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this one's for mno


I've been dedicated to the irc front of the ug for a while... yes it's #glorioustrainwrecks on irc.freenode.net and for those who already idle about on irc servers this channel is probably one of my fav and if I ever tell someone "hey get on irc" i'll be hitting this one..

This is made possible by people like SpindleyQ, linhat, effbee, Smedis2, mojofilter, ray, pirate_sephiroth and those who make their presence applicable either just to say hi, but I'm really making this post to promote irc awareness and there's a being that makes it worth the while.

That's mno.. It isn't much but he got like older the other day. like a couple decades i'm assuming is his age but of course he's wise beyond his years and I've been viewing games in this ug for a while and I've always been impressed by not only his releases but the way he has them written up. When he makes a cover page for something he goes out of his way to make it count, and that's why we shout out his birthday or at least I do.

So yeah join irc if not just to catch mno riding dirty, or maybe with his pals goto and chie, or whatever. If you're looking for inspiration, he's a good go-to but don't overdo it... He needs inspiration too. That's why I picked this link where like if he's ever feeling a lack of it, and he doesn't want to look at the klip art on days when he's feeling down, he can go here.. It's a little last second since his birthday was the other day, but as we all know....


so enjoy this long url from yahoo images cuz I thought it'd add to the value and keep on doing your thing sir.




Since I care lots about xmas and stuff I figure I'd better change my avatar to a snoaman for now I don't know why I made a whole post about this i figured it would be really important to posterity when the time comes you know like just in case you know? People will see it will wonder "why did he or she or whatever it is change it to a snowman?" and the answer is because it inspires soooooo many people. I really did it to dedicate it to my friend true from the #rockman crew. He's probably really happy and stuff. Just look at how happy Teta is..

I have to go find my shoe cloaks and go to work now.. Good luck

ZZT Essentials: choas in the bummy 6004


In ZZT nothing is quite as it seems and rarely does it get a game that is just what is advertised. Smooth graphics, nice flow.. Good Storyline albeit bare basics.. Everything about this game oozes finesse. I mean, we're talking a hot little adventure.. It may be a little short.. This is no game of length. It is quick to play and easy in impressing. I don't know if the audience appreciated it as much as I did when I first saw it, but when I looked at it I saw Opportunity. It was almost as if someone looked in my head and said "what would he want to play if he was playing this?" and it was created simply to amuse me.

It's similar in to my style, but the lettering and graphics look a little more like what the company Dirrco (another day another description) would produce. This is really an adventure to impress all ages. It was also created in the course of a weekend and the time was well spent. When I was "competing" for the glory of the best entry I was doing the 24 hour ones.Who knows if Bummy is a pseudonym as this was his only release, but here we see a little bit of his chaos projected onto screen for the sake of entertainment. It's few times like these a background story would've been nice so I could have met up for his post-game meet n greet. Bummy, whoever and wherever you are, this Bummy's for you.

ZZT Essentials: Ancient Castle of the Dogs


I'm BC_ . I may be most remembered on the internets with the nick Viovis, AntiViovis, Vivois, what have you.

I've been part of ZZT since 1996 and part of the ZZT ug (i call community ug for short) since early 98. We had a couple AOL Free Trials and downloaded some lost forever games. Know this that there were 1000s of ZZT games that are lost forever in aol, hundreds of stories of teenage angst and adventure gone through the tides of time... Knowing this, I'm pretty sure the same applies to KNP, there were probably many lost gems in the AOL Vault.. so uhh, historically we'll never know the whole history since they were the only company successful to have their own library aside from the bbs's and internets and etc.

Uhh anyway I know there are some games that go as unmentionably fun, some games take effort, some games are chill and laid back, some are interactive cinemas, some are only cinemas... Some redefine the meaning of a game, as some involve just wandering around and tinkering with stuff, talking to objects, and in ZZT you tend to see all genres.. I think a lot of great has been made in ZZT but for those outside without a passport you're not really given the full scope of things.. I'd personally just like to share a couple of my favorites...

Games that not only I'm one to like, but that I think others of this crew may like since I am a fan of many of the games released here and I will do my best to choose games that carry that spirit.

I present Newt's third ZZT game Castle of the Dogs. This game spoke to me because I thought it had a certain degree of suave in it. I liked the writing style, it was blunt, it went from point A to point B fast. Part of the tests of time is as time marches forward, writing refines and changes.. This was a time piece where, you and your wife were on a plane and hte pilot crashed, and he didn't make it, and your wife was captured and taken to a giant castle, full of dogs. Why? I don't know.. ask newt. All I know is like you miss your wife and have to go through a dog labyrinth full of giant dogs and gather keys because dogs are high tech like that. There's also a really tough puzzle by glynth that's not impossible, but just keep trying..

I think thepsycophant did a wonderful job here with narrative, attempt on a good story, and I think it's a little more than meets the eye, so I think playing it now I still really liked it. And it was based on an abandoned moment of his OG series... so It's the first step of difference from style and might be where he developed his sound, course that's all for another story. Just make sure if you see a star to move into a corner and dodge it, cuz stars don't die... and aim for the dog noses... Somehow that's the core.. It's a lesson for us all. If you're fighting a gigantic dog.... uhh, their noses?

And this'll be the only time I attach lyon to a post like this, so get it here or I'll link to here. Get ZZT from around the nets. Maybe in the future we'll get Tyger, but for those in winders land This little item works.

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