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My Level

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My very first Wolf3D level. It's a bit weird but not too much.

Juliette Porée
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So, because next Saturday is my wife's birthday, and my parents are in town, and HEY I HAVE A NEW BABY, I participated in this month's Klik of the Month Klub a little early! Inspired by captaincabinets' brave gamebloggin' efforts, I present: FATHERHOOD, EPISODE ONE.

Most of the balancing effort went into making sure it was possible. Not representative of actual fatherhood.

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toilet simulator 2016


sometimes you just want to take a piss

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DUST: A Tale of the Wired West (1995)

I remember buying this at a liquidation store; I was going to a friend's birthday party and I needed to find a last-minute gift. I was counting on it being cheesy, but shit, I had no idea.

It's an adventure game! It's a Myst clone! It's a first person shooter!

This is the only youtube footage I could find. :( You can see the advanced conversation technology at 3:40.

Would anyone happen to be familiar with Cyberflix's other games? Like Titanic: Adventure Out of Time?

Don't Look At My Dog

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From the impossibly handsome genius behind Hide The Hot Dog 2 and Look At My Dog comes the latest in mind-bendingly realistic dog-looking-at simulators. Don't Look At My Dog features all-new dog pictures, a new rocking soundtrack, and gameplay so abstract you'll think you've been transported to a dimension of pure madness! It will be your own personal hell! Fun for the whole family.

Alex McAwesome
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I found this while searching for DJ Nastyman's eccentric klik games. I couldn't find any, which is a shame. :( But this is sort of a nice consolation. Download it here.

The controls, from what I could make out of the event editor when loading it in Klik & Play: (turn numpad on)

7,8,9,0 -- select inventory

CTRL -- use inventory

Also, be sure to enable sound since it has voicework.

(Edit: I guess some Nastyman games are still around, just not the adventure games SRSX is referencing.)

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Why I'm in a small game developing hiatus.

I've been absent from GT a lot lately mostly due to normal life. School and stuff which doesn't lead for much time to develop new games in Klik & Play. Also, It's getting hard to think of new ideas to create games for. If you check my other games most are pong clones or bad action games which due to the K&P engine and my inexperience with side scrolling only display one setting at a time. I think another reason is because of my limited programming knowledge. I know, I can create a basic HTML page that looks like it came fresh from the '90s and would be best viewed on Netscape (evident on my website: http://geocities.ws/rehasoft/ ) , create simple text based Batch RPGs and make some semi advanced games in K&P. But I've tried other game dev tools and they are simply too advanced or too complex for me to make a good game. Trying Game Maker Studio put me off because of the absence of stock graphics and drawing my own made it look like I tried to make a Kimberly Kubus-esque game and failed miserably.

Anyways I do have a few games on hold I'd beenworking on last year that I hope i have the time to post soon.

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