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Knytt Stories Again: Bella Wolpeck


Believe or not, but this is the very first Knytt Story I started working on. I used it as a sort of practice space in the very beginning, and it branched out from there. Anyway, this is about a knytt who makes a trip back home, but there are some surprises along the way. Hope you have fun.

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Zen Garden Demo: A Knytt Story


So, hey! Haven't been here for a while. How about a little Knytt Story to make up for lost time? I actually started making this for a level competition on the Nifflas forums (the basic theme was "keys," although it was a little more complicated than that), but I never finished it in time to enter. I decided early on to make it a maze-type game, even though I hadn't had any experience at all with building mazes. I think the inexperience shows, frankly, but at least I gave it some nice scenery.

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*Secret project schtufff!* Don't touch.

Okay so I am working on a Knytt Stories project and I need to upload a 30 frigging megabyte file, holy god, up to here so I can download it when I get home. And then later I need to upload that same file up here again so that others can download. Nobody touch, okay?

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Snowy Island: yet another Knytt Story

snow_island screen.png

Yet another Knytt Story from me. This level was made for a recent competition on Nifflas's forums (theme: isolation). It's got kind of a Christmas-y feel to it, I think. Anyway, enjoy!

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You Have to Put the Candy Cane in the Stocking: A Christmas game

Merry Christmas, everyone! As a sort of Christmas present to you all, I'd like to share a Christmas-themed trainwreck with you all. It's yet another variation on You Have to Put the Ball in the Cup, only this time, you have to put a candy cane in a stocking. Very different. Anyway it's a text adventure/interactive fiction game so you'll need an interpreter to play blah blah blah. I think most of you know how these things work by now so I'll spare you the details.

(Also if you are looking for a sincere Christmas game instead of a joke one, I made this thingy a couple years back.)

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Black as Night: A tiny Knytt Story


I've had bit of a Knytter's block on several large projects over the past few weeks, so I decided to work it out by making some small, teeny-tiny levels, like Tree House. Anyway, I used silhouettes with this one because I liked the look of it. It's not pure black and white, though.

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Knytt Stories Level: A Day at the Beach


So there's this ongoing Knytt Stories level competition thing over at Nifflas Forums. One comp in particular requires that at least one tile from a tileset (A Beach and A Cave) be on every screen. I decided to make a level for it, despite not being a member of the Nifflas Forums.

Anyway, here is the level! It is one of those levels where you just wander around without much to challenge you in particular, although there is a challenge corner tucked away in here. There are 5 endings, most of which I wish I had done better. I like to think of this as a love letter to summer, kinda. Hope you enjoy it!

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