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once upon a time i was a castle. then i went to space and my perspective of the world changed forever

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Pirate Kart 2

Flip On


Like that Lights Out game off of the 90s.

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An event

Klogg's KrapSack



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Solitaire Screensaver


I made a screensaver based off of Solitaire's win screen

TO INSTALL: (This is for XP, slightly different for Vista/7)
Download attachment
Go to My Computer>C:>Windows
Drop the .SCR into there
Go to Control Panel>Appearance and Themes>Display>Screensavers
Choose windowscards
Enjoy the Screensaver

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Happy Return (the Trololo game)

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Use the arrow keys to dodge/dance! Don't get crushed by the Eduard Khils!

Made on 10/17/2009 for KotMK #28. Reposting it for linkability because it's still one of the best things I've made.


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An event
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Save us the aids!

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Please help us to save from the aids!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Demakes Premakes Backports

I know we just repost almost everything from tigsource.com, but this is really worthy of inclusion here.

FF7NES is a nearly-complete reproduction of the plot, characters, and gameplay from FFVII for the NES. I'm not even a fan of the FF games, and I appreciate the work that went into this. The writeup on this details fascinating facts about the game, such as it's original (that is to say, remarkably non-stolen) game engine, advanced font system, complex coding structure, and outright hilarious reproduction of lavish 3D rendered cutscenes as two frames of a single sprite.

I have to say I'm amazed. I can't believe this is an actual, physical NES cart! Anybody know of any other reductions of post-8bit games into their simplest elements?

Or does anybody want to try reducing games like this?

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FUTURE WARS: 92 MINUTES - An art game

Hey, I'm new, thought I'd sign up here because I want to do KOTM some time. I'm posting a game I just made with a friend in 92 minutes here. If this is somehow in the wrong place, it's only because this site is so damn confusing.

Apologies for the title of this thread being in all caps, that's just how it's spelled.


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EffBee's Plot Inventory

Based on stuff by a bunch of people but mainly mcc and ellaguro.

Here's a good portion of the games I've made for this site in the past. Titles in bold are definitely about domination. Titles in italic are kind of a stretch, and perhaps only related to domination by extreme metaphor.

Note: A few of these are spoilers maybe, so watch out.

Mel's - Get home without dying to fall damage.
Gorillaflop - Whack a burglar.
RadiclBallX - Overpower the game.
DAIRY FARMER GAIDEN: CATTLE BATTLER PINK VERSION - Shoot popsicles at the opponent cow.
Not a Romantic Comedy - Survive your crush's diabolical maze.
Jogger Stories - Become the member of a circus.
Stupid Flyguy - Kill all the Marios.
Droid Didn't Do It - Ram into Steve Jobs' face with a remote-controlled robot.
A Proper Occasion for Ripped Sprites - Grab all coins, then eat the Mushroom.
Gorillaflop: Episode 0.555647 - Whack a burglar.
KOMMANDER OF THE WINDOWS: WINDOW MAY KOMMANDER - Solve an obtuse user interface.
Klik & Activities: Santa's Workshop - Murder Santa (alt ending: destroy the Grinch's clone machine)
Cry Engine - Cry until you crash the game (secondary objective: whack floating people)
Medieval Zoo Espionage - Knock a zoo employee out, then force-feed a cake to a giraffe.
Fucuspunctophobia - Get all your blood sucked out by a giant insect.
You Must Glitch To Beat This Game - Figure out how the hell you pass each screen.
Zone Jogger - Get popsicles and avoid police officers, esp. giant ones.
Bugsss - Take over the earth.
Pretend You're Platforming - Conform to the judge's annoying rules.
Laptop Lid Roulette - Pray that the laptop doesn't explode.
I'm Not At GDC But I Made a Game Anyway - Ummm I guess this one depends on which kind of game you make.
Jesus: The Second Coming: Hamburger Flipper - Whack a giant troll and steal all his hamburgers.
Tim Allen's Gruntmaster 6000 - Get murdered by a giant cordless drill.
Jesus: The Third Coming: COME HARDER - Murder people.
Trampolelephant - Accidentally destroy a house.
Diamond Snake Jogger - Don't fall off or let the snake eat you.
Motocross TGF - Cruise through the level until you get stuck in the terrain.
Yoshi Does Drugs - Get locked in a cage and torched by Bowser.
Vector's Computer Room Sokoban - Escape the room.
Sonic Cookies RARE PROTOTYPE BETA - Go to the right.
Sonic Teaches Finding the Computer Room - Click on the computer room.
Vector's Block Ball - Discover that you are chained to the paddle.
Vector's Unchaotix - Throw Vector at a bunch of robots.
Sonic and the Green Jogger - Survive a diabolical maze.
Extreme Digital Tennis Friends - Watch a ball bounce up and down.
Shoot One Million Rockets at One Million Enemies - What the title says.
Eat Lots of Candy - Also what the title says.
Fart Racing - Win a race by farting.
Five Golden Rings - Cope with bizarre walking styles as you find each ring.
Annoying Chirping Blue Jay: Volume 1 - ...This isn't even a game.
Polite Narwhal - Don't murder any fish or break your tusk.
Annoying Chirping Blue Jay: Volume 2 - Deliver messages to people.
Combat Princess Golf - Whack an evil doctor with a golf ball.
48h - Make games while avoiding bouncing balls.
Ponies vs. Not-Ponies: A brony and a forum admin try to out-spam each other.
Go With - Get murdered by a shady man.
Jugglers Juggling Jugglers - Juggle jugglers.
Judges Judging Judges - Make judges kill each other with their own gavels.
Hot Clavicle - Set fire to tiny people.
Mow the Ice - Mow a lawn, avoid getting murdered by the owner.
Murder Thousands of Bees With a Giant Robot Mech - What the title says.
!!!!!? - The Game That Appears Second In Alphabetical Listings - Avoid getting eaten by a question mark.
Community Chainwreck 2 and 1/2: Episode 1 - Beat a man in a race, then avoid getting murdered by him.
MySharewareSoft Dubstep Maker Vista 2015 - Watch a fake satirical ad.
Grumper - Make it to the exit warp without hitting the spikes or screen edges.
Midnight Snack - Eat a giant fruit.
Pest Control in Space - Clear out a giant wasp hive.
Pest Control 360* - Clear out a giant wasp hive.
Jazz Blocks - Use blocks to direct the ball into coins and subsequently the exit.
Honey, I Shrunk the Jogger - Guide a shrunken man through a perilous house.
The Overshoe - Destroy online communities with bowling balls.
Cliché - Try to escape a room only to be placed back inside.
Springy Sproingy - Escape the island.

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Another thing. This time it's more of a boss fight.

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An event
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