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figured i should give everyone who cares an update since i'm Still Alive

most of my focus has been toward animation and comics these days, but i still want to make another game someday (which is something i constantly tell myself for a few years now). i have a couple ideas floating around, just need to open RPG Maker up and start throwing them together.

i also feel the need to contextualize some stuff, as a lot of the stuff i made and said over here were when i was still a middle schooler (i'm 20 right now, btw) and uhh yeah looking back at those things i can't help but feel a bit embarrassed lol. i'll try not to be super harsh on myself about this stuff but yeah Lol i apologize for any dumbassery of my part from back then, and my most sincere Thank You to all who have supported my vidya making endeavors. the games i made back then were pretty defining for the overall direction i wanted to take my art in, and joining this community definitely helped as well :)

thanks for reading, and please let me know if you're interested in checking out some of my New Stuff in comics + animation !!

(btw i don't plan on keeping the nuuup username bc it honestly doesn't represent me anymore, but i'll probably keep it for the time being)

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