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Ladies Auxiliary POPOVKAST

Podunkian wasn't able to attend this weekend's Klik of the Month, and he was feeling really beat up about it. I mean seriously depressed. Trying to drink himself into oblivion depressed. And that's terrible, you know?
So we had this thing: one hour time limit, sprite sheet theme. Both of us drinking, Pod all kliking through tears, so expect quality.



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lonely hermit dorf v0.00000002x

Enhanced edition of my Ladies' Auxiliary game. Now you can build shit and get trampled to death.


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Ladies Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball

Hempuli's really depressed about falling asleep on his keyboard and missing KotMK so he and I are going to pretend it actually starts an hour from now and make some games.

(That's 10pm Beijing time because fuck your time zones.)

Any and all welcome to attend.

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Mathora VI


Man, I'm kind of proud of yesterday's efforts. It was supposed to be a two-hour gag game but I've ended up with some not-too-awful randomly-generated first-person dungeon crawling action that shits on the pillow of Mr. TOO MANY OBJECTS.

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