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Okay the verdict is in. Now it's official: I'm insane. I've tested this game WITH headphones still you should consider yourself warned: The music is... I don't even...certainly doesn't sound like Skyrim but whatever. Every time I whistle the Skyrim theme it ends up sounding like Pirates of the Caribbean anyways so whatever

btw this game doesn't contain arrows nor knees. sorry

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Yong Yong's Revenge


Yong Yong's Revenge!

First off, what is Yong Yong?

"Yong Yong is believed to be the name of a pirate developer that has developed numerous games for portable Nintendo systems, namely the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Their games are notorious for being of particularly poor quality, particularly the music, even when compared to other pirate games, as well as most of them being strikingly similar in design and gameplay." - BootlegGames Wiki

This is a spoof of their terrible games, so watch out! It sucks!

This was a very long project (Started on the 'PGC Forums') and took over a year to complete, because I suck at making games. :P


Plot: RobGBA finds the rarest pirated game known on eBay, and gives a HUGE bid! Later on that week, it arrives, and oh boy, it was the worst game ever, worser then Sonic 06! Even WORSE then bloody ET for the 2600!

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An event

Walls of Boom

Walls of Boom.png
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Evade the walls if you don't wanna BOOM!

Diego "Shackhal" del Solar
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A Terribly Fast World

A terribly fast thumbnail word.png

a 3d game
use wasd to move and space to jump
songs used :
borat songs
ievan polkka
two tracks by bulfú
tiny tim
can you feel the sunshine
some tracks made by me
russian city ambient sounds

special thanks to :
jake clover ( inspiration )
tom van den boogart ( inspiration )

thanks for playing this took one whole week to be made :)

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Screenshot of ZZT (link to an image thread)

This thread (NSFW, very image-heavy) might be of interest. I planned to skim through the entire archive of ZZT games (about 3000), taking screenshots as I plowed through. I didn't have the stamina though, since for every good ZZT game there are 100 so-bad-they're-practically-unplayable ones.

Anyways, ZZT interests me because it had a level editor comparable to what you'd find in something like Sokoban or Lode Runner, with the addition of up to 150 scriptable objects per screen (20,000 bytes per screen, 250~k per game file.) This is more than enough to make a simple adventure, but not enough to go utterly crazy with the scripting system.

The beginning of the thread is mostly my screenshots of crappy games interspersed with pictures from 'art collections' when I couldn't take the horror any longer and needed a break. Later on, others contribute more interesting pictures from a set of better crafted games. I wish I had kept track of authorship, but I guess it doesn't matter that much.

The images were mostly taken in the Summer of 2007, I think, but I gave up on the project in February. In retrospect, the snapshots of message boxes were a bad idea ... much less interesting than actual pictures.

Beyond ZZT, I had similar plans to make screenshot galleries for other games with a lot of user content. But HUMBUG

Here are some samples:

What a Crappy Day to Have a Curse


The prequel to What An Awesome Night For A Curse.

Left/right = Movement

Avoid the fire from the dragon.

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Pirate Kart 2

Gold's Enigma

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my first game with klik n play :o)

Gold's Enigma

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An event



It's basically the beginning of a Metroidvania game about retrieving tacos. I didn't come further than that... but has a proper ending, promise!

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Nayuma Studios

Nayuma Studios is game studio, from the excellent gaming mind Kitoari. With 40 games under their belt, they have become a very distinguished publisher. They have made such hits as "Lemon Collecting Flower Adventure", "Survival Mode Series", and "Press X to not Die".

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Pirate Kart 2
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Terrible Sprite, catalyst, muse, stealer of free time


I drew this terrible sprite

and I haven't been able to stop laughing at it. A game needs to be made for this man with arched eyebrows, severely deformed leg and crabwalk.

I was thinking something along the lines of Castlevania 3, with visual nods to games from LJN, Software Creations, and Ultimate/Rare, but more specifically Ocean and their goddamn super white people sprites.

Okay, maybe that's not exactly what I'm going for. I will post later when I have a clearer idea.

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