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There are sharks that are doing drugs. That's not good! Sharks shouldn't be doing drugs! Stop them. Be the SHARK NARC.

Arrow keys move around, spacebar shoots. Some sharks will occasionally light it up, and if you see one doing it shoot them. If you shoot an innocent, YOU LOSE!

Be the best. Be the hero. Be SHARK NARC.

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Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #4

Sun, Feb 21 2010 09:00 AM
02/21/2010 - 16:00
02/21/2010 - 18:00

Is the regular Klik of the Month Klub at an absurdly inconvenient time? Then try the Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball! (Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball is open to all genders and time zones.) The Ball takes place at 4PM GMT -- check that link to see what time that falls on for you.

The rules are the same: You get two hours to make a game in Klik & Play. If Klik & Play is a hindrance rather than a boon to your creativity, feel free to dump it for the game creation tool of your choice. If you're new to Klik & Play, check out our Learning KNP FAQ.

It's no fun making games by yourself in a vacuum, so make sure to stop by IRC. Our server is irc.freenode.net, and our channel is #glorioustrainwrecks.

For more information, check out the N00B FAQ.

Sign up below to be reminded the day before the ball!

Games made for Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #4

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Sonic Teaches Finding the Computer Room: First Grade Adventures

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If Sonic doesn't find the Computer Room, then Earth will EXPLODE... for some reason.

Uses Noyb's samples. Also features "No Ears" Sonikku!

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Henry David Thoreau's Walden: The Videogame


I don't have the guts to complete this game. Do you?

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Pirate Kart 2
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So I've made more music than I have games on my current copy of Wario Ware DIY, and I figured I'd share it with you guys to use in future Kliks. Or just listen to it if you're a weirdo like me.

There's about 20 tracks, half are original works and the other half are arrangements of various video game music (mostly Mega Man and Mega Man X), so, yeah. Have fun.

I've also included some tracks I made in Little Big Planet 2's built-in Music Composer, which is mostly comprised of tracks I created for my brother's metroid-inspired level DELVE. Check it out if you've got a copy of LBP2 :O

Anyone else got any wacky WarioWare DIY music they've recorded and want to share? POST IT HERE!

WarioWare_DIY_and_LBP2_Music-Rynen10K.zip29.96 MB
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The Champion Pub

OK, so imagine a game in which mustachioed men in undershirts compete in bouts of fisticuffs in an old-timey pub. In between rounds, you play a mini-game where a row of men spit into the air, and you must move a spittoon back and forth across the screen to catch it.

Now imagine this game is pinball.

And in the middle of the playing field is this:

I'm a total sucker for old-timey fisticuffs*, and there just aren't many games where I can shoot a pinball at an ethnic stereotype's moustache to knock him out. This video has some good footage of the jump-rope minigame where you pop the pinball straight up into the air, as well as the actual fight with the plastic boxer itself. (Though they appear to have customized him a little with arm tattoos and a championship belt. )

Also, those links I've been dropping to the same hideous website with the horrible tiled brick background, irritating sound samples, and awful grammar? That's the official page -- the company owns the rights to Bally's pinball tables. So if you need a couple of plastic arms, a head, or a torso, you know where to buy 'em. Be sure to check out the apparently-officially-sanctioned "Champion Pub Story". Pinball fanfic? Who would have guessed?

* I totally just this instant realized that I need to post about Nightshade, one of the very few NES adventure game and the only adventure game I'm aware of to feature boss fights and a popularity meter. And, of course, fisticuffs with British caricatures in bowler hats.

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Mozart goes to internet


Mozart goes to Internet is a 5-part game made by Zecks, it tells about Mozart's adventures on internet which suddenly then he begins a big mess with information. The game inspires Super Hyper Paper Deluxe Mario Bros. Galaxy World Land 4 (SHPDMBGWL4) due to bad level design, but the rest of the game is great.


  1. Mozart: The protagonist of the series, he firstly discovered internet and then made a big mess along with Bartender.
  2. Bartender: Mozart's friend and firstly known him while he was in a bar. Surely he started making a big mess with Mozart.
  3. Skate Dude: The Toyland character and is Robbiebot's friend, he just skates around and he is the Intranet founder.
  4. Robbiebot: Is Skate Dude's friend and is Intranet's co-founder.


WARNING: The story contains spoilers.

