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I make games from scratch. Or should I say...with Scratch? ahahah

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Pirate Kart 2
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Foot Fault

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Foot Fault AKA I'm going to ram this fucking ball down your fucking throat.

Left and right to move, shift to ram a tennis ball. Hurt the linsewoman enough to lose the match.

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Pirate Kart 2
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originally made for ex-boyfriend.

considered one of my best creations.

things i stole to create this:
Text-to-Speech - http://www2.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php (I used Charles and Audrey in the UK English part)
Midis - http://www.tam-music.com/freemidi.html

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An event

Operation: Gluten Freedom


This is a kind-of-game used as an example of what MMF2 can do in a very short time. I created a shooting gallery example for a good friend of mine who needed something for his day job. Made in about three hours, but is completely playable and even includes a high score table! :D

Use the mouse to move the crosshair, and click the left mouse to shoot objects. Don't shoot the jar unless you want to lose points, but feel free to shoot everything else.

let-off studios
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An event
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Sonic Robo Blast 1


It's basically what started the whole Sonic fangame craze. Was made by Johnny Wallbank, who went by the monkier Sonikku.

Brief history, taken from the website:

Meanwhile, over in England at Sonikku’s school, many kids couldn’t understand why he liked
Sonic. "Sonic’s stinks, and Sega’s dead! No new games are coming out!", they
taunted. He took it to heart, and armed with MSPaint and Klik N’ Play, began work on a
game to prove them wrong, which later become known as Sonic Robo Blast.

Atrocious graphics, badly written Sonic MIDIs, and bugs everywhere. What's not to like? In particular, Sonic's sprite is an absolute classic. There's also a bug known as "killingdead" which means that you sometimes lose your rings even when you kill an enemy with your jump.

Latest version was built using The Games Factory, for those who are on 64-bit systems and/or using Wine. You'll need to download cncs32.dll, if you don't already have it.

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Hit The Targets Tennis

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This is a game where you can play it with 1 or 2 players! I might make some more levels, but this is it for now as I work on something else. 8-)

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Made For: 
An event
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Lynx Zzt Graveyard


It was always my hope to create mainstream looking games in and outsider language. Much like trying to hide the fact you created someting with print shop instead of photoshop. These are my attempts which I most likely will not finish.
Hopefully someone can find some value in them.

Dragon Warrior
Dragon.com (font file)
DW2.bat (run this)
DwLevel.hlp (acessible in game to keep track of level advences)

Dragon warrior was a huge untertaking including a huge number of enemies and with help from WiL a very sophisticated battle for any Zzt game. Colliding with world size retrictions and without the desire to split the worlds up the project was left abandoned.


A upgrades and defense style game. Don't let the goblins reach your castle. With a tax collection powerup available and several more in the original game plan.


A classic adventure RPG with puzzle elements set in the land of Darkworld. This game capitalized on the reasons why Zzt is so great. The power of simple ascii characters and Zzt's affinity for displaying text.

MLM Magical land of muggles

This simple puzzle game required the player to place himslef in dangerous places throughout the levels hoping to direct the muggles to thier hole without being destroyed. Only a tutorial board with simple mechanics and a world map comleted.

Dungeon Raise
Dungeon.com (font file)
Dungeon.bat (run this)

An attempt at a 3D dungeon engine in Zzt. This engine met with board size limits and would only accomodate a few objects and enemies. It could still work if I was willing to sacrifice game depth and length.

Future.com (font file)
Future.bat (run this)

Several different weapons were implemented in this multi-level adventure shoot-em-up.

If anyone has the desire to finish these games or has additional comments send me an email.
Or make comments in the comments section!!!


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An event
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Hey, let's have a thread listing all of the rapid game development tools we know about! I'll keep the list updated.

  1. Klik N' Play (free, terribly buggy, doesn't work on 64-bit, beloved by all)
  2. Twine (free / open-source, creates web-based text games with a nice no-programming GUI interface)
  3. Scratch (free, multiplatform, designed as an educational tool)
  4. Construct Classic (free, open-source, Windows, not really updated)
  5. Stencyl (free lite version, multiplatform, produces Flash games)
  6. Game Maker (free lite version, Windows)
  7. Ren'Py (free / open-source, crossplatform everything, great for visual novels, questionable for anything else)
  8. Inform 7 (free, creates multiplatform interactive fiction)
  9. Knytt Stories (free, Windows, flexible platforming level editor)
  10. Adventure Game Studio (free, games vaguely crossplatform, editor Windows-only)
  11. Multimedia Fusion / The Games Factory
  12. Construct (HTML5 output, free lite version)
  13. Processing (free, multiplatform, simple Java-ish programming environment)
  14. Unity (free, multiplatform, 3D, requires programming)
  16. BYOND (free, networked)
  17. VERGE (free, RPG-oriented, crossplatform)
  18. MegaZeux (free, textish, platforms?)
  19. ZZT (DOS, even more textish)
  20. Scrolling Game Development Kit (free, Windows)
  21. Scrolling Game Development Kit 2 (free, Windows)
  22. Ray Game Designer 2 (free, 3D)
  23. ZGameEditor (free, 3D, crossplatform, procedural)
  24. Novashell (free, crossplatform)
  25. DS Game Maker (Nintendo DS)
  26. AMOS / STOS (Amiga / Atari ST)
  27. Garry Kitchen's GameMaker (C64)

Anything else worth looking at?

Breathtaking Triumphs

The people here make a lot of games. Some of these games are surprisingly good. Some of them are noteworthy experiments that didn't quite work out. Some of them are terrible.

And then there are those games whose releases were singular, seismic events. Ordinary men would never expect such results from a bunch of random people on the internet noodling around with Klik & Play, and yet, it is undeniable that these games provided a glimpse of genius.

Here are some of those games.

The 100-in-1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart

The 100-in-1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart is a collection of 105 games, all of which were made during a single insane 48-hour plunge into madness by 17 different designers. This legendary event was perhaps the pinnacle of human achievement. Placed 6th in the TIGSource B-Game Competition.

The Relationship Saga (captaincabinets)

Almost assuredly the first game-o-blog in the history of mankind, The Relationship Saga is a series of games chronicling Johnny Charisma's tumultuous relationship with Olya, from beginning to end. If there is any doubt in your mind that Klik & Play is a powerful medium for personal expression, The Relationship Saga will shatter it.

Xmas ADVENTure (PizzaTime)

A beautiful Christmas gift to the world, this Klik & Play advent calendar had a single room added once a day, from December 1st to Christmas day. Featuring gorgeous pixel art and gore behind every door, you play the role of Santa Claus with no pants.

KNP Tetris (qrleon)

Utterly indescribable; KNP Tetris must be played to be understood.

Tek Demo (snapman)

Every limitation you thought Klik & Play had is shattered by this incredible scrolling platformer. Be sure to download the cracked version, as the copy protection can cause your character to get irrecoverably stuck.

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The so-called laser being is an alleged anomalous hominid that is said to inhabit the Canadian outback. First sighted in 1982, eyewitness reports usually describe a tall, wiry humanoid figure with a large head and shaggy appearance. However the creature is highly elusive and no conclusive evidence of its existence has ever been produced.

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Pirate Kart 2
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