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The Oregon Trail: 6th Edition


This is the next official version of the Oregon Trail!
No it isn't.

You are on a mission to traverse the Oregon Trail in order to claim some land in Oregon! Along the way, you'll face dreaded obstacles such as flowers, small rocks, and elephants. Watch out for diseases like cholera and dysentery, too! Press the space bar to shoot and the arrow keys to steer, most other things you'll need to know are mentioned in-game.

P.S. Real Life Mode is only put in the game as a joke, as it makes the amount of miles traveled increase 100 times slower than in Arcade Mode. So just play Arcade Mode. That's the real game. Or see how far you can get in Real Life Mode.

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New Mr. Cat game yet?


Hey guys, it's been a (big) while since i was gone due to a mass of projects i had to do.
After i know the success of Mr. Cat 3, i planned yet another sequel of the series, and it's going to be more tense than you think.
The sequel will be named: Metal Gear Meow: The Mices of Fate...no it won't be another spin-off.
As i was going to say, it's based off Metal Gear Solid, and i might be going to add text to speech voices, just to feel like it.

For now, here's a screenshot above.

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The apocalypse has come, the sun as a real rumor, that Earth has come to an destruction.

DrBlowhole20 presents you a short science fiction about the end of the world, in another nutshell, known as the sun burning earth, made in Twine.

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Rock, Poke, Scissors

Picture 13.png

A battle made in ren'py! Pick the right monsters to win! It's not very hard. Zip file contains Windows/Mac/Linux distributions.

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I Will Destroy It All

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A game about finding yourself.

Some sprites from oryx spritesheets ( http://www.oryxdesignlab.com/ )

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Twine: Jonah: Disable all links after leaving a passage

Update: The Javascript on this page is now built into Twine 1.4! It is no longer necessary to install it. You can enable this in Twine 1.4 by setting "Undo: off" in the StorySettings passage.

If you're using Jonah, and you're not using single-passage, then you may find this useful. It causes all internal links to behave like the <<choice>> macro.

Obsolete script removed: use Twine 1.4

This is designed to also work with approximately all of my link macros (<<cyclinglink>>, <<revise>>, <<replace>> etc.)

Version history:

  1. 9-5-13: Initial.

Feel free to report any bugs to @webbedspace.

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Molywrecks and Friends 2013!

Fri, Jul 05 2013 11:59 PM
07/05/2013 - 23:59

What Would Joggydeux?

What if there was a game about an ancient civilization, but instead of controlling its people, you controlled the landscape? This idea led Peter Molyneux to create Populous, a title that would go on to influence gaming for years to come.

Now the year is 2013, and the video game industry is in a creative drought. We need new ideas to reinvigorate and reinvent video games as a medium. How? Molyjam, of course!


Make a game based on a tweet! Take a page from Peter Molydeux, self-proclaimed doppelganger of Peter Molyneux, or from anyone else!


Molyjam takes place during the weekend of July 5th - 7th. You'll get 48 hours to make your game. Note: Do NOT go by the Glorious Trainwrecks event time! Since Molyjam is a global event, the jam starts and ends on midnight in your own timezone! Don't forget that vital bit! Start jamming once your calendar hits the 6th, and stop when it's no longer the 7th on your end!


Molyjam will feature a number of physical locations worldwide. You can jam on site, or jam from home! And if you can't join your fellow jammers in person, remember that there's always virtual reality!

Our IRC is at #glorioustrainwrecks on irc.freenode.net.

A list of game development tools is here.

You can submit your game to Glorious Trainwrecks here, or the official Molyjam website once submissions open.

Official Molyjam website

(This event is not actually affiliated with Molyjam, this is just a virtual jam location for Molyjam)

Molyjam 2012?

Here are some entries made by trainwreckers for last year's Molyjam event:

"This Game Always Tells The Truth" - SpindleyQ

"There Is A Monster at the End of this Game" - Noyb (as part of a team)

"These Automatic Arms" - nobody

Molywreck.png182.19 KB

Games made for Molywrecks and Friends 2013!

NameCreatedByScreenshotCommentssort icon
Sierpiński's Tomb07/08/2013 - 02:09mccScreen shot 2013-07-07 at 6.01.13 PM.png6
FANTASY / REALITY07/27/2013 - 16:37mnomed2.png6
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Tripcross (for Rylie James Thomas)

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Merry belated holidays!
Sorry this is so late! My December ended up being much busier than I expected and I ended up completely scrapping my first attempt (I am so out of touch with unity :P)

Regardless! I hope you enjoy this little puzzle bite.

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Alienbill Minigame Advent Calendar


Over the past ten years I've been making lots of tiny games!

This year for the run up to Christmas I took 25 of the best ones, made sure they worked on modern browsers, and put them here: http://games.alienbill.com/advent/
One is unlocked everyday. (or if you know ANYTHING about javascript, you can hack your way and see them all now.)

I usually use Processing, but GloriousTrainwrecks was a huge inspiration, and a lot of these are from various KotMs and events here

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The Balloon Thief of Dodge City

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You've just landed the biggest score in your life... now all you have to do is escape your arch-rival! Drop balloons with SHIFT to slow him down, but try not to lose too many!

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Pirate Kart 2
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