The story begins when mozart gets the internet and he prepares to find information he's told, he enters the information highway which is a world of cyan bits going around the circuits and he says that his living quarters had became into a non-euclidean fashion but he will investigate to be a good person, entered another computer portal, he goes to the websites he traveled: Furniture, Sports and War. after the war section he goes out to the pc and goes to his orchestral band. The story continues in the 2nd game of the series: Mozart no Internet 2, in his bar, he says he's too late to stay on the bar because he wants to go in internet again, introducing his friend Bartender, they go to the other websites: Rave Night Zone, Garden Market Zone, Ejyptian History Zone (Mispelled as "Egyptian History Zone"), Horror Scary Zone and they reach to Toy Happy Block Toy Toy Zonday Zone until Mozart is closed in a cage and Bartender touchs the Clown Trap head as a mistake, Mozart is told at Bartender to don't touch the clown, Bartender lies and then Mozart says they're going to information hell soon, the site glitches and Mozart is free and they catch the portal, leading them to Information Hell, they start yelling each to them until Mozart had an solution to escape, he says he would reach all the 7 deadly sins (they were not in the 3rd game) and escape hell. The story continues in the 3rd game: Mozart Go Intranet III: Hell no Nazo, Mozart and Bartender reachs at Satan, he complains about that Bartender did have made a huge mess, the protagonist still yell each other, then Satan leads them to hell prison which they fall and get in hell prison, Mozart couldn't escape, but Bartender can fix this problem, he escapes the cage and goes to find the key, but he is surrounded from the satan clones, he gets to the other prison room, which finds the other kliparts (people) who has been caught with reasons, bartender then gets to more clones and gets to another prison room, he finds more people caught for reasons too, Bartender finally finds the key and guards starts to move fast and the laser securities were disabled, he reachs to the 3rd prison room but this time he finds clones that they were angry about the prisoners escaping, Bartender then reaches to the guards where the door leads, the satan guards says that the hell is collapsing because the prisoners escaped, Bartender then gets to a risky area where he has to save mozart, once he saved mozart, he goes in hell court and tells them until they said that they were sorry to sue the protagonist in internet, they get the time travelling car (from Back from The Future, i think?) and they found out the world outside internet is gone in apocalypse, until then 2 other heroes came to team up with Mozart: Skate Dude and Robbiebot, they were 2 hell warriors that they escaped the hell prison. The story continues in the 4th game: Mozart4: 4heroesoflight (or Mozart's World 4), the 4 heroes gets to a group against the information named intra net, the heroes discover a new internet traveling device which is a commodore 64 console, they discuss about the apocalypse and then they execute as Mozart.exe, BarTen~1.exe, Sk8rDude.exe and Robbybot.exe as they were viruses, they start retraveling with the Furniture website and they start by going on Dinosaurs, Pirates, Snow (or Winter), Gambling and then mozart finds out in a escapable void, which is the empty information, the 3 heroes came back to home and even mozart, he's worried that he would think his friends died, the 3 heroes discuss there's the gates that would lock to warp to another destination, the 3 other heroes goes with the 3 switches, Bartender reaches to the tower of the moving blocks, Skate Dude goes with a information which mixes the Apes and Videogame informations, and Robbiebot then goes on a bomberman-like cave level which he needs to destroy the stones who cover up his path to the portal, back into Mozart, he enters to the TV arena, but when he reaches to the portal, he finds out a fake portal and then gets killed by information itself as a truck, mozart gets unexecuted and his soul gets stuck into internet, mozart finds himself to another void which is in a dream (not mentioned in-game), he opens his eyes and founds out several monsters were going to catch mozart, Mozart tries to survive in the following segments: Evil Face's level, a mysterious level which a dust covers the road, he has to wait until the platforms appear, he finally goes to the garden but then caught by the other demons, he goes to a creepy eyeball cave and then once he enter the portal, the demons disappear slowly and then mozart gets back his soul, he goes back to home and the 3 friends found mozart again, they were not worried anymore, they bring the time travelling car and goes to find for information. The story concludes in the final game in the series: Mozart 5: Mozart Thru Time, Mozart and his friends get a news article where the soldiers in the past they were fighting information, they go back in the past to see them, the soldiers know Mozart and his friends but they were angry due to no reason, so they attack Mozart, they reach to the infocorp and bartender gets in a deadly obstacle, the security lasers, bartender ultra-carefully turns off the laser and his friends goes to find a computer, they contained files from information, Mozart goes in and investigate to the portal until then Clippy comes in and adverts the robots to attack his friends, Mozart goes out and then survives the robots for some seconds, the door opens and the friends goes to a dark path to reach the elevator (not mentioned in-game), they finally reach to the elevator and press the red nine button, they reach to the top floor and mozart investigates the robots, the heroes finally reach another area where they will execute under the portal, they then get stuck to a door zone where they need to find the door where they lead to a portal until then the room turns to information, they enter and then get stuck in a atomic structure of the information, finally the heroes reach to the tower of information, and then Mozart tells that he would miss his friends if he fights information, Mozart sues information and the battle begins, after the battle, Mozart gets stuck to the information tower and the friends miss mozart, the story ends as the text says: And so the infomation was rebuilt.
Skate dude, Mozart, Bartender and Robbiebot became heroes in history. World prospered and became technologically advanced. Everything seems peaceful to long, long in the future. At least everyone hopes. But SD and BT kept wondering, could Mozart still be there somewhere? Maybe...


