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Islands of Confusion


I was going to make this my Ludum Dare entry, and then I realised that they didn't let you use Klipart and I couldn't enter it there and I didn't want to redo all the art of my game so I decided to upload it here. It's a game about a pirate who visits the Islands of Confusion and has adventures there. It's a single-screen platformer, which I also happen to make a lot of. I need to stop making the same game over and over again.

Arrow keys and shift to move. Enjoy.

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We Go Play Hoop


We Go Play Hoop is a basketball game made in KnP. You play some hoop with a friend.

Player 1 is the Disco Weenie and moves with the arrow keys and spacebar. Player 2 is the yellow jogger and moves with WASD and Shift. Shoot the ball to the other hoop to score mad points yo- first to 10 or so wins. Also, the start screen lies- press shift to start.

What are you waiting for? Go play hoop!

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Good Guys vs Bad Guys


Good Guys vs Bad Guys is actually the first Klik and Play game I've ever made. It's an RTS.

There's bad guys and you have to beat the bad guys with good guys. You move the good guys by clicking places.

It has four levels and a boss and I think it's pretty sweet.

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