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Mon, 9 April 2012
(comment)13:32forumThe Quest For The Wonton Soup (Klik & Play, Circa 94')lulufinderAh well.. thanks for
(comment)13:15forumThe Quest For The Wonton Soup (Klik & Play, Circa 94')SpindleyQLooks like the TGF sequel is
(diff) (hist)12:03blognew Doom Draws NearSmedis2
(diff) (hist)11:55forumnew The Quest For The Wonton Soup (Klik & Play, Circa 94')lulufinder
(comment)10:05forumUpcoming weekend of/24 hours of/Blitzkrieg ZZTthesycophantI'll absolutely be making a
(comment)09:00eventGlorious Weekend of ZZT Blitzkrieg-a-thon!Smedis2HOLY JESUS I HAVE NO IDEA
(comment)08:46eventGlorious Weekend of ZZT Blitzkrieg-a-thon!Smedis2Holy Awesomesauce! I've
(comment)08:00forumUpcoming weekend of/24 hours of/Blitzkrieg ZZTQPIf you're willing to invite other ZZTers...
(comment)07:07gameEliza Edith Escapes ExpirationsergiocornagaI've now ported this to
(diff) (hist)07:03gameEliza Edith Escapes ExpirationsergiocornagaHTML5 port
(diff) (hist)06:54gamenew 17 YearsBread.
(comment)03:36gameThere Is A Monster at the End of this GamenobodyThe monster design is
Sun, 8 April 2012
(diff) (hist)23:41gameFEXelib
(diff) (hist)22:33gamenew FEXelib
(comment)19:39gameThe Terrible Terrible TurretLHTML5 port
(diff) (hist)17:45gamenew Fackeedfackeed
(comment)17:38eventGlorious Weekend of ZZT Blitzkrieg-a-thon!EffBeeFirst-timer here. Right now
(diff) (hist)16:05forumnew ROM ROULETTERynen10K
(comment)14:49forumGhost Zapper - my first trainwreck!jakelly14good, but kinda hard
Sat, 7 April 2012
(comment)22:06blogA Pirate Kart post-mortemthesycophantHere's part 2!
(diff) (hist)18:20gamenew Utter Nonsense Factory: Combat Pipe Gamethesycophant
(comment)17:33gameHexagonBread.I really loved this, the
(comment)16:42gameJust a glitch.toasterYeah, looking back it does.
(comment)15:47gameJust a glitch.EffBeeI think this game rides on
(diff) (hist)15:11gameJust a glitch.toaster
(diff) (hist)15:10gamenew Just a glitch.toaster
(comment)05:12gameLasertube Sneak Preview: Trapped In The ClosetsergiocornagaMan, I would love a Trapped
Fri, 6 April 2012
(comment)20:50gameLasertube Sneak Preview: Trapped In The ClosetEffBeeThe music video on its own
(diff) (hist)20:03gamenew Lasertube Sneak Preview: Trapped In The ClosetSpindleyQ
(diff) (hist)19:57forumnew The Virtual SwordsmenPizza Time
(comment)16:47eventTimezone Lottery Klik Jam #12EffBeeWhoa, I just noticed this
(comment)12:52forumALDERMANSpindleyQHell yes, I love Alderman!
(diff) (hist)12:07forumnew ALDERMANSmedis2
Thu, 5 April 2012
(comment)21:38forumUpcoming weekend of/24 hours of/Blitzkrieg ZZTEffBeeHmm, decided to play with
(comment)17:48forumUpcoming weekend of/24 hours of/Blitzkrieg ZZTfabienporeeYeah, I've been thinking
(comment)16:45forumUpcoming weekend of/24 hours of/Blitzkrieg ZZTEffBeeI've never used ZZT before
(diff) (hist)16:05forumnew Upcoming weekend of/24 hours of/Blitzkrieg ZZTthesycophant
(comment)12:55storyPirate Kart V: The 2012-in-one Glorious Developers Konference Kollection now available for download!markp0rterproblem with pirate kart.
(comment)11:25forumToolsExciteMikeI had a really nice chat
(diff) (hist)07:04forumToolsSpindleyQAdd some stuff, rearrange some stuff, TGF/MMF coupon code
Wed, 4 April 2012
(comment)12:10gamePrizeturretExciteMikeAny objections to me making
(comment)11:22gameThere Is A Monster at the End of this GameNoybThank you! And yes, there
Tue, 3 April 2012
(comment)23:27gameThere Is A Monster at the End of this GamesergiocornagaThere are four, right?
(comment)21:52gameThere Is A Monster at the End of this GamethesycophantLove each and every one of
(diff) (hist)01:22gameThere Is A Monster at the End of this GameNoyb
Mon, 2 April 2012
(comment)21:35gameThis Game Always Tells The TruthEffBeeI bounced myself up to the
(comment)19:09gameThis Game Always Tells The TruthNoybI did that too! If you keep
(comment)19:04gameThese automatic arms.NoybI love this. Very early
(comment)18:30gameThese automatic arms.nobodyOh, right. I can think of
(diff) (hist)15:04gameThere Is A Monster at the End of this GameNoyb
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