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I came here looking for an old game someone made and decided to make a blog post!!!

I'm still around and still making games! I do miss my trainwreck days. I've thought about going back to it now and then, but my life has changed too much since dem wild west daze.

Hope everyone here is doing well!!! Thank you for keeping the trainwreck dream alive!!!

The Minimalist Game

I don't have time to make anything substantial for Ludum Dare this weekend, so I decided to port NOM3RCY's classic text adventure, THE MINIMALIST GAME, to Twine.

I added a few bells and whistles. First, the scoring works unlike in the original game, and second, the order of the possible responses are randomised each time you play! REPLAY VALUE.

I couldn't submit it to the actual site because it's a port of someone else's game. :(


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