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My Half Hour Trainwreck


So here's my submission for the new trainwreck...
I made it in a half hour...
I would have made it longer but I have to go to a celebration for the winter equinox...
Only 4 levels and they're all pretty easy...
Your a penguin who can replicate himself and use his body as a platform...
(BTW this is also my first KnP EVAR...
So in the half hour I learned how to use it and make the game)

Spacebar to replicate
Arrow Keys to move
ctrl to jump

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Mathora VI


Man, I'm kind of proud of yesterday's efforts. It was supposed to be a two-hour gag game but I've ended up with some not-too-awful randomly-generated first-person dungeon crawling action that shits on the pillow of Mr. TOO MANY OBJECTS.

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I finally tried out Ray Game Designer 2 from the "tools" page, here on Glorious Trainwrecks.

Oh my gosh it was something I've been looking for for a long long time. Cheap tile-based 3D with triggers, switches, scriptable events, and it plays AVIs and any sound or music files. The map editor even has a "randomly fill" and "randomly deform" macro built in. How could I have missed this before?

My problems are, firstly, that any 3D tiles I try to place from my tile bank don't show up in the editor. It says I put that tile there, and if I leave and return to the space, it says that tile is there, and the textured cube shows up correctly in the little preview window in the very same editor, but it simply is invisible to the main window.

Secondly, all the documentation online about the software is in French, and not particularly google-translatable.

I really, really, really want to make something in this, but I'm at a loss as to how to get started here. If anybody here has any experience with the program, I'd really appreciate any pointers you have on getting this amazingly over-looked little program to behave.

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Action Point 2009 Results!

Sorry for taking forever with this, but here are the entries! Tomorrow I will post the awards ceremony, and hand out the coveted .gif trophies for display on your homepage, between your "Cnet Funny Site of the Day" banners and links to Netscape Navigator!

Many thanks again to Colombia Pictures for not sponsoring this event to promote their upcoming disaster comedy "2012".

Roll out the red carpet, turn on the searchlights, and start the music! The Awards Ceremony is about to begin!

(Awards ceremony attached below)

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Atomic Blast, a salvaged Game Maker game


Oh shit, I never posted about this one. I began Atomic Blast several months ago, while scoping out Game Maker 7. After a couple of goddamn weird error messages, and some icky stories about the registration DRM, I gave up on purchasing the full version.

This began as a ripoff of Destructivator, a twitchy arcade-style game I really like. Cloning got boring though, so I switched gears. The final game has a few tricky sections, but it's pretty laid back in comparison. Many more screens were planned, but it felt like I had already done everything I wanted to in the first twelve. I spent this evening tying up some loose ends, and well, here it is. Now, onto other things (JOHR).

edit #3: Ack, fixed more errors. Reuploading as ZIP, deleting the previous versions.

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A pretty deep improvement of my recent KOTMK entry, markovlove360 uses all the works sent into in 2004 to create a web community / computer /human collaboration tool, using markov chains for statistical textual analysis as the basis for computer-augmented lyrical composition.

Simply move the mouse to highlight the next word you want, and click to select. The most recent 2 words selected define what options are available for the next word; those options are the set of words that followed that word pair within the body of work from the blender, scaled by frequency (the more often a word followed a word pair, the larger its piece of the pie.)

"S" saves the current work to a text file in the same directory, "C" clears the page, and "R" sets a Random Robot to do the selection for you

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C and text mode

So, Cymon's games has inspired me to try my hand at textmode games. I will write throwaway test programs and hopefully work towards something interesting.

Throwaway Test program 1: It's a start, I guess. You can move around a boring room and talk to a single NPC (and harass him, if you try hard enough). You can also edit the board by pressing forward slash, and load/save the board to a text file.

The next one will have an actual game objective! And win/lose states! what the hell am i doing

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MarMOTS update #4

So, I just wanted to talk about MarMOTS a little bit. I'm still working on MarMOTS every so often in my spare time. I had two goals that I wanted to achieve before I put it back online.

Goal #1: User authentication.
This works; you can now login to MarMOTS using your Glorious Trainwrecks username and password.

Goal #2: Saving.
Not explicitly stated, but required for Vision #2 of my 8-step vision, I want to make sure that if I bring the server down, I can bring it back up without everything being lost forever.

This has been trickier than I'd anticipated. I thought I would just chuck everything into an object database, and the de-facto object database for Python would appear to be ZODB. What I didn't count on was that ZODB was not even remotely designed to process the huge volume of changes I would be throwing at i; the way that it saves is to append the new data to the end of a file. In my original plan, this file would quickly be filled up with changes in the cursor blinking status if I saved it all the time.

Of course, then I realized that saving it all the time is infeasable anyway, because that would mean WRITING THE SCREEN TO DISK in addition to sending it over the network. No good.

So I guess I'll implement regular checkpointing, which may mean brief pauses every half hour or something. I'm keeping my eye on POD, but that project is young enough that it makes me nervous about depending on it. I think at this point the simplest thing is to just dump the whole thing to a pickle file and be done with it; I'm pretty sure I'll be able to migrate to a more complicated scheme later.

Maybe goal #3: Dedicated hosting.
MarMOTS has a deliberately inefficient design; I burn lots and lots of CPU so that I don't have to think about cache invalidation. I share the server that Glorious Trainwrecks runs on with lots of other people; the CPU time is not really mine to burn. So I'm thinking the only reasonable solution is to move to my own (virtual) server, where I don't have to care that people drawing ASCII dongs is slowing down other peoples' websites. Of course, I'd want to minimize the time I was spending $20/month solely to host MarMOTS by moving all my shit to the new server, but that's not a project I really want to undertake QUITE yet.

So, yeah, if you guys are excited to play with MarMOTS some more, make some noise in the comments!

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Action Point 2009 KnP Demoscene Party


An error has occurred in your program.  To keep working anyway,
click Ignore and save your work in a new file.  To quit this program, click Close.
You will lose information you entered since your last Save.

Few people still see this Windows 3.1 error message these days. For KotM participants, however, it is a badge of honor reserved for those who push a decade-old game-maker to its limit. But just how far can it be pushed? While Glorious Trainwrecks raison d'être may be the creation of games by any means necessary, there is an undercurrent of a fascination with old tools. Some members have made Atari VCS games. More have dabbled in ZZT. And most of us have telnet'd in to MarMOTS to sketch ANSI with our favorite sysadmin.

Action Point is a Klik & Play Demoscene party. While the Demoscene's primary interest is technical ability with a high-gloss sheen of visual design and musical talent, take note that this is still Glorious Trainwrecks. Action Point is more than simply a celebration of elaborate event writing. It is also about creating unusual and unique visual/auditory art as well. What I'm trying to say is that while 3D Raycasting engines in KnP are expected, a hail of synchronized yellow joggers is also a desirable outcome.

Attached is the Invitation Demo. I hope it inspires you to greatness!
Submit your entry by Private Message to me, Snapman.
Entries are due at the next KOTM, which is August 15th, 2009. There will be .gif prizes!

Action Point is proud to not be sponsored by Colombia Pictures' upcoming disaster adventure, 2012, starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Woody Harrelson. 2012: When a trainwreck is the least of your worries, who will survive? Coming soon to a financially liable for damages torrent near you!

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