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If you think you can made it better, go on:


Anyone also thinks that there should be a cracktro bundled with Pirate Kart 2?

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spreading the disease


Yes, I wrote about Pirate Kart 2 on my very own blog on one of the biggest gaming forums in my country. As you can see, somewhere between foreign Mid-Europeran babbling I stacked screenshots of some more eye-jabbing productions. I wonder if anyone will join this event now...

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Idea for FPS in Kliky


While watching the Spindler Splindey Spindley's raycasting demo, an idea popped to my mind.
Idea of Doom in KNP isn't new, yeah, but I reminded myself trying to implement very primitive Eye Of The Beholder-like "3d". I googled up in looking for full-length games using this and I've found an old friend, Death Mask.

As we can see, even with jerky scrolling/movement, gameplay is fluid and clear. It would be a sin to not try this!
So I dig up my old WIP-stuff notebooks and found the theory of algorithm for such an engine. Here we go.
Map is a matrix built from 32 cells, 16 x 16. Each cell is a fragment of map with a number. Player starts in cell 1,1, and moving forward changes the cell to 2,1, then turning right - 2,2 etc. Every cell has it's own "3d" picture. Some cells contains monster - which we can shoot out with a gun.
Algorithm has many fails flaws, like no open rooms, just maze and no backwarding.
Hope my engrish isn't too high and everyone can undestand this bullcrap without beer or two.

I will try to implement this once again.

Oh, and a screenshot. A little teaser. 4 different fonts on title pic! Face that, man

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Unnatural Brutality released


So here it is. My first game trainwreck ever released. 2 player mayhem full of lasers, rockets, swords, Black Sabbath and sharks. Controls are bit shitty, so don't forget to read the txt. And that it's two player only.

Hope it's crappy enough to place it here.

Next one - Unnatural Brutality Ex - Human Slaying Mechanism!

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I've spent nearly all day playing some trainwrecks. Some people are really high, high
So this is probably good time to announce my first train. If anybody cares. Nobody? Crap.
It will be two player, as I haven't seen any 2p game here. Many stupid attack moves and sounds. Street Fighter II parody. Kind of.
And now, let's have some Doom.

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