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That Series: Episode 0

For this month's Klik of the Month Klub event, I've decided to start a series. A strange, eclectic, multi-format, multi-storylined series that will go in directions I currently know nothing about. This game (a Z-code game like Chaos Theory, runnable in Frotz, also downloadable here) is Episode 0 - the next game will be either Episode 1 or Episode -1. I can also put games between episodes (these will always have numbers halfway between those of the adjecent games - for example, 0.25 or 28.03125). A game taking place after or before all existing episodes will always have a whole episode number.

Chaos Theory

I've been fiddling with the text adventure creation system Inform 7 and I decided to make a game for this site. I hope this counts as a trainwreck by your standards, or is at least sufficiently strange or interesting. You can run it with Frotz, downloadable here and also here.

Edit: It should be noted that this was semi-loosely based upon a now-concluded running joke in the comic strip Tom the Dancing Bug (information here, see 'Chaos Butterfly').

Relevant commands:

look (or l)
north (or n)
south (or s)
east (or e)
west (or w)
examine (or x)
take (or get)


I managed to haul myself out of bed and do a second entry within the usual time window: Zm, the sequel to Mz.


Due to my time zone placing the Klik of the Month event at an ungodly hour, I have made my entry early. Attached is my very first complete Klik 'n Play game, Mz.

My First Game Needs Your Help

I've decided to join the fold and dabble in Klik 'n Play trainwreckology. I'm currently working on a an experimental 41-screen game utilizing a concept never before seen in Klik 'n Play (probably), but I need your help. The first person to answer this question gets their selection used.

Which word is better: Entrashulate or Engarbefy?

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