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Birthday Trainwreck

I was making a game for GT's bday and had two weeks to get on it... but real life got in the way (yay freelancing life)... gonna submit it soon... at least my main screen looks tight :D i'll upload my game soon

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Nearly there

I'm still mucking around with AGK. I got some of the files I need to test it on after a bit of digging, and having to update other files. I'm running out of room again on my computer, but a few deletes and some backups will free space.

About to go home, eat dinner, then code and see if my games compile for Android, and then I'm in business.

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Wot I'm doin.... Upgraded (yay) and going legit

I got a new Android tablet from my sis so I can finally shut up about not having a real device to program on... kinda. I did have an Entourage Pocket Edge but that was too quirky to program on and no one uses Android 1.6--except me.

I'm too stuck on BASIC and I wish QB64 ran on Android. QuickBasic... wheeee, fun times. Then Visual Basic, ugh, nightmares....I have to dust off my HTML knowledge cos I haven't hard coded any HTML since HTML 3. I know, I'm ancient as hell :P I want to learn HTML5 and Java so I can make some online games... I wish I could just hammer out something in TGF, use Vitalize and be done with it, but I got to learn Flash... don't have to, but it's an option. All those braces scare me. I have nightmares of missing closing braces.

If only I could use KNP/TGF on this android tablet and go nuts. I'd crank out half finished games again, haha!

I was messing around with TGF2 Newgrounds version and was trying to decompile and hack the game I made, but after 2 days of eye bleeding code reading and brute force, I'm like forget it, I just need to write some PC games and sell em so I can go legit and buy the damn thing. I want to make a living making games so why not? I have a copy of DarkBasic. I should do something with it, right? I tried using AGK but damn it, it broke my machine. I couldn't get it compile for Android at all (and AGK is just like DarkBasic in syntax. The programmers swapped pararetheses for brackets, sneaky programmers.)

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WHY??!!!?! I hate it when old tech bites the dust


I wanted to finish my game for the themed trainwreck, but my laptop died and so has my backup laptop. How am I gonna do my projects now? I pulled up the old desktop from the basement and got zip disks to save my projects. Aargh. So annoying. Now I got to carry a zip drive wherever I go (it's USB so woot)

The zip250 drive died on me yesterday and I'm upset. At least the zip100 is still kicking. I went online to find any other zip250s on Amazon, but most of them are listed for $50. WTF. I'm not paying that much for a zip drive when I can find them at the thrift store for less than $10. Ugh. I just want to complete something, anything! How can I when my stuff keeps failing?? I was actually too depressed to do anything but my sister gave me a pep talk and I got out of bed to go finish a project. I would like to have a finished product.

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Working on my skillz


I've entered into the themed trainwreck #4 and the KOTM #63. I'm actually going to complete something this time! I'm so excited! I already have my handy programmer's notebook and I scribbled some ideas. I'm using KNP/GF again and it's tough re-learning how to use this dang thing. My sis has the original KNP manual at her house that she borrowed from me. I got to wait until she brings it back. I do have a PDF version of the manual.

I was thinking of firing up the old Mac and use KNP on there, but I can't get the internet and the version of KNP I downloaded didn't work (as it read the zip file wrong as Windows zip, not Mac Zip). I wonder if anyone uses KNP for mac?

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XMas or concert or booze money, whatever (Beating Depression)

kitty drinks.jpg

I'm working on a video game as I'm trying to get thru this horrible horrible depression. Fainting in the shower last week spooked me into actually living the life I want to live, somewhat. Altho I'm back home now and dealing with my annoying mother (and she wonders where I get my bad attitude from), I'm back to making trainwrecks. I need something to do. Still no job. Nor do I want one, altho mom is getting quite vocal about it.

I'm blasting some DSBM to make myself feel better. And it does work. :D I can't wait for the weather to turn cold so I can wear my leather jacket all the time. I like the weight of it (and the look--it's so freakin cool and awesome and it's not your typical Schott Bros. biker jacket that I desperately wanted after watching The Wild Ones).

Still blogging, still turking, still trying to find something to do with my art and make that paper. Sucks that in order to live in this city, I got to have a piece of useless paper to do anything. I scavenge, reuse, recycle, walk, or bike. Anything father than 10 miles I take the bus. I can't wait to outfit an engine on my bike so I can go farther and not get so sweaty.

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still slogging thru the muck

Alas, I'm still couch surfing and job hunting and hating being homeless. I wish I had a car but I don't have a license and this story of woe wouldn't exist.

Around the end of June I managed to get a callback for a job and I took it. It was a sales position for a security company. I went door to door, saying the same spiel over and over and no one wanted to buy. After a month of no sales (and lots of wasted time), I quit. Maybe no one wanted to buy from a woman, or people really don't like getting bothered by a door to door salesperson.

Fuck that shit. I hate working for da man anyway. I got all my gaming tools now and lots of time on my hands and a new place to crash. I've been scouring the job papers but there has been no jobs available in this town. Apparently it's a cosmic joke that I came here, away from the land of opportunity. While in San Francisco, I managed to find housing and a job within 2 weeks and I should have stayed. I got involved with a shady company and had a fall out with the people so now I'm stranded in this podunk place. I would like to get back to California or back home to St. Louis as soon as possible.

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Going back in time

I was wracking my brain for ideas (maybe I should have some space cake!) and somewhere in the void that has become my brain (which have survived many scientific tests involving dubious substances) did I remember writing a blog somewhere on the internets. So I plugged the address into the wayback machine and voila! My old blog and gaming notes!!! Thank goodness I still remembered that shizz. I downloaded all that I could as all my backups of these old sites are rotting away on floppies ('mema them?) and I'm not home to go thru them.

So yay, I have my notes. Now to get to cranking on some glorious trainwrecks!

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programming injuries

title menu.PNG

I hate drawing. Doing gfx is the worst part of my programming experience. I'm OK at it, it's just time consuming. I can code all day and not be bothered with it, for like 12 hours straight with the occasional bathroom break. But doing this drawing and plotting pixels, AARGH I hate it!!! Just can't stand it. I want a specific look but at times I feel like ripping stuff from other games (and ripping out my hair!)

I just have to stick with it....

My eyes hurt from staring at the screen and my wrist is numb from the mouse. Because I'm not at home base with all my materials (including a drawing pad and pen that I use to make my gfx on and my library of clip art discs!!) it's hard going old skool before I got the fancy equipment. I remember the days using graphics paper and plotting out my pixels that way with my 64 or 100 crayon box by my side. But I'm nearly 30 not 15 years old any more. My patience has gotten thin. Or I need to rebuild my patience? At least I got some brootal death and black metal to rock out to. Back in the day I rocked glam metal, haha!

Posted is my title screen for one of my games, Beyond the Stars. Simple concept (find some aliens and take their picture). I wanted the 'bad kiddie drawing' look but damn it, it's tough! Believe it or not, the title screen is all from clip art discs. The rest of the game features my actual drawings.

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random name generator

i got some good names. Ran it aboue 200 times and kept about half of the names listed. They're going to be used as actual games/titles/levels. This is going to be interesting.

It's such a rainy and cold day.... perfect for programming! ^_^

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