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Eternally Wish-Granting Genie

Game File: 

Eternally Wish-Granting Genie loves to grant wishes! GRANT EVERYONE'S WISH. DO NOT MISS ONE. That would make eternally wish-granting genie sad! DO NOT MAKE HIM SAD.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Klik & Reality



 __   .__  .__ __                        .___
|  | _|  | |__|  | __ _____    ____    __| _/
|  |/ /  | |  |  |/ / \__  \  /    \  / __ | 
|    <|  |_|  |    <   / __ \|   |  \/ /_/ | 
|__|_ \____/__|__|_ \ (____  /___|  /\____ | 
     \/            \/      \/     \/      \/ 
                      .__  .__  __          
_______   ____ _____  |  | |__|/  |_ ___.__.
\_  __ \_/ __ \\__  \ |  | |  \   __<   |  |
 |  | \/\  ___/ / __ \|  |_|  ||  |  \___  |
 |__|    \___  >____  /____/__||__|  / ____|
             \/     \/               \/     

A shot-for-shot remake of Future Crew's Second Reality in Klik & Play!

It runs pretty slowly in DOSBox + Win3.1, but quite acceptably under Windows XP running in VirtualBox. Best watched with a video of Second Reality beside the Klik & Reality window so that you can see what the hell you're supposed to be looking at.

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An event
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I enjoy making games, except for that I never have the motivation to make ones that aren't joke games. Probably doesn't help that I don't know any programs other that Scratch, KnP and Ren'py, either.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Development suspended... in favour of something MORE AWESOME!

Rather than push through with a project that is actually fairly ambitious and ill-defined in terms of game design, I have decided that the smart thing to do is to shelve "hax0r" for the time being in favour of a project that catches my fancy at the moment.

Now, in 1993, in the heart of the era of gaming that this very site celebrates, I was a young boy of eleven years. I knew enough BASIC to be dangerous, and gosh darn it, I was going to start a shareware games company with my best friend Roman. Together, we created a game whose only redeeming value was the fact that we had managed to make digitized speech sort of work in QBasic by running an external VOC-playing program. We called it, "The Alien Zit".

Today, I remembered a promise that I'd made to a good friend, many years ago. A... a sacred promise. On her deathbed, maybe. It was very serious. I promised her that I would remake The Alien Zit with modern technology. For too many years, I had forgotten that promise, but now, my way is clear.

Prepare, unsuspecting world, for ALIEN ZIT 2000.

Punch the Butts 3D



Kyle Reimergartin
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An event
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Merry Catamitesmas


Can you find all four zones?

1. Forest Zone?
2. ___T___ Zone?
3. ______ Zone?
4. C_____ Zone?

(Don't open till Christmas!)

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An event

Brainmotron 3D Deluxe!

Game File: 

Because the previous version just wasn't BRAIN enough!

New features include*

- Doors!
- Better Collision!
- ... Actual Collision!
- Moar Awesome!

(*may or may not include!)

Adrian Gordon (Code) + Arran Langmead (Art)
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An event
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Race to the Pumpkin Patch


Well, I decided to finish up a Knytt Stories level that I abandoned a few weeks back for Klik of the Month. It's got a (pretty inappropriate now!) Halloween theme, and it's inspired pretty heavily by Monocromatica Grotto. Anyway I hope you enjoy it! It's the first level I ever made that's even a little bit hard.

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An event
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Assassinatrix Adventures

Are you a bad enough dom to assassinate the diplomat?

Control the assassinatrix to kill the invincible diplomat but look out for his bad dude tough guy bodyguards. Killing him multiple times may cause him to call for backup. Button one to shoot, button two to drop mines.

Also has a four player mode.

assassinatrix.zip43.65 KB

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Game File: 

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An event
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