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Sorcerer Training: Lesson 4


The sorcerer's apprentice gains the power of Teleport...

Arrow Keys
Z to cast Fireball
X to cast Soul Asplode
C to Teleport

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An event

Survival Mode Hard Type: Code Ellena

Game File: 

Survival Mode, but harder because you're a stupid person with yellow hair. Arrow Keys + CTRL.

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Pirate Kart 2

"Fun Ship" and "I Kill All" - Even more KnP demakes


On the 23rd, a gamemaking duel was held on the TIGSource Forums, with the theme being "Demakes in Klik'n'Play".
And thus, two glorious trainwrecks saw the light of day...

Fun Ship is a demake of Messhof's Party Boat, made by me(genericuser).

I Kill All is a demake of Error-Free Software's Tapan Kaikki, made by Stargoat from the forums.

WARNING: Download these at your own risk; they may be dangerous to your health, your general sanity, and your pets.

Oh and if Fun Ship has wacky Greek text, just copy "Commodore 64.ttf" to "C:|Windows|Fonts".

I Kill All.rar127.17 KB
FUN SHIP.rar237.97 KB
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KNP Korner

Hey friends, I just wanted to hop onto your awesome Klik & Play portal and give a holler. It's cool to see other people are dedicating websites to the finest development tool around.

I don't quite understand your usage of "trainwreck" since most everything I've played on your site is crazy awesome, but I'm sure you mean well and silly linguistics could never hold a good game down! You guys might want to check out some of the games on KNP Korner, my site for KNP user submissions: http://knpkorner.googlepages.com

But more to the point, I wanted to know if any of you would be interested in cross-promoting your amazing software creations on my website. You'll receive full credit, of course, and I didn't want to host anything without permission since my site is most definitely not a warehouse or some other kind of shady racket. If you have a submission to the KotMK or something else that you think needs extra exposure ( I'm personally gunning pretty hard for "Cats II"), just send me an e-mail at or post your requests in this thread.

Stay frosty, KNP Kadets!

Slalom Invaders

Game File: 

Shoot the invaders without being disqualified! Use the arrow keys to move left and right.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Game File: 

Well, this game took a sudden turn from what it was originally gonna be lol.

Not gonna say much about this game, play it and find out ye.

Oh, one last thing; wait around a bit on the white screens.

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An event

Toe Jam and Earl Mission: Earhlrharhgllhbrahahrhglalhrhblarg

Game File: 

Don't trink too much coffee or this happens

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An event
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Hosted: El Loco Dumas


My online friend Arf made this thing years ago. I am uploading it here to save for posterity.

I'm not sure if I included the right cncs232.dll version. Oh well.

ElLocoDumas.zip911.12 KB
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Give it a try right from the comfort of your browser (Flash). Refresh if it takes too long to load.

It's interactive: try doing some swipes with the mouse.

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An event
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For ExciteMike: ExciteFlight


Take to the skies in ExciteFlight, a game for two players! Steal as much gold as you can from the sky, but watch out for the cloud gods trying to protect their treasure!

Press Enter to begin. The basics are explained on the title screen and in-game.

This should hopefully satisfy all of ExciteMike's wishlist items:

- being funny! (I hope)
- chasing (dogfighting)
- being chased (cloud gods)
- combos (your gold gets scattered when you die, I guess that's close enough to a combo system)
- unusual movement schemes
- speed increasing as you play (a bit hard to notice but it's there)
- momentum (turning is momentum based, but kinda hard to notice)
- not even being able to control speed at all
- multiplayer

As a bonus, it also features a soundtrack taken from Donkey Kong 94!

An explanation of the different Special Events settings:

None - No special events. Good for getting a feel for the game.
Random - The first two rounds don't have special events. All other rounds will feature either a cloud god or a dogfight, chosen at random.
Dogfight Only - All rounds are dogfights.
Cloud Gods Only - All rounds feature a randomly chosen cloud god.
Crazy - In this special mode, both dogfighting and the cloud gods are featured simultaneously!

Keep in mind that this game has had no actual multiplayer testing. I'm not sure how balanced it is, but I did try to make some careful design considerations, EG. the ammo spawns at a random time during dogfight events, so let me know if I need to tweak anything. It also might have one or two small bugs left, and I was hoping to add some more cloud gods/tweakable settings. I might continuously update this thing, but for now I think it's ready for initial release.

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An event
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