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stanley melberg: enchanted accountant

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a game.

arrow keys, particularly up.

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An event

Minor Celebrity on the Red Carpet

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Talk to the celebrities on the red carpet to try to raise your status. Be warned, the celebs might ignore you (especially if they're A-list). Raise your status to 50 before the awards show begins and you'll get your name in the magazines!

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An event
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Alladin really hates penguins! He hates them so much that he's going to kill them with the fast food industry somehow! AND YOU GOTTA HELP HIM! Use the mouse to murderdeathkill some penguins, bro!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Pre-Glorious Trainwrecks Trainwrecks


Before I came to Glorious Trainwrecks, I had stumbled upon the 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart. Well, it inspired me to make some of my own trainwrecks. Most of those can be seen here now. The games:

Carpet Rider: Like Strong's "Ride an Elephant", except that falling off means death.

Computer Adventure: Experimentation with annoying gameplay gimmicks. If you hit the floor or walls too hard, you have to restart the screen.

Horse Kong: A remake of the arcade game Donkey Kong in Klik & Play using Klipart. It also features some rather ear-piercing sound effects done by my voice!

Minimalistic Game: It's a game!

Minimalistic Game Panther: It's a game! Costs $449.99 to upgrade. Sorry, no special upgrade pricing for older versions!

Super Puzzle Fun: I made this to show that Klik & Play *cannot* be used to make a decent puzzle game. At least not with the built-in movements... or something like that. Glitches abound.

Super Puzzle Fun TURBO: Super Puzzle Fun on crack. For reasons unknown, the game will sometimes think you've flooded over the top when you actually haven't. Sorry, couldn't figure out what caused that glitch.

Robbing Hood: Actually kinda fun. You must stab a bunch of jesters using your mouse-controlled and spazzed-out Robin Hood. The jesters shoot false teeth at you which will cause you to explode. This explosion sequence is probably not meant for older computers, as it's pretty slow even on my system.

Trombonist vs. Cat: Inspired by The Incredible Machine. Did you know that if you hit Curie the Cat twice in quick succession, you can sometimes get her to flip upside-down? Now you know.

PreGTTrainwrecks.zip4.3 MB
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Astro Runner

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Your astronaut friend has gone nuts and is chasing you with your own spacecar! You'll have to run away or else you'll become a pan cake! Mash buttons like krazy!

disclaimer: im pretty damn fast at button mashing so you may have a very hard time beating the last level

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Pirate Kart 2
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R is for Pirate

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Arr Arr Revolution

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Pirate Kart 2

Gnomus Maximus


TO: Flavius Maximus
FROM: let-off studios

I built a platformer adventure for you. Hope you like it! If you'd like a Flash app version, just let me know and I'll do my best to come up with one for you. But this release is currently a standalone EXE version.

Anyone with feedback, please let me know. This is like my first honest attempt at a platformer, and definitely my first attempt at using the Platform Movement Object/PMO with Multimedia Fusion 2.

This game has grown a lot since it's been first posted here! For a full change-log, reference the README.txt file in the downloadable archive.

Hope everyone makes the most of the New Year. :D

let-off studios
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An event
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Wall Jump Time Sphincter (episode 3)


The next stage in the epic Wall Jump Time Sphincter story.

Play the previous episodes here, here, and here.

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An event

Falling Stuff

Game File: 

Use the arrows or A and D to avoid stuff!

This game, as well as Questions, was mostly for warmup.

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An event
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In this game, YOU will WATCH DUCKS from a PARK BENCH.

WATCH the DUCKS and get POINTS! The game ends when you hit ESC! Get as many POINTS as you can!

Keep an eye out for special GOLD DUCKS!

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Pirate Kart 2
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