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heeeeerrrrreeeee's Johnny (Charisma)!

I'm back. This may be difficult to swallow in this age of superconnectivity, but I only got the internet piped into my not-enough-room-to-swing-a-dead-cat-let-alone-have-the-facilities-to-cook-it abode a couple of days ago. Sure, I had my whopping 6mb per day on the university computers, but I felt could not do this site justice by showing up and not being able to download and upload the gruesome trainwrecks. Various other things invaded my life to prevent me from getting the internet - for one, I embarked on yet another "maiden" voyage (boom-tish) which is still so involving that to game-o-bliggity-blog every nuance would require a development team the size of the chariot crowd in Ben-Hur.
A triumphant rhinoceros trainwreck to herald my return will be stampeding its way to your eyeballs and fingers, shortly!


P.S I was on the train platform the other day, and someone actually had a shopping bag which read "Hat World." Don't worry, Six, I served him the cease-and-desist while politely breaking his legs.

EDIT: And here it is, quicker than even I expected! I had the idea for this while outside, pressing 'c'. My gosh, it's lovely to be klikking again.
Oh My Guacemole I Forgot How Big The Internet Was

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Fellow trainsurfers, I am moving my ass interstate (Sydney, to be precise) in pursuit of the three pillars of society: beaches, bitches and a philosophy major. So, I will be MIA like olivia newton-john's boyfriend until I get my computer working, an internet connection, and a fixed address, and not necessarily in that order. Needless to say I will miss this month's KotMK. Also, needless to say, I'll be back, with a head full o' ideas and salt water.

Until then!

Keep the spirit alive, etc.

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Holy freaking rhinocerous on a coke binge, batman, we have a KnP ROGUELIKE

...well, more a proof of concept.

But seriously, I present the first version of Krawl! At this stage, it's just a random maze generator. It takes a little while, but it's kinda mesmerising. Linear searching of a matrix has never been so much fun!

This took me some hours. Though I've gotta say, it is one of my proudest achievements in Klik & Play to date.

Next step is making it look like a mad proppa dunjin with rooms and naturalism and all that bebop, but I'm a little spent.

Edit: For those interested, the algorithm is a slightly modified version of part I of this page . That page, in turn, came from the pretty interesting (for the mechanics-minded of you) 300 mechanics page.

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A Klikmas Mirakle!

Well while I totally fluffed up this month's KoTM, I still have a chance to provide the whole bleedin' lot of you with a gift for klikmas. Although probably not one as delightful as Pizzatime's gore-behind-every-door Advent Calen-dong.

Production has begun and is on a need-to-know basis. I can reveal three rhinoceros words for you today, however:

Accurate Snow Physics.

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I took this photo while out and about the city last night. My eyebrows nearly shot right off my head. It seems that someone has hired graf "artists" to leak images from the forthcoming mega-hit "Phantom of the Firefox".

Recent results from a comprehensive Roy Morgan poll have gauged public reaction to be "lukewarm at best".

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This is the way the blog ends

So, fellow trainsurfers, it is with misty-eyed hesitance that I present the final chapter of the emotional-teacup-ride-history-rewriting-bliggity-bloggo. It took 1.5 hours to make, and features stunning water effects.

I don't have much more to say on the matter, apart from thanking SpindleyQ, and everyone, most profusely for all this site is, and all it has inspired me to do.

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Baby, I'm a lost cause

Chapter 6! Out of breath and red-faced and hot off the dating treadmill! You played it here first!

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I don't wanna dance with you girl, I just want to apree-sheee-aate

Like sands through the wheel of time, so are the mixed metaphors, my relationship, and this sprawling bliggity-blog.

Chapter 5 is here, ladies and germs! Steer clear if you are at all hesitant about emphatically shaking hands WITH YOUR SOUL.

Johnny Charisma in: Viva Las Emotions! (Director's Cut)

The reason it's a directors cut is thusly: My original idea was to be able to choose all of the "inputs" before the game ended. Klik & Play, or Fickle & Play as I like to call it, had other ideas, throwing its digital hands up in the air(like it digitally just don't care) with General Protection Faults every time you chose a second item. SO, it ends after the first item. I left the previous conditional in there, so feel free to edit the game and see if you can make it work.

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I love the night life, I like to boogie

I offer up another Johnny Charisma adventure, aka chapter 4 of the book of revelationships, two hours in the making:

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

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Break it down for me, baby

I am mindful of burning out on this project, as who knows how long it will last? But i'm afraid this new game, this potent allegory which taps directly into the poisoned crux of relationships during this Age Of Terror, could not be left unmade.

Attached is the mind blowing spectacle, created in 1.5 hours, the third chapter in this relationship-game-o-bliggity-blog:

Johnny Charisma in: The Quest for Emotional Autonomy

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