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I couldn't keep on my promises.

Even if somebody hasn't ever noticed my latest blog posts here in the nearly-dead Glorious Trainwrecks site, and with the Klik of the Month Klub not getting activity as it used to be, i'm once again speaking up about my plans for another Mr. Cat game.

If you're asking that Sergeant Duck game... No, Sergeant Duck isn't happening either. Everytime i try to bring up another Mr. Cat there's always the usual thing that drags me away from development, it's called procrastination, and it's a thing which i've never found its name until now which has been always going around for many years. Memes have been always spinning around my head, and a swarm of game and project ideas have prevented me to write the story of Sergeant Duck. As i said before, this game is a sort of "dark and edgy" spin-off of the Mr. Cat series which focuses on a never-seen before character, existing inside the Mr. Cat universe, and the game would go on a storytelling gameplay akin to Konami's "Policenauts". Considering i've never ever continued to work on my game's story anymore, i'll reveal certain aspects of the story...

The story starts with a sort of Vietnam War-ish backstory which a sort of army of cats known as the Vanskan Cats, also known as a rock band, is attacked by aggressive Shiba Inus, race of dogs who desire glory on the nation of Vanska. Following this, a nuclear warfare led by rebel forces bomb Vanska, and few days after its bombing, a person belonging to the Papadakis family, Dave, was recognized to have lead the assault and for murdering the president of Vanska. Thus led the animals to rebel against humans. As we switch to the perspective of Sergeant Duck, as a child, his family is killed and captured by security drones/robot. Only Sergeant Duck was able to escape the prison, but after finding his son dead from a prison camp, he tries to find fortune and through time, he would eventually find truth why animals have turned against humans.

Kind of really unforgiving story, eh? I would tell that all the Mr. Cat games so far had been made without the need of writing down a story, so the sequence had to be made by mind, considering how jokey the Mr. Cat games are.

May or may have more hypothetical plans for a Mr. Cat IV, one that would be made in RPG Maker, or just restart the game with Fusion 2.5.
But unfortunately, times have changed and i really no longer use Fusion 2.5 as my primary game dev tool, considering i've switched to GameMaker Studio and making games in there feels more "serious" to me.

Or maybe. Mr. Cat IV isn't truly happening.

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Lads, that's me again after one half year since i've popped out again.

Hasn't been a while, isn't it? Guess not, because my last blog post didn't even get a comment, that shows i'm likely fading from previous popularity.
Well, you know, regarding the plans for a possible Mr. Cat visual novel game, is that i've decided to make a transition to the Twine engine. It won't be made as a visual novel because it seems now an odd idea for making a visual novel that is not a dating sim with pigeons like Hatoful Boyfriend, the story is going to be darker and a sort of a 80s adventure game reminiscent of Shadowgate, but it's not even going to be a "real" text adventure because i totally suck at making text inputting games. It really makes you forget about the terms used to move onwards, so it will be a hypertextual adventure!

The game i'm going to do at some time still won't be Mr. Cat IV, it's going to focus on a extended universe of the Mr. Cat franchise with many new characters and possibly there might be less funny stuff because i've started writing the plot and it's already going gritty. It will focus on Sergeant Duck, the main character of the spin-off, with a very sad backstory. The rest won't be revealed because there's 99% chances it's story is told in lots and lots and lots of words than the other Mr. Cat entries, of course, it's not going to be made in Clickteam Fusion, because that engine only left many words that isn't lots like this one!

On my Mr. Cat GameJolt page ( i wrote a more serious version of this blog which might explain in a different way, maybe i'd suggest that you'd read this after you read this blog post. Just a suggestion, because i never felt better to copy the text from that article.

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Just a reminder.

Hello again.

It's almost a year i've never returned here but this time i'm peeking on this place once again, to bring a re-release of the Mr. Cat games on GameJolt. Yes, nobody ever saw the thing again, and i won't know if there is the future for it.

In regards to that, i am remarking that there is a tentative future for the series, let's give it a read to a news feed post i published from this day:
Despite the fact i’ve never looked towards this game anymore and the constant slow population i’ve had, i’ve been thinking to expand this series into more, except you need help to spread this game so that it can get enough population for an attempt to make another game of the Mr. Cat series.

A year ago i used to work on a real fourth entry of the series, Mr. Cat 4, which introduced a new type of level that is a big map, and other crap but the story: A group of aliens start to take over Neo Los Angeles with their demand on taking revenge to Mr. Cat after the defeat of Arthur. I attempted to focus on the development of this game, however, i didn’t have anymore the thought power than i did when i made the Mr. Cat trilogy.

Another game i used to think of is another spin-off to the series which was a sports spinoff, which has to do with some baseball, a name i could think of was Mr. Cat and the Baseball League. From my thoughts, Mr. Cat and the Baseball League is most likely a melee-like version of the gameplay, instead of shooting diamonds, you had to knock down enemies with your baseball bat while surviving hazards. The setting for it was in a typical baseball stadium in where resides a crowd of dogs + Mr. Dog who has taken revenge from Mr. Cat by trapping him in here. However, this idea was soon replaced with Mr. Cat III, and the spin-off never happened.

Since two days ago some pal at one of my Discord servers got me TyranoBuilder, a visual novel making tool, and I thought that a possible side story or a sort of gaiden game is possible, but it’ll depend on when it’s reasonable to do so, as however i’m recently stubborn about the current situation i have.

