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New version of Grand Theft Shmup! v0.03!

New version of Grand Theft Shmup! YAY! As this is a rapid prototype, new versions should be veru rapidly released.

Changes to v0.02a are:
You now have a life bar. The dot can take 3 hits before being destroyed.
After taking a hit as the dot, you are invunerible to damage for a few seconds, and all onscreen bullets are destroyed.
When you jump out of a ship with Control, all on-screen bullets are destroyed.
When hijacking a ship, all bullets are destroyed.
Mid boss added. Note that he hates people getting close to him. He appears after 45 seconds.
Number keys 1 to 4 place the player inside a ship. These are debug options I've left in for fun.

The controls are:
Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Dash (while in dot mode) or Shoot (while in Ship mode)
Control - Jump out of ship.


I think this is starting to come together. Once the prototype yields a solid, playable mini-game (I'm shooting for one level) I can start production proper. I guess I'll need some decent graphics at that point.

Also, I personally really like the idea of allowing players to steal mid-bosses. But I'm worried that players will just mindlessly dash towards the mid-boss, so I made it so that the mid-boss has a special attack he uses when the player get's close to him. I think it may be a bit overboard however right now. Any thoughts on this?

Also, does dashing while in dot form make sense? Is it useful?

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New version of Grand Theft Shmup! v0.02a!

New version of Grand Theft Shmup! YAY! As this is a rapid prototype, new versions should be veru rapidly released.

Changes to v0.01a are:
Shump misspelling changed to Shmup. Thanks UncleSporky at!
Score now resets to 0 after player is killed.
"Spider" enemy ship (The one that fires a bouncing shot and looks like an upside down "U") is now easier.
Touching an enemy while dashing kills it.
Pressing Control while in a ship no longer causes an overload attack, but instead just destroys the ship.

PenguinSeph - Game Design, Programming (I used MMF1, but it's still kinda programming), "Art"
The maker of sfxr (I will find out who it is for the next version. I promise)

Link is here!

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Oh No: It's Yoko Ono's Pogo Hobo Dojo!

So we took the train to Winnipeg and back this Christmas, so that we could walk around with the baby and his ears wouldn't pop and because apparently sleeper class on Amtrak costs the same as flying only you get a bed and free steak dinners. The thing about train travel is that you have a lot of spare time while you wait to get to your destination (36 hours in my case). On the way there, I made some serious progress on a SECRET PROJECT which maybe will be revealed soon. On the way back, I made TRAIN QUEST IV: THE QUEST FOR TRAINS.

It's about hobos, mainly, but I think there are some interesting mechanics that turned out pretty well. I may go back and add music at some point.

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Rapid Prototyping - Grand Theft Shmup

After the success* of "Penguins Are Attacking Your Dude!" I thought I would get back into MMF "programming" again.

After a while, I got off my arse and started doing something.

An hour or two after that, Grand Theft Shmup v0.01 was born!

The gist of it is that you are the dot, and you have to kill bad guys. You can steal enemy ships by bumping into them, and then use those ships against the enemy! Like in that popular car-jacking murder sim everyone loves. ;)

The controls are:
Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Dash (while in dot mode) or Shoot (while in Ship mode)
Control - Overload Ship (Destroys ship to fire many bullets)

As a prototype, it exists to create the outline for a project. The prototype should show that the finished game will fill in all the requirements. As I am mainly making the game as a hobby for myself as well as maybe a talking point for any interviews and stuff, the goals are:

- Game should be at least vaguely in the Shmup genre.
- Game should be enjoyible and complelling from the first go.
- Game should be pick up and play. To be more specific, the player should be able to play the game is short bursts.
- Game should use the ship stealing mechanic to good effect, using it to give the player many options in gameplay.
- Game should be deterministic. If the player enters the same input 5 times, she should get the same result 5 times.
- Game should have a high amount of polish, and should be bug free (note that the prototype will not have this point. It's only like a really small demo to show what the finished product will be like)

Download is HERE

Please tell me what you think of it!

*=I finished it, about 5 people played it, and no one has sued me or burned down my house yet, so it was a success!

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Thinking of the next game

I intend to start working on another game this week. It's looking like it will be a sequel to Freestyle Box 2007 but if I change my mind it will most likely be a two player racing game like Dashin' Desperados if anyone remembers that. And you can pretty much count on it using the neo 8-bit visual style I've adopted for all my games. I'll blog it this time since I am pretty much through disguising blog posts as regular topics.

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honestly i don't know what the christ is going on here

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A Klikmas Mirakle!

Well while I totally fluffed up this month's KoTM, I still have a chance to provide the whole bleedin' lot of you with a gift for klikmas. Although probably not one as delightful as Pizzatime's gore-behind-every-door Advent Calen-dong.

Production has begun and is on a need-to-know basis. I can reveal three rhinoceros words for you today, however:

Accurate Snow Physics.

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Dance of the sugardum fairies... for the Klikth Day of Klikmas or whatever that KotM is...
you'll think you're getting mad at frustrated at the idiot fairy, but really you're getting mad at the idiot programmer and his bad excuse for a physics engine!

drag gifts to help the fairy jump and get to the christmas star.

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Penguins Are Attacking Your Dude!

So you've got to punch them in their faces. Right?

This was made for the KotM club Dec 2007. It feels good to make a game again. I'll have to crack open the MMF again. I kinda like some of the ideas in this, I may revisit some of the mechanics later.

Invaders is close to completion!

At least the first final release is, anyway. Many of the bugs that were plaguing the game (A galaxian/galaga/space invaders-style shootemup) I've been able to fix, but there are still a couple issues to be ironed out.

Hope to have a final release build ready for christmas or the new year!

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