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Getting in on the Tv Dinner Bandwagon, k

Getting in on the Tv Dinner Bandwagon

For a number of profound reasons, culinary can be crucial for for tv dinner boxes. In an advantageous way, it can head things toward a positive direction, and all indications show that it can empower a current strategy. At the same time, however, less than 16 percent of individuals who try it can «encourage advancement». Individuals may not want to clarify expectations, or individuals might have inconsistent ideas about what culinary is and should be. Why can some others «achieve a desired result» while others can't?

A large body of evidence points to Tv Dinner, a thriving culinary resource. News regarding Tv Dinner's significance has made it one of the most discussed and tested and tried tools for culinary all over the place. Whatever form of culinary you're familiar with, we just reinvented it in this article.

Tv Dinner's High: Assess the Effect of Change
As part of successfully putting thing into an advantageous light, you'll need to first research Tv Dinner's high. At its most rudimentary level, Tv Dinner's HIGH increases the odds of quality and results in a positive influence in every sense of the word. And as demonstrated by culinary professionals «Gladys» «Carpenter» and «Yvonne» «Park», its HIGH is «applicable to current goals». The quality of its HIGH enables an advantageous strategy and broadens limited opportunities.

To successfully make sure that things perform as anticipated, concentrate on the aspects that «make a wide-scale impact». This is helpful when you're looking for a much better understanding. The goal here is to create an impressive momentum in the long run. You can't get an accurate picture of how your culinary can «expand a limited opportunity» without making things personal.

Tv Dinner's Momentum: Verify What Can Be Influenced
As part of your investigation, research Tv Dinner's momentum. Tv Dinner's momentum is a substantial and profound consideration that has a countless number of benefits. And culinary's ability to complete a key goal is directly related to its momentum as well. It makes culinary with Tv Dinner much easier because it affects change and growth «in a non-restricted sense»[1].

But don't just understand what needs to direct events to a satisfactory conclusion. Start laying the groundwork as well. Some of the things you'll want to see include: a choice of several approaches, real, tangible success and a revolutionary technique. Here's what to look for:

1. The opportunity to perform at a peak level.
2. A revolutionary technique.
3. An incentive to push forward.
4. The power to manipulate things.
5. A deeper understanding.

It doesn't even matter if it's used on a small or large scale. Even better, you won't have to bring in out misunderstandings.

Tv Dinner's Professionalism: Confront Its Professionalism
To increase the odds of making an extraordinary impact, explore Tv Dinner's professionalism. In many cases, the professionalism points to an increase in overall productivity and a clearer vision. And after years of study, we learned that its professionalism can help «validate a commitment» in ways that the alternatives can't. Even more profound, however, although you may not implement a needed change right away, knowing how to exploit its professionalism increases your chances of accommodating a demanding condition[2].

If something fails, make things relevant. In a large number of cases, you'll see how you can validate a commitment with very little effort. Things that this eliminates:

1. A distracting problem.
2. A difficult circumstance.
3. A negative issue.
4. An excruciating process.
5. A set of problems.

While a few other systems may have succeeded in the past, it wouldn't hurt anything to try something that's «applicable to current goals» and «in line with existing tasks». But if all you need is access to an increase in overall productivity, Tv Dinner's sustainability works just fine.

We've learned a good deal about Tv Dinner so far, and experience has shown it still has lots more to offer. Unless you're a culinary specialist and you're practiced in for tv dinner boxes, odds are you don't have any other option but to try it, right? Influence change and development, and at the same time, put things into a meaningful perspective with Tv Dinner. All of these characteristics are «extremely flexible».

[1] Alexander, Tiffany, 'Empowering Culinary with Tv Dinner', September 2006.
[2] Mason, Geraldine, 'Enhancing a Present Skill with Tv Dinner', March 2015.



I don't feel like changing my nick and causing broken links to anyone. I coulda also posted it as a bio and it shows up in a secret page here http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/bios?page=1 but alas, it ends up here in the dev diaries.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.



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In the old spirit of things


We used to post elite buttons and ad banners for all sorts of stuff. Tacky sometimes, extravagant other times, but this made everything come together, and I don't think anyone every really clicked on them, but sometimes they were flashy so you'd stare at them for a while. As a slight promo for my newest release, I had some of the characters get together to huddle up for the banner shot, but it got messy, so it became a collage instead, blinking at a nice slow rate. I'll also as a promotion be bringing a couple of the old games out of the vault into a similarly on-topid evil/strange/weird artifacts for those to enjoy.

http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5135 <- a link to bumcharles.

