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Windows Offender (IGF Edition)


My super-cool friend Cara drew me a monkey so now there is no clipart. YAY! LET'S ALL WIN! TOGETHER.

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a short game about Love in all its forms.

Beloved is about love. It's about honesty, and making your way through a world full of obstacles.

Guide the lovers to the Love Repository, where they can find happiness in union.

Originally made for the 100 Themes Challenge by ~CheckerCherries, and submitted first to the Pirate Kart.

Enjoy! <3

-Nick Yonge, krangGAMES


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Immediately after setting up the Community Chainwreck event, I thought to myself, is there any good reason why I shouldn't trust the Glorious Trainwrecks community to create sitewide events? Surely opening that option up would only increase the ease of creating collaborative projects (which I am massively in favour of)?

So, hey guys, you can post your own events to the site, now. Let me know if anything seems screwy.

Fire Spell

Game File: 

You are a wizard and just learned a new spell to cast fire!

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Tips and Kliks: Introduction

Hi, all! Now that I've finished my Secret Santa game and the new year is fast approaching, I would like to announce a new series of tutorials and articles called "Tips and Kliks". I've seen quite a few people here picking up on Klik tools lately, and I think that's great! These tools actually have a lot to offer - even Klik & Play is more powerful than it seems at first glance!

Why am I doing this series? After all I've kind of sworn off of Klik and I can write code in Lua, Java, C++! Well, before I was using any traditional programming language I used Klik for all my games (and a few "apps"). Using Klik to try out new gameplay ideas helped me gain familiarity with programming, and working around limitations by writing my own behaviors trained me to think critically. It is my hope that with this series I can help others do the same.

I plan to do a new article twice a week. I most likely won't provide game files for these articles (unless it's requested), because everyone is on different tools and sometimes things change between programs. I will provide plenty of images, however, and if you need help feel free to ask.


Focus will mainly be on the earlier Klik products (KnP/TGF1), but applicable to the later programs.

- (Re)familiarization with Klik basics (objects, built-in movements, editors, etc.)
- Basics of creating your own behaviors
- Some applications of custom behaviors, such as custom movements
- Other tips and tricks

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The deadliest cops alive.

I feel a bit left out since all my work for KotM #14 got lost so here's a little something to compensate. It's a work in progress of a Lethal Enforcers demake for the current TIGSource competition, done in the style of an LCD game which I had been planning to do for some time. It's a bit shoddy in places but that is what happens when you hire cheap Singaporean labor instead of doing it yourself.


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Pololo Shodown

Pololo Shodown.png
Game File: 

The idea for this occurred to me when I was playing with the movement in Breakanoid RC.

A two-player game, with the not unusual goal of putting a ball into your opponent's net.

It reminds me of the soccer mode in Excitebike 64: Controls that, at first, seem cumbersome that with practice allow for satisfying, and fine, control. There are a lot of neat ball control tricks.

(Oh, that gives me an idea, actually: perhaps the ball should be still at the start, and players come out to strike it. The strategy round that moment in ExciteBike 64 was one of my favourite things about that game.)


I've made a new version with 2 modes: one where the ball moves on level start, the other where it waits until player contact. It's playable via Newgrounds.


This game now has a sick website (well, it's had it for a while): blueberrysoft.ryliejamesthomas.com/pololoshodown.html

Rylie James Thomas
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Sea Glass Beach Blaster

Game File: 

An intergalactic space battle as told through beach debris.

*new version, recompiled on GM Studio instead of GM8. Works on Windows 8.

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An event
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Lasertopia is a delightful romp in a world made entirely of lasers: some good, some bad, and some just plain ugly. Jump, run, collect. Die by lasers.

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Pirate Kart 2

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