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Survival Mode: Code Simcity

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Protect your city from an air raid for as long as you can! Rockets don't hurt you.

Arrow Keys to move. Z to shoot.


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Pirate Kart 2
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Made by Snapman.

Geoff had to sit

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An event

Typing with Hands


Do you have no hands? Do you want to try typing with someone else's hands? This simulator allows you to experience typing on a keyboard with hands.

Hands made by Kim Moss.

Loren Schmidt
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An event
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So about an hour ago a spambot replaced the contents of my MIKE TYSON'S JUNGLE BEAT blog post with some garbage text and links. This naturally made me freak out, because I was pretty sure that random users couldn't just go around editing other users' blog posts.

After doing some research, I discovered that the reason that the spambot was able to do that was because I had made my blog post into a wiki page, so that I could link to it nicely, I guess. This is the first time that a spambot has edited our wiki.

We get a fair amount of comment spam right now that is caught by the automated spam filter, but that's happening much too late for my tastes. We must have hundreds of spambots who signed up and haven't posted anything (defeated by my email that doesn't contain a login link, perhaps), and whose accounts remain active.

Here's some stuff I'd like to do in the near future:

  1. Set up a captcha for the user registration form.
  2. Set up Project Honeypot -- I googled the IP address of this particular spammer and discovered that Project Honeypot already knew about him.
  3. Regular database backups! I'm ashamed this isn't already happening.
  4. Our wiki does not currently have a proper edit history; I have never managed to make it work. Make that work! If spammers start editing our wiki, I don't want to have to resort to the Google cache to fix it.
  5. Investigate how difficult an upgrade to the latest version of Drupal 5 would be, so that I can keep up with the latest security updates. If it had been an SQL injection attack, I'd have been more or less helpless to stop it without simply taking the whole site down.


Open the file is not yet found love after another the right game? So, also waiting for? Immediate action bar! Welcome to FRAYED, a game WITH! Sure you will find what you need.

Let me _know_

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FRAYED2.rar6.67 MB
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Smurf in a forest

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This isn't for any event (except in the past). I was browsing around and remembered that I made 2 games here before the site got the actual game submitting form and game lists. Might as well add them now.

its an art game about walking through a forest and its consequences

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An event


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A quick prototype for a 2 player game. Players have linked health and have to travel across snowy trees to restore it.

Andrew Nack
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An event
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The Nagging Wife: The Dog Poop Adventures

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Collect all the dog poop before someone steps into it.

The engine is quite shit but I am way too tired and stupid to make it any better. This game is open source so feel free to improve the engine in any possible way.

You can open the game with either MMF 2, TGF 2 or the FREE version of TGF 2 Newgrounds Edition which you can download here http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/game-dev-resources/the-games-factory-2 (if you are using the free edition of TGF 2 I can compile your game to an exe file)

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An event
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WHY??!!!?! I hate it when old tech bites the dust


I wanted to finish my game for the themed trainwreck, but my laptop died and so has my backup laptop. How am I gonna do my projects now? I pulled up the old desktop from the basement and got zip disks to save my projects. Aargh. So annoying. Now I got to carry a zip drive wherever I go (it's USB so woot)

The zip250 drive died on me yesterday and I'm upset. At least the zip100 is still kicking. I went online to find any other zip250s on Amazon, but most of them are listed for $50. WTF. I'm not paying that much for a zip drive when I can find them at the thrift store for less than $10. Ugh. I just want to complete something, anything! How can I when my stuff keeps failing?? I was actually too depressed to do anything but my sister gave me a pep talk and I got out of bed to go finish a project. I would like to have a finished product.

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Citizen Kane Pinball

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The Citizen Kane of pinball tables. Because it is Citizen Kane: The Pinball Table.

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An event
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