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SO MANY PRETTY FLOWERS... ENJOY THIS ADVENTURE PILGRIM... SHIFT+ARROWS TO SHOOT, ARROWS TO MOVE. SOUNDTRACK is HERE including ptf and WAV. Original Tracks, Tracks used: Tealgun, wrenchbaron, and bigrose. There's a little bit of plot and background but it sort of fades away as I decide to make it more ambient since most ZZT-style games contain too much.

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Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5 (Mar 2010)
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i should have known that there is no fish in the sea anymore

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a joke that would be much funnier if someone else made it.

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An event

Triangle Strike

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Defeat the ominious, familiar-looking orb using a mechanic stolen from Glum Buster and then refined for a bullet hell environment - click on three like-coloured bullets to make a triangle of destructive energy that, if you were lucky, will damage the orb.

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An event
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YeargH 3D!

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Hello this is a klik raycasting FPS with one level.

I was gonna add exploding barrels and grenades and a cowboy enemy type but I ran out of time what with all the bugfixing to be done.

It's capped at 15fps. Deal with it (my laptop barely can).

Controls are WASD, shift to sprint, 1/2/3 to switch weapons, leftklik to fire, esc to quit, E to open doors and secret walls. Find the magical door thing to exit the level.

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An event
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Staying Awake In Class Simulator

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You had a long night yesterday, and now have to sit through your English teacher reading some dumb book. Smash Spacebar to stay awake or face the dire consequences in this gripping simulation.

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An event
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17 Years.

First game except for some messing around with a disk copy of Game Maker I found when I was like, 9. Could definitely be called a trainwreck.

Made in Klik and Play, and I probably messed some things up with saving/uploading whatever so I'd be happy to change anything needed!


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rocket jackhammer

rocket jackhammer.jpg

a game where you are a jackhammer with rockets.

use the arrow keys to control if you can. break the rocks. will probably crash after one playthrough. Just including the source file this time.

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An event
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Knytt Stories Last Hurrah Collab!

Sat, Dec 01 2012 12:00 AM
12/01/2012 - 00:00
12/06/2012 - 23:59

Remember the Pirate Kart Knytt Stories Collaboration Level? I thought that was pretty awesome. In fact, best Knytt collaboration level ever, right?

Well, Knytt Underground is supposed to come out before the end of the year, which signals the end of an era - an era where Knytt Stories was the only game, ever. I figure that we need to send it out in style with ANOTHER BADASS COLLABORATION from the Trainwrecks Friendship and Drinking club (Drinking Optional) (TM). It might very well be the last collaboration level for Knytt Stories before Knytt Underground.

So, here's the guidelines, as copied from the last Knytt collab (Thanks EffBee/EffEminate!)

-Each participant takes turns making a section of the level
-Only one section per participant (although this is flexible. I want to see everyone who wants to participate go at least once before we start seeing duplicate participants though)
-Make your section between ten and twenty screens long (more of a guideline really)
-Please don't edit someone else's section (unless you have a really good idea)
-Add a sign message to your first screen stating that you made the section
-First person should start the level off with the Run and Climb abilities. Feel free to introduce the other abilities but try to be gradual about it.
-When you've finished your section, upload it as a packed file.
-Whoever is working on the next section should say so, just so that we don't have two people trying to make section X and thus conflicting with each other.

Submit WIP versions as an attachment to COMMENTS, not as a new game. That way, we don't clutter up the site or the Twitter feed. We'll attach the final version as the real game so there's no confusion.

Since we have some time before the event begins, feel free to share your ideas in the comments and get excited! And send it to your friends!

Games made for Knytt Stories Last Hurrah Collab!

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Watch Ducks II

Game File: 

In this game, YOU will WATCH DUCKS from a PARK BENCH.

WATCH the DUCKS and get POINTS! The game ends when you hit ESC! Get as many POINTS as you can!

WATCH DUCKS II is a direct sequel to the 2010 Pirate Kart II hit WATCH DUCKS. This exciting new entry in the WATCH DUCKS franchise features numerous improvements over its predecessor including:

  • Four all-new ducks (a significant improvement over WD1's three ducks)!
  • Recolored and remastered background environment!
  • Challenging new sleep system. Watch your character to make sure he doesn't go to sleep and miss ducks!
  • Altered system for gold duck appearance and bonuses!
  • New silver duck multiplier bonus!

Also, press F4 to toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes (true of all my games, BTW).

John D. Moore
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An event
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Oh Man Go Time Gaiden: Gaiden

Game File: 

A spin-off based on a few of the rooms in Healy's Oh Man Go Time Gaiden, which was itself a spin-off of my level Oh Man Go Time. Angry Sonata, also by Healy, was another source of inspiration.

Basically, I wanted to submit three games in a row with gaiden in the title.

Special thanks to Fabien Porée's mysterious friend for making the data corrupter I used for some of the graphics.

Originally made for Klik of the Month Klub #57, but transplanted into Pirate Kart V.

Sergio Cornaga
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An event
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