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FallingThing is a super simple and totally original game - you're falling from somewhere, and you must dodge all the somethings in your way somehow (by using the arrow keys).

Conceptualized, learned XNA, coded, arted and sounded within the two hour guideline.

Jesse Burstyn
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Jogger Pool

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play super realistic digi-video interactive Pool with your favorite athletic klipart runner(s)!

I really just wanted to bump the Pirate Kart game count up to 1006 at the last minute. that's exactly half of 2012! 50% of the promised content, 1006% of the promised rhinoceros-ness!!

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Trainwrecking Guide

So you want to make your own trainwrecks, huh? This portion of the wiki contains various resources that help you acquire the tools you need to create amazing non-masterpieces within minutes! If you're looking to get more out of the trainwrecking tool of your choice, there are guides for that, too! Regardless of your experience level, there is something here for you!

Tools of the Trade

Learn about all the available game-making tools and how to set them up!

Forum topic: Grand listing of tools

Klik & Play
The Games Factory
Multimedia Fusion 2
Game Maker

KNP:Running On a 64-bit OS


Get up to speed in a matter of minutes!

Learning KNP FAQ

Tips and Tricks

So you've mastered the art of throwing Yellow Joggers into your game. What's next?

KNP:More than Two Fire Buttons
KNP:Spreading a Value
KNP:Notes on Timer Events

Snail Racing

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Try to pick the fastest snail in this exciting race!

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Pirate Kart 2

Introduction to Kliparts

Type: Graphics
Level Difficulty: None
Objectives: Learn who are these kliparts.

This tutorial introduces Klik n Play's LIBS, with detailed categories and characters.

3D Objects: This category includes 4 objects which are the apple, bubbles, helicopter and a molecole.
Backgrounds: There are backgrounds which includes borders, old maps of the world, etc.
Vehicles: There are vehicles such as boats, cars, etc.
Game Objects: There are games useful for board games, language select, etc.
Dinosaurs: Dinos, nuff said.
Monsters: Nuff said.
Pinball Objects: Things for your pinball games.
Powerups: There are parts for your mech and capsules.
Space: There are stuff who comes from space.
Projectiles: Useful projectiles for your games.
Textures: Some useful textures.
Lasers: Same than Projectiles, but they're big.
Boss Sprites: The homage to Evil Face. Includes few boss sprites.
Objects: Something for items.
Bricks: Bricks for your breakout games.
Toyland: The sprites from toyland which includes: Skate Dude, Soldier, Clown Trap, etc.
Special Effects: Things that have random animations like effects.
Music: Musical stuff and characters.
Elements: Elements like fire, water, earth and wind.
War: Nuff said.
Animals: Nuff said, yet again.
Sports: The homage to Yellow Jogger. Includes sports.
Characters and People: Famous characters from fairytales, workers, etc.

This list is WIP, Anyone can finish this list.

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Mr. Spleen returns!

This time you work in Mr. Television's animal-scorching factory!

Name the animals before they die!

This was made in approximately three hours due to some distractions. I apologize.

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Santa is Sick

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Santa is sick and it's up to you to deliver his presents. up and down moves, avoid the naughty biker dudes and deliver the presents to the good boys. don't let any of them escape without a treat!

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By far the most expensive Glorious Trainwreck ever produced, WATERMELONS: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: PART I chronicles the meteoric rise to prominence of the humble watermelon as a source of entertainment, opening with its glamorous beginnings as an essential comedy prop. Experience the thrilling techniques employed by the greatest entertainers in the world firsthand in WATERMELONS: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: PART I!

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Pirate Kart 2
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hi, do people still read these?


i've been working on this löve-based game making tool for a little while now. i wanted something i could use to slap games together with, inspired by knp, megazeux, and more recently ragzouken's kooltool


  • painting! with a couple of nice little features for making tilesets, and onion skinning for animation. severe lack of flood fill, though.
  • the beginnings of a rudimentary robotic-esque scripting language, with super-modern features like goto statements
  • it's fun to drag things around and then jump into testing things, i guess??

i was hoping for it to be a little more finished before the secret santa stuff started so i could use it in that, but there's still some vital things i want to add!

  • actually implementing controls
  • a basic fm synth thing for sound effects
  • copy and pasting for tile editing
  • filling out the scripting thing: displaying messages, jumping between maps, etc.
  • generative things. palettes. sprites. names.

if people are interested, i'll release a version of this thing eventually, maybe even with a game. and my embarrassing made-up-as-i-went-along interface and code! are there things you like in game making tools you think i might have missed?

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