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ehy we're getting our friends together to play space invaders do you want to play??

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arrow keys, space to shoot, k to die
please play nicely no one llikes a spoil sport

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Hit That Bitch!♡ (McGraw-Kill Glencore Irresponsible Dieing)


Uhhh coming on in the midst of a 100 games-a-thon whuat? IDK if i can make 100 games but i have 1 new game for you its called "Hit That Bitch!♡"

This game is based on something I saw last year in the McGraw-Hill Glencoe Responsible Driving textbook. A photo showed a car rolling down the street with a boy on a bike in front of him. Normally this would not be the most interesting thing ever, however, another student had written "Hit That Bitch!♡" right under the photo, transforming it into a timeless classic. This game is dedicated to whoever did that, and all students writing in their textbooks all over the world!

Warning: When you run over a kid on a bike in this game, he will explode!

Musical Credits: Jailberg and Lazer Boy

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spooky, sugar, zip, zippy


Fruit-flavored platformer game.

Edit: Changed the screen size for more exciting suspenseful gameplay!

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an average life


This is an accurate description of an average life from birth to death. We leave all interpretation to the viewers.

Sergio Cornaga & rhetoricstu
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In Memory of Violent Trains

Remembering bygone days.

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death comes to us all


for each path presented to you, you must accept the consequences of the ones you choose to take.

remember that closing the game is also a path.

playable online. be wise.

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The Oregon Trail: 6th Edition


This is the next official version of the Oregon Trail!
No it isn't.

You are on a mission to traverse the Oregon Trail in order to claim some land in Oregon! Along the way, you'll face dreaded obstacles such as flowers, small rocks, and elephants. Watch out for diseases like cholera and dysentery, too! Press the space bar to shoot and the arrow keys to steer, most other things you'll need to know are mentioned in-game.

P.S. Real Life Mode is only put in the game as a joke, as it makes the amount of miles traveled increase 100 times slower than in Arcade Mode. So just play Arcade Mode. That's the real game. Or see how far you can get in Real Life Mode.

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Death Skulls


Move with the arrow keys
Touch the other skulls to talk to them.

Fabien Porée
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MUHAMMAD 5 The verwourren TimeSpaceDoor


The decades of suffering are over! Muhammad 5 is finally released worldwide!
Because at least 0.3 people played Muhammad 1-4, the wonderful and epic finale to the Muhammad pentalogy is finally released worldwide!
You wanted it so it is finally released worldwide!

The Timespacedoor has been opened!
Muhammad III woke up in old Berulohr caves 40 years after his adventure in Muhammad 4 and received the task to find Muhammad I, Muhammad I the King, and Muhammad II in order to defeat the evil Sak, a mysterious new villain who opened the timespacedoor to destroy the past and make him the king of the world.

What an awful plan.

Now all the Muhammads are on a magical journey through time and space to defeat Sak and make the world happy again.

-Bigger and better than every other game
-more than 274897432974092749027490724720947920³ Levels
-not as hard as Muhammad 4
-Finally released worldwide!
-Not Professor EagleEye
-Better story than Inception
-Better story than Bionicle

Play it.

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