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Exoptable Money


Once, on a quiet sunday evening, you found a magical box that makes money. You take it home and decide to get richer and richer, with no end in sight. But you are not the only one who enjoys having money...

-Money, money, money, money, money
-New friends to have fun with
-Distinct personalities
-NOT cookie clicker and/or little inferno
-Beautiful soundtrack
-A cute fluffy cat

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We made a two player game because we are two people. 8-)

Mike Timko and me
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An event



Use the arrows or A and D to move and collect coins!

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An event

Coin Jump


Move to the right to complete the levels. Double jumping, save states, stopping immediately and charging are your special abilities (up, s, x, c respectively). But they'll cost you a coin each use.

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An event

Neonux in the Dark World


You are Neonux, a 2-dimensional cube with neon eyes and must beat 20 levels while collecting as many coins as possible.
Why? I'm not sure, maybe because he lost his girlfriend? Yes, probably.

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A side scrolling action game. Collect as many coins as you can! Challenge your friends!

WASD or Arrows or Thumbstick (Gamepad) to MOVE
Space or Button A (Gamepad) to JUMP

-= These are required to play =-
Includes Setup file

-= These are required to play =-
The .NET Framework 4.0 Redistributable
The XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 Refresh

Soundtrack written and played by Sam Wilksch.

Colin Capurso
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An event



Do you like coins? And hate monsters? Well, this is the game for you.

Kill monsters, avoid monsters, and collect as many coins as you can before you die in this one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before game, CollectingThing.
Brought to you by 'attempting to do foley in your game while trying to stick to the two-hour limit'.

Jesse Burstyn
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An event
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Vector the Crocodile Wants a Lot of Rings


Vector the Crocodile is in an old abandoned fortress full of rings. He wants these rings! A lot of them! The game has THREE EXCITING ENDINGS depending on how many rings Vector gets.

(Press X to jump!)

(Press up to go through the red door when you're done!)

The Vector sprite is courtesy of Yuski. Thank you, Yuski!

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An event

Mario Power Paintbrush


Walk to Toadstool's elegant charity ball while collecting as many sparkling coins as possible.

* Left click - extend the road.
* Space - run.

This game is more fun if you draw plenty of loops.

Inspired by that Kirby game for the DS, and possibly those other line riding games.

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An event



Windows and OS X builds included in one zip file.

This is a grayscale adventure. Jump through the strange trouble-infested badlands in search of coins! Avoid the tiny elephants! Don't leap on the roly-roly's spikes!

Hit the mysterious question mark blocks to make something surprising happen! You might get a coin... or you MIGHT awaken the vengeful sky gods. Keep your wits about you!

It's procedurally generated, which means new surprises on different play-throughs!

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An event
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