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three dimensions

i had a goal of wanting to play every game on g.t. from the beginning of 2018 until i couldn't do it anymore. lol. i started off well, but then kinda faltered.

so i realized that i'm playing all of the 3d games, but not all of the 2d games. !!

one of my favourite things about videogames is being able to experience a place that cannot exist in real life. having a first person perspective is the best way to achieve immersion (imo), so i prefer that.. but also, it's because i just love all of the stuff that comes with 3d: polygons, lighting, shadows, draw distance (i actually like that lol), etc. of course 2d can do that too! this also means, typically, that i prefer 2.5d over 2d.

i don't know why, but representing 3d on a screen is just the coolest thing to me. and it's not always about realism, i just really really really gravitate toward it for reasons i don't understand.

my favourite style is low poly. it's definitely not because of nostalgia. i think more abstract designs with less detail affects me more viscerally than anything realistic. this early castlevania 64 model is what i'm talking about, i still think about how eerie it is once in awhile, ever since the day i saw it in egm or whatever!

what's funny is that most of my art in school was 2d, i couldn't really work well in 3d, i'm not good with my hands. but i'm just really obsessed with 3d, though there's plenty of rad cool 2d stuff out there!


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for 2018 onwards i want to comment on every game that i play here. that way not only do i keep track of what i play but also people like comments, right? i know i do.

i will also try to review all/most games on itch and steam. i usually write for steam in a way that will help me remember what i felt when i played the game. the itch reviews are basically a way of remembering what i play because itch puts everything i rate into a collection but i also give a little feedback.

i'm keeping track of the games i play in a gmail draft. i've been good at this so far but i know i'll fall off the wagon. there are some screenshots

before 2018 i never really kept track of what i played in what year which makes me sad because i do like the idea of separating games by year. it is a normal human thing to divide things up into remember bits and i'm not ashamed to admit that i'm human and also i do this. i almost never play things the year they are released except for g.t.games and an occasional itch game. for some reason i like being behind the curve.

i was gonna try to do something like 'post a thing about a game every day in 2018' but i don't know what to do for that so i haven't done it yet so i failed lol but idk i will try to think of something

also i am playing the ultimate doom for the first time. i had the gba version only and now i'm playing gzdoom. i feel bad playing such a popular game instead of trashgames but i like it a lot and also i will play doom 2 and final doom and i'm very excited to play doom 2 wads which goes back to independent game people . on steam i play mostly indie games but i do play popular ones like unreal . does that make me a 'gamer' i hope not lol

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