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TSMA2 Update #2: Leaking some NPC's + Development Date

TSMA2 Update 2.png

It's me again with this 2nd update of the upcoming TSMA2.

Here we will leak some NPCs in the game and even the development start date.

First: Let's show the NPCs of the game.

1. Yorp: Whatevernot, a normal yorp, this time he changes behaviour: He hates galactic robots (except Robbiebot). The sprite uses the Keen 1 sprites.
2. Bad Drawn Yorp: A varation of a yorp, but is still and can't speak, but he can only watch a guy, but not follow him.
3. Jesmie: The mother of a lost village known as Chulies, he has brown hair made of bushes, yellow skin and cyan dress.
4. Dam: Jesmie's Baby, he's purple with a small red stick.

The characters are on the attachments.

And now the development date.

I will begin the development once school has began again and starts christmas, so i will start at December 2013, or maybe when i have lots of ideas.

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TSMA2 Update #1: All playable characters in one!

TSMA2 Update 1.png

Hello everyone, this is the first update to do in the upcoming game The Super Mozart Adventure 2: The Mankind of Earth.

In this update, i made a test engine which i play all characters which different parameters.

All the playable characters in this game were going to be (in alphabet):

- Bartender (Parameters: Speed: XXXXX | Jump: XXXXX)
- Commander Keen (Parameters: Speed: XXX | Jump: XXX)
- Dragoon of Mystery (Parameters: Speed: XX | Jump: XX)
- Flerppy (Parameters: Speed: XXX | Jump: XXX)
- Mario (Parameters: Speed: XXX | Jump: XXX)
- Mozart (Parameters: Speed: XX | Jump: XXX)
- Palo Penguin (Parameters: Speed: XXXX | Jump: XXX)
- Player 1 (Parameters: Speed: XXX | Jump: XXX)
- Quackers (Parameters: XX | Jump: X)
- Robbiebot (Parameters: Speed: XX | Jump: XXX)
- Skate Dude (Parameters: Speed: XXXXX | Jump: XX)
- Waligie (Parameters: Speed: XX | Jump: XX)

The test engine is not played by everyone, it's the first prototype of the game, it's just a 640x480 level.
The screenshot is in the attachments

The game is named The Super Mozart Adventure 2 Character Demostration, the first prototype of the game.

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A strange donkey kong fangame is coming soon...

Guess what i'm making for a donkey kong game?

Look at the tags and you should know.

P.S. it is also based on a chinese Donkey Kong Country Pirate: SDK:XJC

EDIT: Sorry for a few time, but it's cancelled due to lots work contained.
It was better doing some crappy games.

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The Super Mozart Adventure 2 events... (forum post for ideas)

TSMA2 Teaser.png

TSMA is finally released here and it is mostly unknown that how the events of TSMA2 are going. The sequel will contain a new long storyline, new playable characters, and stop n swop feature!

The 2 following characters of the previous game will have changes:
Mario is now Paper Mario (not mentioned in the game and uses Ninja's Paper Mario sprites).
Flerppy has changed sprites in-game (which are custom by me).

Anyways go look the teaser poster, it's amazing!

Ideas that would appear in this game:
: Plot idea by sergioconada ( )
: Another feature idea by bc_: Crouching characters, restart button on every level, new password screen and soundtest. ( )
: Character idea by FlaviusMaximus: Bach (portrait only) and Bob the Kangaroo (On IRC chat, no link available)

Ideas that wouldn't appear in this game:
: Feature idea by bc_: Playing sounds through frames. ( ) Declined due that the feature is hard to use.

Ideas that would be decided to do:
: Plot idea by FlaviusMaximus (a heroic sacrifice in the end) (No link, asked on IRC chat)
: Character idea by Smedis2: Jesus with Batman's Mask ( )

Request more on this thread: !

Ideas are:
: Features that would appear in the game.
: Some plot ideas that would succed in the story.
: Characters that would appear during the story.

EDIT: I'm announcing that the idea asking will end at October 3, 2013. And development will begin at November 25, 2013.

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TSMA is done! + Another game announcement

I'm announcing: The Super Mozart Adventure is done, but bad news is i can't upload the game due to sh*tty internet that i use with a Internet USB pendrive due that i'm vacation, so i will release the game later when i came back from vacation.

In the meantime i have announced another game i'll make along with CK:TWOTT (Commander Keen: The War of the Tongies): The Player Aventur, a game with elements of Teh Forum Game (casual game levels).

The Player Aventur is just another fangame of Player Adventure and SHPDMBGWL4 by Black Squirrel, but it is collaborated by members like they collaborated for Teh Forum Game. It is also an Glorious Trainwreck event as contains the following rules:
1. Your game/level should only contain one of a side-scrolling platformer, a side-scrolling shooter, a survival, etc. just like one of the levels of Teh Forum Game.
2. Your game/level MUST contain Player 1 as the Player! (use this sprite sheet i uploaded from the attachments.)
3. Your game/level can contain swear words and violence, but don't abuse it.
4. Your game/level will contain at least 2 minutes of level gameplay and not contain "endless".
5. You can put random stuff in the game/level.
6. Your game/level must contain a source code, your game/level will be putted in the main game.

The event begins the day of today and finishes in the future (idk what day would be.)

If you don't know what is Player Adventure and SHPDMBGWL4, go see the MFGG pages: and .

The event:

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The Super Mozart Adventure is almost done!

I'm announcing that TSMA is almost done, i'm making the final boss which is Mr. Velcoraptor's real identitiy that is a noob.
The final battle goes with 10 heroes: Mozart, Bartender, Skate Dude, Robbiebot, Mario, Waligie, Pudsie, Keen, Palo Penguin and Flerppy.
For flerppy's sprites, i would use Noyb's sprites, i ripped them and i edited them (fixing the hat and the left eye), but i have re-done the walking pose.

Noyb will be in the credits and also goes for all the Teh Forum Team.

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Planning a Commander Keen Twine Game

Do you know Commander Keen? Today i'm making a new Keen fangame using Twine, but i use the version 1.3.6 alpha due that 1.3.5 is an egoist which doesn't use macros too much.

The fangame will be named: Commander Keen - The War of the Tongies.

The plot of the game will be not revealed at the moment.

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Have anyone heard of Teh Forum Game?

Hello, me with a 3rd blog post, have anyone heard of a collaborative game named Teh Forum Game? Well i can't find a working download, i tried getting the caiman download, but the installer is lazy to go, anyone has a working mirror for that game?

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Updates during my vacation

Hello, DrBlowhole20 there. I am also named as John Leagsdurg.

I have updates during summer:

I got Multimedia Fusion 2 back and my LIBS i got (even the europress ones.), i'm making a game named "The Super Mozart Adventure" which it's a fanmade spinoff of the Mozart series by Zecks, which are my favourite (Mozart goes into internet, Mozart II: Internet Harder OR Mozart no internet 2: Doukutsu Monogatari, Mozart go Intranet 3: Hell no Nazo, Mozart's World 4: 4heroesoflight and I Love Mozart 5: Mozart Thru Time), it's going to be a long game which includes badly made levels, minigames which follows the adventure and such random bosses, there will be no demo but here's a screenshot of the preview, look at the attachments. But seriously, Klik n Play in the 90's were made several games with some custom graphics, but today Clickteam is being 200% better than Yoyo Games and Klik n Play today is a cool tool. And i also made a website about my Trainwrecks:

Well that's it for now.

See ya.

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Hello guys, i am in vacation and i have upgraded my Windows Vista to Windows 7.

I couldn't play Klik n Play games anymore since Windows 7 is stupid and has enabled a feature which doesn't play old games.

Have you got any solution?

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