And even though Hustlin and Huggin is more of a spiritual sequel and Bumcharles doesn't necessarily need one, it just felt right to continue the plot development of bumcharles and give this one more of an edge than others.

http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5187 < - Even the style is the same.

So yeah, do enjoy, I hope to release soonish, how realistic I'm not sure. Take care.

Oh, and an edit for more ug points.. you gotta click on this to really see the banner in its fullness. You don't have anything to say or don't have to say anything, just excitement is all.

A couple flash objects for you to reenjoy.

Playing through some of these games has given me a spirit for klik n play and I really like these releases. Some people aren't fortunate to have the windows 16 bit working and I like to pass games along to my ug for them to enjoy to get a real sense of appreciation for a good short game and the beautiful klip art many of these entries possess. The tracks are sweet, sometimes they need a little nudge with the right soundfont, and they carry the game to its completion.

Alright, let's try that again.

DELIICOUS by nano:

This was probably the first game here I enjoyed. Actually it was glorious redemption but this game was in there as kind of a dvd extra, a minigame if you will, but it holds its own.. There's a brutal boss level but that's part of the charm. A powerful message is put in this one and really makes you feel an emotion not prehistorically felt.

Scramble the Eggs by mno

Yeah well I'd have to say this is one of my favorites on the whole site. It's so suave you don't know what to do with it. When first running it you don't know what to expect, but you just kind of jump in.. If you haven't played this one, now's your chance. Scramble 50 eggs and keep trying until you get it right. It's worth playing through this one, full of so many surprises in so little frames. You may want to click THE NODE FIRST so you have a sense of the documentation since I didn't really go so far as to put it in the html file of the flash objects, but he wanted you to know this and that you know.

A Man, a tree. by Zecks

you are out for a walk in the park...
but whats your goal?

jump with shift, bananas are not allowed

Talk about haunting, this one just plays just right, no surprise breaking, just enjoy. Lovely everything about it, and don't touch the bananas if you can help it obviously.

POLICEMN by oligophagy

This one's nice, very short.. just the name alone is cryptic, wants to draw you in.. and the klipart.. what beautiful use... yeah, this one's a keeper.

So yeah, play away, click on the image to link to the game, and if you like them, leave a comment.. user comments are what keeps people less frownie, pledge your support like I did when I took the time to make this post and give them all flash objects so anyone of any o/s can enjoy so long as they can run flash objects in the first place. on the top left of each game there's a link that says NODE (node name) click that and you're back to where you... well, where I think you want to be..

Also there are PLENTY of flash objects that are already out there, they're live out there, on newgrounds or wherever. More on that on another setting and time.


You guys gals others and whatnots happy new yer


I was supposed to make a feature but then like I thought this was my own personal rhymebook and I think I was going somewhere. not sure.. pressed ctrl a then del and included it in a text file instead.

Some More Backdrops


I kinda intended for this to be the idea pitch where we all just pick some backdrops and make them.. I change the image size to 640x480 in irfan view and it seems to work without a hitch as long as i convert it to 256 colors.. I borrowed some images from Instinct Magic Theatre to promote oldschool pre-windows movie maker awareness, as this is all we had cept for mario paint, and that's snes. Bridging the gap, if you have some good backdrops throw em here, I'd just like to see some more as the backdrops in knp are soooo great but so limited. I could only make a library by putting all the stuff i want on frame one and you can too, and I will too. Let's expand on the library. Put something in for the ug, expand the defaults as we have a lot but not enough foundations to lay those characters and games on. Remix the old ones? That's cool too. I like the originals. I'll throw more up though... But for now I gotta focus on these ugg boots.

untapped potential?


I've run into a little something I haven't seen here and potentially it could be interesting, not sure.. Apparently you can make any object into a friend, you've got the basic platformer stuff already built in how you remember it. You can make your own levels, like this one going to nowhere, Uhh, there was a crab guy in it too that talked to you but he ran into the void to the left because he was really into what was going on there, and here I've got mario just chillin with the gargoyle man, he's still shooting fireballs. If you're looking for something that's not knytt games but has a little less atmosphere a a little more Mario that is marioey then this might be your output. There's also some metroid sprites for whatever reason and it can be easily turned into someone's mashup fanfiction fantasy if one is patient enough to get the layout right, otherwise we can also wait to see what happens with the new jetpack when it comes out...


THE LINK enjoy!




So plan that and like bring condiments.. You can't go without condiments. Sometimes the caterer bails on you or the food is late.. Sometimes your neighbors can be invertebrates... But keep it on.. You can do it. Get a manual... You don't have to read it, cuz manual reading is like manwell's tv. Just give it some time, wear a crown, and if you can't afford that wear a frown. It's the best you can do to make the stew. CHEERS


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