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screenshot to game that will not be made


Here is a screenshot to blue wizard of the desert 2 that I was going to make. However, I am not going to make blue wizard of the desert 2 anymore so this is all it is. I am already working on league of piss 2 so too many 2 games is a bit decadent or something I think.
I was going to make blue wizard of the desert 2 as the test drive game for my new engine I have developed primarily for the creation of league of piss 2, but recently I had a much better idea for a spring game where you are a water spider which I think will be a lot better so now I am making that instead. Well I will be when the engine is finished, it still has a lot of stuff that needs to be completed before it will be usable.

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The Game to End All Games

Hello my friends. I have not posted on here in 3 years or so because I have been in a game development wormhole for 3 years working on league of piss 2. They have not been hugely productive or satisfying years. The reason for this is that league of piss 2 require a fully custom engine plus I had a few weird mental breaks where I started developing it as an isometric block game etc etc. Originally piss 2 did not have a custom engine but I had ideas that were too cool for godot and they needed to be brought to life.
Anyway, the point is that game development can be a very slow and demanding process and it can even get in the way of other parts of your life that ARE more important, and so I have conceived the idea of a game that never ends. You may remember that when minecraft came out it was in alpha status and people played the game for years alongside it's development, enjoying new features as they came out. I would like to do the same thing but with a story driven game, simply release new stories again and again, basically treating the game less like one game, and more like a program and a vehicle for the delivery of whatever stories I like. This game is not going to be in alpha status like minecraft thoiugh because that implies progress towards an end. This game will just cease development when / if I am sick of it.
I am very excited about this idea because I think that it has a lot of benefits both for me, and for the final product. I very much like small details and funny secret characters and things in games, but when you are busy and stressed this is difficult, but when you are simply creating content and the overheads of creating the game and world are already behind you, there is no reason not to add as much detail as you desire.
I also think that having all of these stories and characters within one game and one world benefits each thing, but it allows interrelation and connection between them, and a sense of exploration.
Since all this content comes out in phases, to help people keep track I think I will have a system similar to super mario 64 where you could see your progress in completing areas, as this way when areas of the game become bigger you will know to go back there. I dunno I will try that anyway.
Anyway you get the idea but that is the plan. Once I finish this engine I am never going to make another one (maybe I will make a little roguelike or some nerd shit like that but nothing worth posting here). Hopefully I will be able to post the initial playable game on here later this year.

P.S. The engine is open source so if you hypothetically wanted to make your own myst 3 + touhou clone you can do so without the cost of 3 years of your life.

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3d render of table made out of sticks

I am going to make a 3d render of a table that is made out of sticks. The sticks come from mangrove trees and the inside of the tree flesh is like a mushroom texture or like foam but then inside that there is a white core like a bloody bone. That is what the tables will be made from and you can then go to a restaurant made from this style. This will not serve any purpose to the game except maybe giving you some health (and there will also be a puzzle in the restaurant, but it will be distinct from eating at it). The purpose of this then I do not know, but it seems like a very good experience to include in my opinion. Some things in my opinion should not be gamified, because when a section has a purpose, it then feels like it has died after it's purpose has been exhausted so if you want something to be nice forever, you can not give it any purpose, or I guess you can give it a purpose that is not expendable.
I think that at this joint the ideal food would be a watery looking soup containing some bits of fish floating since that just seems like what they would eat at this joint. Also maybe you can eat a crab since there are some crabs at this island you can catch and there is a woman who I forget the name of who you must battle at a different point in the game who catches the crabs right outta the beach with some long skewer thingies.
Obviously also there has gotta be some great music in the restaurant too, and I think that I am going to need to perform the music live for the right kind of effect. Most of the league of piss music has been made in the tracker program renoise, but I have grown rather sick of trackers, I just haven't thought of a better way of making the music yet. Using trackers is pretty much the complete opposite of live performance and you can tell that when you listen to the music in the games as it tends to be rather stunted. The upside of using renoise though is that it has a lotta cool sounds and all that since it's built in wavetable synth is quite nice and etc.
I used to have one of those melodion things that my great uncle gave me. It would have been really good for this I reckon, but I have moved to a different country now and do not have it so I can't do that. I do have a keyboard / synthesizer which I could use and probably will use.
there will also be a ghost

