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Yellow Jogger Laser Platform Madness (2017)


Hi again, everybody :)

It's been a good four years since I made my last entry on this website, and I decided to pay all of my game making buddies a classic tribute.

Once again I caught myself dwelling about production values, working on larger projects (all of which went into development hell hardy har har) So i stopped dead on my tracks and focused on this little gem of my past.

So here you guys go, it's a game about making laser platforms to get you places you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise. HOW FUN IS THAT!

I worked on it for about two weeks and the best part is that you can make your OWN levels on it! And... [drum roll] ...share it with your friends!

The game comes packed with 10 original levels and 5 pre-made custom levels.

Have fun! ;]

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New song (and the last one i hope)


I should focus on game making from now on.

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Midi archive

Everyday I like to compose tiny little midi tracks for fun, but I don't feel like uploading it on soundcloud. So i'll post them here, maybe updating it daily

Note: the chronological order is from top to bottom (that is to say, the newer ones are at the bottom of the list. check them out first (the older ones are terrible to an extent that I don't want anyone listening to them))

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My soundcloud

i just opened a soundcloud, and i'm posting my stuff there, usually using mmx soundfonts. don't expect to like anything there.


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my own megaman-esque music track

i'm submitting a track i made with fruity loops using a mega man X soundfont, well ok

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