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Sat, 19 May 2012
(diff) (hist)19:34gameThe OCD SimulatorSprocket
(diff) (hist)19:32gamenew The OCD SimulatorSprocketGame created for Klik of the Month #59. Due to being British and confused over the meaning of a.m. and which day this pertained to, I began a little late and finished a little late, at 3.10 a.m. The lateness of my starting and the bugs and computer problems I dealt with whilst making the game, hopefully balances things out.
(comment)19:13eventKlik of the Month Klub #59SpindleyQWhat's the issue? Maybe I
(diff) (hist)18:41gamenew SOCKRUNEmno
(comment)18:39eventKlik of the Month Klub #59Malingerer-ZKILL.
(comment)18:06gameCarwreckNappaBest game in the world. I
(diff) (hist)17:26gamenew Three Bullets Per Minute (3BPM)Blueberry Soft
(comment)16:53gamebeautfiful the game you can die editionleileijames franco
(diff) (hist)16:36gamenew Carwreckmutantleg
(diff) (hist)16:21gamenew Flight Simulationer Smedis2
(diff) (hist)14:03gameHome InvadersNickScalzi
(diff) (hist)13:32gamenew beautfiful the game you can die editionSmedis2
(diff) (hist)13:22gameClick and PlayantibugSpelling
(diff) (hist)13:11gamenew beautfiful the gameSmedis2
(diff) (hist)12:51gamenew Home InvadersNickScalzi
(comment)12:29blogSource code releaseEffBeeI'd upload the source to
(diff) (hist)12:23gamenew Click and Playantibug
(diff) (hist)10:46forumnew LET THE GAME CHALLENGE BEGIN! Indie games dayjakellyHAH
(diff) (hist)10:17gamenew Simple Space ShooterMrPerson300
(diff) (hist)09:31gamenew Elephant Dodgecimolas
(comment)08:04blogSource code releasesergiocornagaI am happy that you are
(comment)08:02eventKlik of the Month Klub #59Smedis2Idea: Edit a tutorial from
(comment)07:52eventKlik of the Month Klub #59Smedis2:P Everyday I'm Qwopin' It.
(diff) (hist)07:49gamenew 3 EVENT BATTLESmedis2
(comment)07:46gameRPG RUNNERZecksa knp rpg would pretty much
(comment)07:39gameRPG RUNNERSmedis2THIS IS AMAZING. Seriously,
(diff) (hist)07:33gameHow Do I Shot Web?Smedis2
(comment)07:32gameHow Do I Shot Web?Smedis2Yeah, Sorry. I'm gonna fix
(comment)07:31eventKlik of the Month Klub #59leileifun little fact
(diff) (hist)07:30gamenew RPG RUNNERcimolas
(comment)07:17gameWatch Ducks HD RemixSmedis2We need an Atari ST version
(comment)07:09gameHow Do I Shot Web?NappaNice story
(diff) (hist)06:46gameHow Do I Shot Web?Smedis2
(diff) (hist)06:44gamenew How Do I Shot Web?Smedis2
(comment)00:42gameBreaktroidThe Blueberry HillJust a quick reply to note
Fri, 18 May 2012
(comment)18:16blogSource code releasesnapmanIt was a pleasant surprise
(diff) (hist)18:10blognew Source code releaseL
(comment)18:10gameDaddy I'm ScaredLSource code
(comment)18:07gameUnshrinkerLSource code
(comment)18:04gameDelve DeepLSource code
(comment)18:02gameRenardesLSource code
(comment)18:00gameGetalong GolfhopLSource
(comment)17:49gameMid Morning RideLSource code
(comment)17:46gameFlood The Chamber Again: This Time, It's LavaLSource code
(comment)17:45gamePortal Two-DimensionalLSource code
(comment)17:33gameOperation LodestoneLSource code
(comment)17:30gameTrepidatious PeakLSource code
(comment)17:27gameCatatoniacLSource code
(comment)17:24gameInvader Sammy in "One Sam Army"LSource code
(comment)17:21gameBind Her!LSource code
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