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Making 2 (two) new games RIGHT NOW

league of piss 2 is going to have some very nice shit because I have figured out about using GLSL shaders in godot which means now I can have some three dimensional planes coming along it's LIKE THEy ARE COMING OUT OF THE SCReenen!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game will be very long compared to league of piss 1, and it will have islands and also there will be no more of that car driving bit that everyone including me hates because NOW YOU ARE IN A BOAT HELL YEAH. this is much better because it is non linear beside a few bottle necks so therefore you can't get lost because you haven't got a destination also the boat bit is in glorious 4k ULTRA hd 3D graphics with GLSL Shader. yeah it will be my best game yet just as long as all goes well. I am currently in the process of building my meticulous design documents and notes required to craft this experience for my agape viewers.

the other game has jars and there are bugs trapped inside the jars kinda like amber and there are sheep too because the characters wear woolen clothes because it is cold and they live at the top of the trees but they have got sheeps up there. one of these characters might appear in league of piss 2 at one point as welll. also they wear a mask.

I made soup of chicken bone yesterday and it was good shit, I have now developed a special power

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tensile wires attached to head SANPANAP

t5he wires coming out of and attached to the head are a symptom of spiders and possibly vampires in my professional view.
the vampires have a few different things going on yet that I cannot classify and maybe all of them are just spiders or something else.

when I was about 5 I found a root on the ground which had stripes I think and it was a bit like a mosquito which also have stripes on the leg, and that is how the vampires / spiders would look I think, and I also think that some of them can float which might seem a bit weird but they are like big whale type things in the sky and they can just go up there and they send out tendrils which are invisible but you can feel them if you are sensitive.

however, the tendrils cannot reach through the trees of the jungle which is why john fogle can fight against the vampires from the middle of the special jungle pool

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erotic computer


making new and good quality high quality game which I think will be nice enough and also another one which will go on your phone and your computer too and that one will be out real soon because it is for the secret santa and it may or may not be relevant but it will be good maybe also it reveals an important issue which is where doctors tamper with people's organs and possibly even take some out of their body and all kinds of shit. maybe they put some in too.
especially they do this to people who are sensitive which is why they invent new medicines too to stop people from being sensitive and turn them into retards like you see stumbling about in the street every single day.
█▄░░█ █▀▀█ ▀▀█▀▀░░█▀▀█ █▀▀█ █▀▀▄
█░█░█ █░░█ ░░█░░░░█▀▀▄ █▄▄█ █░░█
█░░▀█ █▄▄█ ░░█░░░░█▄▄█ █░░█ █▄▄▀
After this is done the league of Piss Trilogy begins in earnest.
I think that league of piss 2 will be my greatest game but league of piss 1 will be better than any game I have made so far but there will be better ones in the future probably. It will have:
bean creatures
more than one gender
pirated music
original music
good shit
great shit
bullet hell with good patterns. imo making bullet hell patterns is the most fun game dev thing there is just about because you can think about lame stereotypes that relate to the given character and then bulletify them and then you have some funny bullet patterns.
a big hammer
2! robots

thankyou and good night

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Godot is the best

I downloaded godot like three weeks ago and it is really good and really quick for making games once you figure it out. Also, performance has not been an issue for me at all so far which is nice.
Being able to make a game in a couple of days instead of weeks or months is extremely thrilling and I am making a lot of them.
Now I am making a new slightly longer game called Salt Bug, which will be a platformer game. When I first started making it I had intentions to include a lot of metaphysical themes, but I kinda got distracted and now I've forgotten what they were, so before I can finish it, I need to remember what they were.

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