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A More Perfect Universe (Ludum Dare-wreck)


Heavily obfuscated, possibly unfinished thing inspired by the Ludum Dare theme of Tiny World.

Mouse only.

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Mission: Fishin'

Game File: 

arrows: move
hold t: hook
hold r: reel in

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Detective Clean

Game File: 

yeah that screenshot has nothing to do with anything

play here:
http://ded.increpare.com/~locus/Detective_Clean/ (html/javascript)

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Slice of Life 5


This is an even more confusing version of the game Proper (glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/9719). Every version is different! Five uploaded, many more to go...

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A game about dogs having fun in outer space.
Gameplay made in one hour.
We asked a random stranger on Omegle for a theme, and they said "sex with animals".

Controls: arrow keys

Code/art - Eelfroth
Music - 0b111
Tools: Game Maker 7, LSDJ, musagi

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Raphael Chaton the Game


For my friend's birthday today.
Stencyl is pretty weird!

Juliette Porée
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Music and audio design for free!

Hey guys, I’m starting an audio design and music composition studio with some very talented musicians and engineers and we’re looking for a game developer to work with so that we can use the end product on our showreel. It’s a chance to get some really high quality music (of any genre!) as well as some publicity on your game for free.

If your interested just send an email to :)

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Ladies Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball

Hempuli's really depressed about falling asleep on his keyboard and missing KotMK so he and I are going to pretend it actually starts an hour from now and make some games.

(That's 10pm Beijing time because fuck your time zones.)

Any and all welcome to attend.

Chicken Farm{Ville}


So, I haven't participated in the Klik of the Month Klub in a while (I found it takes me closer to 10 hours than 2 to complete anything) but I wanted to share the game I created for a writing blog I collaborate on.

It's my reaction to FarmVille that I intended to make into a real game until I was sidetracked by awesome bugs.


It requires java and is about a 8MB download so give it a minute to start.

On a Scale from Zero to Space, this Game is Space


5 oz of Space
Pinch of Star dust
1 Warp Core
2 tbsp of Space Cocaine
Pinch of endangered asteroid
Add space prostitutes, to taste

-Mix all ingredients together.
-Throw the mix into the sun to cook.
-Go forward in time, to the heat death of the universe to receive completed product.
-Serves one.

Damian Sommer and Zoe Quinn
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