Thank you all for understanding.

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Once again, i've been went missing.

I have no idea why i'm not even active in this place anymore...yet i was doing other stuff like i have got a Wacom Tablet to draw stuff in the good way and then was still experimenting around with Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

Well, Mr. Cat IV is extremely slow in development because i have not much many ideas before, however, i might upload a old game anyways.

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Trainwreckers to the Rescue 2: Spindley is Missing!

It's been 2 years since Trainwreckers to the Rescue, one of my so well produced games for this site, mainly for the people here on Glorious Trainwrecks, and it was good enough to keep it there for now, until then i now wished for a SEQUEL, yes, you guessed it (or maybe not), a freaking SEQUEL!!! Because i was tired of playing the same stuff of the game again and again, and while i was outside of the work i made many thoughts for this game, and then, since i was guilty for using Flerppy without permission, our fellow creator of the character (and his other famous series, Mulder and Bolder) Jonny Smeby has gave me permission to use it, but he stated i shouldn't contain much violence, obscenity, swearing, etc...yeah, i found out i was a dumb ass at the dialogue that in few scenes i included swear words and i am afraid i might run into a risk the next time if i certainly do put swearing again (and yeah, i don't bet i can add lots of violence), because i've been taught that this game would have not contained vulgarity, but yeah, i noticed it, not to mention that the platform movement is also old and crap as you'd expect, and i have planned the sequel will certainly try to fix the problems from the game as possible.

The sequel will may promise many things:
- An accurate and new story plot which will take place after TTTR1, where SpindleyQ is disappeared due to an evil occurence by a mysterious evil organization.
- Possibly a cleaner and beatiful GUI, instead of that no-border gradient bar, i'd expect a more graphical bar.
- New characters, yeah, certainly with sprites by someone else who is great than me (i have everythingstaken who is in my service).
- I will try to get used with the Platform Movement Object, as it offers a better platform movement and no bugs (however the problem there is the collisions and there has much events to be made)
- Instead of just making (long) levels, there will be Worlds, no this is not even a Mario fangame.

I will likely start working on the project whenever i get enough stuff to work on the game.

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Another future project

I'm afraid i'm still getting bored even when i still was working on Mr. Cat 4, but due to me playing again the Waligie series, i'm desperately thinking of doing a Waligie fangame. I'm sorry, i have a number of projects i couldn't finish because i keep switching stuff, that also goes even for Mr. Cat IV.
I was making a Waligie fangame before but i was lacking ideas and it was going to be more serious, but i'll try to promise to be comedic like the original series.

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New Mr. Cat game yet?


Hey guys, it's been a (big) while since i was gone due to a mass of projects i had to do.
After i know the success of Mr. Cat 3, i planned yet another sequel of the series, and it's going to be more tense than you think.
The sequel will be named: Metal Gear Meow: The Mices of it won't be another spin-off.
As i was going to say, it's based off Metal Gear Solid, and i might be going to add text to speech voices, just to feel like it.

For now, here's a screenshot above.

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The Glorious O.H.R.RPGC.E. Trainwreck Collab: The Story

Tommorrow the collab will start, but i'm gonna show you what the story will be for the collab...

The main character is revealed to be Rick...

And here's the story:
Rick is one boy who lives behind a small house, but when he gets on his pc, he is warped on the world of internet full of strange and wacky realms by a unknown demon who claims to control the internet and dares him to find him by escaping all of the internet's worlds and reach to him to claim the prize. Will Rick get through the world of internet and find him?

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Mr. Cat has its own website!

Behold mates, Mr. Cat's games has its own site now!

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Have beaten Teh Forum Game & about Mr. Cat and its future


What's up people?!

Today i just beaten Teh Forum Game without closing the game and beating in one single setting, and that was fast, due to mashing keys, concentration with my brother going out to play his ball and glorious skills. Before i beaten this game, i was stuck at the 1st Half of the 7th Level, due that i accidentaly avoided the notes all the time, but now, i had to never avoid, and so i beaten level 7...oh the joy. In the end, i have beaten all levels and shockingly saw the ending, i felt so happy that he was free from the scientists. TOTY. Trainwreck of the Year.
In the Extras there was nothing more but just a image gallery and a boring bonus level that i didn't interested right now to play a megaman-esque game. Anyways, you can see above the screenshot showing the stage select screen after beating the game (sorry if i spoiled)

And now onto Mr. Cat's future.
Yes, the setting for Mr. Cat III will be THE SAME THAN THE REST OF THE MR. CAT SERIES, because the game is going to have suckish grammar like always but with intense action, even more glorious levels, etc. And there may have more bad antagonists and not just only ONE (Like Arthur from Mr. Cat 1 or Sanic from Mr. Cat 2), but more, more and more, along with a evil organization that will appear in this upcoming 3rd chapter of the Mr. Cat trilogy. Btw, Mr. Cat's Scary Halloween Holiday isn't part of the trilogy, it's just a short spin-off with only 5 levels and few bosses. And yes, if you believe that he was JUSTICE MUSTACHE, probably, it's because i was addicted of Smedis2's games and that's why i wanted more fun based on that. Anyways, i don't have ideas for more games i should do but i can just listen to music i might put for the 3rd chapter of Mr. Cat.

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