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Adventure Creation Kit

(Sheesh, I should have posted about this months ago.)

ACK is a DOS-era toolkit for making simple Ultima-style RPGs, based on Stuart Smith's seminal Adventure Construction Set. Development stopped for a long time, but the author has recently begun to release new versions, bundled with a copy of DOSBox.

The newest pack-in game, Ultima IV Part 2: Dude, Where's My Avatar?, looks pretty bizarre, but I don't want to play it until I get more familiar with the original Ultima games (don't look at me like that). There is also a tutorial module explaining most of the features.

I had an adventure game planned, but it might be a while before I get back to working on it. I recall a monsters-destroying-city game being in the works, and the author of the program had a decent (albeit years old) historical adventure about a caravan of settlers.

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Important New Developments in the Field of Trainwrecking

Enough of those boring, crusty low-tech games! Let's talk about a fancy new mipmappin' big-time release for once!

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My non-KotMK wrecking time lately has been going into a SECRET PROJECT.

The vision? A game-making tool, built to allow realtime collaboration between designers (think Sauerbraten but 2D and with K&P-like rule-editing), and useful collaboration between designers and programmers (the idea being that programmers can tweak the editor and scripting language to accommodate the kind of game you're making).

As you can imagine, this, uh, isn't a small project. But I won't be happy until it exists, so I'm working on it. There's nothing up on the screen yet, unfortunately, so I don't even have a cool screenshot to show off. I've been concentrating on the data and scripting models, instead. You can comment if you're interested in helping out, though.

Anyway, remember: SECRET.
Don't tell anyone.

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Imported - Laptop Lid Roulette


Imported from Developer Diaries. Visit the link to download the game and see all old comments.

Original description:

Based on the recent GNOME 3 power management controversy.

Made on an operating environment that allows the user to choose what they want to do when they close the laptop lid!

Why would you do this, GNOME devs? Oh, right, because you're GNOME devs!

Made For: 
An event
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As the brave gunner of a helicopter, you must save the people from a giant enemy crab! But... is it really worth it?

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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dont use Z and X for your games- PLEASE

for the love of god it's really annoying. what's wrong with good ol' knp shift and ctrl or use x and c

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Election Day Event!

Mon, Nov 05 2012 10:00 PM
11/05/2012 - 22:00
11/07/2012 - 00:00

Whether you care about this or not, this should be a fun event.

As you may have guessed, this is relating to Election Day, which (in time of this description) will be tomorrow.


oh yeah post games HERE

Games made for Election Day Event!

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Army Of 2 Gears Versus the Elder Scrolls

Game File: 

In this epic tale of future meets fantasy control your two gearsoldiers and save the ancient land from a mystical evil. Features experimental bloom effects that are so experimental they don't work half the time and a cover system where you have to stand behind objects to take cover. An exciting action packed game.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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Game File: 

SO MANY PRETTY FLOWERS... ENJOY THIS ADVENTURE PILGRIM... SHIFT+ARROWS TO SHOOT, ARROWS TO MOVE. SOUNDTRACK is HERE including ptf and WAV. Original Tracks, Tracks used: Tealgun, wrenchbaron, and bigrose. There's a little bit of plot and background but it sort of fades away as I decide to make it more ambient since most ZZT-style games contain too much.

Made For: 
Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5 (Mar 2010)
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A few Jill of the Jungle sounds

Because nothing is more womanly than making creepy dude grunts when jumping and attacking.

Oh, hey, I have some old voice SFX from Spider-Man and the X-Men, too.

jill_SFX.zip656.81 KB
SFX_spider-man and the x-men.zip360.5 KB
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