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Fire Triss

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This is inspired primarily by the Namco game Bosconian. Attack the marauding humancraft, Fire Triss!

W, A, S, D - Move
Mouse - Aim and fire

Music "anar1" by 4Mat.

Hmm... I might expand this game in the near future.

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An event
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Heroes of Klik and Play

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A Klik & Play version of Heroes of Might and Magic!
Entirely mouse-controlled.

Submitted on behalf of Anne Laplantine.

Anne Laplantine
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An event

The 3D Gamemaker - What will YOU create today?

I was browsing the web and I found this little gem from the creators of DarkBasic and FPS Creator


This is like a modern/3D KnP


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Important New Developments in the Field of Trainwrecking

Enough of those boring, crusty low-tech games! Let's talk about a fancy new mipmappin' big-time release for once!

Yell at a kid

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Do YOU have what it takes to yell at a child?
Holy SMOKES! Look at these features!

-> Real Graphics!

-> Pressing Moral Dilemmas, such as "when should I leave the intro screen", and "should i yell at a child?"

-> YOU choose the story! Will you yell at the child right away, or walk back and forth a few times, first?

-> Mind bending Puzzles! Can you figure out how to WALK ACROSS THE ROOM??

-> Nonstop Action! YELL at a child!! Hit restart! Do it again!

-> Authentic KHROMT poster! Look at it forever!

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An event
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Snowman Simulator

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This game is a snowman building simulator.
Controls: Left click and drag to move the camera
*right click @ the ground to make snowballs
*right click @ snowballs to pick them up
~snowballs get bigger when you roll 'em~
*press "1" to add coal bits
*press "2" to add tophats

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An event
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I make a lot of things. Go to topherflorence.com

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Pirate Kart 2
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Envy For Lucky Sally

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Another NoiseBridge game.

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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010
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Plane Train

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I made a game on the plane ride out to San Francisco for GDC! Actually my laptop battery gave out, but I did get it playable on the plane and now I've finished it up in the hotel.

It's up on Newgrounds, too!

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An event
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And Then, The Ghost Saw Hands: A Game I've Never Played

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And Then, The Ghost Saw Hands: A Game I've Never Played is quite literally, a game ive never played. Basically, right now I'm up in the mountains with some friends nowhere near my computer. I thoight id miss out on kotm 50 but thanks to the marvels of modern technology and an app called LogMeIn, I can use my compiter remotely thru my phone! however, this is not an ideal solution. Everything is slow and painful and even typing is practically impossible. I put together this entire game thru my iphone and have not played it. Im banking on everything working properly, sorry if it doesnt work at all. I cant even hear sounds so i just plucked stuff put of the windows media folder, hope you like system sounds. Looking foreard to tryin the game for myself tonoght when i get home, and playin your games too!!! (can barel fucking typr sorry for typos)

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An event
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