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running katelabs on linux

was playing some katelabs worlds today and remembered that info about this isn't anywhere i can find, so here's how to run katelabs on linux (tested on debian 11)

1. create a new 32-BIT wineprefix:
WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX="/home/YOUR_USERNAME/.katelabs" winecfg

! important ! only works with a 32 bit wineprefix - some of the stuff below will fail to install otherwise

2. install necessary stuff with winetricks:
WINEPREFIX="/home/YOUR_USERNAME/.katelabs" winetricks amstream dmband dmcompos dmime dmloader dmscript dmstyle dmsynth dmusic dmusic32 dsound dswave qasf qcap qdvd qedit quartz vcrun6 xvid

after doing this you should no longer get a "memory access violation" error after selecting the resolution

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