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Spirograph Skies


This is basically The Terrible Terrible Turret multiplied by 12. Though, this really began as a hack of Helipong.

Light up the night sky with a scintillating array of automatic laser fire! Use the arrows to rotate the ring of cannons, and see how long you can last before they are destroyed in a glorious blaze.

TIP: Get a friend to watch you play so they can tell you how cool the screen looks.

Oh, and here's something neat: unlike The Terrible Terrible Turret, I randomised the variables in the attack progression sequence. So, you'll get a slightly different kind of laser show every time you play.

Background "A Spring Sky Over Hirsau Abbey" via Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Leon Arnott
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Tips and Kliks #03: Important Conditions

In order to make sense of how and when conditions are true and to use them to create the behaviors you want, it's good to know some of the most important ones. You'll find these under either the "Special" or "Storyboard Controls" categories when you go to create a new condition.

Always and Never

The simplest conditions are the ones that are either simply true or false: Always is always true, and Never is always false.

Always is extremely important as you need it for actions which should happen continuously. For example, you might always want the screen to scroll with your player character, or you might have a turret that should always point at its target. If you have your own custom movement system you might also want to keep objects moving. These are just a few examples of things which you would want to "always" happen, and for which using the "Always" condition is basically a requirement.

Note that Always only makes sense if you aren't placing it in an event with other conditions. In such cases, Always is unnecessary, because actions will repeat for as long as the conditions are true anyway.

Never is essentially the opposite of Always. Since Never is always false, and an event requires all its conditions to be true before it runs the actions, you might be wondering how the heck Never would ever be useful. Its use is not in running actions, but not running actions. More specifically, you can use Never to disable events for debugging purposes.

Start of frame/Start of level

"Start of frame" is only ever true once: at the very beginning of your level. Therefore, you can use it to perform any kind of setup you need. Common uses include playing music, making certain objects invisible (if you're on something older than MMF2), creating and/or positioning objects according to a set of rules, etc.

Only one action when event loops

An event's actions will keep happening every step of your game as long as the conditions are true, but what if you don't want that to happen? You add "Only one action when event loops" to the event. This condition is only true if the event's conditions were not true in the previous step.

Let's say you are making an arcade game where the player gets an extra life after reaching 50,000 points. Your first attempt at the conditions might look like this:

However, doing this will cause the game to flood the player with a constant stream of extra lives! Not what you want. Now let's add "Only one action when event loops":

This rewards the player with an extra life just once after obtaining enough points.

I should note that if the player's score somehow falls below 50,000 again, the player will become eligible for another extra life. If this isn't what you want, use "Run this event once" instead of "Only one action when event loops".

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TSMA2 Update #1: All playable characters in one!

TSMA2 Update 1.png

Hello everyone, this is the first update to do in the upcoming game The Super Mozart Adventure 2: The Mankind of Earth.

In this update, i made a test engine which i play all characters which different parameters.

All the playable characters in this game were going to be (in alphabet):

- Bartender (Parameters: Speed: XXXXX | Jump: XXXXX)
- Commander Keen (Parameters: Speed: XXX | Jump: XXX)
- Dragoon of Mystery (Parameters: Speed: XX | Jump: XX)
- Flerppy (Parameters: Speed: XXX | Jump: XXX)
- Mario (Parameters: Speed: XXX | Jump: XXX)
- Mozart (Parameters: Speed: XX | Jump: XXX)
- Palo Penguin (Parameters: Speed: XXXX | Jump: XXX)
- Player 1 (Parameters: Speed: XXX | Jump: XXX)
- Quackers (Parameters: XX | Jump: X)
- Robbiebot (Parameters: Speed: XX | Jump: XXX)
- Skate Dude (Parameters: Speed: XXXXX | Jump: XX)
- Waligie (Parameters: Speed: XX | Jump: XX)

The test engine is not played by everyone, it's the first prototype of the game, it's just a 640x480 level.
The screenshot is in the attachments

The game is named The Super Mozart Adventure 2 Character Demostration, the first prototype of the game.

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Lemon Quest


I'd already got my little brother playing the 529-in-One Pirate Kart, and he enjoyed it as massively as he could considering GameMaker games don't run on his machine. So I then installed KNP onto my brother's computer, told him, and showed him the Level Editor, Event Editor, and so on (but gave him very little guidance other than that).

After a week, I came back and found this.

I thought it needed to be posted, seeing as it's a wonderfully terrible game by a real, actual twelve year old messing around in KNP. Enjoy, or otherwise.

lemonque.zip142.29 KB
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Game File: 

I made a masocore game, with me as the protagonist!


press keys to move

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Pirate Kart 2
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Johnny Laserfingers 2 - Electric Boogaloo

buffil ei kuoel.jpg
Game File: 

Eh you are johny again, probably gon die tonight. Go to after life and shoot aliens by aiming with mouse and shooting with space very specifically shooting with space not the mouse button the space bar idk why but mouse button shooting wouldnt work when i had mouse movements.

Brain Damage Games
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Game File: 

It's all over. Your empire is in ruins, your family left you, everything is in shambles. Now you are left in debt, waiting to die in your vacated office. Just then though you receive a call. An amazing offer- to join the DeathTax gladiators. If you survive- if you can- you will have all your debt wiped, ready to start again. What will it be? Are you prepared? Fight through numerous Collectors and pummel the mailboxes with your envelopes. Only then will you be the champion of Death and Taxes.


Includes both Mac and PC builds.

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Furious Velvet Fist~!

Game File: 

Created on pure unadulterated lack of sleep! I don't even fully understand what I meant! Kick some serious brigand/pirate/drow butt in this platform beat 'em shoot! Read a riveting story as you proceed! With the new storytelling technology presented, you can almost FEEL the writer's block as you progress through the story! Amazing!

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Pirate Kart 2
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MPD: Mushroom Planet Defence

Game File: 

Two handed "Dodge the Bullets" type game. Collect the right colour dots while avoiding the wrong colour dots...
This is my first game in Construct. I recorded the process on UStream bit.ly/a6HLVk

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Pirate Kart 2
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