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Clickteam Fusion

I got Clickteam Fusion 2.5 from the current HumbleBundle. I'm interested in getting familiar with it for fast prototyping. there are far fewer tutorials for Clickteam than there are for Unity and I like to look through tutorials and follow along. If anyone comes across good ones or happens to make some, please tell me so I can check them out.


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probably the worst game here, and I submitted it under the wrong event thing because themed trainwreck thursdays wasnt there. wah. hope you dont mind yo. piece out.

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This Is Not Thirty Levels


It's a sequel to This Is Not A Level! I'm prouder of this one, but that could just be the elation of 30 hours without sleep talking. The music is from She Screams by oddlogic. The challenges are all original this time (or subconsciously plagiarised).

Using Knytt Stories Plus is strongly recommended, but not compulsory.

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Trainwrecking Guide

So you want to make your own trainwrecks, huh? This portion of the wiki contains various resources that help you acquire the tools you need to create amazing non-masterpieces within minutes! If you're looking to get more out of the trainwrecking tool of your choice, there are guides for that, too! Regardless of your experience level, there is something here for you!

Tools of the Trade

Learn about all the available game-making tools and how to set them up!

Forum topic: Grand listing of tools

Klik & Play
The Games Factory
Multimedia Fusion 2
Game Maker

KNP:Running On a 64-bit OS


Get up to speed in a matter of minutes!

Learning KNP FAQ

Tips and Tricks

So you've mastered the art of throwing Yellow Joggers into your game. What's next?

KNP:More than Two Fire Buttons
KNP:Spreading a Value
KNP:Notes on Timer Events

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The Super Mozart Adventure

bandicam 2013-07-22 10-04-42-904.png

WARNING: I have posted the mirror to the game link because i have slow internet, don't kill me for that plz.

Finally, the game has arrived, with awesome features like:

: Over 60+ cutscenes!
: Over 300+ frames made!
: Improvered gameplay!
: A crossover!
: Long storyline!
: Spoofs!
: Inspiring SHPDMBGWL4 (kinda) and Black Squirrel!

Guide Mozart in a world of randomness and a nonsense adventure, with characters seen in the Klik n Play series and even the other games made with the clickteam games, minigames, best moments, friends to save, etc.

Version 1.2 adds the following features:
-Easier versions of: Level 4-3, Level 8-2, Level 8-3, Level 9-1, Level 14-1, Level 14-3, Level 15, Level 16-1, Level 16-2, Level 16-3
-Removed Mode 7 Ex object to make the lag gone.

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Bug Swatter / Zombie Crusher

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I've been playing a lot of Wario Ware DIY lately. It only lets you use one 'button', to tap your DS screen with the stylus or click a cursor using the Wii remote. A lot of the games introduce more complicate controls by throwing in a load of virtual buttons, so you can tell your character to move and jump and things. Personally, I find this very irritating!

So I made a game about it.

The objective of this game is to fight off an endless tide of zombies. You can only attack by playing an utterly unneccessary minigame on the bottom half of the game screen. Click on the roaming bugs to make the karateman punch; punch zombies to stay alive. What could be simpler?!

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Delegation Hybrid Layer$


Game file is 545k, Spent a good chunk of time on it. Some drawing with a mouse, some drawing with a tablet. Here's a more relevant image to the game, an alt if you will as well as the original if you must:

Do check out the Delegathls Official Accompaniment Guide if you feel a little lost or just want more extras. My imaginary crowdfunding reached the appropriate goal and these are the awards for early adopters. Also included is an official OST. I could link to those too individually but you can scroll down if you want jams and tunes made by buffoons which may or may not be appropriate with the included adventure. It is your choice how to enjoy it.

Enough with the introductions and start checking out the doors if you wish. You don't have to. Glance at the Delegathls Official Accompaniment Guide though if you've got time. I spent longer on it than the game. The glasses and vases and cat aren't me though. That's from the clipart gallery of ascii in the program jave5.

Drawn using http://asdf.us/ascii engine thing.

Yeah you, you groovy outlet you!

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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Bfrye Coding Nightmare


You are sleepy, You have a game to make an everything is standing against you. It is your job to overcome the obstacles and make the game before the deadline hits. Face evil stars, cherries, your comfy pillow and being tired to finally make your dream game.

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UEFA Euro 2012

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Do you have what it takes to win against all odds? This is thrill sports football kick game goal score cup world cup europe UEFA gsklsd official game

Music is 'Maracana Green' by Garnegy & Maties.

Juliette Porée
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Tower of Mankind

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The tower is being destroyed, climb to the top to save your life!
This is more or less a "sequel" to my game Fate of Mankind, which was also included on the IGF Pirate Kart. If you haven't played it yet, try it out first!

Arrow keys to move and jump.

Leonardo Millan
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