somehow! AND YOU GOTTA HELP HIM! Use the mouse to murderdeathkill some penguins, bro!

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Pirate Kart 2
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The Virtual Swordsmen

Dessgeega asked me to update this game I did for a KOtM some time ago for her Babycastles shindig which I heard went down well. So here it is for everyone else to play because why not. Two player only as per usual and it actually has sound for a change.

tvs2.rar252.01 KB
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Omelette Avec Whatever


I didn't make it for this event but it fits really well. I probably wouldn't finish it the way I originally planned by 17th so I did what I did there.

This is a game about cooking as you can tell. In rpg maker 2003. Not bad.

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An event
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A Quick One (Knytt Stories)


Here is a short, simple Knytt level. I tried to stretch myself a little, narratively speaking, by telling a story with as few words as possible, but I don't think I was entirely successful. Oh well!

Trivial trivia: This is not the first level I started that takes its title from a Who song, but it is the first one that I finished! Also, note that the song and level have absolutely nothing besides the title in common. (I think.)

Edit: Fixed a really obvious void. Like, dang girl, what was I thinking, leaving a void like that unaccounted for?

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In Post-Apocalypso, you play the role of Harry Belafonte, last surviving human. What would you do if you were the last person left alive, and also the man who made the Banana Boat Song into a smash hit in 1956? Find out, in this open-ended first-person adventure game with three distinct endings!

You can right-click to change your cursor. I probably should have put that in the game somewhere.

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Killer Glasses from outta space

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18 MB? holy fucking crap. i am terribly sorry for this big ass file size. if i knew how to code flash games this would definitely be smaller but oh well. it isnt worth it at all but feel free downloading it if you dont have anything better to do anyways.

oh yeh about the game: glasses are attacking the city. the mayor has asked you to get rid of them. thats the whole story. exciting i know.

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An event
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SUPER MYSTEERILUOLA: Solitude of Circumstantial Preferance

ML 3.png

The New Part In The MysteeriLuola Series Brings A Totally New Interface And New, Interesting Puzzles! Solve The Puzzles Of The Sewers In Order To Beat The Evil Wizard Urist McWizard!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Glorious contributor from a far away community


Hell yes, supernova is here! In my past I develop professional looking fangames, but this starts to bore me. So I started to make joke games for fun because I'm lazy and bored. I hope I will contribute a lot here with randomness and I hope instead creating a glorious train wreck, possibly a glorious plane wreck. (Not meant by the possibly-not-so-glorious plane wreck couple of weeks ago in California)

And that screenshot I posted is based on my first joke game where Mario took a vacation in Mexico.

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