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Tue, 24 July 2012
(comment)23:20gameMidnight SnackEffBeeThe reason the checkpoints
(comment)22:57gameMidnight SnackthesycophantMan, that last level was a
(comment)14:48gameMidnight SnackEffBeeNo, that's a design flaw
(diff) (hist)14:46gameMidnight SnackDanni
(comment)07:36gameGreenday ZZTbcunderscorepersonal reply
(comment)06:51gameMidnight SnacksergiocornagaReally great. Made it to the
(comment)06:26eventAction Point 2012: Abort Retry FailSpindleyQoh god only four days
(diff) (hist)05:42gameGreenday ZZTghettowreath
Mon, 23 July 2012
(comment)22:40gameMidnight SnackthesycophantOh, shit, Effbee, this is
(comment)22:27gameCave of the SnailsthesycophantI like games that implement
(comment)17:33eventTimezone Lottery Klik Jam #15Smedis2This hopefully will get
(diff) (hist)17:32gamemastyr of teh inuvaresSmedis2
(diff) (hist)16:27gamenew mastyr of teh inuvaresSmedis2
(diff) (hist)15:35gamenew JUDGMENT DAYSmedis2
(diff) (hist)15:15gameKLIPART SHOOTER: A TRIBUTE TO SMEDIS 2012-2059mnoforgot to mention the time limit!
(diff) (hist)15:13gameKLIPART SHOOTER: A TRIBUTE TO SMEDIS 2012-2059mno
(diff) (hist)15:09gamenew KLIPART SHOOTER: A TRIBUTE TO SMEDIS 2012-2059mno
(comment)14:35gameGreenday ZZThugs3D TALK ENGINE is fantastic
(diff) (hist)08:35gamenew Greenday ZZTghettowreath
(comment)07:38gameHouse Runner Feat. Mr. Pickens linhatYEA BOI YOU COLLECT DAT SHIT
(comment)05:51gameDucksPorpentinei love you
(comment)05:18gameGORILLA MURDER SIMULATORZecks.
(comment)00:43eventKlik of the Month Klub #62bcunderscorehey this is pretty big
(comment)00:21gameApventure of the ValkyriesmnoI thought it was broken until I read this post
Sun, 22 July 2012
(comment)23:56gameGORILLA MURDER SIMULATORmnowhat's the song you used for
(comment)23:31gameSSStop MemnoBrilliant!
(comment)21:22eventGlorious Trainwrecks Presents: The PlaysergiocornagaOne day I will make an
(comment)20:57gameApventure of the ValkyriessergiocornagaI also managed to get this
(comment)20:47eventAction Point 2012: Abort Retry FailEffBeePretty much.
(comment)18:43eventAction Point 2012: Abort Retry FailleileiAlterable values and set
(comment)18:42eventAction Point 2012: Abort Retry Failleileiit's actually an earlier
(comment)17:21gameLINK IIbitbotIf you're using classic ZZT
(comment)16:05gameApventure of the ValkyriesSpindleyQThat's how most of my Apple
(comment)15:14eventAction Point 2012: Abort Retry Faillinhatye
(comment)13:59gameApventure of the ValkyriesNoybIs the endgame a green and
(comment)13:48gameaRTSeroidsEffBeeWhoooaaa I got it to do this:
(comment)13:39gameaRTSeroidsEffBeeYou know what's more fun
(comment)13:18gameLINK IIEffBeeNothing happens when I press
(diff) (hist)12:49gamemoved LINK II ZZTbitbot
(diff) (hist)12:40eventnew Glorious Trainwrecks Presents: The PlaySmedis2
(comment)12:26gameDucksthesycophantSome of the unhappiest
(comment)12:09gameScootNickScalziAnd here I was picking
(comment)11:21gameOuter Emergencybitboti prefer venison
(comment)08:51gameCave of the SnailsSmedis2What do I do?
(diff) (hist)08:31gameaRTSeroidskirkjerk
(diff) (hist)08:30gameaRTSeroidskirkjerk
(comment)07:27gameApventure of the ValkyriesSpindleyQIt's is based off hazy
(comment)03:28gameaRTSeroidskirkjerkSo they aren't willfully
(comment)03:20gameaRTSeroidskirkjerkYeah- I don't know what kind
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