The game is made with many platform levels and challenges, few are some adventure-type levels and one is a bomberman-ish level in the 4th installament.


1st Episode

1. The first stage is just Mozart going back home when he gets internet and then he goes in the pc.
2. Information Highway: The first level ever under the PC in the game, there are some squares going around the cyan lines and some invisible walls.
3. Furniture: A house level with some furnitures as walls and some invisible stairs.
4. Sports: A stage full of sportive things.
5. War: The final level after 4 short levels, there are war elements undergoing.

2nd Episode: Doukutsu Monogatari

1. Rave Night Zone: A disco-like level.
2. Garden Market Zone: A garden-ish level.
3. E(j)gyptian History Zone: Not actually a egypt level, some indian totems are attached on the level and everything is indian.
4. Horror Scary Zone: A horror-themed level, a dracula is in the top and there's a zombie, being the first enemy ever in the trilogy.
5. Toy Happy Block Toy Toy Zonday Zone: The final level, it's a toy zone which in the end, you touch the clown trap face, going into hell. (This level is a full reference to Toyland.)

3rd Episode: Hell no Nazo

All of the levels are supposedely to be set in Hell.

4th Episode: 4heroesoflight

This game is first to have more than 5 levels.
1. Intranet: The level which is Skate Dude's HQ.
2. Furniture: The same furniture level, but it is wrecked.
3. Dinosaurs: A level based on the dinosaurs era, it is the first level to have a objective before going to the next level: bring the chicken leg on the t-rex that appears near Skate Dude if you try to go near the t-rex.
4. Pirates of the Carribean: A level which is not based on Disney's the pirates of the carribeans, this level is medium to complete due to the swashbucklers going around the ship.
5. Snow: The super easy level.
6. Gambling: The gambling level, it is glitched.
7. Void: The level where is Mozart stuck in the void and needs to escape.
8. Tower of Blocks: Bartender's level, he needs to climb the moving blocks to slow to faster.
9. Skate Dude's level. A random ape-mixed level.
10. Cave: Robbiebot's level. He has to destroy all stone walls by using his bombs.
11. TV Arena: Mozart's level. This is where Mozart has been caught by Information and killed.
12-18: Demon levels.

5th and Final Episode: Mozart Thru Time

Almost all levels are hard.
1. The Parren Pattlefield: Mozart is caught by the soldiers who are also attempting to defeat Information. This level is notoriously hard to beat due to turrets shooting fast.
2. Laser Area: Bartender must shut down the laser by going through another hard level composed of lasers.
3. Windows: A windows-themed level, this level is also hard due to a issue with walls. Once mozart tries to go in the monitor, Clippy guards it and alerts the robots.
4. Bot Escape: Another hard level, you have to survive the bots in 31/30 seconds, if you hit from a bot, the time adds to 3 seconds.
5 and 6. Information Pipe Zone: Mozart and Skate Dude must go through the maze of dangerous information bits.
7. Elevator: The first "different" minigame, it's simple that you have to press 8.
8. Bot Escape 2: Another level with more bots, altough these bots are hard to avoid.
9. Random Door Level: Mozart and his friends are on a random door level, each one of the doors he does go to another door.
10-14. Bizarro: A level with some information lines which fades away.
15. Tower of Information: The final levels, this is the main antagonist's fortress.
16. Information Battle: The last level ever in the trilogy, and also the only one boss battle in the series.


There's a sequel based on the series named The Super Mozart Adventure made by DrBlowhole20.

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The Prequel to BUTTON MASH BOSS BATTLE....Sorta....Not really. No.

And yes,I made another game. Yay.

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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010
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its a game. maybe.
you might play it or you might not.
witness as zecks games in'cs hits the "art game scene" like an atomic bomb into hiroshima

the supposed gimmick joke itself is unfunny just try and enjoy another one of mine gameses

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