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IVR adventure game for Asterisk, plus a Python version

Glad to see GT is still alive and kicking! I will try to post more often.

Here is a small adventure game you can add to an Asterisk dialplan. I'm sure you will agree that every PBX needs a hidden immature adventure game. Works well with RasPBX + a small analog gateway to a physical phone.

I made an alternate Python + Kivy version packaged for Windows. If you want a package for a different OS, let me know. There are some small differences but it's basically the same deal.

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Axelay II: The Axelaying


Here is something I made a while ago -- completely forgot about it until this weekend. I submitted it to KNP Korner, but it never went up.

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Apple Jam 2010

a hurried remake of this

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Atomic Blast, a salvaged Game Maker game


Oh shit, I never posted about this one. I began Atomic Blast several months ago, while scoping out Game Maker 7. After a couple of goddamn weird error messages, and some icky stories about the registration DRM, I gave up on purchasing the full version.

This began as a ripoff of Destructivator, a twitchy arcade-style game I really like. Cloning got boring though, so I switched gears. The final game has a few tricky sections, but it's pretty laid back in comparison. Many more screens were planned, but it felt like I had already done everything I wanted to in the first twelve. I spent this evening tying up some loose ends, and well, here it is. Now, onto other things (JOHR).

edit #3: Ack, fixed more errors. Reuploading as ZIP, deleting the previous versions.

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C and text mode

So, Cymon's games has inspired me to try my hand at textmode games. I will write throwaway test programs and hopefully work towards something interesting.

Throwaway Test program 1: It's a start, I guess. You can move around a boring room and talk to a single NPC (and harass him, if you try hard enough). You can also edit the board by pressing forward slash, and load/save the board to a text file.

The next one will have an actual game objective! And win/lose states! what the hell am i doing

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Radical platformer ideas


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WIP: Johr®

Anyone know a date on when B-Game II starts? I'd like to squeeze a game in before that -- just a few screens long. Here is an early WIP!

(note: the cutscenes and gfx are salvaged from a months-old mock-up)

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a truck on which to dump stuff

Felt bad about having so many little, unfinished things on my hard drive, so I dun fixed'em up. Most of it is from last year.

Inter-dimensional Fish: Can you make it to vacation island without losing your parallel selves?

Ninja: I wanted to see how much I remembered about my first, awful game. The MIDI song choices are 99% accurate!

Ultimate Maze: Ultimate Maze will put your maze escaping skills to the test. Then it will break you into a million pieces. You might as well not even attempt to escape, let alone download Ultimate Maze.

Holy Animal Olympics: Old prototype for the TIGS "bootleg demake" compo. I didn't pursue it because it was just a one-note gag, not really touching on anything that made Zoo Race funny in the first place.


Sensitive Elbows: This is the only one of substantial length. The first installment of the YOU ARE INJURED GO TO THE DOCTOR RIGHT NOW trilogy.
edit: oops, uploaded an old version. fixed

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Sphinx VS Judge


Until the next KOTM, this is the worst thing I have ever made.

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Babelfish wrote:

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