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It's Only Gay If The Balls Touch

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Pirate Kart 2
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slap happy baaby boy jest er insults the sun

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move your mouse back and forth and be sure to avoid the lasers when the time comes

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An event
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Pre-Glorious Trainwrecks Trainwrecks


Before I came to Glorious Trainwrecks, I had stumbled upon the 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart. Well, it inspired me to make some of my own trainwrecks. Most of those can be seen here now. The games:

Carpet Rider: Like Strong's "Ride an Elephant", except that falling off means death.

Computer Adventure: Experimentation with annoying gameplay gimmicks. If you hit the floor or walls too hard, you have to restart the screen.

Horse Kong: A remake of the arcade game Donkey Kong in Klik & Play using Klipart. It also features some rather ear-piercing sound effects done by my voice!

Minimalistic Game: It's a game!

Minimalistic Game Panther: It's a game! Costs $449.99 to upgrade. Sorry, no special upgrade pricing for older versions!

Super Puzzle Fun: I made this to show that Klik & Play *cannot* be used to make a decent puzzle game. At least not with the built-in movements... or something like that. Glitches abound.

Super Puzzle Fun TURBO: Super Puzzle Fun on crack. For reasons unknown, the game will sometimes think you've flooded over the top when you actually haven't. Sorry, couldn't figure out what caused that glitch.

Robbing Hood: Actually kinda fun. You must stab a bunch of jesters using your mouse-controlled and spazzed-out Robin Hood. The jesters shoot false teeth at you which will cause you to explode. This explosion sequence is probably not meant for older computers, as it's pretty slow even on my system.

Trombonist vs. Cat: Inspired by The Incredible Machine. Did you know that if you hit Curie the Cat twice in quick succession, you can sometimes get her to flip upside-down? Now you know.

PreGTTrainwrecks.zip4.3 MB
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Super Clipboard Charity Botherer 2: Bother Harder


Ever wanted to experience the highs and lows of being a charity botherer? Well now you can in Super Clipboard Charity Botherer 2: Bother Harder!!

Take to the streets of an accurately recreated UK town and hassle passers by for spare change by retelling your most heart wrenching sob-stories.

Caution: Game contains genuinely saddening stories about squirrels.

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An event

Breathtaking Triumphs

The people here make a lot of games. Some of these games are surprisingly good. Some of them are noteworthy experiments that didn't quite work out. Some of them are terrible.

And then there are those games whose releases were singular, seismic events. Ordinary men would never expect such results from a bunch of random people on the internet noodling around with Klik & Play, and yet, it is undeniable that these games provided a glimpse of genius.

Here are some of those games.

The 100-in-1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart

The 100-in-1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart is a collection of 105 games, all of which were made during a single insane 48-hour plunge into madness by 17 different designers. This legendary event was perhaps the pinnacle of human achievement. Placed 6th in the TIGSource B-Game Competition.

The Relationship Saga (captaincabinets)

Almost assuredly the first game-o-blog in the history of mankind, The Relationship Saga is a series of games chronicling Johnny Charisma's tumultuous relationship with Olya, from beginning to end. If there is any doubt in your mind that Klik & Play is a powerful medium for personal expression, The Relationship Saga will shatter it.

Xmas ADVENTure (PizzaTime)

A beautiful Christmas gift to the world, this Klik & Play advent calendar had a single room added once a day, from December 1st to Christmas day. Featuring gorgeous pixel art and gore behind every door, you play the role of Santa Claus with no pants.

KNP Tetris (qrleon)

Utterly indescribable; KNP Tetris must be played to be understood.

Tek Demo (snapman)

Every limitation you thought Klik & Play had is shattered by this incredible scrolling platformer. Be sure to download the cracked version, as the copy protection can cause your character to get irrecoverably stuck.

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Pretty Colour Invader Rally 3D

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3D sequel to Pretty Colour Crackdown http://kirkjerk.com/2009/06/21/ - but minus the shooting

As the 90s taught us, most hasty 3D sequels are not very good. But still I am not entirely displeased...

move the mouse to bring the Invaders to your 3D space cursor where they will rally about how much they love pretty colours

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An event

Call of Doodie: Modern Daycare

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Well, its not good in any sense of the word. ...or really done in any sense of the word...but its here.

You get the same ending by dodging the car for long enough and for crashing into it, I didn't have enough time to do different endings with 2 hours.

But yeah, move the mouse to dodge the cars whilst driving home to play the next totally new and original Call of Doodie game!

This was going to be a bit longer, so if anyone wants me to do all that I planned, I guess you could beg me until I do.

Made in Java instead of Klik and Play, because I'm an idiot.

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An event

Cigar Afficionado


I have seen this movie many times and am always extremely moved.

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