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Keep Clicking To Keep Existing


keep your little ingrate extant for as long as you care to, my lord

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spooky, sugar, zip, zippy


Fruit-flavored platformer game.

Edit: Changed the screen size for more exciting suspenseful gameplay!

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Juni in the Haunted House

haunted info.png

Whoo! I am so glad to be done with this level.

Anyway, this is an old level of mine from way back (like, 2010 back) that I decided to finish up for Knytt of the Month Klub. Except that I went two days into overtime, but okay. Anyway, the basic gist of it is, Juni must explore a haunted house in order to learn its secrets. And get keys, endings, and junk. And that's all I'll say about it for now. If you see any bugs, please let me know, as I didn't test this level as thoroughly as I could have.

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Made for ludum dare 32 by me and my friend gevaudan! Czech out the ludumdare.com page for credits & info

YES and Gevaudan
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Do You Come To Pity Me?


You enter the mainframe of a long-abandoned hypercomputer AI, poetry ensues.

Background song is gun(he) by dstnt.

Game is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial.

btw i kind of cheated by making the world object before the marathon [*k*]

Marie Gevaudan
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"I don't like Mondays" or "Who Really is the Cookiest Ghost in the Land?" or "Third time's the charm"


This is the first game in RPG Maker or RPG Maker 2003 that I ever made! I watched a bunch of tutorials and they told me to make this game, so here it is!

Tell me if you have any problems running this game.

Have fun!

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Skeleton Clock


(Originally from http://jaynepea.itch.io/skeletonclock)

A classic retro-style score based game in the style of Asteroids or Corruption of Champions! Share your scores with the friends at the Schoolyard!

The King of Skeletons has the creepiest clock ever seen.

Dare you brave the flying vampires to get a quick look at the time?
Vanquish them with your mighty mouse!

But watch out, if you hit The King of Skeletons, YOU BECOME ONE YOURSELF!

so dont mess up ok no pressure just DONT

Or press Escape to quit, if you're a COWARD!

The music is definitely NOT a midi of Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2.

Sound Effects from http://soundbible.com/tags-game.html

Graphics from Multimedia Fusion 2 library

my game is good dont mess with me my dad works for acclaim h'ell mess u up

Install instructions

Simply download the game, and open the file.

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