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There Is A Monster at the End of this Game


Arrows + space.

Made with a team for Molyjam NYC.
Monster sprite ripped from Monsters, Inc. GBA.
Music ripped from To the Moon.
Full credits in game.

Made For: 
An event

These automatic arms.


You appear not to be in control of your arms.
Bystanders may be in danger.
A tinfoil hat might help?
Reunite with your child and give them a proper hug.
(Made for Molyjam NYC.)


v1.1: -- one new gameplay mechanic, two new rooms, four new bystanders, thirteen new pieces of tinfoil, zero new easter eggs, debug keys removed or better squirreled away, slightly augmented fifth room clue, a few minor bugs squashed, 'hallway' room's doors open faster, N Key will now speed through the intro and outro screens, first room's tinfoil text appears more quickly, cute but capricious switch-up removed from ninth room, your child loves you just a little bit more.

Made For: 
An event
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This Game Always Tells The Truth


A game for What Would Molydeux? / MolyJam 2012. Based on this tweet (spoilers).

Here, finally, is a game that will always give it to you straight! Expect to receive nothing but the truth in this refreshing game, where everything is as it seems.

Jeremy Penner
Made For: 
An event
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