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Willy MarMOT'S Vision Quest: Now with a higher barrier to entry!

So I was aimlessly browsing the internet the other day, and I noticed that someone had updated the MarMOTS homepage.

That's right, bitches: Almost exactly six months after it was first announced, MarMOTS is back online! And Vision #2 has finally been achieved!

To help slow the spread of adoption, you must now log in using your Official Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com Username And Password. (See this posting for reasons why I'm not keen on getting linked from again anytime soon.)

In addition, you must now download and configure SyncTERM -- I'm not currently supporting Flashterm for technical reasons, as well as social reasons. Other telnet clients may or may not work; the enter key is apparently a tricky issue.

Anyway! Please enjoy MarMOTS, and remember: Be excellent to each other.

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Pickle Wars MIDIs

Hey, do you like Pickle Wars? Do you occasionally get the repetitive, dreary cutscene music stuck in your head? Well, here, I ripped all of the music from the shareware version into handy-dandy MIDIs for easy use in your Klik & Play monstrosities.

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Ladies Auxiliary POPOVKAST

Podunkian wasn't able to attend this weekend's Klik of the Month, and he was feeling really beat up about it. I mean seriously depressed. Trying to drink himself into oblivion depressed. And that's terrible, you know?
So we had this thing: one hour time limit, sprite sheet theme. Both of us drinking, Pod all kliking through tears, so expect quality.



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Storm Is Coming

Storm Is Coming - screen.jpg

It took me much, much longer than it might seem, mainly because of my lack of experience with the program, but I can finally proudly present to you my first KNP game ever completed - Storm Is Coming. It is a somewhat artsy one screen platform game which should take you about 5 minutes to complete. If you know what to do...if not, there are hints available. I know there will be some mistakes and logical gaps, but what the hell. I think it's decent for a debut. It is black and white with home-made sprites, crappy animations and the soundtrack is me plinking away on a detuned piano. Yeah, sorry about that. Tell me what you think, I would like an experts' opinion on what I could work on in future projects. Greetings to all fellow locomotive engineers!

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lonely hermit dorf v0.00000002x

Enhanced edition of my Ladies' Auxiliary game. Now you can build shit and get trampled to death.


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Ladies Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball

Hempuli's really depressed about falling asleep on his keyboard and missing KotMK so he and I are going to pretend it actually starts an hour from now and make some games.

(That's 10pm Beijing time because fuck your time zones.)

Any and all welcome to attend.

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We Go Play Hoop


We Go Play Hoop is a basketball game made in KnP. You play some hoop with a friend.

Player 1 is the Disco Weenie and moves with the arrow keys and spacebar. Player 2 is the yellow jogger and moves with WASD and Shift. Shoot the ball to the other hoop to score mad points yo- first to 10 or so wins. Also, the start screen lies- press shift to start.

What are you waiting for? Go play hoop!

My Half Hour Trainwreck


So here's my submission for the new trainwreck...
I made it in a half hour...
I would have made it longer but I have to go to a celebration for the winter equinox...
Only 4 levels and they're all pretty easy...
Your a penguin who can replicate himself and use his body as a platform...
(BTW this is also my first KnP EVAR...
So in the half hour I learned how to use it and make the game)

Spacebar to replicate
Arrow Keys to move
ctrl to jump

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Mathora VI


Man, I'm kind of proud of yesterday's efforts. It was supposed to be a two-hour gag game but I've ended up with some not-too-awful randomly-generated first-person dungeon crawling action that shits on the pillow of Mr. TOO MANY OBJECTS.

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I finally tried out Ray Game Designer 2 from the "tools" page, here on Glorious Trainwrecks.

Oh my gosh it was something I've been looking for for a long long time. Cheap tile-based 3D with triggers, switches, scriptable events, and it plays AVIs and any sound or music files. The map editor even has a "randomly fill" and "randomly deform" macro built in. How could I have missed this before?

My problems are, firstly, that any 3D tiles I try to place from my tile bank don't show up in the editor. It says I put that tile there, and if I leave and return to the space, it says that tile is there, and the textured cube shows up correctly in the little preview window in the very same editor, but it simply is invisible to the main window.

Secondly, all the documentation online about the software is in French, and not particularly google-translatable.

I really, really, really want to make something in this, but I'm at a loss as to how to get started here. If anybody here has any experience with the program, I'd really appreciate any pointers you have on getting this amazingly over-looked little program to behave.

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