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Sat, 25 February 2012
(diff) (hist)05:29gamenew Streakosaurus TURBOcce
(comment)05:28gameDisc GunshipsergiocornagaWhoa this is tough!
(comment)05:18gameBritish Games For British Peoples: You Have To Get A JobsergiocornagaThe audio in this is extreme!
(comment)05:15game48hsergiocornagaNice! I managed 293 games on
(diff) (hist)05:15gamenew Breakanoid RCRylie James Thomas
(diff) (hist)05:12gamenew Step Sequencer ContagionNiallM
(comment)05:10gamePixel JamsergiocornagaVery visually striking. Some
(comment)05:08gameThe Inexplicable House BallsergiocornagaAmazing surrealist stuff
(comment)05:03eventPre-Pirate Kart Knytt Stories Collaboration LevelfabienporeeYep, going to work on this
(comment)05:02eventPre-Pirate Kart Knytt Stories Collaboration LevelsergiocornagaDraknek expressed interest,
(comment)05:01gameYell at a kidsergiocornagaI like it! The game quits
(comment)04:52eventPre-Pirate Kart Knytt Stories Collaboration LevelZecksi was gonna try it
(comment)04:42eventPre-Pirate Kart Knytt Stories Collaboration LevelsergiocornagaYeah, but you actually did
(diff) (hist)04:29gameTime Demon vs. Indie Coffeetomsmizzle
(diff) (hist)04:20gamenew this game has bugs in it 2tijit
(diff) (hist)04:18gamenew this game has bugs in ittijit
(diff) (hist)04:03gameFlyoutOrann
(diff) (hist)04:02gamenew FlyoutOrannAdding Flyout!
(diff) (hist)03:57gameThe Inexplicable House Ballmagicrat
(diff) (hist)03:54gamenew Brick Brokesakani17
(diff) (hist)03:45gamenew Pixel JamOrannSubmitting For the first time
(diff) (hist)03:39gamenew The Inexplicable House Ballmagicrat
(comment)03:18game48hEffBeeAnd by the way, yes, you're
(diff) (hist)03:14gamenew 48hDanni
(diff) (hist)02:38gamenew Racing EightwayRylie James Thomas
(comment)02:20eventPirate Kart V: The 2012-in-one Glorious Developers Konference Kollection!!!jonbroOH BOY! I think I have
(comment)02:13gameSonic Christmas BoomNoybComment 1: Oh hey, the
(diff) (hist)02:05gameDisc GunshipL
(comment)01:53gameDisc GunshipLBugfix update
(diff) (hist)01:52gameDisc GunshipL
(diff) (hist)01:30gamenew Drug-Induced Emo Fun TimesXevo
(diff) (hist)01:23gameBallbuster InvasionDarkTetsuya
(diff) (hist)01:03gamenew Ballbuster InvasionDarkTetsuya
(diff) (hist)01:01gameyou have to find the wallethugsDISABLE DEBUG KEY !!
(diff) (hist)00:59gamenew you have to find the wallethugs
(diff) (hist)00:54gamenew Man Dog Macreedevwil
(diff) (hist)00:49blognew Started learning Java Game Programingsatozhi
(diff) (hist)00:29gamenew British Games For British Peoples: You Have To Get A JobGenius
Fri, 24 February 2012
(comment)23:55forumThe INCREDIBLE 700-1 MIDI's Kollection!!! (and some original samples)The Blueberry HillWhat? Zelda II is ace.
(diff) (hist)23:36gamenew MicroMovesnapman
(diff) (hist)23:31gameDisc GunshipL
(comment)23:29blogEntry #1snapman<3
(diff) (hist)23:24gamenew WavylessHyperNexus
(diff) (hist)23:21gamenew Disc GunshipL
(diff) (hist)23:09gameWhat's the Number?ShadsyRecalibrated for maximum funny, minimum win-y.
(comment)22:50gameGuide of Identification of Musical the Instruments of FrobniaShadsyWhat the hell? I followed it
(diff) (hist)22:16blognew Entry #1nobody
(diff) (hist)22:15gamenew Brainmotron VS HypermothThe_A_Drain
(diff) (hist)21:44gamenew Thousands of AntsShadsy
(comment)21:38gameCan You Jump It 3DsergiocornagaAmazing. I managed to jump
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