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Fighting Game


An experience for 2 men. Women can play this game if they want to, but they won't be able to fully understand it since it deals with concepts that are elemental to the male psyche such as 'manliness', 'being a man', 'grunting at another man' and 'punching another man'.

Punch the other man's head, torso, upper legs, and lower legs before they punch yours.

Pilot your fist using the arrow keys.

Press your 'charge' button to charge forward with a more powerful punch. You can use this to destroy pieces of the other man's arm as well as his fist.

Press your 'punch' button to explode your fist and teleport back to your body. Use this to defend against the other man.

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Clowny With a Chance of Pain


You are a clown testing your virility. You are attempting the most dangerous show of all. The infamous knife and fireball swallowing ceremony. The trick is, you can only eat fireballs while on the ground and only eat knives while in the air. If you fail to do so, you'll mess up and kill yourself.

A game made for Damian Sommer.

Credit: Music and Sound by Thomas Burton

Jonathan Burton
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Nipples Vs Clothespegs


As you might tell from the name, this is a new minimalist kind of tower defense app. You have a single set of unique turrets which can only be placed at three locations. Click, drag and drop to move your turrets at will. Dropping it onto another turret will make them swap places. While carrying a turret, it will fire at just one third its normal rate.

Each turret is best at dealing with a specific enemy type. Place and move them with a keen eye and a swift hand to protect those nips!

EXTRA CHALLENGE: invent a plot for this thing and post it in the comments. May the best person win.

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This game is heavily based on an old freeware Mac game called Gravity Ball, by Aaron Davidson. Most of the visual and sound design is cribbed from that game, although the individual assets were collected by me.

The ball is repelled by the mouse. Keep it within the marked circle to beat the level!

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Press X Not To Cry


This game will make you cry.

Flex + flash, also available at

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Pirate Kart 2
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