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apologies for shilling commercial stuff here but i figured this would be appropriate epilogue to marker games: i finally got around to compiling them and putting together a commerce pack (PC only at the moment, but i plan to buy the html5 exporter with monies from this version). it's at my website here .
The idea of MONETIZE THE PIRATE KART is kind of a dubious achievement but oh well. i really liked making all the games n hope to go back to releasing semi regular things here at some point n hope maybe the idea of weird commercial compilation loaders for trainwreck games catches on. i love multicarts and scrappy stuff so anything that encourages it seems ok to me.

hope ya have a good year in 2014,
stephen XOXOXO

wonderful value

Re. the marker games::

I am currently at 44 games since mid-September and hope to get up to 50, after which I will take a break... I finished work last week so it's good timing insofar that the format of the games was basically constructed to tie in with my job schedule.

When I reach 50 games I am going to bundle up the whole bunch as a single package, with a loader program and some notes, and try selling that for ca$h monies. the individual games here will stay up + free... i don't know if this is opportunistic but i'm kind of basing it on how james kochalka's diary comics (which were part of what got me making these) were posted individually for free on his webpage and then bundled up for sale in books after a while. also, the way that the glorious trainwrecks pirate karts (which were the OTHER part of what got me making these) built a shared context for these games which helped change the way they were experienced. so, look out for that - - hopefully later this december or in january at some point.

I am also looking into how to use Anaconda to create Mac and Linux versions of the MMF2 games, in which case there will be mac / linux versions of the package too, and maybe of the individual game pages here.

Happy Xmas,

- Stephen


putting the day games on hold while i try to do something for : nine days.

hope to be back soon :o)

- stephen

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