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This game is heavily based on an old freeware Mac game called Gravity Ball, by Aaron Davidson. Most of the visual and sound design is cribbed from that game, although the individual assets were collected by me.

The ball is repelled by the mouse. Keep it within the marked circle to beat the level!

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WarioWare D.I.Y: Invisi-phant


The highly anticipated follow-up to Find-a-phant provides a more formidable challenge! Again, this is a remake of an existing trainwreck, Where is the invisible Elephant? by MarkP0rter.

Join the event to get this game! The .mio file is also available for download.

Again, here's a Vine playthrough.

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Sorcerer Training: Lesson 5


The final task! Can you defeat the mighty Alakazam?

Arrow Keys
Z to cast Fireball
X to cast Soul Asplode
C to Teleport

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What Do People Think All Day?

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I used the Glorious Weekend of ZZT Blitzkrieg-a-thon! as a chance to experiment, and this is what I ended up with. It's an art-thing rather than a game. It's incomplete and a little offbeat. It may not be your cup of tea, but I do hope you find it interesting.

Quantum P.
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shoot things goddang it bobby

kotm game

really tired, couldnt think of anything so i just made a really bad shooter

shoot the things that come at you but also avoid them

have fun with that limited movement by the way :>

hank propane hill
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Russian Subway Dogs


Russian Subway Dogs

Experience the life of a stray Russian subway dog scavenging for food in this realistic simulator.

  • Doggies!
  • Ruskies!
  • Proprietary vodka physics system!

Instructions: Move and jump with the arrow keys.
CTRL to bark (costs Stamina).
Bark behind people to surprise them.
Scavange for food to stay alive.

In Soviet Russia there is no 10 second rule. Grab food before it hits the ground for more stamina.

Scoring Guide:

  • Eat food on ground: +10
  • Eat food in air: +20
  • Kill person: +10
  • Kill rival dog: +50
  • Rival dog eats food on ground: -20
  • Rival dog eats food in air: - 40

Protip: Use your bark to deflect falling vodka bottles!

Game by Miguel Sternberg

Music by Ricky Lima - based on Katyusha by Matvei Blanter

Special thanks to the Chairman!

Update 31/05/2012

  • Hunger (Difficulty) now rises as score goes up. Should now be significantly more difficult to get higher scores.
  • New game over music added.

Update 28/02/2012

  • Jump n' Bark exploit fixed.
  • When tied for position rival dogs will always get to eat the food.
  • Russian subway dog is now 10% hungrier.

Miguel Sternberg
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Pirate Kart 2


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Pacman with conservation of mass.

Playable online: here

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Pirate Kart 2

EasyQuest III: Mage Story

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The thrilling conclusion to the EasyQuest trilogy. Restore the world to its former glory! Only a tiny mage has the power!

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Breathtaking Triumphs

The people here make a lot of games. Some of these games are surprisingly good. Some of them are noteworthy experiments that didn't quite work out. Some of them are terrible.

And then there are those games whose releases were singular, seismic events. Ordinary men would never expect such results from a bunch of random people on the internet noodling around with Klik & Play, and yet, it is undeniable that these games provided a glimpse of genius.

Here are some of those games.

The 100-in-1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart

The 100-in-1 Klik and Play Pirate Kart is a collection of 105 games, all of which were made during a single insane 48-hour plunge into madness by 17 different designers. This legendary event was perhaps the pinnacle of human achievement. Placed 6th in the TIGSource B-Game Competition.

The Relationship Saga (captaincabinets)

Almost assuredly the first game-o-blog in the history of mankind, The Relationship Saga is a series of games chronicling Johnny Charisma's tumultuous relationship with Olya, from beginning to end. If there is any doubt in your mind that Klik & Play is a powerful medium for personal expression, The Relationship Saga will shatter it.

Xmas ADVENTure (PizzaTime)

A beautiful Christmas gift to the world, this Klik & Play advent calendar had a single room added once a day, from December 1st to Christmas day. Featuring gorgeous pixel art and gore behind every door, you play the role of Santa Claus with no pants.

KNP Tetris (qrleon)

Utterly indescribable; KNP Tetris must be played to be understood.

Tek Demo (snapman)

Every limitation you thought Klik & Play had is shattered by this incredible scrolling platformer. Be sure to download the cracked version, as the copy protection can cause your character to get irrecoverably stuck.

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Chip's Challenge - Weegee

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FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS PEOPLE HAVE wondered: why cant weegee be in chip's challengE?

today, the world has changed

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