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It seems that I stand out in this world of trainwrecks. Humor, creativity, originality, and craziness is the mode in this madhouse. While I'm stuck in the vanilla indie gaming world which I've always wanted to fit in but never had the chance. The personality and attitude so far removed from the standard. The outsider art foreign but familiar; sweet!

Hey all! And hey myself. After spending my entire adolescent youth plinkning around in the Zzt community back in the day I've always wanted to take stab at making games people might actually want to play. My good friend WiL posted his progress on an indie game which he scored called "Snapshot" and another intriguing post about this website and it made me intrigued. After perusing this community for a bit I decided to join and downloaded Klick and Play. It obviously has infinitely more features than Zzt (though I did enjoy overreaching the limitations of the masterpiece) and I found myself enamoured with it. After writing "Tanks" and downloading the demo of MMF2 and looking at some other indie gaming groups I decided to stick around. I admit I've never quite fit the mold of "Trainwreckers" or of the earlier Zzt'ers, but have found it inviting and nostalgic.
It must be obvious now that I like to create functional and playable games while I enjoy the zany moments in your games as well as the sometimes powerful execution and strong programming. Let me know if you are intereseted in a collaboration as one of my goals is to make a successful android/flash game.

Thanks guys!

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