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rad new chiptune wip

hot off the tracker


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eh wot.


Construct's physics behaviour continues to operate in a way that is both incomprehensible and strangely compelling to play with. Damned if this is doing anything I expected it to, but I really like how his arms move of their own accord from the get-go.

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day two: despair; willie nelson


agrgrggag need clipart

i'm capping myself at two hours each day, including design time and finding/creating resources like sound and graphics, etc. if i don't come up with anything even remotely interesting at the end of that period, i still have to compile it and put it up here to shame myself into doing better next time. which is what happened today. and yesterday. i think tomorrow i'll try to scrape the slate clean, somehow.

not worth the sizeable download
(i should also really start resizing images instead of just importing them in there wholesale)

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i am making some games in 2009, part one.

hi! how are you? myself, i just moved to a new place -- nice enough, but it has a few problems -- and thanks to a misunderstanding with the previous tenant, am stuck without internet for a while. but come hell or high water, i'm still going to follow through on my new year's challenge, which is to make and post a game every day this month.

i'm also trying to expand my game-makin' horizons a bit, especially now that i no longer have a computer that can run klik'n'play.

so, having said all that, here's my first game of the year, entitled: "I Don't Know How To Use Construct, Or, My Fridge Is A Deafening Power Glutton And A Breeding Ground For Spreads Of Ill Repute."

happy new year, glorious trainwrecks!

(in 7zip form to meet size constraints, sorry if that's a problem. uses this newfangled 'mpeg layer-3' technology, is why.)

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The other night Lackey was showing me some of his game mockups, and I got the idea that it'd be neat to do a Crimsonland-alike (yes, there's surely a better term for those, but nothing springs to mind) with light base-building elements. And hey, it just so happens that Klik is pretty well-suited to that sort of thing! And with BATM@STER I already had a handy WASD-plus-mouse-aiming template to start from. So about four minutes of work yielded this:

It still needs time in the oven, of course: non-bat weapons and breakable barricades and enemy generation, first. Then finer stuff like distinct battlin' and buildin' phases, ammo and constuction limitations, and then maybe some actual balancing. But it's wonderful that Klik makes the distance between conceptualization and execution small enough that I can whip something like that up in a couple of minutes.

I think I'll actually follow through on this one, since I like the concept quite a bit.

Some of the other issues, as a reminder to myself:
-Blood needs to disappear over time. Since each droplet is an active object and there's an (admittedly fuzzy-seeming) ceiling on the number of those that can be present on-screen at any given time, it'll interfere with the base construction and enemy generation if it's not limited. So far that's been more of a pain than it should be due to the animation speed bug.
-Collision detection is ignored when backpedaling, which is weird because the player movement and facing is handled by custom events anyway. Should be fixable with some Active Object Overlapping events, anyway.
-Not trainwrecky enough. Needs more samples. Must find more samples. Also must peruse MIDI collection for appropriate tunes.

Okay. There's still time for some Doom before it's light out. Sometimes it is pretty okay being young and carefree!

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honestly i don't know what the christ is going on here

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BRAINSSS: kreator's kut

I did a little work on BRAINSSS just now, because I think it was kind of unplayable as I submitted it.

Here is the complete lowdown, since I hadn't written one:

In BRAINSSS, you control two zombies in love. They're just out for a nice dinner and some dancing, but some closed-minded humans don't appreciate the sight of public displays of zombie affection (affliction? infection? whatever) and are determined to spoil their fun. Fortunately, the zombies' passion burns so fiercely that it manifests in physical form, consuming anything in its path. Let's show them the power of love!

One zombie is controlled with the WASD keys, and the other with the arrow keys; they shoot flames at each other automatically. You can bring the zombies together to regenerate health, though doing this limits the range and effectiveness of the fire. You start off with 20 (shared) health, but can go up to 30.

Also, uh, bonus two-player mode at no extra charge?

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Rumour Control

This low-quality jpeg has been making the rounds lately. Purportedly it's a leaked photograph taken of a PartnerNet build.

We can neither confirm nor deny anything at this time, but recommend that gamers and hatfans remain skeptical of rumours pending any official announcement.

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we be getting down with some delay

I haven't forgotten you, Glorious Trainwrecks! It's just hard to work on anything with this computer in such an unstable state (oh, and also completely reformatted.)

By way of apology, how about a little teaser of things to come?


(Man, poor Firefox just has no idea how quickly it should animate gifs, does it?)

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  1. Experience an epic, unforgettable voyage into the soul of hatdom.
  2. Find out where hats come from!
  3. Unique hat-stacking system provides incredible depth and strategy!
  4. Over 50 hours of gameplay!

...Honestly, though? I'm thinking maybe a Llamatron Robotron clone or something. I'd like to do it in XNA, but we'll see how it goes.

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