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Knytt Stories Level: A Day at the Beach


So there's this ongoing Knytt Stories level competition thing over at Nifflas Forums. One comp in particular requires that at least one tile from a tileset (A Beach and A Cave) be on every screen. I decided to make a level for it, despite not being a member of the Nifflas Forums.

Anyway, here is the level! It is one of those levels where you just wander around without much to challenge you in particular, although there is a challenge corner tucked away in here. There are 5 endings, most of which I wish I had done better. I like to think of this as a love letter to summer, kinda. Hope you enjoy it!

Healy - A Day at the Beach.knytt_.zip4.04 MB
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A short game about phobias. Didn't finish it in the two hours, so I spent a little time this week finishing it up properly. Based on the children’s game “Would you rather?”.

Play it here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/TerryCavanagh_B/phobiaphobiaphobia

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Clint Emsley

I like to pretend I'm a game designer, but really I'm just another guy with a big ego and a verbose, pompous manner of speaking.

You can check out MORE of my verbose pompousness at my blog, http://clintmakesagame.com

My secret wish is that I'd joined Glorious Trainwrecks when I first visited the site about 2 years ago. Then I would really be a cool kid.

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Pirate Kart 2

The Quest For The Wonton Soup (Klik & Play, Circa 94')

For a 12 year old in 94' with no programming experience, Klik & Play blew my mind. As you all probably know, it was a game creation tool that made it extremely easy to create simple games without writing a single line of code. There was a huge community on America Online, Keyword:MAXIS?, where people could upload and share their games. My friend and I made a game called "The Quest For The Wonton Soup" which uh.. featured an asian man collecting coins to buy.. wonton soup. Yeah. At the time (remember, we were 12) we thought it was funny but clearly it was a prettty (edit: extremely) stereotypical take on an asian man. Whoops. This game existed on the Maxis forum on AOL for download and a number of probably illegal compilation cds filled with peoples klik & play games that some random companies sold. Anyway, neither of us have a copy of the game as it was probably thrown out with our 386's 15 years ago. Does anyone, for some absurd reason, have a copy of the game? As dumb and offensive as it was, i'd still love to see it again.

We made a demo for a sequel a year later using The Games Factory. Someone actually made a 'Let's Play' video of it :



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Nuclear Family

nuclear family-screen.jpg
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Radiation + toilet humor + family values

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Pirate Kart 2
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Dialogue Tree


It's a tree, of dialogue.

Sophie Houlden
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RESPECT! is our first submission to Klik of The Month.
RESPECT! all the children.
RESPECT! is all we want.
RESPECT! is all we deserve.
RESPECT! and sock puppets.

Special thanks for our friends that sugested the themes Sock Puppets and Respect:

Alexandra Pernau
José Telmo

Helena Soares, Neilrônico, Yves Albuquerque
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a tribute: dr. c. wacko and the whiz-bang miracle machine

(recenty entry on my site http://kirkjerk.com/ )

Ever rediscover a half-remembered book from your childhood and realize that it was probably wildly influential on you? Such was the case with David L. Heller and John F. Johnson's "Dr. C. Wacko Presents: Atari BASIC & The Whiz-Bang Miracle Machine". I recently found a good PDF copy at Atari Mania's Page of Atari 8-bit Books

The book was a beginner-level but thorough guide to BASIC programming - I suspect I knew most of it by the time I got my hands on a copy, but it was still very cool. The style can perhaps best be described as "Early Doctor Demento" -- hardly a paragraph goes by without a gag of some kind, but still it seems like it would do a good job of explaining fundamental concepts.

I can even see the book's influence in my own guide to Atari (2600) Programming,
Atari 2600 101. (No cartoons, more's the pity.)

I was reminded of this book when I ordered some Eggs Benedict, and I thought about this chart in it:

Anchovy Burritos: 280 Calories each
Twinkle Cakes: 340 Calories a look
Guacamole Juice: 90 Calories per slurp
Clam Dip: 70 Calories a dip
Greaso Burgers: 470 Calories per bun
Quicko TV Dinner: 400 Calories a tray
Pizza a la Hollandaise Sauce: 900 Calories a sniff

I think that for years that was my main image of Hollandaise, some kind of insane calorie vortex. (I guess I forgot how the other foods needed only a glance...)

Atari Mania also finally let me read the book's -- prequel? It was much more advanced, but came first-- companion, "Dr. C. Wacko's Miracle Guide to Designing and Programming Atari Computer Arcade Games". I'd like to think if I had had this book at the appropriate time, I finally would have gotten those damn "player/missile" graphics and in general made some better games.

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(NOT Testicle.)


You, the bravest explorer and most respected popsicle connoisseur, set out to raid the pyramidial home base of the cursed spirit of King Tutankhamun. Will you find all the popsicles ... or will an unbearable curse DRAG YOU SCREAMING TO THE GRAVE?

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Pirate Kart 2

Wrath Of The Serpent

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