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Sun, 17 June 2012
(comment)07:06gamePutt-Putt Saves The StewSprocketWell that was a glorious
(comment)07:01gameThrivesergiocornagaCute & calming. The
(comment)06:58gamePennyfarthing QUESTsergiocornagaI won! I feel like it would
(comment)06:42gameGrow!sergiocornagaThis really isn't relaxing
(comment)06:39gamePolyfurcationSmedis2This is the most confusing
(comment)06:36gamePennyfarthing QUESTSmedis2This isn't Klik and Play.
(comment)06:34gameput on your make-up in the darkSprocketSuch a gratifying thing! I'm
(comment)06:27gamePennyfarthing QUESTSprocketThat was pleasingly daft and
(comment)06:27gameMega MountainchuchinoStage 1 of Kid Dracula. It's
(comment)06:20gameMega MountainSprocketYou have such a knack for
(comment)06:12gameGET FITSmedis2Better sports game than Wii
(comment)06:06gameThriveSprocketYES - that was a gorgeous
(diff) (hist)06:02gamenew Cobalt Carouselghettowreath6/17/12 Submitted to Indie Games Day Contest
(comment)05:47gameThe Body StorySprockethahaha edutainment at its
(comment)04:58gameRoomba: The GamesergiocornagaScore: 3400
(comment)04:53gamePutting On Corpse Paint In The Dark!sergiocornagaAlso, the traditional
(comment)04:44gameWORKING TITLEsergiocornagaMisleading description. Would not buy again.
(comment)04:39gameThe Body StorysergiocornagaThis game is almost
(comment)04:23gamePutt-Putt Saves The StewsergiocornagaI like this a lot. Your
(diff) (hist)03:19gameThrivetoaster
(diff) (hist)03:17gamenew Thrivetoaster
(comment)02:51gamePutting On Corpse Paint In The Dark!Pizza TimeI even got the hat on there
(comment)02:48gamePutting On Corpse Paint In The Dark!Pizza Time:)
(diff) (hist)01:49gameVertical ImpulseL
(comment)01:47gameVertical ImpulseLThat bug should be fixed but
(comment)01:45gameMega MountainLYes!
(comment)01:43gameMega MountainsergiocornagaBeaten on easy mode. I am so
(comment)01:18gameSuper Dig Site MadnesssergiocornagaI'm really bad at this
(comment)01:11gamemanyinvaderssergiocornagaIt's a good design. I also
(comment)01:08gamePolyfurcationsergiocornagaI find this quite hard; I
(comment)01:00gameVertical ImpulsesergiocornagaGood fun.
(comment)00:51gameVertical ImpulsethesycophantI really like this. The
(comment)00:46gameGrow!thesycophantSo good. So, so, damn
(comment)00:43gamePutting On Corpse Paint In The Dark!sergiocornagaScreenshot! Spoilers?
(comment)00:42gameMega MountainthesycophantIt's taken some getting used
(diff) (hist)00:20gamenew Putting On Corpse Paint In The Dark!Pizza Time
(comment)00:19gameYYYYYYsergiocornagaIt's like a version of The
Sat, 16 June 2012
(diff) (hist)23:41gamenew Mega Mountainsylvie
(comment)23:27gameRapidly Advancing LaserstarflierThis is by far the best game
(comment)23:12gameGrow!starflierFlip. This scared the Flip
(comment)23:05gameBomb BuddystarflierThanks!The colours are
(comment)23:04gameput on your make-up in the darkstarflierWe're all looking rather glamorous tonight...
(comment)22:58gameYou have to dodge the answerDOKTOR_LINEedutainment at its finest
(comment)22:52gamemanyinvadersstarflierI like this one a lot. I get
(diff) (hist)22:50gamenew You have to dodge the answermrcrispy83
(comment)22:23eventFIVE GLORIOUS YEARS OF GAMES: Klik of the Month Klub #60starflierYay! Got one in!
(diff) (hist)22:22gameVertical ImpulseL
(comment)21:52gameThe Body StorySprocketOh and it's probably 13+
(diff) (hist)21:51gameThe Body StorySprocket
(diff) (hist)21:46gamenew YYYYYYrhetoricstu
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