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Santa Vs. Cops



A ridiculously over-ambitious attempt to make a game in which Santa attempts to deliver presents while avoiding the cops who want to catch him. It ended up devolving into a game where Santa places exploding presents to blow up hoards of oncoming cops. Use the arrow keys to move, and press X to place a present. When it all goes to hell and Santa dies, press R to start over.

Spencer Green
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Coby Castle

Game File: 

it's us, the singing coby bros! we're here to make you dance and sing.
wasd / space / mouse / esc to restart
play in 800x600 res!! you will regret this!!!!!

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Stop n Swopping

Type: Programming
Level Difficulty: 1.5 (Mid-Easy)
Objectives: Putting a stop n swop feature in the game for integrating hidden items.

This tutorial is all about making a feature for stop n swopping known as Stop n Swop. This feature first appeared in a Nintendo 64 game known as Banjo Kazooie, Stop n Swop is made from several items such as these Mystery Eggs, Keys, etc. ANY ITEM! Today several games uses this cool feature in Clickteam games.

So you wanna put Stop n Swop in your game? Yes you can!

Let's begin with the begginer way! This program requires you have MMF1 (Express), MMF1.5 or MMF2, because it needs the file object.

Step 1: Pick the File Object from the object list and put it in the frame.
Step 2: With the file object, you need a condition to do it, there's some examples: If you have reached a frame where there's an big item, starting the frame, it saves the item with a file, but once returned just for another one, you cannot get another copy.
Do this condition for example:

Step 3: After the 2nd step, it can be used to unlock hidden features such as secret levels, easter eggs, etc. in some other frame such as the menu, it can unlock a feature like a level select.
Instead, we are gonna do a condition when you click a button, it does load to another frame if there's the file:

Conclusion: Tadaaa! Now you have a simple stop n swop feature!

Anyways here's a example found on SHPDMBGWL4 3 EX:

This is a hidden level which you have to reach the top, where there's a pillar with a egg above, once you collect, a file will save on the game's directory and will set a text "EGG GET!".

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The Sexy Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Game File: 

There has been a CRIME! Can you help Sherlock Holmes on this, his SEXIEST ADVENTURE EVER?!?

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Pirate Kart 2
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Snowy Island: yet another Knytt Story

snow_island screen.png

Yet another Knytt Story from me. This level was made for a recent competition on Nifflas's forums (theme: isolation). It's got kind of a Christmas-y feel to it, I think. Anyway, enjoy!

Healy - Snowy Day.knytt_.zip2.25 MB
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Black as Night: A tiny Knytt Story


I've had bit of a Knytter's block on several large projects over the past few weeks, so I decided to work it out by making some small, teeny-tiny levels, like Tree House. Anyway, I used silhouettes with this one because I liked the look of it. It's not pure black and white, though.

Healy - Black as Night.knytt_.zip35.93 KB
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Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 8.26.26 PM.png
Game File: 

Silly space game, not polished at all. Keep your 4 cans from the space bandits!

Arrow Keys: Rotate/Move ship
Space Bar: Fire (1 per 0.25s)

Note: Took 3.25 hours for the first upload... I updated since to fix a game-over related bug

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Juni Gets a Food

Juni Gets a Food 1.png

This level was made as part of Knytt of the Month Club #9.

In this grand adventure, Juni must get a food from her fridge, but such a task may prove more difficult than she thinks!

Challenge/Scenic/Misc. Small. Normal difficulty.

UPDATE: New version released. Following changes:
*Fixed a pair of void screens, replacing them with... something else.
*Added some leaf effects in the Broken Bulwarks areas.
*Tweaked the last challenge to make it slightly less annoying.

Recommended to get the updated file if you have the old one.

UPDATE 2: New version released. Following changes:
*Fixed grass at beginning of bulwarks which was on layer 3. Now on layer 2.

Get update at your leisure.

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An event
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Game File: 

1 2 3 0

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I Will Destroy It All

Game File: 

A game about finding yourself.

Some sprites from oryx spritesheets ( http://www.oryxdesignlab.com/ )

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