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Horrible Mazes 3: No Space For You


This game is horrible, and has some really uninspired mazes. Enjoy.

Andrew G. Crowell
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Jester VS. Robin Hood


I MADE A GAME ON MY NEW LAPTOP and it's stupid.

Press Z to shoot when you collect 1 or more wizards.

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Cat Gravity Simulator 2012


Guaranteed to be the WORST game you play today.

You take on the role of a poor cat who has been thrust into the world of gravity, falling to his possible death unless YOU, the intrepid player, is able to take control and make him land on his feet!

With random height and rotation! It's a moderately new experience every time!

Use your arrow keys left and right to rotate the cat. Watch out, he trembles! He's scared!

Press space to restart, and escape to quit.

Jonathan Ginn
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Brainmotron 3D


Planned for this to be bigger and better by about 4-6 hours of work, but had some problems with Unity mostly caused by being an idiot and lacking sleep :) Oh wells! Playable at least.

Adrian Gordon (Code) + Arran Langmead (Art)
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shot7 copy.jpg

Metafictional game. Crazy stuff man.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move the character left and right respectively. Within the textbased portions of the game, when shown (y/n), press the y key (standing for yes) and n key (standing for no) to answer to the questions posed.

Music by Kevin McLeod; www.incompetech.com
Constancy Part Two.mp3
Fairytale Waltz.mp3
Pennsylvania Rose.mp3
Robo Western.mp3
Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet.mp3
Bright Wish.mp3

James Earl Cox III, Alex E Marmor, Mike J Jacobs, James E Hillman
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Knytt Stories and You: A Tutorial by SoftSoft


So if we're submitting Knytt Stories to the Kart, we should probably have our own tutorial, right? I mean, sure, there's a perfectly fine one bundled with the game itself, but that one doesn't really gibe with Glorious Trainwrecks ethos, right? This is what SoftSoft was thinking when it made this level.

Note that SoftSoft is not allowed to touch Knytt Stories anymore.

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Stupid Flyguy


First trainwreck I made within Linux. Not 100% sure if I broke the Windows side of things. Please use the multicore-fix-win.bat if you're on Windows, or multicore-fix-lin.sh if you're on Linux (expects you to have wine and taskset installed).

I had to leave early, so this game is a bit unfinished, but what's there is there.

Also, the sounds I included in here will probably drive you nuts.

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