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Mostly thanks to SpindleyQ all my KNP games are now up on Internet Archive!

Not all of them work great (Colour2 and Castlevania 10 for example), but hopefully one day they will!

I wrote a little guide on how to get things up too: (pretty straightforward, it just took some detectiving to figure out how to tell IA to treat it like a thing to be emulated (Just takes some metadata tags))

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Anyone want a CD of my KNP games updated to run on newer hardware?

Hey. so a few months back I made some compilation CDs and DVDs for a games festival here.


So if you want one, let me know and I'll send you one for free :)

Any left-over will be chucked up on my page, and with other ones I made for the fest (a dream games one, and a general sampler) for maybe $4 each (plus postage?). So this is a special GT friends deal, I guess.

I've also updated all the games' entries here with the new versions. I'll get to MMFerising the rest of my KNP games some other time.

Games included:

  1. Authentic Celestial Shiv
  2. Breakanoid Ball
  3. Breakanoid RC
  4. Bullet Hell Bulldog
  5. Castlevania 10 (can't shoot up, like in the Newgrounds version)
  6. Collecting
  7. Colour2
  8. Fighting Pilot (I couldn't get the arm to work the same way as before though:( )
  9. Glorious Trainwrecks
  10. No No Sleep
  11. Platform RC
  12. Pololo Shodown
  13. Rapture Raptor

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The Wrong Controls.

As mentioned in the comments for Plarform RC I've been contemplating a series of games based round the wrong Klik & Play movement options.

I really like games with awkward controls, or controls that take some learning. A lot of old games seem to work like this, but for some reason mastering their control is approached as a part of mastering the game, rather than as a deficiency in their design.

This post is to get the ball rolling, the mind ticking, and to be somewhere to dump ideas.


  1. A single-screen racer with eight directions movement.
  2. A platformer with path movement. (interacting by changing speed to avoid moving hazards (enemies, gates, etc)
  3. A shooter with race car movement.
  4. A breakanoid with race car movement.
  5. A point-and-click adventure game with platform movement for the cursor.
  6. A Joust clone with race car movement.
  7. A maze game with bouncing ball movement.

Probably any genre with RC movement will work.

You are most welcome to make suggestions, or use the idea yourself, like EffBee's ace Pretend You're Platforming. I doubt I'm the first to come up with it!

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Moving Maze.

So, er, whoops. I spent the weekend celebrating a birthday, but half bothered that I was missing the Pirate Kart Festivities. I was able to spend a few hours Sunday night trying to get SOMETHING done to contribute, and one of the ideas got finished: MOVING MAZE.

Then I come here to upload it and find out the fucking thing's this weekend anyway. I have plans for B, and C versions of the game for the Kart.


(Now playable on Internet Archive:

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This is my first blog poster ever.

'sup world.

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