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"Fun Ship" and "I Kill All" - Even more KnP demakes


On the 23rd, a gamemaking duel was held on the TIGSource Forums, with the theme being "Demakes in Klik'n'Play".
And thus, two glorious trainwrecks saw the light of day...

Fun Ship is a demake of Messhof's Party Boat, made by me(genericuser).

I Kill All is a demake of Error-Free Software's Tapan Kaikki, made by Stargoat from the forums.

WARNING: Download these at your own risk; they may be dangerous to your health, your general sanity, and your pets.

Oh and if Fun Ship has wacky Greek text, just copy "Commodore 64.ttf" to "C:|Windows|Fonts".

KNP Tic Tac Toe


Exactly what it says on the tin.

Different Place


It took 6 days to create the Earth.
It took 2 years to create Another World.

It took 2 hours to completely ruin it.

Different Place is what Another World could've been. If it was designed in Klik'n'Play. By a 13 year old. Armed with the KNP sprite editor.

(Only a demo right now, though, and there probably won't be a full version unless I have lots of free time)

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