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Kids are trying to get into your nightclub without ID, so your aim is to stop them from getting in.

And how can bouncers* stop them? By bouncing them, of course!

Use the left and right arrows to control the bouncers*.

Secret bonus 2-player mode: grab a friend and control one bouncer* each!

* So technically you're not meant to call them bouncers, but the entire premise for the game is based around calling them that... don't sue me!

Andy Smart
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Reflecting Paddle


This game is very simple. A dispenser releases a finite supply of balls. The longer you bounce the balls, the more points you gain when they vanish off the bottom of the screen. On each bounce, the ball's point value increases by the number of times it has already bounced - so repeatedly bounced balls can, after a while, become very lucrative indeed.

You have 1024 balls and have to get as high a score as you can with them. What's the most profitable way to do so? I'm not sure. Work it out yourself.

Use the mouse to move the paddle.

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judges DX

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click to make judges

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Pirate Kart 2

Punch Forever

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Beyond the horizon, punching unlimited! Think a punch, echoing forever in a sublime punch!

Kyle Reimergartin
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Blog blog blog

I guess I should write something here. My name is Brad. I live in Sacramento. I have been lightly involved in game design (MUDs, specifically) for years, and now that it's relatively easy to make casual games, I will finally try. This contest seems like a great sounding board.

Games I like: Myst + Riven, Mario 3 + 64 + World, VVVVVV, Minecraft, Charles Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden, Gameboy Tetris, Eversion, Megaman 2, NES Ninja Gaiden 1, Katamari Damacy, Daphaknee Needs To Poop, and Troubled Souls for the Mac.

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IVR adventure game for Asterisk, plus a Python version

Glad to see GT is still alive and kicking! I will try to post more often.

Here is a small adventure game you can add to an Asterisk dialplan. I'm sure you will agree that every PBX needs a hidden immature adventure game. Works well with RasPBX + a small analog gateway to a physical phone.

I made an alternate Python + Kivy version packaged for Windows. If you want a package for a different OS, let me know. There are some small differences but it's basically the same deal.

ivrgam_dialplan.zip4.24 MB
ivrgam_windows.zip20.6 MB

I'm Being Eaten By A Spider Queen (And I Don't Like It One Bit!)


If you've played Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars by Anna Anthropy, you might have wondered: what happens to the captured slaves when our dear Queen walks over them? The obvious answer is that they are abstracted away into a cage offscreen, instantaneously, in the manner of many videogames. The disobvious answer, I decided, is that the Queen uses her spider-venom to shrink them down to a portable size, so she can carry them around freely, as if they were mere diamond gems. This game is based on this assertion to some extent.

This was made under Ludum Dare conditions. I might submit this to that competition.

Also, this is based on a tweet.

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Edit: (Epilepsy warning! Thanks for telling about that.)

A platformer game I made in Klik N' Play from around 2008-2009. Has around 10 levels, which include a terribly made boss. All graphics, music, and sfx made by me, with the exception of the water drop sfx in that one level. Music was made in Korg DS-10.

Note: Since Klik N' Play is so old, I had a friend convert it to a 32 bit file with what I believe was Clickteam Fusion or something. Some of the platforming mechanics don't work as originally intended as a result.

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Invaders is close to completion!

At least the first final release is, anyway. Many of the bugs that were plaguing the game (A galaxian/galaga/space invaders-style shootemup) I've been able to fix, but there are still a couple issues to be ironed out.

Hope to have a final release build ready for christmas or the new year!

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An attempt to remove the randomness from poker. @mcclure111 gets some of the idea credit.

This is the game, right here:
Each player has one standard deck of playing cards. For each hand, every player secretly draws a five-card hand from their own deck. Three rounds of betting occur, with each player progressively revealing one card of their choice between rounds. After the final round, all unfolded players reveal their remaining two cards and the hand is resolved. Hands are discarded after use, without revealing any still-hidden cards. Memory aids for played cards are allowed, and should be included in computerized implementations. All other rules are the same as standard poker.

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