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the moraff trilogy


A series of games starring the legendary game designer Steve Moraff.

Steve Moraff Adventures
A survival horror game set in the jungles of Africa. (pictured)

Steve Moraff in Egypt

Can you defeat the evil Pharaoh?

Steve Moraff's Fishing Challenge
A Cold War bass fishing thriller with beautiful hand-drawn graphics.

KNP Tic Tac Toe


Exactly what it says on the tin.

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MarMOTS Vision #1 Nearly Attained!

MarMOTS is back up, and more awesome than ever.

For reference, here is my 8-part vision. The only difference between the server that is now live and Vision #1 is that the current system is still missing a chatbox. That will not be hard. I'm also hoping to get bright colours up and running soon; have to run some experiments still. Smiley face support is unfortunately absent.

The current whiteboard-specific code is about 250 lines of Python; the whole server / framework is about 1400 lines. I love you, Stackless and Twisted.

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WIP: Johr®

Anyone know a date on when B-Game II starts? I'd like to squeeze a game in before that -- just a few screens long. Here is an early WIP!

(note: the cutscenes and gfx are salvaged from a months-old mock-up)

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Good Guys vs Bad Guys


Good Guys vs Bad Guys is actually the first Klik and Play game I've ever made. It's an RTS.

There's bad guys and you have to beat the bad guys with good guys. You move the good guys by clicking places.

It has four levels and a boss and I think it's pretty sweet.

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rad new chiptune wip

hot off the tracker


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MarMOTS update #2

hax0r is ported, and runs! It even drops the telnet connection when you hit the "NO CARRIER" point. Are you excited? I'm fucking excited.

Bugs I don't understand:

  1. Weird character on the upper-left corner
  2. Enter key does not work in SyncTerm or flashterm, only PuTTY

In other news, did you know you can send money to Tim Sweeny's father and have him send you a disk with the registered version of ZZT on it? Or that ZZT is not pronounced, "Zed zed tee" (or "Zee zee tee" for you heretic Americans), but "Zzt", like a sound effect? Now you do!

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