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Table Quiz

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Participate in the Table Quiz

Controls: Arrows and Space

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Pirate Kart 2
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Happy Birthday to You: a Knytt Story to be played on one's borthday


Happy Birthday to You is a game I was meaning to submit to the big Birthday Trainwreck Jam but didn't finish until quite recently. I was checking out some of my unfinished Knytt levels and realized my birthday was coming up soon, so I made the three screens it needed to be done, did some spit and polish, and voila! I consider the starting screens to be some of my best work, so much so I picked a screenshot from a later point in the level so as not to ruin the surprise. Somehow contains two endings despite being short as hell. Enjoy!

Healy - Happy Birthday to You.knytt_.zip2.13 MB


Hailing from Easter Island, weighing in at 20 tons, MOAI has entered the arena of game development. When he isn't working on 2-hour videogames he can often be found working on his longer term project, also a videogame. It's unsure whether he'll finish before the world ends in 2012, but he's certainly not going to let a little thing like an apocalypse stop him.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Staying Awake In Class Simulator

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You had a long night yesterday, and now have to sit through your English teacher reading some dumb book. Smash Spacebar to stay awake or face the dire consequences in this gripping simulation.

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An event
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Star Wars for the Famicom

... is quite something.

I didn't think old games like this were capable of having cloned player glitch-outs.

Also, might as well post these GIFs while I'm at it:

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moist_puckered_wookie_lips.gif2.6 KB
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Authentic Celestial Shiv

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Guide your Authentic Celestial Shiv through celestial space authentically in this high-speed scrolling gank-them-up.

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Pirate Kart 2

Trapped in a tower full of spikes


What, i can say?. its a KS level done in two hours, using two custom tilesets and a music file. :3

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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Shapetastica (random Game Maker experimentation)


So I decided to make a game for the TIGSource Assemblee competition, and in between working on it I've been messing about with Game Maker in order to improve my skills. Here's a simple shoot em up game that has come from that.

Left and right to move and Ctrl to fire.

Shapetastica.zip1.19 MB
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Stupid Flyguy

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First trainwreck I made within Linux. Not 100% sure if I broke the Windows side of things. Please use the multicore-fix-win.bat if you're on Windows, or multicore-fix-lin.sh if you're on Linux (expects you to have wine and taskset installed).

I had to leave early, so this game is a bit unfinished, but what's there is there.

Also, the sounds I included in here will probably drive you nuts.

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An event

T-Rex Saves X-Mas


T-Rex braves the wrath of the Coast Guard to ensure the holiday party is well-stocked with delicious seafood.

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