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wow, this is the most 'video gamey' video game I've ever made. you can shoot things and even get scored in a way that corresponds logically to your in-game performance. feels weird & icky. I like doom a lot. anyway, I made it for the global game jam.


Running - "Right Lane Leaving"

Alesia Cosmos - "So Far"

Chrome - "You've Been Duplicated"

Royal Trux - "Funky Son"

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press 1, 2 or 3 to change control between the 3 characters.
only the blue one can press the blue switch, and only the red one can press the red switch.
go get the banana go go
peel it

feel the banana

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Out of Space

Image 083.png

You took too much [DRUG] and missed the shuttle launch. Or maybe you're too early? It's really hard to tell. Maybe you shouldn't have taken all of that [DRUG].

Meander about the valley with [WASD]

Observe the perfect harmony of the world with [MOUSE]

Contemplate the meaning of existence with [ENTER]

Download standalone win/mac here for full screen experience

or play sad tiny shrimpy web embed version above

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Little game with a Ball trying to chain colors, in a rotating circle.

Made in 6 hours with Tululoo Game Maker!

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Jesus: The Second Coming: Hamburger Flipper


Idea created using that trainwreck idea generator I made earlier:

"You are tasked with making a platform game starring Jesus as the protagonist, whose goal is to collect every Hamburger. Your trainwreck must utilize Win32 API abuse as a gimmick."

This game involves you, as Jesus, coming back down to earth in order to set up a hamburger stand. However, you need hamburgers to begin with, so you set out on a search across the mountains for burgers to sell at your burger stand. And then stuff happens.

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I Wanna Be The Red Guy


Use the mouse to move and click to fire. Probably a huge CPU hog.

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Flood The Chamber Again: This Time, It's Lava


This is an unauthorised sequel to the Game Maker game Flood The Chamber. Hop to the top and get to freedom! You can survive anything except for the lava, which will kill you.

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